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Author: Shawna Pelton | Kat Moulton

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Prepare yourself for a Quantum SHIFT --- because we’re about to interrupt the old programming that’s kept you back from fulfilling your highest potential. Are you in need of an up-leveling in life? A change in your mind, body, or relationships? In this podcast, you'll learn how you can apply some of the tools, teachings, and principles in your life to create a positive change. ---HOSTS: Shawna Pelton & Kat Moulton----- Let's stay connected!! email - | IG - | @kat.moulton | | online commUNITY ----- music credit "Hidden Mission" from Living Light ----- photo credit @NicoleO'NeilPhotography
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Let's talk... about the black and white thinking that has polarized our collective, that is! In this casual conversation, Katie and I talk about the rigid thinking that's causing a further divide.  You'll learnThe 5 elements that create your realityA game-changer secret to affirmations The "grey space" alternative to an either-or mentality"Reality" with a capital R!Open to allowing multiple possibilities to exist at onceHow the need to be right closes off our mindEvolve or dissolve - massive transformationYou can find and follow Katie at www.FeelYourLight.comIG@Feel.Your.LightFollow Shawna on IG@QuantumSHIFT.uson a free tutorial on how to work with the QuantumSHIFT process at www.ShawnaPelton.comSupport the show (
DR. ERIC ZIELINSKI is the author of the national bestseller The Healing Power of Essential Oils and The Essential Oils Apothecary Dr. Z has pioneered natural living and Biblical health education since 2003. Trained as an aromatherapist, public health researcher, and chiropractor, Dr. Z started in 2014 with his wife to help people learn how to use natural remedies like essential oils safely and effectively. Now visited by more than three million natural health seekers every year, has rapidly become the number one online source for biblical health and non-branded essential oils education.You can find Dr Z online atFacebook: Instagram: YouTube: OFFER Pre-order the new book (Essential Oils Apothecary) and receive $400 in bonuses------Join the commUNITY at Support the show (
Know Thyself {Clarity}

Know Thyself {Clarity}


A monthly special series with your hosts Kat Moulton and Shawna Pelton. Have a question for Kat & Shawna? Join us LIVE on the 4th Friday of the month for lively discussions via zoom (link found under "events" at or watch from Shawna's Facebook business page ( Your contribution is welcome! Support the show (
If you're interested in learning how to heal your inner child so you can stop allowing the negative experiences of your past to affect your future, join us for this conversation. You will walk away with an understanding of how you can abandon your belief about lack, in favor of the abundance that belongs to every one of us!As the founder of Mastering Your Beliefs, Nancy’s clients usually refer to her as their “Sensei” a title from her days as a student, competitor and teacher in the Martial Arts. Martial Arts taught Nancy that her strongest weapon is not her physical strength, it’s her inner strength. During her journey to do whatever it was going to take to free her mind from the negative experiences of her childhood, she lost everything. Once she learned to let go of the past, she became unstoppable. Nancy has experienced the joys of marriage, motherhood, being a homeowner, becoming a grandmother, a great grandmother, and the fulfillment of being an entrepreneur. She’s also known the gut-wrenching experiences of miscarriage, divorce, physical pain, trauma, childhood abuse that escalated to sexual abuse by the age of 12, and limiting beliefs. One of Nancy’s most powerful aha moments was the understanding that whatever she focuses on, will determine what she believes and how she feels about herself. Nothing lasts forever, but we can choose the feelings we hold on to. Nancy says, “In all my years of doing this work, I’ve learned that everything starts with a belief. Rarely do most of us take the time to know what we believe because most of us were never taught to question our beliefs, let alone master them!” When people are ready to let go of their negative mind chatter, Nancy teaches them how they can Master Their Beliefs to recognize and eliminate the negative, limiting, and fear-based beliefs created by their child-self. This is how Nancy teaches people to stop creating their future from their past while healing the child within. When you Master Your Beliefs... you become the master of your life! If you’re looking for answers about why you keep attracting unwanted people and experiences into your life, you will learn why after you’ve listened to this conversation. Nancy Mueller teaches people how to heal their inner child so they can stop allowing the negative experiences of the past to affect the future. Doing this enables you to abandon your belief about lack, in favor of the abundance that belongs to every one of us!FREE GIFT - learn how to turn your negatives into positives in 4 easy steps Instagram: LinkedIn: YouTube: Website: eMail: Phone: 714-318-9049Support the show (
Kerry Myers is the Co-Founder of OmTerra as well as a Psychedelic Somatic Interactional Therapist, has a master's degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. Seeing the limitations and lack of efficacy in conventional talk and somatic therapies, for both herself and her clients, Kerry decided to pursue other professional avenues of bringing lasting transformation to people. On a quest for her own healing, Kerry uncovered a childhood of repressed sexual abuse working within the Psychedelic Somatic Interactional Psychotherapy (PSIP) model. Through her own incredible path of healing using this model came a knowing of her passion to help others experiencing PTSD, Complex PTSD, anxiety, and depression, and especially those with a known or suspected history of sexual abuse using PSIP. Prior to founding OmTerra, Kerry worked briefly as an MFT with an emphasis on Narrative Therapy. She also spent many years as an enrollment director for a beautiful Waldorf School in Southern California.Contact Kerry at Kerry@omterra.orgSupport the show (
Brianna Greenspan is a chronic illness advocate, mentor for teens and young adults with chronic illnesses, author, and Genetics Consultant at Gene By Gene, a genetic testing company based in Houston, Texas.Since being diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, a genetic connective tissue disorder, Brianna has been using the power of positive affirmations and powerful mindset shifts to overcome the inherent obstacles of her condition.She is passionate about nature, sustainability, wellness, advocacy work, and inspiring others to achieve their goals. Her life's work is centered around using her superpower as a master connector to facilitate all the good she can in collaborative settings to uplift global wellbeing mainly focused on medical genetics and education.FREE GIFT - Print out your own Miracle Morning coloring ebook!Follow Brianna on clubhouse and IG  @brigreen1111Reach out at - briannagreenspan.comSupport the show (
Many people struggle to overcome personal conflict. If chronic patterns of resistance, self-doubt, fear, anger, resentments are now affecting your mental, emotional and physical health... or if you want to avoid that.... this is for you! In this new series, QuantumSHIFT founder and integrative health practitioner of 20 years, Shawna Pelton, will share insights on how to heal your greatest health challenges, live pain-free, be more decisive, take action on goals, live with more empathy and less conflict, get out of your own way, contribute to life in a meaningful way so that you can live with purpose and meaning as a less stressed much happier person (I mean, who wouldn't want that?!?) Got a question for Shawna? Reach out in an email and she'll address your inquiry on the next episode! Support the show (
Edit B Kiss is a holistic mentor, success habit coach, writer, #1 best-selling author, and international speaker. She helps leaders to get healed from running mind, insomnia to gain more focus and fill the void in their hearts by raising their frequency and getting them aligned with their true selves so they can stand the storms and live their lives joyfully and reinvent themselves to the next level. She worked with clients on releasing long-lasting pains, blockages, ancestor defects and emotional traumas so they could live fulfilled and joyful lives. She has clients from all over the world, including the United States, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Hungary, and Nigeria; these range from millionaire traders to influencers to artists. Follow Edit Gift 10 Tips to release stress and anxiety -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Follow the QuantumSHIFT onInstagram: @QuantumSHIFT.usJoin our Mighty Network at www.QuantumSHIFT.usMeet KATThank you for being a part of our commUNITY! xo 😘  Our hearts are overflowing with love for you all.Support the show (
As an author, teacher, speaker, and holistic practitioner,  Hillis desires is to utilize his gifts and tools to empower others on their journey. He is 1 of only 15 Certified Lemurian Light Workers on the Planet who guide others on their path to let them know they are not alone. Hillis Pugh has taught his Gratitude and Law of Attraction Seminars, at the Edgar Cayce Center NYC, Well Set, Kensho Health, Maha Rose, Lightning Society, Breakin' Boundaries, and other various locations in the New York area. He has also spoken for the Holistic Chamber of Commerce NY, New Life Expo, Gratitude Migration, and other events and virtual platforms, and has also partnered with WeWork, NY for in-person Psychic events. Hillis mentors each soul on their path to lift them up so they can see what he sees, beyond the physical realm. He is an energy facilitator working with modalities such as Psychic Mediumship, Reiki, and Lemurian Light Energy to co-create a deeper connection to the Soul. Free 20 min Lemurian Energy Session for the first 20 people to sign up. can find Hillis at the QuantumSHIFT onInstagram: @QuantumSHIFT.usJoin our Mighty Network at www.QuantumSHIFT.usMeet KATThank you for being a part of our commUNITY! xo 😘  Our hearts are overflowing with love for you all. You can support the show by sharing, rating, reviewing your favorite episodeSupport the show (
Tune in to learn the 7 Universal Principles needed to harness your wildest desires, with #1 New York Times bestseller The Art of Having it All has helped millions of readers worldwide shift their mindset from “CAN’T” to “CAN”. In her new book, THE DESIRE FACTOR: How to Embrace Your Materialistic Nature to Reclaim Your Full Spiritual Power [Beyond Words | Christy Whitman will help guide readers through a deeper, more spiritually connected journey of taking those everyday desires shared by all of us and using them to manifest a more personal, more dynamic sense of fulfillment. Order your copy of the "Desire Factor" and learn the tools to find happiness, abundance, and success by leveraging the desires you already possess. Get Christy's FREE GIFT - Change Your Language, Change Your Life! FREE 30-day training system breaks the chains on the language patterns that are keeping you from success.- Connect with Christy -Web: ChristyWhitman.comInstagram: @christywhitman1Facebook: christywhitmaninternationalTwitter: /ChristyWhitman----------------------------------Follow the QuantumSHIFT online Instagram: Mighty Network - Meet KATThank you for being a part of our commUNITY! xo 😘  Support the show (
JESSICA LORION is an American TV, film, and theatre artist based in NYC. She’s also the Host and Producer of the Podcast: Mamas in Training. As the creator, host, and producer of the podcast, Mamas in Training, Jessica is learning everything she can about motherhood before she is a mother. She created the podcast to give aspiring moms guidance and community from moms who’ve been there. As she fights an auto-immune disease that delays her motherhood journey, she is learning right alongside her audience.FOLLOW IG/MamasintrainingpodIG/JessicaLorion the QuantumSHIFT podcast at IG/QuantumSHIFT.usSupport the show (
Leia Friedman M.S. in Clinical Psychology whose orientation is integrative of a feminist perspective, eastern and western psychological approaches, ethnobotany, transpersonal theory, and the value of the individual's lived experience.A teacher, writer, and community organizer, co-founder of Boston Entheogenic Network, host of the podcast "The Psychedologist: consciousness positive radio," and an author for Psymposia,  Leia is an active advocate to the psychedelic community and the overall movement for cognitive liberty and collective healing. Her work focuses on phenomena related to the human experience of consciousness through a social and climate justice lens.Leia worked as an in-home therapist before psychedelics turned her world inside out. She is now an apprentice in psychedelic somatic interactional psychotherapy (PSIP), a trainee in restorative and transformative approaches to conflict, and a budding herbalist. :: Leia and I will be back to do a follow-up Q&A. Simply submit your questions to ::Support the show (
Do you think it possible to completely change your path and life with ONE GOOD QUESTION? Marc Champagne believes it is.  The host of a top 50 podcast “Behind The Human”,  has studied mental fitness practices for over a decade. Unpacking reflective questions shaping the lives of some of the most successful and brilliant thinkers in the world.Currently, Marc is writing a book introducing a completely different approach to daily reflection—inspired by the reflective questions and mental fitness practices of legends and top performers.***Register today to be first on the list when Marc's book comes out - Personal Socrates - questions that will upgrade your life *** Support the show (
Hey Quantum SHIFT fans... this is Shawna here with an exciting announcement. I decided to share the very important role as a host with a friend, Kat Moulton, who is going to be interviewing both myself as well as other guest experts that align with the QuantumSHIFT mission, to activate our potential for health, happiness and harmony. In this episode, Kat and I have a casual conversation about that and she starts to ask me questions that bring us to different topics like the tapestry of lifebigfootConspiracies and trauma and moreI hope you enjoy listening to this conversation and join us for various opportunities to do your path work within a supportive commUNITY at Thanks for your continued support!  With love and enthusiasm, Shawna PeltonSupport the show (
Julie Balderrama is THE Dream Witch. She specializes in helping people change their minds - to go from the muggle mind of overthinking, over-analyzing, and struggle - to Magical Thinking. Using the potency of Dream Magic she shows you how to bend time and space to get exactly what you want, exactly when you want it. Working with Julie will take you on your deepest dive yet into your subconscious terrain - which is where the Magick happens. She’s had a living relationship with her dreams for over two decades. She's a certified sensation-based coach and uses those tools along with 10 years of experience as a Qigong, embodiment, and meditation teacher to meet you where you are and kindly, playfully guide and support you through your own journey. Her study of sociology, women’s studies, and the story-making of theatre inform the work as you unravel the themes, symbols, archetypes, and experiences embedded in your dreams.FREE GIFT 🎁5 Magical Things You Can Do With Your Dreams Social Media Links Insta: @juliebalderrama clubhouse: @juliebalderrama Facebook: Personal: Business: the QuantumSHIFT commUNITY and get started on your QuEST for Self Actualization today! Support the show (
{Special Series} with Amanda O'Brien. Amanda is the Quantum SHIFT commUNITY in-house Astrologer with 10 years of experience and is available for your natal birth chart readings written, oral, and combined, transit charts, couples charts, and children’s charts.You can find her within the platform - under "members". Join our whole vibe tribe for healing transformationconscious commUNITY accountability supportShow you Support for the show ( the show (
{Special Series} with Amanda O'Brien. An Astrologer with 10 years of experience.Amanda is the Quantum SHIFT commUNITY in-house Astrologer and is available for your natal birth chart readings written, oral, and combined, transit charts, couples charts, and children’s charts.You can find her within the platform Join our high vibe tribe for healing transformationconscious commUNITY accountability supportSupport the show (
A Dark Night of the Soul = A Life FoundDr. Danielle Clark is a business professor, writer, and life/spirituality coach focused on how we can break judgment habits and open our intuition. She is an expert in working with clients who are feeling stuck, indecisive, may feel their habits are self-sabotaging, and those who are going through a Dark Night of the Soul. Using a unique blend of professional, academic, and spiritual frameworks and understanding,  Danielle gives the dark some light by sharing intuitively driven advice to life’s challenges in a light-hearted, uplifting, and actionable manner.In this episode, she’ll talk about a Dark Night of the Soul, a time of deep spiritual depression and awakening. A few years ago, determined to learn the most from her own Dark Night, Danielle embarked on a spiritually guided journey to heal past wounds, mend the relationships in her life and rekindle her marriage. Her Dark Night helped her discover why brokenness from within is not an irreparable mess, but rather a beautiful chance to build a life centered on self-love, forgiveness, and grace. You’ll learn more about Danielle’s experiences and how you can move through your Dark Night with intent, love, and care.Follow Dr. Danielle Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Medium:  to be a part of the commUNITY! Support the show (
Michael is the son of the late Wilma Jean Jones, author of “An Angel Told Me So” An amazing collection of messages and teachings dictated directly from spirit teachers/angels from the other sideThe depth and quality of these messages and teachings received and the personal nature of this material engages and allows readers to feel they also are being spoken to on a level that reflects what they are personally experiencing and speaks to the heart of those willing to accept the divine nature of this deep and thought-provoking material. To many, this body of material not only offers proof of the existence of a spiritual realm outside this physical plane but presents communications in the form of messages and teachings dictated directly from spirit teachers/angels who inhabit this spiritual realm.You can order your own copy of "An Angel Told Me So" at our growing commUNITY at   and start your QuEST for healing and transformation with Shawna PeltonSupport the show (
Chris Whitcoe is passionate about the awakening of consciousness, raw food nutrition, and the emergence of Corporate America as a vehicle for global change. In service to this overarching holistic vision, he has created a diversified life in which he integrates his passions with the largest impact possible.In 2005, Chris took a hiatus from a successful corporate life to fully embrace his love for the raw food/consciousness movement by pursuing a Master's Degree in Live Food Nutrition at the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center. Chris is an entrepreneur who believes in business as a path to self-empowerment and transformation, teaching workshops and provides coaching on leadership and healthy living.FREE GIFT10 Ways to Upgrade Your Language Immediately (Through the Art of Conscious Language) Listen to Chris' PODCAST - We are LOVE, with Chris and ChrisFollow the QuantumSHIFT commUNITY online!Support the show (
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