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Author: Craig A. Hart

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Craig and Scott, two purveyors of fine literature and poor jokes, take you on a literary journey dedicated to tickling your earhairs with word-laden goodness. "Let me live, love, and say it well in good sentences." -Sylvia Plath
18 Episodes
Craig and Scott talk with pianist, author, and world record holder Evelina De Lain about music, art, humanity, psychology, music therapy, and MORE on today's Good Sentences podcast.
We are BACK with Angelique L'Amour for part two of our discussion of plot, character, symbolism, and more!
Craig, Scott, and Angelique talk about plot, character, writer's block, and famous writer quotes on today's literary deep dive!
Craig and Scott talk about Mark Twain's birthday!
Craig and Scott and Chaucer's Tall Tales.
Craig and Scott talk about the publication of Lolita.
Today in literary history: The birth of  Thomas Jefferson, 3rd President of the United States, and primary author of the Declaration of Independence, who used to have his birthday parties on April 2 because they were stupid and still used the Julian calendar, not the Gregorian calendar that we use and which totally rocks.We are fortunate, nay, beyond fortunate to have the man himself on the phone, calling in from Branson, Missouri, President Thomas Jefferson.
Craig and Scott break their silence to report on the COVID-19 pandemic, talk about their productivity, and preview the upcoming series on PLOT!
Craig and Scott poke fun at the Founding Fathers, talk about co-authors, and interview writer and tennis professional David F. Berens.
Let's Have Dialogue

Let's Have Dialogue


Craig and Scott talk about dialogue, dialogue tags, tag adverbs, Hemingway, Stephen King, and all sorts of other fun things, including some special, narrated examples for your instruction and entertainment!
J.A. Jance Interview

J.A. Jance Interview


J. A. Jance is an American author of mystery novels. She writes at least three series of novels, centering on retired Seattle Police Department Detective J. P. Beaumont, Arizona County Sheriff Joanna Brady, and former Los Angeles news anchor turned mystery solver Ali Reynolds. The Beaumont and Brady series intersect in the novel Partner in Crime, which is both the 16th Beaumount mystery and the 10th Brady mystery. They intersect again in Fire and Ice.
Killing Your Darlings

Killing Your Darlings


Craig and Scott discuss the old literary adage, "Kill your darlings," including the popular idea that the quote originated with William Faulkner. Craig also confesses to embarking on a life of crime.
Craig and Scott give their take on one of literature's more recent developments: the sensitivity reader, a person whose job it is to read a manuscript and let the author know how offensive it may be. Is this a good thing for literature?
Craig and Scott discuss characterization and, in particular, motivation for said characters. They also remind everyone that they have maturity of twelve-year-olds!They also talk about a walking meme, their new privacy policy, and how you can make someone's day.
Author, writing coach, and actress Angelique L'Amour joins us once again for a deep dive in the concept of character creation. If you are an aspiring writer, or a more experienced writer who just wants to brush up on the craft of character creation, you are in for a treat. Angelique gives out a TON of priceless information to help you do just that.And stay tuned after the interview the a new podcast feature called BookEnds, where Craig and Scott do a debrief of the episode and talk a bit more about both the craft of writing and their own experiences in the industry.Referenced throughout the podcast is a character creation worksheet created by Angelique that you can get for free by visiting her website and signing up for her emails. And, unlike many mailing lists, this is one you'll benefit from, especially if you are a writer and interested in improving your craft.Find her at
Craig Johnson is the author of eight novels in the Walt Longmire mystery series, which has garnered popular and critical acclaim. The Cold Dish was a Dilys Award finalist and the French edition won Le Prix du Polar Nouvel Observateur/BibliObs. Death Without Company, the Wyoming State Historical Association’s Book of the Year, won France’s Le Prix 813. Another Man’s Moccasins was the Western Writers of America’s Spur Award winner and the Mountains & Plains Independent Booksellers’ Book of the Year, and The Dark Horse, the fifth in the series, was a Publishers Weekly Best Book of the Year. Junkyard Dogs won the Watson Award for a mystery novel with the best sidekick, and Hell Is Empty, selected by Library Journal as the Best Mystery of the Year, was a New York Times best seller, as are the rest of the series. The Walt Longmire series is the basis for the hit Netflix drama, Longmire, starring Robert Taylor, Lou Diamond Phillips, and Katee Sackoff.Johnson lives in Ucross, Wyoming, population twenty-five.
Craig and Scott interview Angelique L'Amour, the daughter of famed author Louis L'Amour.
Craig and Scott introduce the new Good Sentences podcast!
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