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CoolKay of Countyfairgrounds interviews Chef Scott Landry about how he got started being a comedic chef show and where he has been.
CoolKay of Countyfairgrounds interviews Benjamin Jackson a online stage performing hypnotist and comedian about how he got started and his audio hypnosis file.
Countyfairgrounds interviews Mark Hayward, Yo-yoer, Juggler and Comedian about how he got started and how he learned to juggle and be a comedian and some of the experiences he has had
Mike Walker interview by Countyfairgrounds and CoolKay. Mike Walker, Singer and Impressionist about how he got started (at the age of five - impersonating Elvis Presley) and Honey Do and his various singing impersonating talents.
Countyfairgounds and CoolKay interviews Michael Mezmer about his Hypnosis and Magic acts and how and why he got started, what he has done an where he has been.
CoolKay of Countyfairgrounds interviews Lanky the Clown about how he got started and the different places in the world he has performed and how he got there. He has also taught at a Junior College! Lanky has gotten around!
Countyfairgrounds and CoolKay talk to comedian, juggler and the One Man Band Eric Haines about how and why he got started and some of his experiences thru the years.
Countyfairgrounds interviews Corrie Swallow a comedic hypnotist about how he got started and why he does this and where he learned to do it
Countyfairgrounds interviews Jack Spareribs , Pirate (um.. also known as Ace Miles) about his career and being a pirate and his Monkey Maynard! (who is probably more famous then him!) About how he got started and where he has performed and where he still performs
Comedic Magician Hypnotist interview of Jeff Martin by Countyfairgrounds. We talk about some of his best experiences and worst and how he got to be a hypnotist . He also has advice for new fair performers
Countyfairgrounds interviews Marcus Wilson - a funny man who does tricks - comedian and juggler. Marcus does a stage comedy show and makes people laugh
Countyfairgrounds interviews Bill Coleman about the amazing Bubble Tower. We talk about how he got started and where the idea came from and shows he has done and experiences he has had.
Countyfairgrounds interviews Michael Griffin, Escape Artist about how he got started doing this and why he does and close calls he has had doing this as a career.
Countyfairgrounds interviews Jeremy Telford of Balloon guy entertainment, Jeremy makes Balloon Sculptures at Fairs and events for a living. He has been in a few countries too and made the worlds record for a balloon dog!
Countyfairgrounds interviews Alan Sands a comedic Magician about how he got started and what he does. He has been an entertainer for a long time and had a very interesting childhood - Alan has performed overseas too. We talk about his show and what he needs to be booked - maybe a dog?



Countyfairgrounds interviews Corsets and Cuties and Lady Jaimz Dillman about what they do and why they do it. They have an upcoming Christmas event coming up on the 28th of the month.
Countyfairgrounds interviews Charlie the Clown - who has a fascinating history - he is a clown, juggler, face-painter and a stiltwalker. Charlie has done amazing things and now he does birthday parties and stiltwalking mainly
Countyfairgrounds interviews John Parker of Stuntmasters - Inter-Action Sports Entertainment - they feature - best action sports stars, speakers, athletes, entertainers. Their shows have a lot of action.
Countyfairgrounds presents Hypnotist Tammy Barton. We talk about her family and how she got started doing stage hypnosis. She has performed all around the country. She talks about her best and worst experiences and where she has performed.
Countyfairgrounds interviews Comedian Greg Warren - who has a special on Amazon Prime - "Where the Field corn Grows" - Greg really wants to do county fairs - and has an interest in farmers.
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