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Why every leader needs a management philosophy feat. Optimizely's CTO, Lawrence Bruhmuller. Thanks to our partner Lohika for co-hosting this podcast episode!Support the show (
"Building high-performing, purpose-driven teams" with Collective Health's VP of Engineering, Stacie Lang-Frederick (co-hosted with Lohika)Support the show (
"Goal setting for engineering teams" with Asana's Head of Engineering, Prashant PandeySupport the show (
This episodes features engineering leaders from Brex, Upwork, & Flatiron Health! They'll share advice on building a strong hiring strategy while managing other priorities during these challenging times (co-hosted with Karat)Support the show (
Get tips on how to scale your engineering teams impact in this Q&A chat with PagerDuty's VP of Engineering, Gautam Prabhu. Thanks to our friends at Lohika for hosting this with us!Support the show (
Managing High & Low Performers featuring Salesforce's VP of Engineering, Chris HaagSupport the show (
This episodes featured Slack's former Chief Architect (Keith Adams) on The Technical Path to Leadership.Support the show (
"Managing in a Remote World" with Zapier's VP of Engineering, Doug GaffSupport the show (
Managing in a Remote World with leaders from Slack, GitHub, and TwilioSupport the show (
In this episode, we're joined by several members of GitLab's engineering, product, & design team to better understand how the world's largest remote-first team collaborates.Support the show (
This podcast episode features a webinar we hosted recently called "Managing in a Remote World" with Stitch Fix's VP of Engineering, Pooja Brown!Support the show (
In this episode, we're airing the recording of an Ask-Me-Anything chat that Dana Lawson, GitHub's VP of Engineering, had with our community where she shares tips on managing remote teams!Support the show (
This episode highlights an Ask-Me-Anything featuring InVision's Director of Engineering (Ryan Scheuremann) and Karat's Head of Solutions Engineering (Shannon Hogue) about managing remote teams.Support the show (
We hosted an Ask-Me-Anything webinar on managing remote teams with VP of Engineering, Christian McCarrick, and we turned that into a podcast epsiode.Support the show (
In this episode, InVision's SVP of Engineering (Asanka Jayasuriya) shares his thoughts on how to navigate the coronavirus crisis and offers advice to managers who are leading a remote team for the first time.Support the show (
In this episode, Carta's VP of Engineering and Plato Mentor (Ron Pragides) shares his thoughts on the current COVID-19 crisis and offers advice to engineering managers. Support the show (
In this episode — DocuSign's VP of Engineering (Loïc Houssier) chats about the lessons he learned as a leader while his company underwent a re-organization.1:53 - Reorgs not driven by growth2:43 - Accepting change as a manager3:50 - Product company moving towards portfolio company5:30 - How to organize your company to manage innovation9:04 - How a new idea or project becomes a revenue stream12:09 - The mindset of incremental innovation14:14 - Affects of a GM approach16:43 - Learning from every manager17:24 - Biases aside18:45 - Changing the definition of “done”19:51 - Thinking about the business value22:05 - Managing expectations26:43 - Difference in friction zones29:30 - Empowered or not?31:46: Emotional vs rational33:58 - Providing space and then moving onSupport the show (
In this episode, the VP of Engineering at DocuSign (Loïc Houssier) shares what he learned from his early days to his role a a senior leader at a well-known B2B company. Episode highlights:1:15 - Being empathetic to reactions of the Coronavirus3:43 - First managerial mistake8:20 - What he learned during a break from the software industry10:44 - Being humble in a new workplace14:36 - How his youth sparked his curiosity17:14 - Building new relationships, especially outside the Engineering department18:42 - What DocuSign’s CEO taught Loic 19:42 - Why he returned to engineering management22:20 - What makes operational excellence important to eng managers24:45 - CTO versus VP of Engineering26:42 - Being an eng leader during an acquisition31:20 - Going from a unknown company to working at a known brand32:30 - Variations in workplace practices: US and France36:40 - Approaching situations based on cultural knowledgeSupport the show (
In this episode, senior engineering leaders from Brex, Twilio, and GitHub shares best practices around managing distributed teams.Support the show (
This episode, Expensify's CEO shares a variety of perspectives and stories — from what makes his company different to losing an engineering team to building an organization of generalists to what it's like being a CEO.Support the show (
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