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It's Super Jr season, baby, and thank The Maker, we have an ACTUAL field this year! Daniel and Bonesaw recap the first week of Best of the Super Jr. 29, complete with their hand-curated list of must-watch matches!
Wrestling Dontaku is here and, once again, we forgot that it's a big deal and went and got a bunch of stuff spoiled for ourselves! And now it's time to pass on those spoilers to YOU! The boys discuss the Bullet Club dominance at Fukaoka and preview Best of the Super Jr! also, the boys get sidetracked by Final Fantasy!
Forget Sakura Genesis! Flowers are for botanists! We like futuristic laser wars from the 80's, so it's Hyper Battle season! Daniel and Bonesaw discuss the night's events, which culminated in a hyper battle betweeen Zack Sabre Jr. and Kazuchika Okada for the IWGP World Heavyweight Championship! Also mentioned, The Cheese v Aaron Nova at Civil Brawl and Stone Cold Steve Austin v Kevin Owens at Wrestlemania Night 1!
We made it! Daniel and Bonesaw discuss the finals of the 2022 New Japan Cup and speculate about the future of its winner not beating Okada, all while not discussing Will Smith or Chris Rock! We have more respect for you than that!
Daniel and Bonesaw give you Round 4 action of the 2022 New Japan Cup! That's it!
To honor his memory, Daniel and Bonesaw dig back into the archives to present Five Star Matches: Shawn Michaels v Razor Ramon, complete with new intro!
LONG LIVE THE BAD GUY! Daniel and Bonesaw cover the first three rounds of The New Japan Cup, with an especial focus on Bullet Club! Bonesaw barely spends any time talking about Revolution and Daniel spends the last 5 minutes of the show waffling for time so he can see Thunder Rosa become the new AEW Women's Champion!
We back, baby! Daniel and Bonesaw have a lengthy edition of Let's Catch Up before previewing the 50th Anniversary Show! After which, Bonesaw presents bracketology for this year's (colossal) New Japan Cup! Soarin' on the Wings of Freedom!
IT'S WRESTLE KINGDOM AGAIN, BABY! Daniel and Bonesaw cover the events of Night 2 of NJPW's biggest event of the year, which culminated in an incredible showdown between Will Ospreay and Kazuchika Okada!
IT'S WRESTLE KINGDOM, BABY! Daniel and Bonesaw cover the biggest NJPW event of the year, which is headlined by an explosive main event between Shingo Takagi and Kazuchika Okada for the IWGP World Heavyweight Championship!
Sorry, gang, Daniel and Bonesaw bit off a bit more than they could chew by promising weekly WTL/BOSJ updates, but they at least bothered to show up for the finals! The boys talk about the World Tag League 2021 Final, Yoshi-Hashi and Hiroki Goto v Evil and Yujiro Takahashi, and the Best of the Super Jr. 28 Final, Hiromu Takahashi v Yoh! Then the boys finish off the year by previewing Wrestle Kingdom 16! Sorry, again!
The 2021 Jabronies!

The 2021 Jabronies!


It's time once again for our annual year-end awards show, The Jabronies! Host Daniel Solorzano holds a super-sized mega panel with all your favorite stars of The Jabroni U Podcast Network, including Wes Allen of Why Did We Ever Meet, Drew Kistler and Andy Liner of The Draft Podcast, "Bonesaw" Ryan Rudnik of New Jabroni Pro-Wrestling, and Ben Senter of Bif Radio! Daniel, once again, unilaterally gives out awards that are usually unanimously voted on (although sometimes just to incite Andy to anger, which is funny to him) in 20 unique categories! Listen and find out whether or not your favorite wrestler is awarded the coveted Jabroni, which, again, is often awarded to whomever Daniel feels like because it makes Andy mad! Also, we went ham giving out Indie Jabronies to GTW wrestlers, because cronyism reigns supreme here! Blake Banks v Andy Brown (55:00) Lee Roy Shogun v Jake Sterling (0:40) Lee Roy Shogun v Merrik Donovan
Daniel and Bonesaw put in their best effort to keep up with this month's round robin madness, and it shows! The boys give out their guideline on how to best enjoy weeks 2 and 3 of BOSJ/WTL and discuss the NJPW partnership with Pro-Wrestling Noah that will culminate at Night 3 of Wrestle Kingdom 16!
With the unbeliavble amount ofwrestling this past weekend, Daniel and Bonesaw are here to condense it all down into one digestible chunk! The boys start their weekly recaps of Best of the Super Juniors 28 and World Tag league, giving you all of their approved, must-watch matches, hit the highlights of New Japan's Battle in the Valley, and discuss AEW's Full Gear, because even though this show is mostly about New Japan Pro-Wrestling, it's also our show, so we can talk about whatever we feel like, even WWE (not WWE)!
It was a struggle, but the boys shook off their G1 fatigue and and made it to Power Struggle! The boys talk about the night's events which culminated in a main event match between Shingo Takagi and Zack Sabre Jr.! Also, Daniel previews Best of the Super Juniors and attempts to preview World Tag League, but can't!
From the GTW commentary team, it's a Grind Time Wrestling Podcast One-Minute Rundown! Join host "Handsome" Dan Solorzano as he previews Grindtime Wrestling's Freakshow, which takes place Saturday, October 30th in Sarasota, Florida! Matches include: Azrael Rowe v Daniel Lacey, Blake Banks v Leo Ironside, and Lee Roy Shogun (c) v Jake Sterling for the GTW Heavyweight Championship! Also appearing in action: The Bison, The Foundry, The Hellhounds, and Financially Stable! Hosted by The Cheese!
Crack open the bottles, because Daniel and Bonesaw have finally made it to the end of G1 Climax 31! The boys talk about the tragic results of the G1 Climax 31 final between Kota Ibushi and Kazuchika Okada! Then, after discussing Okada's radical proposal for his future in New Japan, the boys finally dole out awards in this year's biggest ever Retrospecticus! Konpai!
Bonesaw tagged out to Andy on this one so he could save all of his strength for the G1 Climax Finale episode! Daniel and Andy discuss The A and B Block Finals, which featured decisive main events to determine A and B Block Champions! Kenta takes on Kota Ibushi for A Block supremacy, and Jeff Cobb takes on Kazuchika Okada for B Block supremacy, to which we may just hear from Bonesaw about after all! Also, Daniel and Andy make a proposal about Tanahashi so scandalous that merely giving the idea breath has put bad juju into the ether!
Daniel and Bonesaw lament about the lesser quality of Nights 15 and 16 of the G1 Climax, but they do delight in the prospects that are to be had for the finals (well, the A Block finals, anyway)! Shingo and The Great-O-Kahn close out Night 15 with an absolute war, however, and Jeff Cobb takes on Evil on Night 16 in a match that will determine whether or not a lot of you will continue to subscribe to New Japan World!
People are getting eliminated left andinand right as we journey into the home stretch of the G1 Climax! The boys talk about the events of night 14, which included a superemly entertaining main event between Hiroshi Tanahashi and Jeff Cobb! Then the boys successfully do math in real time to figure out exactly who can still the win the B Block after the next two B Block nights! It's math, and it's thrilling!
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