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Author: Tim Hagen

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This podcast is about teaching how to have coaching conversations specific to typical day-to-day workplace challenges.We will continue to provide short podcast "mini lessons" as the mainstay of this podcast. If there are topics you would like us to address send me an email: Our objective is to use this podcast as a tool to teach and provide continued value to the merits of coaching in the workplace. Coaching is the #1 Strategy to maintain and develop talent.
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This podcast episode will teach the 5 tenants of what it takes to develop high-performing leadership coaches within your organization. They are as follows: Train with the purpose Support against real-world challenges Reinforce training with more training Practice and Practice Coach the leader to apply coaching If you would like to learn about our five step approach to help your leaders become great coaches contact us and schedule a chat:
This short story depicts the value of self-awareness and coaching. Recently, a friend/business associate get fired from his job. As I asked him what happened, and he went on a tirade of why it was completely unfair and how his boss was a jerk. As the conversation continued, I realized one thing like most people who have been in that predicament very few people are ever truly honest with themselves and self-aware. Most bosses hate firing people; therefore, it begs the question why would anyone want to do this intentionally to hurt somebody? The answer is simple they don't, yet people who do get terminated often go into an emotional state of unfairness and share with anyone who will listen "look what happened to me".  My approach in the podcast is fairly aggressive and hope it sincerely helps.Let me know your thoughts:
This episode teaches four fundamental areas employees need to improve and with that improvement will help workplace cultures become more engaged and positive. This master lesson will teach the four areas and what leaders can do to facilitate positive improvement.For More Information on Coaching Employees to Superstar Status schedule a time to chat with me: click here------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Tim Hagen founded Progress Coaching, a Training Reinforcement Partner Company, in 1997. His entrepreneurial career began in college leading to positions in sales, sales management, and sale training for small and large corporations, and eventually ownership of several training companies. He possess a unique combination of hands-on experience, academics, and innovative insight to solve the industry’s most common challenges. Tim holds a bachelor’s degree in Adult Education and Training from the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. Progress Coaching is an innovative firm that helps organizations developing positive workplace cultures through coaching and conversations. Tim and Progress Coaching provide innovative training solutions, assessment services, leadership conversation schools, workshops, etc. to assist organizations and their leaders in their pursuit of coaching and conversational leadership. Tim is a keynote speaker often at Fortune 500 companies, facilitator at national conferences, and breakout room specialist for corporate events. and is a member of the Forbes Coaching Council. He is a certified Practitioner in Emotional Intelligence Through Mental Health Systems™ Some of Tim's &  Progress Coaching's clients include: ·       The Milwaukee Brewers·       The Milwaukee Bucks·       Credit Union National Association·       Bayer Science·       Oshkosh Corporation·       Summerfest·       Monsanto·       The New York Federal Credit Union·       Commerce State Bank·       Acuity Insurance·       Northwestern Mutual·       UW-Milwaukee School of Lubar Executive Programs·       Inpro·       GECU Federal Credit Union El Paso Texas
This 25 minute interview with Mike Carroll from Intelligent Conversations will reveal some of the trends and things leaders need to do during  new virtual selling  times.About Mike:Are you dealing with flat revenue, margin erosion and sales hiring mistakes? If you’re ready to fully commit to transforming your sales team - I can help! Contact me: MY STORYWith more than 27 years of sales and marketing experience, I learned a lot about dysfunctional organizations. Through various senior sales and sales management positions, I developed a passion for fixing sales systems. With a wide range of B2B sales and marketing experience, I have particular expertise in manufacturing, telecommunications, software, financial services, and small business banking.HOW I CAN HELP YOUI’ve got a Midwest work ethic and pride myself on getting results for clients with a hands-on approach. Intelligent Conversations is changing the name of the sales training game, by offering a unique data-driven approach. Most sales trainers focus on perfecting techniques, but we work on mindsets first, then skillsets.We work hands-on with senior executives, sales leaders, and salespeople to change behaviors, grow new skills, and increase value by implementing methodologies proven to create results. We do practical training as well, but we’ve learned that you need to assess how “change ready” an organization is first, so that the infrastructure itself can be improved in order to support the changes needed.SUCCESS STORY“Mike worked with a group of 5 business owners—myself included—to help us master the skills of consultative selling. Each of us benefited from the questions and challenges the others brought to the table. Mike adapted the concepts to make them relevant and powerful for us, regardless of our different industries. Now, we’ve reached the place we’ve been able help many of our clients achieve, and expanded our staff to keep up with our growth.”- Kirsti Tcherkoyan, CEO and Co-founder, Options4GrowthCONTACT USintelligentconversations.comp: (414) 727-9813e: 
Conversations take on life forms. They become events. They become living breathing things that can spread much like a virus quickly and without prejudice harming people unnecessarily. This podcast is a parallel between conversations and certainly our current pandemic crisis. I realize this is a little bit risky and I don't want to offend anybody and I think about conversations much like a virus they can spread. The key question is if we traced our conversations would we be okay or would we be at risk? I hope this helps!Have a Coaching Challenge (not a sales call): Schedule a Time with Tim Hagen for a Free Introductory Coaching Session: Our Next Training Magazine Webcast Creative Learning and Coaching in the New World for 2021 Wed, Jan 27, 2021 at 12PM Pacific / 3PM Eastern : click here
This podcast reveals three unique stories of what we can do to WOW our customers. I often think about WOW as an acronym Wonderful Opportunities to Win! This podcast episode will hopefully give you some creative ideas and thought processes to engage with customers differently to go above and beyond the call of duty to get people to walk away and ultimately say ... WOW!
This episode is an interview with master trainer Chris Hokom. During the interview Chris will share his thoughts on the place both training and coaching together play in the workplace today especially during and after the pandemic crisis. This is a great interview for credit union leaders especially to listen to as Chris has a vast depth of experience in the credit union space.You can reach Chris at Morrison Morrell at the following:Email: chrishokom@morrisonmorrell.comWebsite: www.
This past weekend I received a number of phone calls from parents as it was tryout weekend for boys and girls volleyball in the state of Wisconsin. I'm still amazed that some parents feel that the process or the decision that resulted in the child not making a team was somehow unfair or personal. One such parent I shared a thought with and that was "what do you think is the silver lining?" The parent said "I have no idea" in a very abrupt response. I said "I'm no longer involved in coaching or running a club so I don't have a vested interest per se but let me ask you again calmly what do you think is the silver lining and think about before you answer about the workplace and how employees maybe in your own organization do not accept change or difficult times?" The father paused, calmed down, and this ultimately led to a really productive conversation where I think he's in a better place to work with his kid to potentially get better but also change his relationship with the decision that was made. Had this father told his child which many parents do the process or the coach was unfair this will inevitably teach the kid to play the role of victim futuristically versus build the skills to overcome!                                            We need to build tomorrow's leaders today!
This 20 minute lesson teaches multiple strategies to adapt to the new world of selling virtually as well as leveraging video platforms along with how to coach to those changes successfully. There's so many opportunities right now the New World provides sales teams.  It is absolutely imperative sales people and more importantly sales leaders drive those elements of change successfully. During this podcast I mention a number of opportunities such as: Recording sessions & dealing with realitycheckout: Using video coaching platforms such as Allego who do an awesome job of helping people share and truly leverage the forgotten art of practiceCheckout: Attend Sales and Marketing Management Magazine webinars are thought leaders really provide insight to current changes.
Teamwork and Leadership are learned behaviors. When kids go to high school and ultimately college that's an eight year time span typically where they then enter the workforce. With that being said, how many of these kids are really taught what it's like to be in the workplace and act in alignment of being a great teammate and supportive of leadership? I'm not sure of many educational institutions doing this and that is not a criticism at all, rather an opportunity for society to help younger people realize the value of being a great teammate, supportive of leadership, and ultimately potentially becoming a great leader.Please watch for upcoming webcast Coaching To Your Corporate Values and Principles on December 2 at 12 PM central time. This webcast will teach a very specific methodology to coach to your corporate values and principles strengthening leadership and the foundation of teamwork within the organization. Register here: click here
Virtual selling provides organizations one of the greatest opportunities of our lifetime. It now only drives the opportunity for sales coaching and team development, it also provides insight to something that most sales organizations and people struggle to deal with. During this episode we will teach you four strategies and reasons why virtual selling provides you a unique opportunity during this time and beyond.Also we would encourage you to purchase the book Virtual Selling by Jeff Blount and you can get that book on Amazon: click here
This episode teaches five sales coaching practices that are easy to implement and guaranteed to drive results. During this episode we will provide live examples of how to coach one with specific suggestions to support each component. There are those five areas:Sales Performance Coaching Sales Performance Coaching Sales Call Coaching Peer to Peer Coaching Sales  Practice Coaching Sales Journal CoachingWanna Develop a Sales Coaching System To Drive Your Sales Process & Results: click here
This episode reveals a story or a two-step strategy was utilized to help with future leader become more self-aware. The two-step strategy use the following: Third Party Question - the question get people to look at situations or experiences through the eyes of somebody else. Reflection-when you facilitate the experience of reflecting you provide people an opportunity they typically will not take themselves to truly think and thoughtfully explore.* Note: to pick out our new coaching community called Coaching Enthusiasts:  click here    Jojn Us on our next  Training Magazine Webcast: Creative Learning and Coaching in the New World for 2021  : Wed, Jan 27, 2021 at 12PM Pacific / 3PM Eastern     
5 Coachability Factors

5 Coachability Factors


This 18 minute lesson will teach 5 things that affect one's ability to be coached. It is imperative that we understand there are two sized coaching, one who gives and who plays the role of coach, and one who receives and plays the role of coachee. So much money and time to start teaching leaders are coach we also have an opportunity to teach the recipient of their role and responsibility in the process as well. I think this lesson will help tremendously.Let me know your thoughts:
To help illustrate this episode here is a poll we did on linked - provides some unique insights:In a coaching relationship who is responsible for the success of the coaching outcome the Coach or Coachee (person being coached) ?Coach 100 %: 5%Coach 75 % - Coachee 25 %: 9%Both 50 % / 50 %: 52%Coachee 75 % - Coach 25 %: 34%
This episode teaches specific strategies of maintaining a thoughtful cadence and pace helping the coaching process improve with 3 simple strategies. Note: checkout our new coaching community The Coaching Enthusiasts - here is our next informational webcast on this innovative approach to helping leaders become great workplace coaches: November 17th @ 1:00 om cst: Register: click here
Here are the two polls we did on Linkedin that inspired this podcast:If leaders were taught / retrained how to provide strength-based & constructive feedback what would the effect be on the workplace culture?You can see how people vote. Would be tremendously helpful 79%It would be helpful 15%Somewhat helpful 3%Would have little impact 3%456 votes •   If employees were taught how to accept feedback & coaching as well as attended practice sessions to do so what would be the result?You can see how people vote. Would help tremendously 63%Would help a great deal 26%Would somewhat help 8%Would have little impact  3%359 votes • 
It's so interesting we provide training and support for this providing coaching yet we seem to lose sight of the fact people receiving coaching & feedback also need to be trained & supported in their reception. What a great opportunity. Here are two charts we did  from polls on linkedin that are quite revealing:Poll # 1: If employees were taught how to accept feedback & coaching as well as attended practice sessions to do so what would be the result?Would help tremendously 62%Would help a great deal 25%Would somewhat help 8%Would have little impact 4%--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Poll # 2: If leaders were taught / retrained how to provide strength-based & constructive feedback what would the effect be on the workplace culture?Would be tremendously helpful 76%It would be helpful 22%Somewhat helpful 3%Would have little impact 0%
This episode teaches a series of strategies to help understand the value of coachability as well as techniques to build coachability. We are progress coaching the bill to coachability assessment that teaches each employee's level of coachability as well as strategies to raise the coachability. If interested send us an email to 
This podcast teaches why coaching saves time! Why coaching drives engagement. Why coaching retains top talent. Why The Coaching Enthusiast Community is the answer to help workplace coaches successfully apply coaching to the workplace. We have memberships for:Leaders & ManagersCredit  Union LeadersSales LeadersHere is a link to our October 14th @ 12:00 noon: LIVE Informational Webcast:
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