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Robyn Flemming discusses with Michael Backman her new book 'Skinful: A Memoir of Addiction' which details her battles with addictive behaviour including her problematic relationship with alcohol. Originally from Australia, Robyn also discusses her life as a modern-day international nomad, having no specific base in any particular country.'Skinful: A Memoir of Addiction' is available worldwide on
Michael Backman discusses Straits Chinese jewellery - the jewellery of the acculturated Chinese of Malaysia & Singapore - with world-renown jewellery designer, author & researcher Edmond Chin. Edmond, originally from Singapore is the author of the ground-breaking 'Gilding the Phoenix: The Straits Chinese and their Jewellery'
Are collectors addicts by another name? What makes (some) people collect? Is it gross materialism or an attempt to save the world's patrimony? In this episode, Michael Backman and Paul Bromberg, both collectors and both authors of books on art and antiques discuss why they think they do what they do.Many of the quandaries -  choices in the face of constraints, endless problems of storage; and ultimately, what's it all for? - will be familiar to all
Michael Backman & Sarah Corbett compare and contrast two objects: a Tuareg pectoral ornament from northern Africa; and a Minangkabau cast brass cash box from Sumatra.What are the links between these seemingly unrelated objects? Listen to find out the surprising
Traditional forms of currency used in Africa before the arrival of notes and coins took on extraordinary and large forms. Some were examples were as big as a person. Michael Backman and Sarah Corbett discuss how these currencies evolved, and their place in the canon of African art
Michael Backman & Sarah Corbett compare and contrast two objects: an ancient limestone burial jar from the southern Philippines, and a set of Tibetan prayer beads.What are the links between these seemingly unrelated objects? Listen to find out the surprising
How does one stay curious as one grows older? Perhaps collecting is the key? Maybe collectors are at an advantage?Michael Backman & Sarah Corbett consider these
Objects made of filigree are among the most extraordinary items ever to have been produced from gold and silver. Such items present one of the great mysteries of the art world. Where were they made? Who made them? How?Filigree, it turns out, is an art practiced by gold and silversmiths from Southeast Asia, to India, to Europe, Northern Africa and South America. And that makes filigree even more of a mystery, for it makes determining precise provenance even more difficult. It is perhaps for this reason that filigree items are among the most popular items we sell in the Gallery - it is an area where there is still more research to be done, and that, for many collectors and curators, is one of filigree's
Sarah Corbett discussses with Michael Backman her favourite book: 'Silver Treasures from the Land of Sheba: Regional Yemeni Jewelry' by Marjorie
In this episode, Michael Backman is in conversation with Sarah Corbett, about the book 'Court Arts of Indonesia' by Helen Ibbitson Jessup. Published in 1990, it was one of the first books on Asia art Michael bought and it has remained his favourite ever since, despite now having a library of over thousand books on Asian art, culture & history. Listen to this Podcast to find out why he likes this book so
Michael Backman is the author of 8 books and numerous articles and columns. Another book is on the way! When not involved with his London Gallery, he has been spending this year researching and writing a new book on the silver and gold of the Malay world. In this podcast he talks with Sarah Corbett about the book and some of his initial findings. The book will be published in 2021.
Our innovative monthly catalogues have become something of an institution among our followers and clients. The catalogues showcase our new items of material culture drawn from around the world, but all sourced from UK & European collections. The work that goes into each catalogue is enormous. Between 30 and 50 new items are features every month! And as soon as one catalogue is finished, it is time to begin the next one.In this Podcast, Michael Backman, in conversation with Sarah Corbett, discusses how the Catalogues are put together - the curating, the photography, the research and Internet logistics - as well as answering questions such as why prices are not included, why some items are reserved, and how is it that some items seem to be sold so quickly.Receive our monthly catalogues: our website:
Narisa Chakrabongse grew up in England, but is a member of Thailand's extended royal family and a great-granddaughter of King Chulalongkorn. Today she is the founder and CEO of the successful art publishing house River Books, which has been at the forefront of publishing books on Asian art, history & culture for 30 years. In this second part of two Podcasts, Narisa discusses her professional life as a publisher, how she came to found River Books, and dealing with authors.For more visit:
Narisa Chakrabongse is a member of Thailand's extended royal family and a great-granddaughter of King Chulalongkorn.  She grew up in England, the daughter of a Thai prince and an English mother. At 15, while still living in England, she found herself orphaned, in the middle of her school exams, and now the sole inheritor of a royal mansion in Bangkok, behind the Grand Palace, in need of upkeep. Today, she is the founder and owner of River Books, a successful publishing house that specialises in  books on Asia art & history, and the owner of an award-winning boutique hotel in Bangkok. Listen to the first of two candid Podcasts on Narisa's extraordinary life.For more visit:
Nielloware is a traditional type of richly decorated silverware produced in southern Thailand. The craft is dying out but local businessman and art collector  Anupasana Suwanmongkol is leading attempts to try to save the craft before it is too late. In this episode, Michael Backman discusses these efforts with  Anupasana Suwanmongkol at his family's hotel in Pattani, in Thailand's south.
Dawn Rooney is one of the world's most accomplished researchers and authors in the field of early Southeast Asian ceramics particularly those from Thailand & Cambodia, as well as on ancient Khmer culture and architecture. An American based in Bangkok, Michael Backman talks with Dawn Rooney at her home in Bangkok about her career as a researcher and prolific author on Southeast Asian art.
Michael Backman and Sarah Corbett discuss the way for self publishers and publishers of niche books to ensure that their work reaches their target market. 
Michael Backman & Sarah Corbett discuss the ever important task of identifying fakes and forgeries in the art & antiques world.
Michael Backman in conversation with Sarah Corbett about the history of & market for Chinese export silver antiques. 
Michael Backman chats to actor and collector Julian Sands, star of A Room With a View, The Killing Fields, The Painted Bird & much more.For more visit:
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