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Hosted by Steve Sjogren and Jeff Hoglen, Church Planting Today aims to equip and encourage church planters who are aimed at winning others into relationship with Christ.
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The year 2020 has brought change on every front. What does 2021 hold? No one has a crystal ball to see into the future, but in today's episode, Jeff Hoglen and Steve Sjogren help you get a clear view of things any pastor or church leader should consider.
Jeff Hoglen opens up to pastors about staying connected. As the second wave of COVID strikes many worldwide communities, how you engage and connect is more essential than ever in reaching people and connecting them with Jesus.Listen along for tips on tools and techniques on staying connected in a scenario that's causing a sense of isolation beyond the norm.
Today Jeff Hoglen brings you up to date on what has been happening at Church Planting Today through the Summer and Fall months.
Spurred on by an article from Scott Thomas, formerly the president of Acts 29, A diverse, global family of church-planting churches, Steve and Jeff continue their discussion of important questions for potential Church Planters.
Join Steve Sjogren and Jeff Hoglen in this captivating podcast episode as they dive into Scott Thomas' thought-provoking article, "20 Questions for Potential Church Planters."With passion and insight, they explore the essential characteristics of a successful church planter.Beginning with the significance of being a devoted Christian and assembling a strong core team, they navigate the delicate balance of maintaining standards while embracing all individuals. The conversation then turns to the vital role of being spirit-filled, spirit-directed, spirit-led, and spirit-controlled.Drawing from their own experiences, Steve and Jeff emphasize the power of obedience and faithfulness in following God's guidance. As the episode draws to a close, they leave listeners with uplifting words of encouragement and a reminder to explore the website for additional valuable resources.
In this episode Jeff talks about transitions in ministry, and where the journey has landed him for now. Expounding on a blog post called "Micro Church – Mindsets and Meeting Places" on, you'll hear encouraging insights for church and ministry leaders serving the Lord and their communities in many different capacities.
In this episode, Steve and Jeff discuss seasons in ministry.
Listen along to this discussion about an important issue: Staffing. When, how...and why!
This special episode is part 2 of 2 from a recent church planting webinar conducted by Steve Sjogren and Jeff Hoglen at the onset of the COVID crisis in the United States.
This special episode is part 1 of 2 from a recent church planting webinar conducted by Steve Sjogren and Jeff Hoglen at the onset of the COVID crisis in the United States.
From the negative to the most positive effects on leaders of churches large and small, Steve Sjogren and Jeff Hoglen discuss the challenges of conducting ministry amid the current coronavirus crisis.
A conversation with Brian Davis of about unity in approach and strategy. More than a software company, FaithTeams is partnering with pastors of small churches everywhere to provide the most comprehensive management solution available. In addition to providing access to their entire software suite at no cost for 60 days in response to the coronavirus situation, FaithTeams has a special offer for Church Planting Today listeners.
Steve and Jeff discuss both prayerful and self assessment of motives to reveal some of the things that may be indicators church planting is not for you. "Blessed are the flexible, for they shall bend and not break."
Introvert? Extrovert? Is there such thing as the "right" personality type for a church planter?
From the lessons we learned from Bob Dylan to using unbelievers on stage.Practical advice for building a worship team and planning the music for your church plant. STEP 1: Start with what you have.
CPT 012- Outreach

CPT 012- Outreach


In this episode, Steve and Jeff talk about one of Steve's favorite subjects: Outreach. Learn more about the "why" to discover the "how" that is relevant to your church plant.
Steve & Jeff discuss leadership within a church plant, and how to identify leaders as you grow.
Steve and Jeff discuss thoughts on naming your church plant. From the absurd to the worst names for the best reasons, the insight is easy to appreciate.Church Planting Today is the podcast arm of and Connect for tons of free and useful resources.