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Author: Jennifer Maneely

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Setting and defending boundaries is the difference between letting someone else run your life, or you getting the life you've always wanted. Through my experience of being in recovery of a severe drug addiction, and managing my codependency with toxic people, I have learned a thing or two about the importance of boundaries. Boundaries is something that is forever changing, growing, morphing, and something to keep a constant check up on. This podcast is your check-in for your own boundaries, and maybe even give you the strength and wisdom to set the boundaries you know you have been needing to set for yourself.
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I met Allison as part of my Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown Book Club. Wholehearted living is so important for people who are dealing with loved ones in addiction. Through the situations we find ourselves in during this time period, it's important to connect with yourself and with others. Allison has a 5 steps to connect process to help people come back to center in the chaos. Contact Allisonwww.5stepstoconnect.comThere are two ways to work with Allison: 1. A membership with classes + LifeSaving Listening sessions2. 1:1 coaching with a free 15 min discovery session.
In this conversation we talk a lot about the family dynamic of what it means to grow up with an alcoholic parent. Family has a big influence over our lives, it can be both positive and negative as in Nicole's case. Having grown up in a home with an alcoholic, she spent many years comparing herself to her family member and deciding she couldn't have a problem because "she wasn't that bad." Only, as it goes with Substance Use Disorder, it progressively gets worse. She found her way into a fellowship and got the help she needed, largely due to the family member she watched for all these years. Now, Nicole is in recovery for 2 years and is very active in the recovery community and working with the McShin foundation and glorious recovery as well. She is passionate about showing people what happens when you put down the drink or drugMcShin Foundation: Recovery: Website: Recovery Facebook Page:
I sincerely doubt I will ever find another opportunity to get to interview a couple like this again. Nick is a person in recovery, his wife Kaitlin is what we often will refer to as a "Normy", meaning someone who does not has substance use disorder. What makes this so unique is Kaitlin has witnessed the very beginning of the progression Nick made along his addiction journey. Meeting in High School, and riding the ups and downs presents a opportunity to us that will be hard to come by ever again. Listen as I interview this couple about their journey together. We talk about their life today, which is not all about their challenges but more about what they are focused on in their careers, their lives with one another, and their kids together. Below is the link to their passions that give them a life beyond addiction. Nick's Links's Links: is the first episode I ever turned into a video podcast. You can go watch this on youtube at
Jeff Jones is a licensed therapist, addiction counselor, interventionist and family recovery coach. He has a mission to change the conversation about addiction in the addiction/recovery space with family members and professionals alike. To that end, he’s in the process of writing a book that reframes the family member’s dilemma as looping. Through his years of experience working with families with a loved one at various stages of addiction or recovery, he’s created a 3 phase process for families to learn and practice over and over. The goal is for families to understand how to get out of the looping, and how they can best create an awesome life. Together.Website:
Dr. Rhoberta Shaler, PhD, The Relationship Help Doctor, provides urgent and ongoing care for relationships in crisis. She helps people on the journey from recognizing to recovering and rebuilding after toxic relationships. Even the United States Marines have sought her help!Dr. Shaler empowers the partners, exes, adult children, and co-workers of the relentlessly difficult, toxic people she calls Hijackals® to recognize emotional abuse, realize the effects, heal, and transform. She helps them see clearly, stop the crazy-making, and save their sanity.Widely published and author of sixteen books including Escaping the Hijackal Trap and Stop! That’s Crazy-Making, she is the host of the internationally popular podcast: Save Your Sanity: Help for Toxic Relationships. Her YouTube channel, ForRelationshipHelp, has reached over a half million views.WEBSITES AND SOCIAL MEDIA:Website and Blog: ForRelationshipHelp.comPodcast: SaveYourSanityPodcast.comFacebook: @RelationshipHelpDoctorTwitter: @RhobertaShalerLinkedIn: @RhobertaShalerPinterest: @RhobertaShalerInstagram: @DrRhobertaShalerClubhouse: @DrShaler
James Brown, struggled with sobriety his whole life He came from a partying family, he was abused as a child, traveled quite a bit. He had numerous DWIs, lost a home due to a fire, was stabbed by ex wife, which is the story we dive into right away. He spent 19 months in Alaskan prison for DWI and got sober and active in recovery for nearly 12 years. He had a relapse due to pain and surgeries, got 2 more DWIs and finally made his way back to sobriety. When we are in active addiction, crazy things seem to follow us. In this episode we talk a lot about this crazy and you can go read more in his autobiography "The Lines On My Face"You can get his book on Amazon Here "The Lines On My Face"
Recovery is messy, it can be awkward, weird, and totally worth it. It doesn't look the same for everyone and every family will have a different experience. In this episode, Brittany and I discuss, and not in a straight line, a lot of challenges and triumphs recovery has. Passion and finding joy for ourselves as part of our recovery is incredibly important and Brittany has found hers in podcasting and specifically her podcast called NiteCap: A podcast about true crime. I invite you to def check out her podcast. Brittany Brown is a thirty-something single mom, trying her best in Portland, OR. When she isn't watching The Office, wrangling her two children, or rescuing cats, she’s chatting on her weekly podcast Nitecap True Crime. Brittany also continues to help fight the stigma of addiction and mental health by sharing her struggles and triumphs. Enjoy this fantastic episode. Podcast: @brittanywontshutup
Jared Diehl is from La Verne, California and has been dealing with mental illness his whole life but has spent the last 15 years managing bipolar depression and anxiety. He also has been a suicide survivor. Out of the suffering has come a message. A message of hope for those that feel like they are alone. Jared works with the National Alliance of Mental Illness as a speaker. He helps reduce stigma by sharing his own story and how he copes with mental illness. He also has a podcast on mental health called Louder Now. For fun, he likes movies, hockey, and writing poetry.  Additional Links Podcast website: 
In this next episode I am interviewing a gentleman named Sean Owens. He currently has almost 7 years clean and he loves his recovery lifestyle. In this episode, we discuss how he got to where he is at today. Sean had a rough childhood growing up with a father who was addicted to drugs. His mom worked 3 jobs to raise three kids and moved around 21 times before he was 18.  I moved around a lot myself and I know the impacts it had on me as a kid but I can’t imagine 21 moves.  Sean also had a brother who was verbally and physically abusive to him and sean did the only thing he knew to do, turn to drugs at the young age of 11. By the time he turned 21 he was drinking daily, using cocaine and spent his time in bars. He was whoever you wanted him to be, the chameleon effect we do so well that leaves us empty and disconnected. SO the deeper he went into his drug addiction and he evolved into opiates and was completely addicted by 22. Beaten and desperate at 25 he turned himself into jail and from there, he went to a state funded called the men’s extension for homeless men that suffer with addiction. He stayed there for a year, he did everything they asked of him and he stayed clean. Once he got out of there, he started his own journey of becoming and addiction counselor, worked at several facilities and found a mentor he learned a great deal from. After a while, he  began to receive promotions and better job opportunities and even found himself in business development for a big treatment center. Now, he started his own coaching and consulting business called all heart consulting and coaching which you can find at allheartconsultingandcoaching.comIn this episode, you can hear how much Sean loves recovery and loves what he is doing with his life now. Contact Information:Website: Facebook: Instagram- @seanowen8 Phone Number: 770-912-4699
Polly Jessen is a person in long term recovery. She was born and raised in Kingsport, TN and currently works in Johnson City, TN at Frontier Health as a Recovery Navigator for Crisis Services. She struggled through active addiction for 8 years of her life and Is  grateful to say that today she has over 8 years of consecutive recovery time. She was one of the first Tennessee Recovery Navigators since the program began in 2018 and her day consists of meeting with and assessing overdose victims in area hospitals and those who are seeking substance use and mental health resources. She enjoys actively finding ways to help decrease the stigma of addiction in her community and helping others to meet their individual goals and define what recovery means for themselves. She is blessed to also have an amazing wife and 2 wonderful children who always keep her motivated and humble. If you are looking for resources for your loved one, check out Frontier Health.
Stacy is a 37 year old person in long term recovery. In this episode we talk about how she was born and raised in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia where she fumbled through life the best way she knew how. Her family was along for the ride. After many years of doing everything they could to try to curb the behaviors and the substance use, they were left with no other option but to let go and live their lives waiting for the day that the phone would ring or someone one would come to the door to let them know that Stacy had lost her battle with the disease. Today Stacy is a person in long term recovery, a wife, and a mother to two incredible, yet challenging, children. She is still perfectly capable of living an unmanageable life, but those moments of unmanageability are much fewer and farther between as we discuss.
Andrew  found out his mom was an alcoholic when he was around 12.  In this episode we talked about how he has been affected by his mom's addiction, and some of the resources he uses to cope. He has some great coping strategies and resources he shared with us in this episode that will benefit a lot of other families out there that are experiencing having loved ones with substance abuse issues. But he is more than just an adult child of an alcoholic. He is also a mechanical engineer working in the medical device industry. He leads a sober lifestyle, and attends weekly Al-Anon support groups for family members of alcoholics. He is also an avid rock climber and ice hockey player
In her late 20’s, Bekah could not stand to look in the mirror. She couldn’t stand to look her loved ones in the eye and see their disappointment. After nearly ten years of being broken with addiction, she had the sudden revelation that if she continued the way she was going, her life would surely end.  She had destroyed her relationships with her family, and  shamefully avoided all her friends that mattered most.She went into a wilderness therapeutic program for just shy of 90 days. At around two weeks in, she began to love the things that once brought her joy. These things were hard to discover, because they had been gone for so long. Her sober living aftercare protected all that she learned in treatment. Since 2010, she has been sober and getting back what addiction took away from her. She has worked in the recovery field in many areas, including direct care at multiple primary treatment programs, bedside in a psychiatric unit as a certified nursing assistant, and more recently working with clients and families as an admissions counselor for a young adult program.Her life now is something she would have only dreamed of having years ago. The rewards of her recovery keep coming daily. She now shares her wisdom and supports young women finding their own path of recovery through  Ember Lodge.Learn more about Ember Lodge Here
Dr. Meadows is an Honors graduate of the University of North Carolina School of Medicine and studied at Duke University. He later held faculty positions at both institutions. He was recognized internationally for his work in cancer research, receiving both grants and awards; he authored numerous scientific articles. He was designated a Clinical Investigator of the National Cancer Institute.His recovery from addiction to drugs and alcohol began May 7, 1997. Since then, he has counseled a large number of addicts and alcoholics striving to get clean and sober. His observations and study over the last 20+ years form the basis for A SPIRITUAL PATHWAY TO RECOVERY FROM ADDICTION, A PHYSICIAN'S JOURNEY OF DISCOVERY.“I woke up on my 49th birthday and realized that I was addicted to drugs and alcohol and that my life was spinning wildly out of control. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t stop. Some days I wanted passionately to quit and some days I just didn't care. I had reached a point where I could no longer use and live. It was either quit or die, and then something happened.  I found recovery.”He and his wife live on a hobby farm in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.  In the barnyard, you will find 2 sheep, 3 alpacas, 1 donkey, and numerous birds including turkeys, ducks, geese, and a bunch of chickens.  An organic garden sits nearby.  He is an avid photographer and plays bluegrass guitar.  Website devoted to Lin's book's blog's website devoted to addiction and its treatment SOCIAL
Kawan Glover is a Survivor because he has lived through a stroke and three brain surgeries. He also dealt with suicidal ideations, one attempt, opioid addiction, depression, and been $1.2 million in medical debt. Despite these hardships, he has started his own company called Overcome Adversity, which leverages his ordeal to help others, as the name says, Overcome their Adversity no matter the shape or form. He is also a writer, public speaker, and a self-published author of a memoir entitled “Favor: How Stroke Struggle and Surgery Helped Me Find My Life’s Purpose”In this episode, we talked about he overcame his struggles into a new way of lifeBook link: Links:Facebook: - @kawangloverTwitter: - @kawan_gloverLinkedIn: link to schedule free consultation:
Alison Jane Ryan spends her days empowering mamas to step into the fullest expression of who they are and who they’re meant to be by creating a Morning Practice. She’s passionate about supporting you through the foggy seasons of motherhood so you can emerge as the woman and mama that feels true and nourishing for you! Alison is an example of what's possible when mothers put themselves FIRST and intentionally make time to prioritize their needs, dreams & desires.Many members of my audience struggle with remembering their own dreams and ambitions as their loved ones dive deeper into their substance abuse. But remembering to put yourself first is essential for your well-being and your loved ones. As the founder of the Mornings for Mamas Movement, Alison supports mothers as they bravely step into the fullest expression of who they are, show up confidently in all areas of their life, put themselves FIRST and hold strong boundaries within themselves & with others to create a life they truly desire. She provides the help you’ve been looking for to not just survive as a mama but to thrive!Quote: “Create space and time for YOU to reconnect with who you are & what you want so you can build a life you desire!” - Alison Jane RyanLinks:Facebook @AlisonJane Ryan ( @iamalisonryan ( www.morningsformamas.comEmail: info@alisonjaneryan.comPodcast:
This one goes out to all the dads out there. Jason Palmer was raising his wife's younger sister alongside his sons as their child, him and his wife watched her as she fought a battle against a nasty disease HLH. When she lost her fight, Jason picked up a whiskey bottle and dove in. He swam around the bottom of a bottle for a while until he realized it was time for to sober up. It's been 4 years since his last drink. This episode goes into details about how he got his life back.  As a foster and adoptive family him and his have grown and become better humans after finding a better path to be on. 
When families are in the chaos of helping their loved ones, we can often find ourselves in unhealthy patterns such as drinking a little too much ourselves. Not alcoholically but enough to impact our minds, our sleep patterns, and so much more. In this episode, I brought on Helen Hanna, a Transformation coach helping overwhelmed women and no one is more overwhelmed than a mother who fears losing their child.
In this episode, I discussed with a good friend of mine, Marcus Shumate, what he notices in the recovery community of who "makes it" versus those who don't seem to do so well with the recovery journey. Marcus Shumate did his undergraduate studies in Philosophy and Psychology and completed a masters degree in mental health counseling. He previously worked his way through a residential co-occurring disorders program until he was tasked with developing a program specifically for young men. In that role he grew to really enjoy networking and collaborating with other programs. This eventually led him into getting offered a marketing role with the Green Hill Recovery Team. They are a clinically-driven transitional living program in Raleigh, NC and a Community-Based Outpatient Program. They work with 18-27 year old males that are seeking help with their addiction and mental health issues and are looking at getting extra clinical emphasis on building out their lives. Their clients are focused on trying to complete school and/or launch into a meaningful professional pursuits. They put a lot of emphasis on individual care that is designed to help a client develop skills that let them cultivate a truly meaningful life instead of setting artificially low-expectations for what they can accomplish. They want their guys to come out of programs ready to be independent and able to direct their lives in a way that cultivates flourishing.  A lot of their clinical curriculum is focused on tasks of being a successful adult.  Go check out this great resource at
Parents want to protect their kids and many times they do this by not telling them everything. The parents maybe waiting for the kids to become more emotionally mature to handle certain information. Maybe parents fail to realize it is important information. We don't often get to know how the information will impact our lives. For Sharon, her family kept a secret and she found out. It started making her realize a few things about herself, about her life, and about her family's secrets. Find out what they hid from her for so many years until she found out. 
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