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Leading With Your Gut is a podcast about doing what is right for ourselves and for others. Through storytelling, we focus on topics related to intuition, courage, vulnerability, self-love, empathy, and connection.
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It's the holiday season! For some that means times of love, joy, connection, and community. For others, the holiday season can be nerve wracking, emotional, and expensive. We also often forget that some folks do not have opportunity to be with loved ones or aren't able to financially afford America's consumerism culture.Then there are some of us who have a hard time being with family members because of how we socially identify. Showing up authentically for some marginalized folks can be hard, especially if the predominate group has identities that match America's "dominate" or "normative" culture. And in these settings, difficult conversations can sometimes arise causing awkwardness, tension, and emotional harm. So what can we do to protect ourselves and others?In this episode I offer tips for what to do when we're in these harmful situations. My tips are both for folks that have identities that match America's "dominate" culture and folks that are marginalized. Thanks for tuning in.  Following @leadingwithyourgut and @jennareneeeshellman on IG to stay up-to-date on episode release dates and future guests. 
On today’s episode, returning guest Ashley Morgan (she/her) and I discuss the phenomenon of Imposter Syndrome, loosely meaning doubting one's own abilities and feeling like a fraud; leading us to converse about Jodi-Ann Burey and Ruchika Tulshyan's articles in the Harvard Business Review, “Stoping Telling Woman that they have Imposter Syndrome” and “End Imposter Syndrome in your Workplace.” Our conversation dives into "performative culture,"  particularly around diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace, the urgency to listen and believe Black and Brown folks, and finally how Ashley is able to support her female-based clients with reclaiming their power. I want to thank Ashley for being a returning guest on Leading With Your Gut, the podcast. A little bit about Ashley Morgan...After 16 years in Corporate America, most recently as a Director & AVP, Ashley is passionate about helping women unlock, own and leverage their power. She is on a mission to help women create success on their terms. Ashley teaches leadership and strategies for career acceleration without burnout. She has helped nearly 2,000 people create rewarding careers. Ashley holds a BA in Political Science with a minor in Strategic Communications from Seattle University. Follow Ashley on Instagram @ashleymorganlive. To stay up to date on episode releases and featured guests, follow @leadingwithyourgut or @jennareneeshellman on Instagram.
This week on Leading With Your Gut, I share pieces of my life of when it’s been difficult for me to ask for help; something that has been challenging in adulthood. In this episode, I share stories as it relates to my personal health and the desire to be vulnerable and dependent upon on my community instead of being "strong" all the time. In my adulthood, I went from believing that individualism and self-sufficiency were skills that held more value than learning how to be part of a community for support. For me, it takes courage to shift my mindset and to accept that asking for help does not equate to weakness.At the end of the episode I offer a framework by Iyanla Vanzant from her book Get Over It! The framework is called the 4 A's: Awareness, acknowledgement, acceptance, and action. This framework has helped shift my mindset and deepen my awareness, in general, and particularly in this area. If you have a hard time finding the courage to ask for help, I want you to know that you’re not alone.To stay up to date on episode releases and featured guests, follow @leadingwithyourgut or @jennareneeshellman on instagram. Music from Uppbeat (free for Creators!): code: L3RSBEWQAHB43PHC
October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month and today, Friday, October 15th, is National Mammogram Awareness Day. Taking care of your body is a form of self-love and self-care. Check out the resource links below on how you can receive (early) breast cancer screenings.I’m honored to have my longtime friend Breanna Gastaldi (she/her) as my guest on the show. Bre has a perspective of intimately experiencing cancer within her family and somewhat within herself. During the pandemic, Bre decided to start early screenings for breast cancer. Earlier this year, a spot was detected on her breast and Bre ended up having surgery to remove pre-cancerous cells. Bre was 33 years old when this happened. Luckily, Bre is okay, and is thankful that she decided to get early screening vs waiting 10 more years to start this process. This episode is important for Bre and I because we want ya’ll to be proactive about your health and preventative care, particularly when it comes to cancer screening. If you have health insurance, preventative screenings like mammograms should be covered, but if not or if you don’t have insurance, there are organizations that can pay for these services. Check out the  National Breast Cancer Foundation for more information. I want to thank Bre again for being a guest on my show. To stay up to date on episode releases and featured guests, follow @leadingwithyourgut on Instagram or you can follow me @jennareneeshellman. Follow Bre on Instagram @bam_bam_bre. Resource Links:National Breast Cancer Foundation Partner Facilities Seattle Cancer Care (information and services)Planned Parenthood (information and referrals)
Hey ya'll, I'm Jenna Renee Shellman (she/her). Welcome back to Leading With Your Gut, the podcast. LWYG, has featured people from around the world who've shared stories about having the courage to listen to their gut instincts or their intuition. The podcast is strongly tied to vulnerability and making decisions that aren’t necessarily acceptable or favored in society. Leading With Your Gut will still focus on intuition and vulnerability. However, the themes around upcoming episodes will be centered on self-love, empathy, and connection. One of my favorite quotes is "When you know better, you do better"  (Maya Angelou); and through storytelling, we can learn to do better. Leading With Your Gut is a podcast about having the courage to do what is right for us and what is right for others. Stay tuned for brand new episodes coming soon. Follow Leading With Your Gut on Instagram. Follow Jenna Renee Shellman on Instagram. Music from Uppbeat (free for Creators!): code: L3RSBEWQAHB43PHC
Welcome back to another episode of Leading With Your Gut!  I'm honored to have Tracey-Ann Rose as my podcast guest this week.Tracey-Ann Rose is a Writer, Actor, Certified Reiki Master Teacher, Spiritual Thought Leader, and the Creator of Acceptance is Power Coaching. Her Motto? "Be Powerful. Be You." She believes 1. We all deserve to be truly seen and 2. It's hard to see someone up close and hate them.  In Tracey's work, she blends spirituality with psychology to support and empower big-hearted business owners to develop their intuition, build their business, and feel confident (on and off camera). As a writer, she highlights underrepresented groups to show that while we are all unique individuals, we each have a universal story to tell.In this episode, Tracey and I talk about her life as a writer, as a woman of color, the pressures that we face as Black women, and the expectations that men face living in a patriarchal society. Tracey also shares what it means to have confidence in yourself and what it means to lead with intuition. Follow Tracey:SCORTS Instagram: Personal Facebook: Personal Instagram: AIP Coaching Group: AIP Instagram: AIP Calendly: Leading With Your Gut & Jenna Renee ShellmanIG:
Welcome back! Happy New Year!If you’re a pet owner, love animals, if you’re a veterinarian, or thinking about becoming one, this episode is for you! This week on Leading With Your Gut, I have the honor of speaking with Dr. Chris Pachel; a board-certified veterinarian, animal behaviorist, coach, consultant, educator, and business owner. Chris believes that each and every person, including himself, is doing the best that we can with the tools that we have available in this moment in time. His approach to behavior modification within animals and humans is closely focus on the individual—their needs, past experiences, and future goals. As you’ll learn from this interview, Chris always wanted to be a veterinarian and even considered it his highest calling—a vocation—as well as a profession, where he can positively impact the lives of people and their animals on a global scale. In this episode, Chris shares his story of working towards his passion, how he led with his gut, and how he overcame a few career challenges. Follow Chris: Jenna & Leading With Your Gut:@leadingwithyourgut@jennareneeshellman
Welcome back ya'll to another episode of Leading With Your Gut! On this week's episode, my friend, CEO, and Founder of Dressember Blythe Hill join me as my guest (this is Blythe's second time on the show). Blythe and I talk about the impacts of Dressember, the truths about trafficking, and we set the record straight as to what groups of people trafficking affects the most. To learn more about how you can get involved, and how you can be an advocate fighting against human trafficking click on the links below. Also, please be sure to follow @dressember and @leadingwithyourgut on IG.Dressember WebsiteDonate to DressemberDressember Statistics and Resources on TraffickingArticle on criminalizing victims 
Meet Goli Kalkoran; a lawyer-turned-entrepreneur. A courageous woman who quit practicing law; did a lot of soul-searching, tried a bunch of different things to figure out what she wanted to do next, and happened upon an idea that turned into a business. But the most interesting part of Goli's story and the reason behind her hit podcast and blog Lessons From A Quitter is the year-long journey it took her to really admit to herself that she wanted to quit being a lawyer and figure out how to start over. Goli is the quintessential risk-averse, people-pleasing, type-A personality individual. She studied hard in school, got good grades, and followed the predictable path to law school, never really questioning what being a lawyer actually meant. Not surprisingly, when she started practicing law, she hated it! But like most people who follow a traditional path by spending a lot of time, money, and energy to get that degree, Goli accepted that, regardless of her happiness, she had to work as a lawyer. Goli never even considered any other possibility than practicing law. Instead, Goli just daydreamed of winning the lottery. Does this resonate with you?In this week’s episode of Leading With Your Gut, Goli shares how she was able to pivot from her burnout and create a life that she desired. We talk about the  layers of perfectionism and people-pleasing that Goli had to unravel to accept who she is really is; for her, and not for anyone else. After the show, please follow Goli and Lessons From A Quitter on social media and subscribe to her show. Follow on IG:@leadingwithyourgut@jennareneeshellman@lessonsfromaquitterFor more about Goli:
Dani Tirrell is a passionate choreographer, dancer, and movement guide, who is disrupting the art and dance industry in Seattle. Dani, who is Black and Queer, grew up in Detroit learning how to dance at a young age. Today, Dani lives in Seattle and has reached multiple milestones.Dani is the founder and current artistic director of The Congregation, a movement & art group; Dani curates for the Central District Forum for Arts and Ideas; Dani is a host and co-creator of several talk programs such as Sunday Dinner, The Living room, and Intimate Conversations; Dani is a teacher at the Northwest Tap Connection and the University of Washington; Dani has created work for Dance This, Strictly Seattle, Seattle Repertory Theater, and Nina Simone Four Women; Dani is the recipient of the 2019 Seattle Mayor Arts Award; Dani is phenomenal and success has followed everywhere that Dani leads!In this week’s episode of Leading With Your Gut, we talk about the inspiration around Dani’s critically acclaimed and sold-out show Black Bois. Black Bois which played from 2018 to early 2020, is a “love letter” to Black bodies, featuring an all-Black cast ranging in sexualities and gender identities. Dani believes that great leadership requires trust, inclusion, and the ability to showcase the perspective of others. I sincerely enjoyed my conversation with Dani. Dani is authentic, vulnerable, and passionate. IG:@danitirrellSupport:Venmo: @danny-Long-5Cash App: $danit74Watch:The Living RoomWatch on Youtube: @leadingwithyourgut & @jennareneeshellman
If you’re in a leadership position where you oversee adults or students, are a business owner, or manage clients, this episode is for you. This week on Leading With Your Gut, I share 5 values that I believe all leaders should commit to in order to stay focused, build trust, and grow. Many of you know that my career started out as a public school teacher managing students, district standards, and parent expectations; then I transitioned into the corporate setting managing adults before becoming an executive coach and workplace consultant. In my professional experience, one of the best ways to lead others in any capacity is to choose a set (about 5) of values that pertain to your team or situation; communicate those values clearly with your direct reports, and stick by them. The 5 values that I have chosen to discuss are the following, in no particular order:EmpathyVulnerabilityAcceptanceTransparencyAccountabilityAfter the episode, DM me on Instagram @leadingwithyourgut or @jennareneeshellman to share what your values are, or what you think of the values I've chosen to discuss. Email: Please remember to register to vote! If you're a Washington State resident and are eligible, please click below to register before October 26th. Register to vote in WA State
Welcome back to another episode of Leading With Your Gut! In episode 41, Nike Famojuro a Time Management and Productivity Strategist for moms joins me this week as my guest. Nike is the founder of MomLeader; an organization that helps thousands of moms gain access to resources, lessons, and tools that will help them bring their identity, lifestyle, business, and career goals from the DreamWorld to the RealWord. Whether it's to adjust to being a new mom, balancing career and home life, wanting to transition to stay at home, work, or launch a company; MomLeader provides the tools and direction for moms to follow their dreams. Nike offers 1:1 coaching, group workshops, corporate seminars, free resources and speaks at events. She is passionate about helping moms pivot from guilt, focus on time management, mindset, and balance. In this week’s episode, Nike and I talk about her passion to help moms live a life that fulfills them. Ready to launch your podcast? Click here to get started with Buzzsprout and receive a $20 Amazon gift card. Follow Leading With Your GutIG@leadingwithyourgut@jennareneeshellmanFB@leadingwithyourgut (page)@jennareneeshellmanTwitter@jennarshellmanFollow Nike Famojurowww.momleader.comYouTube: IG: @momleadermovementFB: @iamamomleaderJoin the movement:
Lucy Liu is a certified life coach helping women in life transitions. She wants her clients to be unstuck, to beat overwhelm, see clarity, set new goals, and live a happier fulfilling life. Lucy is an unshakeable optimist, wife, mother, easy-going entrepreneur, women empowerment workshop facilitator, motivational speaker, and the host of her weekly podcast The Lucy Lui Show. Lucy is very driven, purposeful, and highly in tune with her intuition. In this week’s episode of Leading With Your Gut, Lucy and I talk about her passion for helping women pivot in their life, the power of effective coaching and teaching, mindset shifts, false beliefs, and how she is no longer a perfectionist. Lucy now calls herself a recovering perfectionist or an ex-perfectionist. Connect with Lucy Liu:Website: Lucy Liu CoachingIG: @mslucyliuFB: Lucy Liu CoachingConnect with Jenna Renee Shellman on IG:@leadingwithyourgut@jennareneeshellman
Welcome back to another episode of Leading With Your Gut! Lavi Hendin, a visionary and brand expert, joins me this week as my guest. Lavi is passionate about helping his clients unleash their creativity to fuel their potential. Lavi has worked primarily in the entertainment industry partnering with musicians and artists. During our interview, Lavi shares how he got his start and why his line of work is important to him. If you are a new business owner or new to marketing and branding (like myself), this episode is for you. One of my favorite quotes from Lavi is, "Branding is how other people think of you and your business when you’re not in the room." WebsiteLavirocksTwitter @LaviHendinConnect with Jenna@leadingwithyourgut@jennareneshellman
Kelley Anne Bonner is my guest for the second time on Leading With Your Gut. In this week's episode, Kelley and I discuss the stigma behind mental health and how it has prevented many folks from seeking help. Kelley and I also share stories of racism, microaggressions, and bias as Black women. Finally, we break down the importance of self-care and compassion particularly for BIPOC during this time. Register for Successful Black Women Summit on October 17, 2020Follow Kelley on IG:@letsburnbrightCheck out Let's Burn Bright
Welcome back to another episode of Leading With Your Gut! It's just me this week. I share how Leading With Your Gut got started, my struggles with assimilating, choosing liberation, and finding purpose.Follow me on IG:@leadingwithyourgut@jennareneeshellmanStart a podcast today and receive a $20 Amazon gift card. Click on the link below!BuzzSprout, the easiest way to start a podcast.
Nerissa Street is a multiple award-winning educator who has quietly transformed the lives of thousands of professionals. She’s spoken at TEDxMiami, twice at the South By Southwest Edu Conference, and across the country as a future-oriented strategist for professionals and youth. Nerissa is the author of 31 Days of Yes, a 3 minutes a day inspiration guide for working women. Her work is to help women amplify their voices to positively impact their industry.This week on Leading With Your Gut, Nerissa and I talk about the importance of serving ourselves. She says that when we serve ourselves, we're serving the wider world. So why is it so hard for us to be good to ourselves? To be kind, experience joy, and love ourselves? Sometimes we forget that our self-worth matters and we focus so much on helping others. However, Nerissa believes that in order for us to convert others, we need to convert ourselves first.Follow Nerissa Street:@nerissastreet @10000women10000stagesTedTalk Miami Follow Leading With Your Gut:@leadingwithyourgut@jennareneeshellmanDiverse City (DEI Consulting)Watch ---> "Unpopular Opinion" 
Enroll in my upcoming 75-minute mini-workshop ---> How to Create Small Wins When Talking About Racism: Tips, Strategies, and Word Tracks to Empower your Dialogue with Fragile or Defensive People. Wednesday, July 29th from 11-12:15 pm PST via Zoom. Follow: @leadingwithyourgut & @jennareneeshellmanEmail: info@leadingwithyourgut.comWelcome back to another episode of Leading With Your Gut! On this week's episode, I have Kelley Anne from Burn Bright. Kelley is a licensed therapist with 15 years of experience. She is a gender equity and victim's rights advocate, a corporate wellness trainer, and a burnout expert. Her career has been vast, starting out in the prison system. Kelley was one of the youngest women to work in the largest men's maximum-security prison in NY State. Her job there was to run a group mental health program. Kelley has worked with military sexual trauma victims, and has run sexual violence prevention and response offices. Kelley is the creator of Burn Bright, a company dedicated to helping high achieving, big-hearted helping professionals battle burnout. She takes the lessons that she learned from her own personal experience with burnout to help others. It's a labor of love; the way she takes care of people who take care of the world.Kelley Anne and I also discuss the misconceptions of mental health, depression, fragility in 2020, and symptoms of burnout. You don't want to miss this episode!Connect with Kelley Anne:@letsburnbrightJoin her FaceBook GroupListen to her podcast, Burn Bright
It's just me this week on Leading With Your Gut. I share my journey to discovering my true self, amplifying my voice, and the liberating feeling I have when talking about shit that matters, such as racism.Enroll in my upcoming 7-Week Workshop, Talking About Racism starting on July 22nd:Click here to enroll today!Enroll in my FREE upcoming webinar, How to Talk About Racism (Wednesday)Click here for Wednesday's class, July 15th from 11-12:15pm PSTEnroll in my FREE upcoming webinar, How to Talk About Racism (Thursday)Click here for the Thursday's class, July 16th from 12-1:15pm PSTFollow me on IG:@leadingwithyourgut@jennareneeshellman
On this week’s episode of Leading With Your Gut, Arianna Bradford, the founder, lead writer, and lead editor of Not Your Average Mom or the NYAM project joins me as my guest. NYAM is a platform dedicated to empowering parents, especially mothers, by helping them remember who they were before having children, and poking fun at the hard parts of raising children. Arianna is a former musician, an introvert, and a Black mother who is navigating raising multiracial children. In her first book, Shame On You: Big Truths From A Bad Mom, is out today July 7th on Amazon. It’s a swear-filled collection of essays that talks about all the things that parents often feel judged or dismissed for. So if you’re a mom, or about to be a mom, or a person of color, please tune in. I think you’ll enjoy Arianna’s perspective on motherhood and our thoughts on racism and Black Lives Matter. After the show, please follow NYAM and Arianna on social media:@thenyamproject to her podcast, NYAM on all major platforms.Buy her book, Shame On You: Big Truths From a Bad Mom available today on Amazon. 
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