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Author: The Hypothetical Nerd

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Joy To The Nerds is a podcast where I talk about a games, shows, books, or movies that I enjoy in a spoiler-free way. This way I can recommend some things that I think could spread some more joy in the world through entertainment.
60 Episodes
Jujutsu Kaisen is one of the best Shonen anime I have seen in recent years with phenomenal action and hilarious relationships.
Digimon is one of my favorite franchises, and it often gets the short end of the stick being compared to Pokemon. Here I give a general overview of the game mechanics and why I love Digimon so much as a franchise.
Sleepy princess in the Demon Castle is a great someday anime about a princess that is taken captive but runs amok in the castle to make sure she is able to get some good quality rest!
BOFURI: I Don't Want to Get Hurt, so I'll Max Out My Defense is a great MMO game that is really chill and about some friends having fun. Its not crazy high stakes and the main character accidentally finds a ridiculously broken build .
Kaguya-Sama Love is war is a rom-com school life anime that focuses on two tsundere characters trying to get the other to confess their love for them!
Pokemon is a wonderful and fun game series that is enjoyable to people of all ages. Listen here to find out which of the games I have had the most fun with and let me know which game is your favorite!
Monster Hunter World is an amazing game where you murder huge monsters for science.
Re: Zero is an isekai that is surprisingly good and somehow manages to do horror really well even though that isn't its main focus.
Oxenfree is a phenomenal game where you play as Alex, a teen whose group of friendsare spending the night on an old island when they aren't supposed to. Turns out, spooky stuff is going on!
Tower of God is a great Webtoon based anime that had varied well done characters trying to get their wishes granted.
Little Misfortune is a dark point and click adventure that follows Misfortune Hernandez as she plays a game to obtain eternal happiness for her mommy.
That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime is a wonderful Isekai that changes up the formula but having the main character turn into a slime and building a new city and generally helping people.
Dishonored is a great game where you play as a spymaster trying to save the next in line to be empress and uncover a secret plot to overthrow the city of Dunwall.
Sweet Home is a horror K-drama Netflix original based off the webtoon comic of the same name. The characters draw you in and the monsters make the scares and drama all the more intense.
Join me, a gay man, and a few other members of the LGBT+ community as we answer questions about representation in media. Some of the topics discussed are forcing diversity, what makes a good character, and some of our favorites that you can watch too!
Hades is a rogue-like hack and slash feeling game where you play as the son of Hades trying to escape the underworld. The gameplay and art is so fantastic, you'll want to see it for yourself.
God of Highschool is a great anime about Jin Mori, a participant in the God of Highschool fighting competition.
Hellblade Senua's Sacrifice is a wonderful game with inspirations from Norse Mythology about a woman trying to save her love's soul from the underworld.
Uzumaki is a harrowing horror manga about how the idea of a spiral takes over a town.
World of horror is a great indie game with inspirations for Junji Ito and HP Lovecraft.
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