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Have you ever said, “I swear I won’t…. insert thing you think you’ll never do here”? We all do it. In all areas of our life, right? When we were kids, we probably said, “I swear I won’t do XYZ to my kids” or in this case, when I was just starting out with my business, there were SO many things I swore I would never do. But, guess what - I am doing them. Today, I want to share with you three things I SWORE I wouldn’t do in business, that I am definitely doing now.Interested in my Notion Content Creator Bundle? Click here! Want to check out our Podcast services? Learn more here.
Maintaining your mental health as a content creator is the most important thing you should do. When we see other content creators (and influencers), the lifestyle can seem glamorous and exciting - but it’s way more stressful and demanding than it might appear. The hustle culture has made us feel like we have to go 24/7 to make movement in our business, but that’s just not the case. Actually, sometimes, taking a step back can lower your stress and enhance your creativity - which we talked about in our podcast episode last week. Let’s stop with the “go, go, go” and learn how to say “no, no, no” when it’s affecting our mental health. Keep listening as we dive deep into mental health for content creators and how to keep our sanity as we spend the majority of our team on social media.Want to try Squarespace, go to in my Notion Content Creator Bundle? Click here! Want to check out our Podcast services? Learn more here.
If you're a content creator, chances are you've hit that dreaded rut at some point. You don't feel inspired, your work doesn't excite you as it has before, and you feel unmotivated. Normally for me, it happens right when I just started feeling comfortable, and then things start feeling dull and I don’t feel like doing it anymore. Thankfully, there are a few ways to see things from different perspectives and feel motivated again!Interested in my Notion Content Creator Bundle? Click here! Want to check out our Podcast services? Learn more here.
There are so many things that make up a solid business strategy. For me - there are a few things I couldn’t live without; the support of my partner (Dan), my amazing team, the internet (of course), and these 5 business tools that I use weekly (if not daily). These life-altering tools play such an important role in the success of my business (and my sanity). These tools are so crucial, they are worth a huge investment, but fortunately - they are all super affordable and some even have top-notch free versions as well. I am sure you are all eager to find out what tools I couldn’t live without, so let’s do this!Want to try Squarespace, go to in my Notion Content Calendar? Click here! Want to check out our Podcast services? Learn more here.Here are the 5 business tools I mentioned in the podcast episode:Dubsado: notion.soFlodesk:
So, it’s that time again. Time to plan your next batch of Instagram content, but you’re not really sure what post to make next. The best way to keep those creative juices flowing is by having a planning routine that you can follow each time you sit down to plan our your next set of content. Today, I want to walk you through the first three steps I take when determining what to post next on Instagram. Are you ready? Let’s get to creating!Interested in my Notion Content Calendar? Click here! Want to check out our Podcast services? Learn more here.
I don’t need to tell you that video on Instagram is important, by now - everyone knows the importance of video and how leaning into this format can positively affect your Instagram strategy, but today I want to break that down and share with your everything you need to know about video content on Instagram.Want to try Squarespace, go to in my Notion Content Calendar? Click here!
There are times I stare at my content calendar and nothing ... my mind is blank. I will think to myself, I have already talked about everything there is to know about my niche, what value can I even bring to my audience. But let me tell you, there is always more value you can provide to your community, it can just sometimes be difficult to think of the ideas. In this episode I want to give you some actionable steps you can take with your juices aren’t flowing, so you never run out of ideas for your Instagram content.Interested in my Notion Content Calendar? Click here! Click here to check out the productivity video I mentioned in the podcast.Want to check out our Podcast services? Learn more here.
Be honest with yourself... is there something you do in your business over and over again, maybe it’s sending the same email each week. You tell yourself, I really need to make a template for this email, it would save me from having to type out the same email each week, over and over again. You make a mental note, but then you don’t do anything about it - so next week when it’s time to write that email again, you think to yourself, UGH - I really need to make this a template. But, again, you don’t. This might not be a big deal for one email, but imagine if there are multiple areas in your business you’re doing this, that time adds up. Today, I want to share with you some of the things you can automate in your business to save you tons of time! So, let’s stop wasting time, and just get to it!Want to try Squarespace, go to in my Notion Content Calendar? Click here! Interested in the Tools mentioned in this episode, check them out below:Dubsado:
Do you want to know two of the biggest reasons that folks cannot find success on Instagram? It’s because they are not willing to change and they listen to anyone who claims to be an Instagram guru. Instagram is everchanging, we have seen that more than ever this year. We have seen so many new Instagram updates come through since January of 2022, I can barely keep up. But to find success on the platform, you have to understand it - which means you have to be willing to change your strategy as the app itself is changing. Today, I want to break down some of those “hacks” that just work anymore and what you should be focusing on instead. Let’s do this...Interested in my Notion Content Calendar? Click here!
Do you hate selling? If you answered yes, which If you are listening to this podcast episode I assume you did, I couldn’t agree more! Selling is awkward, unnatural, and so overdone - that people aren’t very receptive to it anymore. But what if you are trying to sell a product? How do you sell without selling? Today we are going to ditch the sales pitch and talk about how to sell your products and services to people - without really selling anything.Try out Humanz HERE!!!Interested in my Notion Content Calendar? Click here!
You might not know this, but some of the work needed to scale your business starts before you even start making an income. So if you are listening to this episode and feel like you might not be at the stage where you need to start scaling your business, you better keep listening - because it starts NOW!Try out Humanz HERE!!!Interested in my Notion Content Calendar? Click here!
So, you want to run a 6 figure business as a digital nomad? The first step is to throw the goal of 6-figures out the window. Yep, I said it. The “making 6-figures” part really doesn’t matter. The only monetary goal that truly matters when building a business is that your business (and income) can support the life you want to live. I personally wanted the option to live as a digital nomad and guess what ... I am doing that now! Does my business make 6-figures? Yes. Do I personally... no. Today I want to walk you through how to run a business as a digital nomad.Try out Metricool HERE!!! Try out Humanz HERE!!!Interested in my Notion Content Calendar? Click here!
I know, I know - you already have so much on your plate with your business, the idea of adding one more thing to your strategy seems a bit overwhelming, but if email marketing isn’t in your current strategy, it needs to be! We talk a lot about growing your community on social media here on this podcast, but there is one major problem with social media - you don’t own those platforms. They could shut down at any time and you could lose everything you worked so hard to grow. That is why you should be sending over your followers and subscribers to your email list, so if something crazy happens one day and your social media platform of choice explodes, you have your core audience on your email list. Today we are going to be breaking down why email marketing is so important and how to grow your email list! Let’s do this!Try out Metricool HERE!!! Try out Humanz HERE!!!Interested in my Notion Content Calendar? Click here!
If you have been a content creator for while, you have probably experienced the ebbs and flows of burnout. 2021 was actually one of the hardest years for me and if you follow my YouTube Channel, you probably saw the entire thing happen. But, you can prevent burnout by looking out for the signs and taking action - which is what we will be chatting about in today's episode.Try out Metricool HERE!!!Interested in my Notion Content Calendar? Click here! Want to watch my most recent Plan My Instagram Content with Me video? Click here!
One of the biggest struggles that most content creators have when it comes to growing on Instagram is being consistent. I am one of them. Whether you’ve had a hard time being consistent because of burnout or maybe just because you don’t have a solid system in place, this video is hopefully going to help you work through some of those barriers. and get consistent on Instagram.Interested in my Notion Content Calendar? Click here! Want to watch my most recent Plan My Instagram Content with Me video? Click here!
In December of 2021, I gained just about 200 followers on Instagram, but in January of 2022, I gained over 1200 new followers. Did your jaw just drop? I know mine did when I saw my Instagram scale using this one effective strategy. If you want to learn more about how I was able to increase my growth rate on Instagram by 500% in one month ...then keep on listening my friend.
When you are looking at your online business role models - you might wish you already had their success - but honestly, most of the online business owners you see started from where you are right now - with a side hustle. Today, I want to go over my tips on starting and sustaining a side hustle.
Building a community is more than growing your following - it’s about creating something powerful, something your audience wants to be a part of. But why bother? Investing time into building a strong, online community is all about creating a real, long-lasting bond between you and your audience.You have heard of the “know, like, and trust factor” right? ” This concept is the journey that your audience makes when they are getting to know you and your brand.Let’s dive into my three community-building strategies that can help you create long-term success for your business by building the “know, like, and trust factor”.
Let’s play a game of truth or myth, ready? Here’s the statement: “it’s not possible to make a living as a content creator unless you have a ton of followers.” - That, my creator friends, is a myth. And today’s guest on the podcast, Kaya Marriot, has absolutely busted that myth. Kaya Marriot, aka ComfyGirlCurls, is a Vancouver-based creator with a deep love for storytelling and community. Starting as a Natural Hair blogger in 2016, aiming to help fellow Black women fall in love with their curls, her platform has not only expanded to share lifestyle content, beauty tips, and practical advice for fellow creators, but has seen her speak with Google at Vidcon Abu Dhabi, become a founding member of Pinterest Canada's Creator Class, and more!In today’s episode of Creator Club, we’re diving deep into the strategies that Kaya used to grow her audience (slow and steady!) and to start working with brands, which led to her generating a revenue of over $70,000 with less than 10K followers. Tune in to hear her secrets!Find Kaya Online: Blog: Tips YT Channel: + Beauty YT Channel:
When it comes to Instagram growth tips, usually you’ll come across a laundry list of things you should be doing - engage more often, post twice a day, use certain hashtags - it goes on and on. But in today’s episode, I wanted to dive into the deeper strategies behind growth, that aren’t necessarily directly about creating - but instead about analyzing. We’re going to talk about the 3 main factors you need to be paying attention to in your Instagram Insights if you want to grow.Interested in checking out our Instagram Audit service. Click HERE! It is only $89 and my team will provide you with an expert opinion on your Instagram strategy. It includes a detailed report card outlining my analysis of your profile, including where you’re winning, and where you can improve. It breaks down every aspect of a successful Instagram, including images, captions, hashtags, your bio, highlights, stories, and more. We can’t wait to check out your Instagram and help you reach your goals for 2022.
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