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Author: Brooke James

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Most people don't learn about death until they have to. Brooke's father was diagnosed with cancer and was in hospice six months later. Through this podcast Brooke is building the resource she couldn't find when she was looking for comfort. The goal of this podcast is to better equip us to talk about grief, death, and loss by exposing people to different stories about loss and providing practical advice that relates to end-of-life.

Note that you don't need to listen to the episodes in order. Start with whatever seems most meaningful to you wherever you are.
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In this episode, host @BrookeLJames is joined by Kelli Chu (@mzchu) who shares her experience of losing mobility after a car accident. Kelli and Brooke discuss what it was like for Kelli to experience an accident in a foreign country, resilience after loss, the perspective they've gained from grief (and if they would give it back or not), and how to talk to those who've experienced something hard.
CW: suicide In this episode host @BrookeLJames is joined by Beth Duckles, @BDuckles, who shares how she used writing to make sense of the sudden loss of her mother to a brain aneurysm. Beth and Brooke also discuss how we talk to those who are grieving and how to move through our own grief. Beth's Writing: The Two Suicides That Changed My Life -
In this episode, host @BrookeLJames speaks with Tara Sroka, founder of @BringingDeathIntoLife on how grief evolves as time goes on, how to talk to those going through a loss, how grief helps us find our purpose, and more.
In this episode, host @BrookeLJames is joined by Patricia de Piccioto who started the Instagram community @NeshamaJourney in an effort to find people who she shared an experience with after the loss of her mother. Patricia and Brooke discuss how important it is to take the time to work through your feelings, how important movement and creativity are in moving through loss, and why it is so important to talk about the people we miss.
CW: Suicide, Abuse, Addicition In this episode, Amy Santee joins host @BrookeLJames to talk about losing her mother to alcoholism. Amy shares what it's like to grieve a parent she did not have a strong relationship with, what it's like to watch someone you love struggle with addiction, how to set boundaries when going through a loss, and how losing a parent early brings on grief for all the things that could be. 
In this episode, host @BrookeLJames is joined by Sean and Renee Dineen to talk about how the loss of Shawn's father showed up in their marriage. Thank you to Sean and Renee for this honest conversation that covers how grief affects the nuclear family, how to model grief for children, and how to shepherd the family towards a new normal after a loss.
In this episode host @brookeljames speaks with @steve_leder on life, love and loss. Steve's fourth book is out from Avery Books today, January 5th. Steve speaks about what being a rabbi taught him about loss, how the loss of his father informed his work as a rabbi, the concept of an ethical will, how we write our own eulogies, and more. The Beauty of What Remains is available from Bookshop and wherever else you get your books.
In this episode, host @BrookeLJames is joined by @JennWelchNow host of the @LadyHDPod and Founder of @DeadDadTinder where they talk about similarities between grief and ADHD, how to understand feelings of wanting to date after a loss, and how Jenn's time with her father after his cancer diagnosis healed their relationship.
In this episode, host @BrookeLJames speaks with Noah James (no relation) co-founder of The Covid Grief Network @covidgrief on how losing a parent prepared them for the discomfort in dealing with a pandemic. They discuss what motivated Noah to start the Covid Grief Network, how to take care of yourself leading up to the holidays, the notion of a grief expert, and the relief in finding a community who has experienced loss.
Author David Richman joins host @BrookeLJames to share his experience in losing his sister and how it motivated him to explore how trauma impacts cancer journeys. In addition to his work as an author and interviewer, David fundraiser for various cancer charities through athletcism. He ran for 24 hours straight to honor his sister and after conducting hundreds of hours of interviewers with cancer patients, he cycled across the country to meet them all in person. David and host Brooke share that action and movement help them both process -- but David has a bit more endurance than our host. Tune in to hear his perspective on loss as well as his writing journey.
Tw: suicide. In this episode, host @BrookeLJames is joined by Licensed Social Worker and Behavioral Health Therapist Colleen Culley. Colleen's brother died by suicide last year and she shares her story of how her training with mental health impacted her real-life grief experience.
In this episode, host @brookeljames is joined by @lennonflowers who shares how her grief experience led her to seek out community and founded @thedinnerparty
In this episode, host @BrookeLJames speaks with Coniah Adebayo, founder of @thehelpfulhabit on what it's like to grow up in a family struck by breast cancer. Coniah shares how losing her mom at age 13 shaped her views on life, what it's like to deal with grief comparison, how premature death in the Black community affects families, and the importance of paperwork.
In this episode host @BrookeLJames is joined by diplomat, attorney, Emmy award-winning journalist, and writer Jennifer Klarman Santiago (@pawsandprose). Jen lost her fiance while serving in the foreign service in Belize, she shares her story of experiencing loss in a place you don't have strong community ties, repatriating a body and planning a funeral without a strong grasp on the language, and how running and writing helped her process her grief.
In this episode, host @brookeljames speaks with Ashling Boyd, founder of on how losing her father to a workplace fatality motivated her to become an advocate in the space. We also touch on how losing her father motivated her to get her paperwork in order (Brooke's favorite topic!), and how it shifted her relationship with her mom.
In this episode, Author Dara Kurtz (@crazyperflife) joins host @BrookeLJames to speak about losing her mom weeks after giving birth to her daughter, how watching her mom battle cancer influenced how she processed her own cancer diagnosis, and working through and learning from your grief.  Book Summary: A few weeks after Dara Kurtz had her first child, her mom passed away. So many times over the years, Dara has longed to talk to her mom, seek her guidance, and ask her what she thought about the life she has created for herself. An unexpected discovery of a Ziplock bag of letters, written to Dara by her mom and grandmothers, changed everything. One day, longing for contact with the strong women who had loved and raised her, she re-read the letters. They brought back beautiful family memories and taught her many life lessons; they caused her to reflect on the priceless love between mothers and daughters and how wisdom and traditions can be passed on from one generation to the next. Dara’s story inspires us to strengthen the bonds between mothers and daughters, to remember family traditions, to let go of the pain of loss, and to make the most of each day of our lives. Preorder Dara's book I Am My Mother's Daughter: Wisdom of Life, Loss and Love
In this week's episode, host @brookeljames gets REAL with Jayme Aills, host of @griefunfiltered. They talk about their experiences on dealing with grief differently than their siblings, how Jayme planned a wedding a few months after her mom's passing (she does not recommend this), why talking about grief is important, and how the experience of watching their parents die in hospice changed both of their perspective forever.
In this episode, guest @katenichollzz (host of @stage4clingers)and host @brookeljames talks about how Kate uses comedy to deal with hard things, how to be more compassionate with yourself when dealing with life, and why Kate chose to start a podcast with her mom following her stage 4 cancer diagnosis.
Do you ever wonder why after a homicide, we hear about the victim and the perpetrator but never the people who are left to pick up the pieces? In 1984, Jan Canty's life was turned upside down. Upon finding out her husband was murdered she also found out that he was living a double life. In this episode, host @brookeljames and guest Jan Canty discuss surviving homicide (media frenzy and all), how to deal with conflicted grief, and how to find closure. Head to Jan Canty's website to learn about her book A Life Divided and her podcast The Domino Effect of Murder
In the latest episode, host @brookeljames speaks with former pediatrician and weight-loss coach for physicians, @coachkatrinaubellmd. Katrina shares her experience with stillbirth, what she found supportive after her loss, and how loss gave her clarity and perspective on shifting gears in her career.
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