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My next episode includes a guest that made a new year's resolution to get sober and 4 years later, she is still sober. She talks with us about her journey into sobriety and how she did it. It wasn't the typical path, and it has shown to be successful for her. She writes openly about it in her blog titled "Wishes from the Bottom"This was her first time speaking about and I am honored to have had her as a guest on this podcast. Pamela O’Leary is the Founder and CEO of Blossom Badass, an empowerment company. Previously, her background includes roles in management consulting, tech, the nonprofit sector and higher education, including work on Capitol Hill and at the United Nations.
You hear it all the time with people who have loved ones with substance abuse issues. The "Letting go". But what does that really mean. Sometimes we have a misconception on what "Letting Go" really means. It's more about letting go of our ideas of what should be or shouldn't be. This is what this podcast explores. 
Linda Sue Key is my next guest on the Unbreakable Boundaries Podcast. She is a Mother of a son who has been in his addiction for over 25 yrs. She worked for over 20 years as a substance abuse counselor, including working in a men's prison. Recently, she started a new ministry called "The Key to Recovery is a Mother's Love." She loves the Lord with all her heart and God has called her to help moms of addicted adult children overcome the chaos, confusion, and brokenness that substance abuse can bring by finding balance, compassion and hope through prayer, education, and support.Facebook Group: Moms Helping Moms of Adult Children Struggling with AddictionEmail:
When we go out to get support and our emotional needs met, we have to be careful and make sure we are going to people that can give us what we need. Some people just can't give you what you are asking for. Within that, we have to be clear about what we are asking for and who we are going to. Otherwise, we end up in a worse space going to the wrong people. 
The Exchange Principle is something I use to navigate a lot of my decisions when it comes time to help someone. I want to make sure I am helping, and that means I can't put more energy into something that the other person is willing to. When people ask for favors, help, or anything that involves putting my energy or money into the equation, I run through this thought process first. 
Creating unbreakable boundaries is really about honoring yourself and others. In this episode, Dr. Susan and I get into some really great conversations about creating awareness around the question that Dr. Susan loves to ask, "Why does this make sense?"  Having a loved one with substance abuse is complex, challenging, and it's important that we can honor ourselves and really see ourselves, hear ourselves and be willing to listen to ourselves. About Dr. SusanFor over 35 years Dr. Susan has successfully worked in the field of psychological, emotional and relationship health in a variety of settings and roles. She has helped thousands of individuals and families to improve their relationships in all aspects of their lives and achieve their goals.  Dr. Susan is a therapist, international coach, professor, mentor and thought leader. In addition to regularly being quoted in the media, Dr. Susan is the producer and host of the television talk show Your Voice with Dr. Susan.  To learn more go to or contact her at
In this episode, I go through some different things I look for when I sit down at a computer and look into a rehab. This is just to start narrowing down all the different options you have. *How long have they been open*How many people per room*Family Program*Detox management *Holistic Approach*Accreditations*Rehab storyReach out and ask more questions: www.maneelyconsulting.comEmail:
Working on our mental health is preventative like working on our physical health. Sometimes though, we hear mental health and we think about anxiety, depression, bi-polar, addiction, etc. It is just as important for you to work on your mental health as it is for your physical health. All that chatter in our brains if we don't learn how to quiet the chatter is like if we were waking up and eating chocolate cake for breakfast. Your mental health dealing with someone that has mental illness is so important and we don't do it alone. Reach out and get help!
"Live as if your prayers have already been answered" -Tony Robbins What would happen to your life if you started living as if your prayers had already been answered? Would you be sleeping better? Eating better? Enjoying doing the things you love more? Connecting better to your other friends, family members, etc? That's the idea behind this quote. You can have all those things NOW. Often times we get caught up into the idea that if XYZ would happen THEN I would be ok. IF this person just got better, I would be better. We don't need to wait for the external things to fall into place. When the internal things fall into place, the external things follow. Your prayers have already been answered!www.maneelyconsulting.comEmail:
In this podcast, I discuss the can of worms. What gets in our way of "going there with ourselves?" What do we need in order to go to the depths of ourselves that we need to go to? We need people in order to help us go there so we don't fall into our own shame spirals. I discuss some about my new project in order to help people feel like they can open that can of worms. This is a great place to start.
In this episode, I talk about why I took a step back from recording podcasts for a minute and what you can expect moving forward. I also go into the 4 non-negotiables of recovery. My Website is
Adam Gunton is helping other people in recovery to tell their story. In this episode, we talk a bit about how he is doing that and why. Adam Vibe Gunton delivers a powerful message of hope for any audience. His story of overcoming homelessness and drug addiction to becoming a 7 figure business owner, bestselling author, and coach for other recovered addicts to write and publish their stories – in only two years – motivates every audience that hears him speak to take massive decisive action in their own lives. His compassion for the difficult times in life, coupled with his passionate delivery to overcome these times to become the person you have always wanted to be, is what makes his message so powerful for the audiences he serves. With confidence in his belief that anyone, anywhere, at any time, can change their life in an instant with decision and action, he drives home practical steps for any audience to take immediately to change the course of their life forever.To learn more about Adam, check out his website: His book: From Chains To Saved: One Man’s Journey Through The Spiritual Realm of Addiction.
When it comes being a family member with a loved one in addiction/substance abuse issues, we have to come at it like we are training for a obstacle course where we don't exactly know what the obstacle course is going to look like, so we need to be prepared for anything. How do we do that? One, we don't do it alone. If I had to actually train for a marathon or obstacle course, I'd have to find people to help me. This is important for self care, so when the event happens that we don't know about yet, we are going to be prepared for whatever situation it is. We may stumble still, but we will be more prepared to handle the situation. 
I met Allison as part of my Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown Book Club. Wholehearted living is so important for people who are dealing with loved ones in addiction. Through the situations we find ourselves in during this time period, it's important to connect with yourself and with others. Allison has a 5 steps to connect process to help people come back to center in the chaos. Contact Allisonwww.5stepstoconnect.comThere are two ways to work with Allison: 1. A membership with classes + LifeSaving Listening sessions2. 1:1 coaching with a free 15 min discovery session.
In this conversation we talk a lot about the family dynamic of what it means to grow up with an alcoholic parent. Family has a big influence over our lives, it can be both positive and negative as in Nicole's case. Having grown up in a home with an alcoholic, she spent many years comparing herself to her family member and deciding she couldn't have a problem because "she wasn't that bad." Only, as it goes with Substance Use Disorder, it progressively gets worse. She found her way into a fellowship and got the help she needed, largely due to the family member she watched for all these years. Now, Nicole is in recovery for 2 years and is very active in the recovery community and working with the McShin foundation and glorious recovery as well. She is passionate about showing people what happens when you put down the drink or drugMcShin Foundation: Recovery: Website: Recovery Facebook Page:
I sincerely doubt I will ever find another opportunity to get to interview a couple like this again. Nick is a person in recovery, his wife Kaitlin is what we often will refer to as a "Normy", meaning someone who does not has substance use disorder. What makes this so unique is Kaitlin has witnessed the very beginning of the progression Nick made along his addiction journey. Meeting in High School, and riding the ups and downs presents a opportunity to us that will be hard to come by ever again. Listen as I interview this couple about their journey together. We talk about their life today, which is not all about their challenges but more about what they are focused on in their careers, their lives with one another, and their kids together. Below is the link to their passions that give them a life beyond addiction. Nick's Links's Links: is the first episode I ever turned into a video podcast. You can go watch this on youtube at
Jeff Jones is a licensed therapist, addiction counselor, interventionist and family recovery coach. He has a mission to change the conversation about addiction in the addiction/recovery space with family members and professionals alike. To that end, he’s in the process of writing a book that reframes the family member’s dilemma as looping. Through his years of experience working with families with a loved one at various stages of addiction or recovery, he’s created a 3 phase process for families to learn and practice over and over. The goal is for families to understand how to get out of the looping, and how they can best create an awesome life. Together.Website:
Dr. Rhoberta Shaler, PhD, The Relationship Help Doctor, provides urgent and ongoing care for relationships in crisis. She helps people on the journey from recognizing to recovering and rebuilding after toxic relationships. Even the United States Marines have sought her help!Dr. Shaler empowers the partners, exes, adult children, and co-workers of the relentlessly difficult, toxic people she calls Hijackals® to recognize emotional abuse, realize the effects, heal, and transform. She helps them see clearly, stop the crazy-making, and save their sanity.Widely published and author of sixteen books including Escaping the Hijackal Trap and Stop! That’s Crazy-Making, she is the host of the internationally popular podcast: Save Your Sanity: Help for Toxic Relationships. Her YouTube channel, ForRelationshipHelp, has reached over a half million views.WEBSITES AND SOCIAL MEDIA:Website and Blog: ForRelationshipHelp.comPodcast: SaveYourSanityPodcast.comFacebook: @RelationshipHelpDoctorTwitter: @RhobertaShalerLinkedIn: @RhobertaShalerPinterest: @RhobertaShalerInstagram: @DrRhobertaShalerClubhouse: @DrShaler
James Brown, struggled with sobriety his whole life He came from a partying family, he was abused as a child, traveled quite a bit. He had numerous DWIs, lost a home due to a fire, was stabbed by ex wife, which is the story we dive into right away. He spent 19 months in Alaskan prison for DWI and got sober and active in recovery for nearly 12 years. He had a relapse due to pain and surgeries, got 2 more DWIs and finally made his way back to sobriety. When we are in active addiction, crazy things seem to follow us. In this episode we talk a lot about this crazy and you can go read more in his autobiography "The Lines On My Face"You can get his book on Amazon Here "The Lines On My Face"
Recovery is messy, it can be awkward, weird, and totally worth it. It doesn't look the same for everyone and every family will have a different experience. In this episode, Brittany and I discuss, and not in a straight line, a lot of challenges and triumphs recovery has. Passion and finding joy for ourselves as part of our recovery is incredibly important and Brittany has found hers in podcasting and specifically her podcast called NiteCap: A podcast about true crime. I invite you to def check out her podcast. Brittany Brown is a thirty-something single mom, trying her best in Portland, OR. When she isn't watching The Office, wrangling her two children, or rescuing cats, she’s chatting on her weekly podcast Nitecap True Crime. Brittany also continues to help fight the stigma of addiction and mental health by sharing her struggles and triumphs. Enjoy this fantastic episode. Podcast: @brittanywontshutup
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