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Rustling up the best and view in the European Union, it's time to saddle up with the Search Cowboys. Hosts Bas Van Den Beld and Roy Huiskes roundup the best search marketers from Europe and around the world to discuss search engine marketing, social media and more.
28 Episodes
Bas and Roy welcome back SEO and Social Media Expert Lisa Myers to discuss the caution you should have when taking on new SEO clients, plus how to turn a bad client into a good one, and how to avoid getting a bad client in the first place.
The Media Flow Director and SEO Chicks blogger Nichola Stott joins Bas and Roy to discuss Bing in 2010, How Google Buzz Hijacks Your Google Profile and SEOMofo and his Sphinn Issues with Matt McGee and Danny Sullivan.
Roy is joined by guest host by OrangeValley SEO Consultant Eduard Blacquiere, and they discuss the launch of the new State of Search website, plus they question the need for Google Buzz and why people would switch to it over Facebook and Twitter.
Google Goes Social with Google Buzz as Google announces its newest push into the social media foray. Guest Jim Sterne from the Web Analytics Association and the eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit tells us about his day to day work and previews his upcoming keynote presentation at SES London.
Jon Myers, SES Advisory Board and Head of Search/Associate Director for Mediavest previews SES London 2010 and his new appointment to the Advisory Board, plus a discussion on a Robert Scoble post on Googles two-front war with Apple and Facebook; who are the winners and the losers?
Bas and Roy interview Dixon Jones, the managing director of the respected UK Internet marketing consultancy Receptional LTD, who heads up the marketing of MajesticSEO. They discuss the new bookmarking application from Joost de Valk called Quix, and more.
Ralph Tegtmeier aka Fantomaster , who run , which offers search engine optimization, cloaking and stealth technology, IP delivery, spider IPs, ip blockers, code protection, anti-spam & admin tools and plenty of tutorials, joins the Search Cowboys to discuss Custom Content Creation.
Bas and Roy are joined by SEO & Social Media Consultant Lisa Myers, CEO at Verve Search. They discuss the name SEO, which is not sufficient anymore, Pagerank and local maps hijacking issues.
Bas and Roy end 2009 debating over Androids versus iPhones, the price of PPC, plus they ask their expert panel of guest bloggers their search predictions for 2010.
Linkbuilding Q and A

Linkbuilding Q and A


Christoph C. Cemper does some linkbuilding Q and A with the Search Cowboys audience including what value lies in twitter links or even in tiny URLs? Christoph also addresses questions on nofollow links, spam links and comment links.
Bas and Roy are joined by special guest, Orange Valley SEO Consultant Eduard Blacquiere, and they discusses the latest with Google Real Time Search, and express their fondness for Google Vice President, Search Products and User Experience Marissa Mayer.
This episode is a real international one. With Marco Janck, the SEOnaut and Nina Baumann from we discuss the new personalized search and how real time this actually is. Furthermore there’s also a interview about the SEOCampixx, a german conference/barcamp which grew amazingly popular in two years.
Bas and Roy recap their experience at SES Berlin 2009 and highlight some of the panels that stood out for them, plus some Misconceptions Regarding Black Hat SEO and they are joined by guest Arjan Snaterse, an SEO and Front-end manager at Jaludo Group B.V., who discusses how he is using Google to help you with your link building.
Bas works with Roy who is working without internet service, to discuss the upcoming SES Berlin 2009 conference, Google bombs are back, plus how LinkedIn removed follows and added Twitter integration.
Jon Myers joins Bas to discuss Comscore numbers that show us the reason Google is trying to get you to go to different Google sites: Microsoft still holds nearly 15 percent share of all attention worldwide. Plus, New EU Telecom rules might affect search and a preview of SES Berlin with Incisive Media VP and Publisher Matt McGowan.
Bas van den Beld and Roy Huiskes discuss the integrated Google Dashboard. Converse about ease of use of Twitter lists.
The Google Wave team is doing a roundtrip through Europe, and it stirs conversation about what Bas and Roy Like and Dislike about Google Wave. Plus, the new German government issues a document in which it announced a new way to protect online journalism.
Bas and Roy go over the recent Google and Bing search deals each have landed with with Twitter, plus UK-based SEO Will Critchlow talks about the new Google Analytics features.
Bas and Roy discuss the headlines including: Google Removes PageRank Data From Webmaster Tools, Facebook is conquering Europe, plus they recap A4u Expo London 2009.
Bas and Roy discuss Google keeping unblurred images for a year, Google Wave now on the iPhone, and Will bloggers have to pay for YouTube videos?Plus we learn about the Block Buma Crawler WordPress plugin, capable of keeping computers outside of your WordPress installation, that are blacklisted via this plugin.
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