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Author: Tim Hagen

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This podcast is about teaching how to have coaching conversations specific to typical day-to-day workplace challenges.We will continue to provide short podcast "mini lessons" as the mainstay of this podcast. If there are topics you would like us to address send me an email: Our objective is to use this podcast as a tool to teach and provide continued value to the merits of coaching in the workplace. Coaching is the #1 Strategy to maintain and develop talent.
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This episode is not about political views rather using politics as a frame of reference to understand the merits of leadership in the ability to converse with other people.If intrigued ask us about your Why Leadership Conversations Matter Training Series: 
I recently heard in a group discussion that people must communicate with one another and employees must share upward to their direct leaders their feelings and frustrations. Somebody made the comment it's all about culture and I actually somewhat disagree with that. Conversations create cultures and we have to fuel employees minds positively as well as position leaders to learn how to coach and help their employees feel good about getting better. This episode reveals the methodology of how organizations can build an employee movement program that helps them accept feedback professionally and thoughtfully, how they can develop their own positive attitude and motivation, and how to truly be an engaged employee consistently.If intrigued reach out to me and I'd love to share with you what we're doing with employee coaching programs to accomplish just this:
Often, organizations drive improvement in their workplace cultures reactively. Organizations will create programs or initiatives that react to marketplace conditions such as industries that are in decline or maybe even in reaction to a pandemic crisis. At the core of every organization should be leaders across the board proactively providing positivity to each and every one of their team members. Here are some basic suggestions on how every leader can do this: Call people into the office whether in person or virtual and only provide positive and specific feedback. Send a handwritten card home detailing why an employee is showing great promise in specifically doing great work. All people into your office whether the person or virtual and have your boss there and be prepared to only praise that employee. The techniques are so simple yet at their core are proactive and positive and will insulate every workplace culture from  inevitable change and industry challenges.
This episode takes a very unique look at the talent development field. The objective of this podcast is to provide insight as to what organizations can do to develop communities of people that are accepting of feedback and coaching. Organizations spend millions of dollars in leadership training; whereas, the missing piece might be training and coaching employees from a foundational perspective. What if employees were taught how to develop a positive and professional relationship with feedback? What if employees minds were fueled to build and maintain a positive daily attitude? What if employees were taught how to self motivate them to seek career development paths in their own? What if employees were taught their role and responsibility of being professionally engaged employees? If these things occurred wouldn't leaders have a better opportunity to develop their teams?Want More Info: click here
 This podcast episode is an interview with Ben White one of the leaders at Titus Talent Strategies. Ben and I discuss the latest trends in talent development and recruiting from both the hiring and candidate perspectives. He shares very interesting strategies that both the organization and job seekers can utilize during these very awkward times.Reach Out To Ben With Questions or Help You May Need: ben.white@titustalent.comWho is Titus: is a Performance-Driven Recruiting FirmOur revolutionary process identifies, attracts, hires, accurately measures and guarantees the quality of your hire - all at significant savings over traditional contingent recruiters.If you're looking for a recruiting firm that does some of the most innovative work reach out to Titus:
Leaders must possess the ability to navigate conversations now more than ever. We need people to perform yet at the same time we need people to know we care and that we truly are invested in their well-being. This is easier said than done. Organizations and leaders need to invest in their conversational skill development. Think about an employee who is not performing well and maybe eight other employees who are performing well and you need to address that one employee. This seems on the surface very easy yet the eight employees might have a reaction in terms of how you interact with that one employee who is perceived to be underperforming. Conversations matter!Think if you're a sales leader in your team just came out of 2020 doing okay yet a large number of employees have not hit their numbers. You need to sit down with them and have a conversation about increasing their numbers for 2021. Easier said than done. We often share with sales leaders you do not coach to numbers you coach people who produce numbers and this requires the ability to find out where people struggle and how to help them feel comfortable sharing such things you can have targeted information you can pursue to raise sales numbers as a partner with them. Conversations matter!You have an employee who is struggling who has three kids at home. The employee historically has been a great employee, yet they seem to lack motivation and you know it the foundation of that motivation struggle is the fact they have had to navigate homeschooling with three kids while working. The challenge is now you need this employee to raise their game and produce now more than ever while knowing they are fatigued and stressed. Conversations matter!If you would like information on our conversation matters training series: click hereOur training program includes an online component as well as a one to one coaching component working with one of our certified coaches where we literally measure and evaluate your conversational skills.
2021 presents a unique sales opportunity every leader can take advantage of. This episode will take you into this opportunity by revealing what sales leaders can do to drive sales. The NEW world of selling is both virtual and in-person so coaching requirements have changed and dare I say improved. Let us know your thoughts.
As we enter 2021 we need our employees to come through for us and now more than ever. With that being said we have to be sensitive and empathetic while driving continuous change that will be thrust upon organizations. This requires conversational excellence and it is incumbent upon leaders to drive change positively while maintaining empathy and sensitivity.
Every organization has subcultures. Subcultures either promote or undermine what leaders want in terms of their desired workplace cultures. Guaranteed, every organization will have groups that are negative and are opinionated as well as those who positively want to influence and everything in between. There are some simple rules in this 22 minute podcast master lesson of how to create a positive workplace culture by driving subcultures.
I know this episode is going to potentially upset some people. The goal of this is to draw attention to an area I don't think we talk enough about and that is putting in a good day's work and really working hard. While the world has turned sideways I am all for addressing mental health and showing empathy and providing people an avenue for work life balance . I don't think those things should be provided at the expense of employees understanding our current situation and working their butts off to not just protect themselves but the organization they work for. I would love your thoughts on this thanks Tim 
I hope this episode helps you so you can help other people!
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Checkout IntHRaction


This episode is a quick review of a great platform I just recently saw called measures workplaces using a very unique strategy of peer based feedback that positions the organization to build its culture , provide leaders opportunity to coach to reality, and ultimately position the employee to grow and become embedded in the organization's plans. Checkout inHRaction:
This interview with Tim Kasida Strategic Partnership Executive at Allego. Tim has over 25 years of experience growing businesses through sales, alliance management and sales leadership positions at early stage and established software companies. Tim performed critical sales functions through IPOs at Exchange Applications and Unica Corporation.  At Allego Tim runs a team focused on sales to and through Sales Training & Sales Optimization Services companies.  Tim graduated from Northeastern University, in Business with a technology/engineering focus.During this interview we discussed trends in the marketplace due to the covid crisis and how video based collaboration and coaching is dramatically helping  sales and service teams. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Receive Allego's E-Book: Demystifying Sales Enablement E-Book: click here---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------About Allego:The Allego Story: How Collaboration and Technology Disrupted a MarketAllego’s mission is to ensure that people have the skills and knowledge they need to succeed at work.Yuchun Lee and Mark Magnacca—long-time entrepreneurs with successful careers in different industries—launched Allego in 2013 to transform training and how people learn at work. Together, they invented a new approach that uses mobile technology and interactive video to deliver learning, communication and collaboration at the moment of need. In the process, they redefined online training and disrupted an entire market.The two innovators had known each other for fifteen years when an “aha moment” at a training session led to their collaboration. Yuchun is a software executive who, prior to Allego, co-founded and served as CEO of marketing automation provider Unica, guiding it through a successful IPO and $500 million sale to IBM.Mark is an accomplished author, speaker, trainer and former financial advisor. Before Allego, he helped financial service companies build their businesses and improve their selling practices as founder of Insight Development Group, Inc., a leading sales and presentation training firm.The aha moment happened during a client engagement in 2012, when Mark noticed that the company had purchased iPads for its entire sales force. Part of the training required salespeople to practice their delivery and Mark thought there was a way to leverage this new mobile device.“We were flying everyone in for training. I thought, why don’t we have everyone record their presentation on their new iPad instead, upload it and share it with their managers for certification?” recalled Mark. “I didn’t know the obstacles. They had just been given a 16MB iPad and I told them to record a 30-minute presentation. I didn’t know it would burn up all the space on their device and that it would be very difficult to upload and share it.”Mark envisioned an app that would solve these storage and speed constraints. He shared his idea at a brainstorming session with fellow entrepreneurs. After the session, long-time friend Yuchun approached Mark and, in his understated way, said, “I think you might be onto something. It’s worth exploring.”Yuchun was intrigued by the idea of using mobile technology and video to transform sales. He thought that instead of creating an app, Mark should think about being in the software business.“I told Yuchun, ‘I don’t know anything about the software business’,” recalled Mark. “Yuchun said, ‘I do.’ That was t
Helping employees to look at themselves is an art and a conversational coaching craft we all as leaders have an opportunity to improve and practice. No employee will come into your office and share with you that they have a negative attitude or they lack motivation or they're simply not engaged and they just wanted to provide you that general information. I'm sure you're laughing at the prior sentence yet think about it wouldn't that be great if people actually did that? It really brings to light the opportunity of why leaders must coach and have conversational coaching capacity.  If you are interested in an employee coaching program where we coach your employees with you check this out: click here
This podcast episode will teach the 5 tenants of what it takes to develop high-performing leadership coaches within your organization. They are as follows: Train with the purpose Support against real-world challenges Reinforce training with more training Practice and Practice Coach the leader to apply coaching If you would like to learn about our five step approach to help your leaders become great coaches contact us and schedule a chat:
This short story depicts the value of self-awareness and coaching. Recently, a friend/business associate get fired from his job. As I asked him what happened, and he went on a tirade of why it was completely unfair and how his boss was a jerk. As the conversation continued, I realized one thing like most people who have been in that predicament very few people are ever truly honest with themselves and self-aware. Most bosses hate firing people; therefore, it begs the question why would anyone want to do this intentionally to hurt somebody? The answer is simple they don't, yet people who do get terminated often go into an emotional state of unfairness and share with anyone who will listen "look what happened to me".  My approach in the podcast is fairly aggressive and hope it sincerely helps.Let me know your thoughts:
This episode teaches four fundamental areas employees need to improve and with that improvement will help workplace cultures become more engaged and positive. This master lesson will teach the four areas and what leaders can do to facilitate positive improvement.For More Information on Coaching Employees to Superstar Status schedule a time to chat with me: click here------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Tim Hagen founded Progress Coaching, a Training Reinforcement Partner Company, in 1997. His entrepreneurial career began in college leading to positions in sales, sales management, and sale training for small and large corporations, and eventually ownership of several training companies. He possess a unique combination of hands-on experience, academics, and innovative insight to solve the industry’s most common challenges. Tim holds a bachelor’s degree in Adult Education and Training from the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. Progress Coaching is an innovative firm that helps organizations developing positive workplace cultures through coaching and conversations. Tim and Progress Coaching provide innovative training solutions, assessment services, leadership conversation schools, workshops, etc. to assist organizations and their leaders in their pursuit of coaching and conversational leadership. Tim is a keynote speaker often at Fortune 500 companies, facilitator at national conferences, and breakout room specialist for corporate events. and is a member of the Forbes Coaching Council. He is a certified Practitioner in Emotional Intelligence Through Mental Health Systems™ Some of Tim's &  Progress Coaching's clients include: ·       The Milwaukee Brewers·       The Milwaukee Bucks·       Credit Union National Association·       Bayer Science·       Oshkosh Corporation·       Summerfest·       Monsanto·       The New York Federal Credit Union·       Commerce State Bank·       Acuity Insurance·       Northwestern Mutual·       UW-Milwaukee School of Lubar Executive Programs·       Inpro·       GECU Federal Credit Union El Paso Texas
This 25 minute interview with Mike Carroll from Intelligent Conversations will reveal some of the trends and things leaders need to do during  new virtual selling  times.About Mike:Are you dealing with flat revenue, margin erosion and sales hiring mistakes? If you’re ready to fully commit to transforming your sales team - I can help! Contact me: MY STORYWith more than 27 years of sales and marketing experience, I learned a lot about dysfunctional organizations. Through various senior sales and sales management positions, I developed a passion for fixing sales systems. With a wide range of B2B sales and marketing experience, I have particular expertise in manufacturing, telecommunications, software, financial services, and small business banking.HOW I CAN HELP YOUI’ve got a Midwest work ethic and pride myself on getting results for clients with a hands-on approach. Intelligent Conversations is changing the name of the sales training game, by offering a unique data-driven approach. Most sales trainers focus on perfecting techniques, but we work on mindsets first, then skillsets.We work hands-on with senior executives, sales leaders, and salespeople to change behaviors, grow new skills, and increase value by implementing methodologies proven to create results. We do practical training as well, but we’ve learned that you need to assess how “change ready” an organization is first, so that the infrastructure itself can be improved in order to support the changes needed.SUCCESS STORY“Mike worked with a group of 5 business owners—myself included—to help us master the skills of consultative selling. Each of us benefited from the questions and challenges the others brought to the table. Mike adapted the concepts to make them relevant and powerful for us, regardless of our different industries. Now, we’ve reached the place we’ve been able help many of our clients achieve, and expanded our staff to keep up with our growth.”- Kirsti Tcherkoyan, CEO and Co-founder, Options4GrowthCONTACT USintelligentconversations.comp: (414) 727-9813e: 
Conversations take on life forms. They become events. They become living breathing things that can spread much like a virus quickly and without prejudice harming people unnecessarily. This podcast is a parallel between conversations and certainly our current pandemic crisis. I realize this is a little bit risky and I don't want to offend anybody and I think about conversations much like a virus they can spread. The key question is if we traced our conversations would we be okay or would we be at risk? I hope this helps!Have a Coaching Challenge (not a sales call): Schedule a Time with Tim Hagen for a Free Introductory Coaching Session: Our Next Training Magazine Webcast Creative Learning and Coaching in the New World for 2021 Wed, Jan 27, 2021 at 12PM Pacific / 3PM Eastern : click here
This podcast reveals three unique stories of what we can do to WOW our customers. I often think about WOW as an acronym Wonderful Opportunities to Win! This podcast episode will hopefully give you some creative ideas and thought processes to engage with customers differently to go above and beyond the call of duty to get people to walk away and ultimately say ... WOW!
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