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The Big-Day Babes - Wedding Dirt and Drama
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The Big-Day Babes - Wedding Dirt and Drama

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Well, hey there babes! And welcome to The Big Day Babes: a monthly, sideways look at the weird world of weddings brought to you by two UK wedding fanatics: wedding planner Kate Hirons and celebrant Katie Matthews. Tune in for a round-up of all the latest big-day beef, giggle along as we dissect just how far is too far when it comes to achieving the #yourweddingyourway dream, and enjoy saucy behind-the-scenes stories from our fave fountains of goss: You! Instagram - @thebigdaybabes @katiethecelebrant @jumpthebroomweddings
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Hey there babes! Lovely to have ya back for another month of filth + nonsense. This month we discuss the 'creative' methods that some 2020 couples have come up with to cut their wedding guest list, and we highlight yet ANOTHER horror show parent using the speeches to publicly shit talk their own offspring (who ARE these people?!). Katie also will NOT SHUT UP about her loose sphincter (totally off topic, as per) so you have all that to enjoy - just maybe don't listen when you're eating your lunch! 🤢 And the delightful Kelly and Gemma from Songbird Sessions join us for BIN OFF! So stick around for that!Follow us:@thebigdaybabes@katiethecelebrant@jumpthebroomweddings@songbirdsessions
We're baaaaack!This week is a mega catch up (making up for lost time, babes!) where we chat homemade engagement rings (🤢), cultural appropriation in weddings and reconnecting with your vulva < i know, who saw that coming!We asked for your stories about wedding speech drama - and you did. not. disappoint. We share your IRL speech dramz on the podcast this week.We've also got the brilliant Jade from Hushabye Films on for a chat about what she'd like to cast in the big day bin. It's a niche choice but ohhh-so-relatable (if you've been a bride/ bridesmaid you've either inflicted this bin-off item on others, or been the subject of it. GUARANTEED!)Enjoy!xCome follow us@thebigdaybabes@katiethecelebrant@jumpthebroomweddings
Scratching around for some GOSS, Kate and Katie talk home-based drama, monster dumps 💩 and their obsession with Normal People... all whilst trying to avoid the PIT OF DESPAIR (forever circling - obvs!).This Saturday (9th May) we are going to be hosting fundraising quiz with Hens with Heart - a #stayhendoors virtual party. Pay a fiver, have a laugh with us, and be in with a chance of winning some great prizes - including two tickets to The Un-Wedding Show in November. All money raised goes to Women's Aid. Sign up here. 
Well, since recording our last episode A LOT has happened: life on lockdown, weddings cancelled, and a bored, gossip-hungry Katie cooking up her own big day beef with a ‘well known wedding blogger’…  < PM ME BBZ. TOO MANY SNAKES IN ‘EREThis week Kate and Katie talk about some of the fall-out from you know what, and we come together to mutually bin off THE SAME THING (mixing up the format here, people! ).Follow us!@bigdaybabes@jumpthebroomweddings@katiethecelebrant
It's a Leap Day tomorrow and Poundland have released a collection of £1 'man bands' to cash in on the tradition of women proposing on this day (I know. Don't all rush down there at once, ladies 😂)! Kate and Katie are once again joined by the fabulous Ian ( to discuss  proposal politics.We'd love you to join in the conversation! You can email us at and follow us -@thebigdaybabes@jumpthebroomweddings@katiethecelebrant
Kate and Katie are away together on a wedding industry retreat, and shacked up in their own private barn for three days. What with it being Valentine's 'n all, it's all getting very cosy - a bit too cosy for Kate...This month the pair of them discuss creepy mother-in-law wedding gifts, and Kate empathises (very enthusiastically) with a poor bride who 'gambled on a fart' at her wedding - with some pretty revolting results 🤢Be warned there is a fair bit of poo chat in this episode! On the subject of sharting, Kate got quite carried away dancing down memory lane and giving us the highlights reel  - but hey, we do LIVE for an overshare!We're also joined by another fantastic guest! The brilliant wedding photographer  - and Big Day Babes MEGA FAN - Ian ( joins us to reveal what he wants to chuck into our bulging Big Day Bin! 🗑 As usual if you've got any wedding goss and behind the scenes drama you'd like to share, please send it to our DEDICATED ACCOUNT or slide into our Insta DMs. We love hearing from you!Follow us!@thebigdaybabes@katiethecelebrant@jumpthebroomweddings
Is it ever okay to propose at someone else's wedding? Particularly if that someone else is your cousin... and she's already explicitly told you not to? In this first Babes Bitezise Bit Kate and Katie discuss!Follow us!@thebigdaybabes@jumpthebroomweddings@katiethecelebrant
Kate and Katie are reunited after the Christmas break, and Katie immediately resumes making googly eyes at Kate across the kitchen table. It's like they've never been apart!In this month's episode, the pair discuss the news that Princess Beatrice' wedding is not to be televised, share some nonsense they dug up on Reddit about a celebrant recruiting couples for his cult (as ya do!), and argue about whether or not all-vegan catering is a deal-breaker. So much BIG DAY BEEF (or beans) to tuck into!There's also another SPECIAL GUEST! The fabulous Laura Gimson (a soft 'G' - as in 'genitals') joins Kate and Katie to reveal what she wants to cast into the Big Day Bin! us:@thebigdaybabes@katiethecelebrant@jumpthebroomweddings
Hey Babes! Welcome back!You join a pretty disheveled Kate and Katie at an Ibis hotel, the morning after their Christmas Party. Fuelled by a couple of savage Slammer hangovers, the two of them tackle the Big Questions: are trackies ever acceptable wedding guest attire? How many wedding cakes is *too many* wedding cakes? And is it wrong to sack off bridesmaid duties to attend an Elton John concert?We also have our first SPECIAL GUEST! The gorgeous Roshni joins us to reveal what she wants to see banished for eternity to our Big Day Bin!As ever, we're super keen to hear YOUR wedding goss. Please email your tales of sauce and scandal to And make sure you're following us! Instagram - @thebigdaybabes @katiethecelebrant @jumpthebroomweddings
Pour yourself a large one and settle in for our Christmas Countdown as we gleefully chart the Top Ten sauciest stories to hit the sidebars of shame over the last decade! Get ready for ceremony show-downs, suppliers getting the *teensiest* bit too close for comfort, and a bride who took stealing the show to the next. level. Don't forget to show send in your behind-the-scenes wedding GOSS to feature in our 2020 shows via Merry Christmas babes! Follow us! @thebigdaybabes@katiethecelebrant@jumpthebroomweddings
Well, here we are babes! A big welcome to the first episode of The Big Day Babes, a monthly sideways look at the world of weddings from wedding planner, Kate ( and celebrant Katie ( this first episode, we test the threshold of the YOUR WEDDING YOUR WAY mantra with some great 'real-life' wedding examples dug up from - what's quickly developing into our FAVE source of sauce - the AM I AN A**HOLE Reddit thread; we argue the toss about the items we'd like to go into our 'Big Day Bin', and we hear from an anonymous listener with a revolting wedding guest anecdote, where we touch upon the practicalities of breaking up a pair of shagging guests at your wedding. We can't say anymore - needless to say, it's absolute filth and not suitable for young listeners!We hope you enjoy! Please give us a follow on our Instagram page @thebigdaybabes and email us your GOSS,Kate and Katie x
Despite the fact couples are now postponing their postponements, Kate and Katie are holding up remarkably well (the Pit of Despair is but a faint memory!). In this episode, the two of them have a full roster of Reddit-based drama to share, alongside your brilliant in law anecdotes! The wonderful Costa Sisters also join to reveal what they want to cast for eternity into the Big Day Bin! Follow us!@thebigdaybabes@katiethecelebrant@jumpthebroomweddings
Having crawled their way out of the pit of Corona-shaped despair, Kate and Katie are back to their old tricks, determined to avoid the C Word without resorting to creating their own DRAMA for content! 👀 This month, the two of them discuss a Stateside wedding that went ahead with 150 cardboard cut-outs in place of guests (ain’t this just a boon time for introverts 😂), as well as the bride who decided sorting her friends and family into Hogwarts Houses was a neat touch for her Harry Potter-themed wedding - but hadn’t counted on the Slytherine backlash 🐍 (that’s the only downside with actual human guests innit? Their bloody feelings!)Bin off is back to normal! The ray of sunshine that is Chenai from By Chenai Events joins to bin off…..WEDDING FAVOURS (prompting Katie to remind us YET AGAIN of her beach hut favours wedding story - that’s what wedding craft does for you people! Leaves a lifetime of emotional scarring that you can’t. stop. reliving!)The Big Day Babes is presented by Katie The Celebrant and Kate from Jump The Broom. Come follow us on Instagram @thebigdaybabes @katiethecelebrant@jumpthebroomweddings
If you’ve been watching our Instagram stories you’ll know that making episode 5 has been a true LABOUR OF LOVE. We blamed Mercury Retrograde the first time our tech failed on us... the THIRD time we realised we might just be incompetent 😂(ironic really because, according to podcast mythology, episode five is the one where you CRACK IT - not us! We just imploded!). Aaaanyway we got there in the end and hey! It’s another cracker! We chat about wedding guest plus ones, choreographed dance routines and CORONAVIRUS (we couldn’t not, really. This episode was recorded remotely so we like to think we’re doing our bit to stop the spread 🛑🤧) We also have an AMAZING GUEST for our Bin Off - the glorious Melissa Woods founded of @the_un_wedding joins us to reveal what wedding item she wants to cast into oblivion (it’s a good’un!). If you're enjoying the podcast please leave us a review! And if you've got any drama please feel free to email our DEDICATED ACCOUNT thebigdaybabes@gmail.comFollow us!@jumpthebroomweddings@katiethecelebrant
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