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Author: Aliya Hall and Tanner Mihulke

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Hosts Aliya Hall and Tanner Mihulke read the stories they wrote when they were in middle and high school. Episodes also feature special guest stars to join the journey of making fun of the shit we wrote.
93 Episodes
Chapters eight, nine

Chapters eight, nine


Aliya and Tanner are back with new chapters AND a deep dive into Aliya's lesbian psyche. In this episode Kellen and Darby get closer and take a surprise trip, and Seth learns that Darby is a Light Faerie that is staying with Kellen. We're also introduced to Aliya's favorite character, Scarlet, who is just a disaster in the best way. Support the show (
Aliya and Tanner are back with Stephanie Hofmann to dive into part two of his angels cafe story. If part one involved trauma dumping, part two involves weird family dynamics, adopted siblings in relationships with each other, and demons. This story took turns Aliya and Stephanie did not see coming. Support the show (
Chapters six, seven

Chapters six, seven


Aliya and Tanner are back with two chapters from Aliya's faerie book. Kellen and Darby have officially met now that she has transformed, and Kellen is determined to make her his. Only problem is, which kingdom does she belong?Support the show (
Aliya and Tanner are back to start a new one of Tanner's stories! We get some gays and trauma dumping on a first date (aww, how sweet), as well as a magical bookish cafe. There's something kind of ethereal about the whole thing, we just can't put our finger on what it is yet. . .  Support the show (
Chapter Five

Chapter Five


Aliya and Tanner are back with a doozy of a chapter! Darby finally transforms! What does this mean? How does her family react? Where does she go from here? Who knows! Support the show (
Aliya and Tanner are back with another finale taking place in a very special location — Tanner's car! Aliya takes the reading reigns while Tanner drives and together they finish the Adventure Fantasy series where Tanner stopped writing it, and it goes on a journey you won't expect. Afterwards, Aliya shares Tanner's notes for where the series would have gone had he continued with it and tease what they'll be reading next!Support the show (
Chapter three, four

Chapter three, four


Aliya and Tanner are back with an episode in the car featuring the Taco Bell drive thru! In these chapters, we learn more about Seth and his rival relationship with Kellen and his weird love-before-first-sight with Darby. Now Darby has met both Kings and they have both already lied to her, like all makings of a great relationship.  Support the show (
Aliya and Tanner are back with not one, but TWO chapters in this episode. While chapter two continues to set up the scene, chapter three gets into the drama by introducing Bryce back into the story (with a change in character perspective) and the main point of conflict. There's only one chapter left in this story and Aliya and Tanner are going to be sad to say goodbye to this wild world. Support the show (
Aliya and Tanner are joined by Special Guest Melissa Nelson, who reads the first chapter of a werewolf story she wrote in high school. Melissa was heavily inspired by Anne Rice and serves all the drama and goth vibes. Melissa can be found on instagram @ml_coates. She is currently working on her debut novel, Belly Full of Roses, which is a contemporary book with elements of horror and supernatural, urban fantasy. It centers around a medical cult and yes — werewolves are involved.Support the show (
Chapter Two

Chapter Two


Aliya and Tanner are back with Special Guest Stephanie Hofmann to roast Aliya's chapter. They discuss how problematic it is to write a bad-boy immortal character when you're 14 and are trying to write "adult." This episode also features Stephanie's pretend adverts, fake merch and Tanner maybe getting professional boudoir photos.  Support the show (
Tanner and Aliya are back with Special Guest Stephanie Hofmann to crack open book two of Tanner's fantasy adventure book. They do a brief recap for Stephanie and start the book off on an emo note. Stephanie also ends the show with a commercial for Ted Lasso, which Shit We Wrote is not sponsored by. Support the show (
Prologue + Chapter One

Prologue + Chapter One


Aliya and Tanner are back with season two! To start off the season and new book right, Aliya reads the reviews from her high school friends about the book and shares some insight into how this book differs from her rewrite. (Spoiler: it's truly a new story — thank God.)Already Aliya and Tanner are relieved that this book has better writing than Confessions of a Kidnapped Runaway, so you have that to look forward to too. Support the show (
It's the time you've all been waiting for! Tanner and Aliya are *back* from hiatus to bring you the second season of Shit We Wrote. Prepare for Faeries from the Twilight era of YA and book two of Tanner's adventure story. Although he stopped writing it after chapter three, he still has more in store with shit about angels, street racing and maybe even some witches? The point is — you're going to want to be here for season two! Episodes start dropping next week ✨Support the show (
We have finally reached the finale of Shit We Wrote Season One! In this episode Aliya and Tanner finish Tanner's book and learn more of what's to come in his world. Aliya and Tanner also reflect on the show up to this point and  talk a little more about what's to come next season as they crack open two new stories that are the same amount of shitty. Support the show (
It's finally happened — Aliya and Tanner have reached the anticlimactic conclusion of Confessions of a Kidnapped Runaway. It was a rough journey to get here, filled with problematic tropes, shitty writing and obnoxious characters. We sincerely thank (and apologize) to everyone who made it this far with us.Next week will be the gripping finale of Tanner's book and the end of season one. Support the show (
Happy Pride Month fam! Aliya and Tanner are switching up formatting because we're nearing the end of BOTH of our stories, and the end of this season! We won't be going anywhere, but we're excited to kick off June with the end of our two shitty stories. In this episode, Tanner reads the second part of the battle sequence where we have a wild death that isn't as satisfying as you'd hope it to be before ending on a cliff hanger! You'll have to keep listening to find out what happens next in the thrilling conclusion of Tanner's book. Support the show (
Chapter 74, 75

Chapter 74, 75


Aliya and Tanner are back and we're getting close to the end of the book! In a wild turn of events everyone is saved by an old flame of Fibonacci's whose an eccentric, wealthy man. As their love rekindles the crew decides to play soccer. . . and baby Aliya truly breaks it down shot by shot. Support the show (
Aliya and Tanner are still working on banking more material, so please enjoy another special episode again this week from the Patreon archives where Aliya reads to Tanner and special guest Ashley Clark two stories she wrote in elementary school. They are vaguely gay and really ridiculous concepts.Support the show (
Aliya and Tanner are sharing something new this week! They didn't have time to record a new episode, so here is one from the VAULTS. Aliya and Tanner are joined by Special Guest Ashley Clark to read shit she wrote when she was young that is a King Arthur legend. This episode also features talk about Ashley's writing process and access to public domain stories. This is a fun romp that will distract you until Aliya and Tanner are back with their regularly scheduled content next week!Support the show (
Battle has commenced in this chapter of Tanner's epic fantasy! Aliya and Tanner get right to business discussing how this war is going to play out and who will die in the process. (Women, the answer with Tanner always seems to be the women.)Support the show (
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