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We've finally reached the end of Best of the Super Jr. 30! The boys recap the final block nights that led to the Semi-Finals, and finally to the Final between Master Wato and Titan!
Against all odds, the boys have kept up with breakneck pace of Best of the Super Jr. 30's grueling dual block schedule! Daniel and Bonesaw give you all the must-watch matches from Nights 4 through 8 and cast their lot for who will win the tournament given the clearer picture, points-wise!
It's BOSJ Season, baby! Daniel and Bonesaw review Best of the Super Jr. 30 and they're watching ALL of the matches so YOU don't have to! The boys cover the first 3 nights of the tournament and curate a list of must watch matches for everyone who doesn't have 3 hours a day to watch NJPW, AND cast their predictions for tournament winner! Somehow, Bonesaw manages to sit for an entire podcast and NOT play Zelda!
Daniel and Bonesaw continue to maintain a good tack of actually watching shows AND THEN podcasting about said shows, and today's episode is all about Wrestling Dontaku! Well, it's actually also about Best of Super Junior 30, so that was a lie, but there's way more sound effects now, so that's something! Anyway, you listen to it now!
Due to equipment failure, we weren't able to give you more timely coverage of Sakura Genesis, but on the plus side, we've got NEW GEAR! Daniel and Bonesaw talk about the events of Sakura Genesis and Capital Collision, and then scheme some fantasy booking soooo good, that it would be crazy not for Gedo to get on board with us! Also, uh oh! The bleep button doesn't work, so you may hear some swearing!
Ok, for real this time! Daniel and Bonesaw talk about the long Wrestlemania 39 weekend and review their favorite parts of GCW The Collective, NJPW x Impact, and Wrestlemania 39! But first, they catch up with a quick review of the New Japan Cup!
Daniel and Bonesaw discuss GCW The Collective and give their Wrestlemania predictions!
We're back, baby! Seems like we're always saying that! Daniel and Bonesaw discuss the 2023 New Japan Cup lineup and cast their predictions as they do every year, but with a twist! They're actually in the same room for the first time in 4 years! Who will reign supreme? Hopefully El Phantasmo!
IT'S WRESTLE KINGDOM SEASON, BABY! The year end (or beginning) wrestling extravaganza unfolds on the grandest stage of them all in the Tokyo Dome! Daniel and Bonesaw review Wrestle Kingdom 17, which was already very long, and get sidetracked several times talking about video games they've played (or cheated at) in the past! Which means that this is an extra big ass episode befitting the mantle of the Antonio Inoki Memorial Wrestle Kingdom! Also, Bonesaw books the correct ending to this show!
Daniel and Bonesaw are back, but not for the long haul because Daniel has a baby and can't fulfill the time commitment to watching another greuling tournament! Apparently babies require love and attention! Nevertheless, the boys give their predictions for SJTL and WTL, and get really into a discussion about wrestling at large! Heck, they even pepper in a little Full Gear and Survivor Series! We'll see ya at Wrestle Kingdom! We make a the best vaccine!
ASMR you ready to rumble? Handsome Dan Solorzano, Kid Wrestler Drew Kistler, and The Don Marijuan James Bryington talk you through the pulse-pounding event, Kingdom of Wrestling's Mayhem at Munchies! Held October 29th, 2022, at the famous Munchies 420 Cafe, Mayhem at Munchies was an insane ride from beginning to end and this is an all-audio run-through of the entire event. Feel the action in your ears as the Jabroni U Commentary team fills you in on all of the action. Kingdom of Wrestling is back at Munchies in Sarasota, FL on January 26th, so keep an eye out for updates! Follow KOW in instagram HERE (
We did it, baby! Daniel and Bonesaw 100 years! Daniel and Bonesaw 100 episodes (pending a clerical error)! Daniel and Bonesaw reminisce about 2019, the year they first started this NJPW enterprise, and then it gets a little blurry after that because Daniel was intent on trying every beer in the Elysium pumpkin sampler pack! Also, it's Daniel's birthday! Want to be our featured email of the day? Email us at! We'll literally read anything!
We made it! The boys crack out the celebratory drinks as they reach the conclusion of G1 Climax 32! Daniel and Bonesaw talk about the stellar Final that took place between Will Ospreay and Kazuchika Okada! Then, as is tradition, the boys take a fond look back at G1 Climax 32, give out awards to the tournament stand-outs, and discuss tournament stats! Want to be our featured email of the day? Email us at! We'll literally read anything!
We're at the end of G1 Climax 32 block matches, baby! Which means we're giving you a super-sized episode to close out the tournament before we reach the grand finale! Daniel and Bonesaw discuss the final night of block competition AND the Semi-Finals with all the absolute joy and untethered rage that goes along with them! We're not even giving you match previews in the description today because Dick Togo is the only spoiler in these parts! Also, a brief word about Jon Moxley from CM Punk! Want to be our featured email of the day? Email us at! We'll literally read anything!
G1 Climax is drawing to its conclusion, but unlike some people, we're not phoning it in! Daniel and Bonesaw discuss Nights 16 and 17 of G1 Climax 32, which featured an explosive main event match between Jay White and Taichi, a Wrestle Kingdom revenge match betwenn Kenta and Hiroshi Tanahashi! Also, the boys talk about possible semi-finals and finals scenarios featuring everyone's favorite metric: Math! Also, also, Daniel is super annoyed because his dad's house was robbed and he had to deal with it right before the show! Want to be our featured email of the day? Email us at! We'll literally read anything!
The boys are back for some mid-week delight to get you stoked for the weekend! Daniel and Bonesaw discuss the events of Nights 14 and 15 of G1 Climax 32! Night 14 saw a scintillating main event match between Kenta and Tetsuya Naito, and Night 15 watched as Hiroshi Tanahashi and Hiroki Goto went to war for G1 supremacy!
Hell of a cap to the 3 day weekend! Daniel and Bonesaw discuss the events of Night 13 of G1 Climax 32, which featured a shocking main event between Kazuchika Okada and Jonah! Tune out, if like Bonesaw, you are allergic to fun!
Bonesaw's back, baby! And he's super pissed and ready to ROCK! Daniel and Bonesaw talk about Nights 11 and 12 of G1 Climax 32, which featured more cheating than you could ever fathom in a match between Evil and Hiroshi Tanahashi, and Ospreay-Takagi V, the fifth legendary clash between Will Ospreay and Shingo Takagi!
You know, this show is going so well without Bonesaw that he can stay on vacation forever! Daniel is joined by Jabroni U Founding Father Drew Kistler to talk about Night 10 of G1 Climax 32! The boys discussthe evening's events, which featured a scorching hot main event between Will Ospreay and David Finlay!
What a weekend! While Bonesaw traipeses around Iceland, Daniel found a new, better Bonesaw to take his place until he comes back! Joined by Ben Senter of Bif Radio (also found at, the boys cover Nights 8 and 9 of G1 Climax 32, which featured a technical masterclass between Hiroshi Tanahashi and Zack Sabre Jr., and a real sleeper match between Tetsuya Naito and Evil!
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