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Author: Aj McLaughlin

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Two latin American brothers, who grew up in the urban community of Boston, Massachusetts. Not forgetting to mention our two co- hosts as well. The four college grads and world travelers give there insights on life and trending world topics.
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Episode 89 "Mothers Day"

Episode 89 "Mothers Day"


First and foremost HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all the mothers out there. Followed by Happy Cinco de mayo!!! Now, this episode was a good one. We spoke about mothers day gifts. We also spoke about how did/do you celebrate Cinco de mayo? Also, LeBron and Aaron are upset but why and much more. So, tune in and vibe out with your boys.Follow us @opinionsandconsequences
Episode 88 " We Shall SEE"

Episode 88 " We Shall SEE"


What an episode!! Is chivalry a dying art in today's society? Also, do you think we are moving in the right direction after the Derek Chauvin verdict? Lots more from Kobe Bryant moving on from Nike, to making $3,000 by taking more coffee breaks. So tune in and vibe out with your boys from Boston, MA.
Things have gotten serious folks!! From DMX passing, to Deshaun Watson 22 civil suits. We also spoke about California fully opening, Kim K officially becoming a Billionaire, to Starbucks new 1 dollar deposit for a cup and much more. So tune in drop a line @opinionsandconsequences
This weeks episode was definitely an interesting one!! Lots of great topics were spoken in this one. We talked about our very own first black mayor! Wait, what do you guys think of Kylie jenners gofund me for 50k huh? We also talked about the horrific killing sprees that have been going on and much more. Our prayers and condolences to all the victims, friends and families. So, sit back relax and vibe out with the boys. Follow us @opinionsandconsequences
What an episode ladies & gents!! We had a jam pack episode talking about the royal family, Leonard anti-semitic slur, stimulus check, and much more! We also had a local artist named E -Tellingent share his new hit song with us. Not to forget our other callers calling in to share there experience with getting the covid 19 shot. Have questions? Email us at:
What an episode, ladies & gents! First & foremost big s/o to all of our callers sharing all the new fun facts about black history. This episode was both informative & uplifting for all of us on the panel. We also spoke about Dr. Dre and his estranged ex wife Nicole. Not to mention Tiger Wood's car accident, to NBA All Star snubs, and much more. Tune in and vibe out with the boys from Opinions & Consequences.
Another epic episode in the books ladies & Gents! We had great conversation with our callers in this one. From valentines day to everyday relationships, we sure did learn a lot from our callers. we also talk about trumps impeachment, Tampa Bay Superbowl win to, no more aunt Jemima syrup!! So kick back and vibe out with your boys.
We covered a lot of information in this episode. We went over Kamala Harris's Vogue photoshoot, Kyrie Irving's disappearance, Super predictions and much more. Wait viewers can call in now? Yup!! We are now able to take live calls during the show. Tune in!!
Starting off the New year right? Wait...Did we? We covered a lot in to our first episode of the New Year . We talk about the storming of Capitol hill!! WOW. Also, we talked about the Jacob Blake shooting, no files charges against law enforcements. We cover lots more in our first episode of 2021. So tune in, vibe out with your favorite boys.
New year New...Lets not start that!! What a year ladies and gents. More downs than ups. We would like to thank everyone for rocking out with us through these times. But, how do you plan on bringing in the new year? What are you 2021 plans? Tune in to hear us close out the year!
The boys are back just in time before the New year. What was the worst Xmas gift you ever received as an adult? Happy holidays to you and yours from all of us here.
What an episode Ladies & Gentleman!! We dive into some interesting topics in this one. From, the new vaccine ready to be distributed, president elect Biden not invited to the white house yet. To, how to tell if some is been sincere about what they say or treat you! Sit back and vibe out with the boys. Be sure to follow us @opinionsandconsequences on all platforms!
Is it really Halloween Already? Geez!! Well, guys get your adult trick or treats bags out and vibe out with your guys on this. We have some great topics on this episode: From out opinions on the death of Walter Wallace jr, to voting, and dictating someone's loyalty. Pour up a drink and enjoy the show.
What an episode ladies & gents. This episode had some very interesting topics. We talk about the arrest and charge of Tory Lanez. Also, Columbus day - Is it worth celebration? Have you ever been blocked by a male/female? LA Lakers champions, and much more! Tune in!
What a Show? At one one in time I thought we was on the presidential debate!! LOL. We covered a lot of topics in this one. From the Breonna Taylor verdict, presidential debate, tory lanz album, to what does women hate that men do. You don't want to miss this!
This week on Opinions & Consequences the boys talk about, is it ok to split the bill during the pandemic? Also the boys talk about, if their was to be a new president in office would things change or stay the same in America? Cardi B' s divorce, NFL is back, and find out why Ruben & Clinton look like a Dunkin Donuts Commercial!! LMAO
When is Enough...Enough? We tackle various different social injustice issues that is occurring in America today. Also we talk about the passing of Chadwick Boseman (Wakanda forever). We also talk about how you can receive 1'000 emergency fund and much more. So stay tuned!!!
We called an audible on this episode. We added two new segments and spiced up some topics for you guys. My question to you is: Would you cancel 2020? Find out what the guys had to say on this and various other topics.
The boys are back to give you some vital information about traveling amongst the United States. Also, is the vaccine really ready to go? Question is how far are you willing to go get it?
What a show people!!! Talked about a lot in this one. We spoke about unemployment bonus checks expiring this week. Also, talked about Joe Biden planning to select a Afro-American woman as a running mate. Can someone please tell me where trader "mings" or "jose" is at? Wow!! Be sure to check out our new apparel at
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