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Author: Katie Steckly

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The Creator Club podcast is a workshop style show dedicated to teaching creators and entrepreneurs the best strategies for social media marketing and content creation. Plus, every other week, we’ll talk with talented and diverse creators who have something to teach about the creative journey. Whether you're into Instagram, creating on YouTube, trying TikTok, or producing podcasts, this show is made for you. Come join the club!

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How many of you have been daydreaming about quitting your full-time job and doing content creation full-time? It was my dream (and now reality) - so I figured why not give you a real, honest walkthrough on how you can become a full-time content creator too! Let’s get into it.Visit my shop page here for more details on all of my templates.…and the brand pitch template can be found here!
Sometimes the thing that gets us the most stuck is just not knowing where to start. I can’t tell you how many countless hours I have just sat here thinking about what the best approach would be for my personal Instagram Strategy and the Creatorly Media Instagram Strategy. Today, I really want to walk you through the strategy we have established for Creatorly, so that instead of feeling stuck - you can start this year with an already planned-out for you strategy.Visit my shop page here for more details on all of my templates.
In my personal opinion, YouTube is the most essential social media platform. YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world, following Google of course… but when it comes to video content, YouTube beats them all. If you are wanting to grow a brand or market your existing business, it’s time to finally start that YouTube channel. Which, might already be something you’re considering if you are here listening to this Podcast. This episode will help those of you who want to start a YouTube channel for the first time or even refresh your strategy and try something new to help reach your YouTube growth dreams. Let’s get into it.Visit my shop page here for more details on all of my templates.
Now that we have officially entered 2023, it’s time to set goals and keep on track to reach them. There are so many different theories and methods to goal setting, but I like to keep a more simple approach - as I truly believe this is what will help you actually achieve them… and I am going to tell you all about it, let’s get started!Visit my shop page here for more details on all of my templates.
If you scour the Internet for helpful tips on growing as a creator, you might notice one thing. Most of those YouTube videos, podcasts, or other social media content is directed toward content creators in the educational niche. Not necessarily those of us who are in the lifestyle niche. So the question I want to unpack today is, how to grow as a lifestyle creator. Let’s get into it.Visit my shop page here for more details on all of my templates.
Have you ever spent hours and hours planning, filming, and editing the perfect Reel - just to see it completely flop with a bunch of zeros following the important metrics? We have all been there. This result can be so discouraging and give you the feeling of … “what’s the point?” Have you been there? Today, I just want to walk you through a few reasons why your Reels might be flopping, let’s get into it!Sign up for my FREE email course, The Reels Compass!
Confession time: I have never had a ‘real job’ - by that I mean, a full-time, post-grad, adult, work-for-someone-else job. Of course, I had many part-time jobs when I was a student from selling candles and lotions at the mall to waitressing at my hometown diner. But ever since I graduated in 2018, I dove straight into full-time freelance, and in the past nearly 5 years, I’ve grown a boutique social media marketing agency called Creatorly Media, that generates six figures in revenue. I’ll just be transparent, this was my first year passing $300,000 in sales, and while I know there are lots of gurus on social media bragging about making way more than that - I’m pretty proud of it. (Remember, that’s revenue - not take-home profit, or my salary)Sign up for my FREE email course, The Reels Compass!
A couple of weeks ago I asked my Instagram community what topics would be helpful to them for me to share on my podcast and a few of you asked about how to script a travel video. Scripting a travel video might seem complex - because how do you script something that isn’t a sit-down, educational video, filmed in the comfort of your own home? That’s what I want to walk you through today.Sign up for my FREE email course, The Reels Compass! or if you’re interested in the Travel Vlog Planner, check it out here!
When you search “starting a vlog channel” one of the first results you’ll find is a video from ThinkMedia with a title saying “vlogging is dead” - and after watching I have one thing to tell you: vlogging IS NOT dead. Look, I have nothing against the guys in the video I am referring to - and I actually agree with a lot of what they shared, however, I really do believe that you don’t need to make another boring, hyper-niche, educational channel on YouTube in order to grow - people are growing with fun, lifestyle, vlog format content. You just need to know how to do it right - which is what I’m going to talk about in this episode.Sign up for my FREE email course, The Reels Compass!
Last week I lost 400 followers within just a couple of hours and though I was confused, and a little shocked, I wasn’t scared. That is because over the years I have insulated myself from things outside of my control - like this recent hiccup we saw from Instagram last week - more on this in a bit. But today, I want to walk you through how to diversify and avoid putting all of your eggs in the Instagram basket.Join my Email Community and receive the Creator Letter here!
Over the years, I have seen so many people decide they want to become “content creators” not really understanding all of the time and energy (and patience) needed to be one. I think a lot of people assume being a content creator is easy - but that’s not the case. It’s a lot of work; planning, creating, posting, communicating, selling, maintaining - the list goes on. So today, I wanted to share four mistakes I see content creators making, so that you have a clear understanding of what you need to do (or not do) to find your rhythm as a content creator. Let’s get into it…Check out my signature course - The Instagram Road Map!
It’s time to set the record straight. I see all of you out there working your butts off trying to build your content creation business - part of that is doing your research and following the advice of “experts”. But what if I told you that some of these so-called “Instagram Coaches” are leading you astray and honestly, wasting your precious time on outdated tips? I am all about saving your time and keeping your workflow efficient, so today I want to share with you the outdated Instagram tips you need to stop using in your strategy!Check out our newly update Instagram Audit service here!
So, you want to be an influencer? I don’t blame you - I wanted to be one too and here I am. I understand the feeling of seeing people on Instagram, YouTube, or other social platforms getting paid to share their thoughts, opinions, and lives on social media - and I remember always asking myself… how? How are they doing this? I learned the long way around so that you don’t have to - so today I want to provide you with some clear, initial steps on getting started as an influencer.Check out some of my products for creators here!
Are you stuck in that pattern of waking up each morning refreshing your YouTube studio stats to see if magically one of your videos finally went viral and your subscriber count and watch time has skyrocketed overnight? Yeah, I have been there. Heck - I still religiously obsess over my YouTube stats (not saying that’s healthy, but it’s the reality). I have been on YouTube for a long time and because of that - I have learned a lot about what NOT to do on YouTube and what can truly help you grow. So, today I want to share with your why I think your YouTube channel might be hitting a wall (and how you can push that wall down to finally see some growth).Viral YouTube Outline Template, grab it here!
I would say the majority of content creators start their content creation journey on the side of a full-time job or a big-time commitment - so saving time is crucial when trying to balance it all. Today, I want to share with you my top 3 time-saving tips - let’s get into it!Learn more about the Instagram Road Map Course here!
We all know “video” has taken over social media and so it’s very likely you have added this to your strategy (and if you haven’t, you should). But creating tons of videos isn’t easy, right? It takes a lot of time - so you definitely want to make sure if you take the time to create a video, it’s going to perform well for you. With that in mind, today I want to give you a few tips on how to boost your video views on Instagram, let’s do it!Learn more about the Instagram Road Map Course here!
We are heading into one of the busiest seasons of any business - Quarter 4. With the fourth (and final) quarter of the year, we are making a push to hit goals, we are trying to make time for the holidays - but also leveraging the holidays to help with sales, traffic, and more, and we are preparing our goals and plans for the next year. With all of this, it can seem overwhelming and hard to separate your work from your personal life, which is why I wanted to take a minute today to discuss the various boundaries you need to start setting know to create a strong work-life balance before heading into this next few months. Let’s do it!Grab the Content Creator Notion Bundle here!
Starting from zero can be super overwhelming and discouraging - but what if it didn’t need to be? If I was starting from nothing - the biggest change I would make is actually taking my time to do the prep-work needed for success before diving into content creation. Let me explain!Learn more about the Instagram Road Map Course here!
Networking has been around for years - it has played a huge role in the success of many businesses you know today and your content creation business shouldn’t be any different. Today, I want to share the importance of having a Content Creator Network (and a few tips on how to get one)! Let’s get into it!Learn more about the Instagram Road Map Course here!
We are all familiar with the Sunday Scaries - you know, the sinking feeling you get when Sunday hits and you realize your work week is about to begin - yuck! Well, I get that similar feeling when Q4 hits, and I realize I still have a few Instagram goals I wanted to hit - but I feel like I am running out of time before the year ends. In this episode, I want to give you a few tips to help you reach your 2022 Instagram goals before it’s too late!Grab The Sustainable Instagram Strategy here!Want to check out our services? Learn more here.
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