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Our mission is to educate, entertain, and inspire our local community.
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Fitness trackers are lightyears ahead of the trackers from the past. The amount of information they can give us is almost too much to understand. The question we asked is should we all be wearing them? There's some obvious benefits but also some reasons why it may not be for you.
Congrats to Maria for being our October Reformer of the Month! You'll see her in the morning classes and always has something fun to say. We love having her in class because she brings a great energy and is a blast to coach.
Eric sits down with Dane and talk about his recent ankle surgery and why that isn't slowing him down. Through a life of sports, Dane has had chronic ankle issues requiring multiple surgeries. Even with the pain from the surgeries and healing he is in here multiple days a week and still working out.
Coaches Need Coaches

Coaches Need Coaches


It's a simple statement but rings true in many parts of our lives. We all need people to coach and guide us. If we find and surround ourselves with good people they can help us make good decisions and enrich our lives. In this episode we talk about the idea that no matter what level you are at in any aspect of your life, you can benefit from someone coaching or helping you.
Great news! Territory Foods is an awesome meal prep company that we love and we are location to pick up their meals. Eric sits down with Lea and talks about what makes Territory Foods special and how you can take advantage of their delivery service to the gym.Use code GYMPICKUP to earn $75 off across 3 weeks + free shipping!
Eric sits down with Colby who is our September Reformer of the Month. Colby is a firefighter and found CrossFit to help him be ready for the job. He's recently married and excited about the new chapter in his life!
Eric sits down to chat with Suzanne who is our August Reformer of the Month! She's always positive, energetic, and a blast to have in class. She might be the only person in the gym to actually run from movement to movement! Check out this episode and click the link to read her interview.
Peter and Eric are back home and have had a few days to decompress. We decided to sit down and talk about how the 2021 CrossFit Games went for Peter and the experiences along with it. From the age group and adaptive community getting some great workouts together to getting drinks after. The 2021 CrossFit Games were memorable and we can't wait to see Peter in the 2022 Games.
Congrats to Bill for being our August Reformer of the Month! What is also special is Bill is our first Reformer of the Month that does only personal training. You may not see him in the gym but he is still an amazing part of our community. He is super consistent with his training and has made some great strides over the years he has been with us.
Peter and Eric are live from Madison at the 2021 CrossFit Games! Peter is competing in the 65+ age group and he shares his initial impressions of the event. It is such a unique experience for Peter and we are stoked to share it with him.You can watch Peter live via YouTube by following the link
How To Eat An Elephant

How To Eat An Elephant


One bite at a time. In this episode we dive in to the benefits of CrossFit. We can go on and on about the physical benefits but today we are talking about the mental side of CrossFit. There are many lessons we can learn in the gym that help us in our every day life. It's important for us to understand that while we come here for the physical exercise there is so much more that we can get from the same workout.Take your time listening to this one and think about how CrossFit benefits you.
Lauren Geldmacher is a fantastic member of our community. Eric sits down with her as she tells her story of having scoliosis and how she is able to do CrossFit. When she came to our gym we initially modified heavily to make sure she stayed safe and now she is able to do a ton of new movements!A lot of times in the gym we talk to people who have life long limitations and they realize that with some slight modifications they're able to work out and get all the benefits we love from CrossFit. No matter what the limitation someone may have, we aim to help them move better and live a healthy lifestyle.
Have you ever thought of the difference of competing with vs. against someone? It may seem like splitting hairs but there is a time and place for both. Take a listen and hear our thoughts on the topic.
Mother of 3, nurse, nursing school student, all around badass. Ashley has an infectiously positive personality and brings some fun energy to every class she comes to.Some people may not know that she has recently lost 65 pounds in 9 months. If that isn't challenging enough she manages to juggle her kids, work, and nursing school all at the same time of doing 1 or 2 workouts most days.Ashley shares her story with Eric and what it's like to make those changes with her health.
Eric sits down with Rico who is our June Reformer of the Month! He transcends almost every class time so everyone at one point has probably been cheered on and motivated by Uncle Rico. Check out the podcast to learn more about him!
Double Dare Is Back!!!

Double Dare Is Back!!!


With the exception of a brief hiatus during covid, Double Dare is our annual in-house CrossFit competition to celebrate the anniversary of CrossFit Reform. We have been open since August of 2013 and love to celebrate every year by getting our community together for a friendly competition. Each year we do a partner or team competition that is fun and inclusive and this year we have a few new changes that will be really exciting.Interested in participating? Talk to a coach and we can get you signed up! We will be posting the workouts ahead of time to help you prepare for the big day!
The official news is in and Peter has confirmed that he is going to Madison at the end of July and competing in the 2021 Nobull CrossFit Games. It is exciting as a gym to support Peter through this journey and we are looking forward to seeing Peter prepare and compete!
Eric sits down with Patricia who is our May Reformer of the Month! She's always smiling and is a blast to have in class. Listen to get to know her more!
Every year during the week of Memorial Day we do what we call "Hero Week." A Hero WOD is a workout dedicated to a person or group of people who died serving their country in the military, police, fire, or first responder. These workouts are hard individually so putting a whole week of them together is hard. You want to come into the week with a plan on how to approach each workout in order to stay safe and have a good time.
Formerly called "masters categories," the Age Group Online Qualifiers is the stepping stone for athletes to go from the Open to the CrossFit games. Only the select few make it to the AGOQ and even fewer move onto the Games in Madison. We had a handful of athletes make it to this level and we talk about what we liked and what we didn't like about this years' competition format.
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