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Having a website isn’t enough for growing a business – you also need people to click through and convert. On Getsitecontrol Insider, we discuss ways to get more email signups, survey responses, CTA button clicks, and ultimately – sales. Whether you’re an aspiring blogger or an e-commerce store owner, this is the podcast for you.
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There are two huge benefits of sending win-back emails.First, you may be able to rekindle old, inactive relationships a customer once had with your business. That's right: it means returning customers and more sales.Second, you'll be able to delete subscribers whose email addresses are no longer in use (or who have simply lost interest in a business altogether).And that means a more efficient email list, higher open rate, and more engagement.Find out how to launch a working win-back email campaign from this episode.Then check out real-life win-back email examples in our blog post.
As an ecommerce marketer, there’s one truth you have to remember: consumers love coupons.No matter what customer segment your business targets and how luxurious the products you sell, consumers can’t resist the opportunity to pay less for a product they want to buy.In this episode, we're talking about coupon marketing:What are the different types of coupons you can use? How to create a coupon? How to promote a coupon in your online store?Tune in to hear answers to all these questions.Want to read the text version of this episode?  Check the guide to coupon marketing on our blog.You may also like: How to promote discount coupons on Shopify.Guides to creating coupon codes for major e-commerce platforms:Shopify: Creating discount codesBigCommerce: Using Coupon Codes & Creating Product Discount PromotionsWooCommerce: Coupon Management
If you're running an ecommerce store, you want to take every opportunity to turn your visitors into email subscribers and stay in touch with them.Why?Because there’s an endless stream of stats that prove email marketing is the most profitable channel for e-commerce. So what are the best to invite people to join your email list? There are a few great tactics, actually, and we're covering these tactics in our new episode.Want to see real-life examples of how ecommerce businesses get email addresses? Find them on our blog!Using Shopify? Here are 5 pre-designed email subscription popups for you.
Shopify is an amazing ecommerce platform - no doubt about that. But like with any platform, sales won’t happen on their own 🤷In this episode, we're talking about real-life tactics that will help you get those first (and most difficult) sales and continue attracting customers.Specifically, we'll cover the following strategies:Leveraging free sources of trafficCreating and monetizing an email listGetting more Shopify sales with paid trafficOptimizing your store to make more salesPrepare your pen and paper, because you'll probably have plenty of ideas while listening.An expanded text version of this episode is published on our blog.Here are resources you might want to bookmark:How to grow your list using Shopify email popupsHow to promote coupon codes on ShopifyHow to upsell products on Shopify
Dropshipping is easy on paper. In reality, there are some questions you need to ask yourself before getting started.How profitable is dropshipping?What ecommerce platform do you work on?How do you actually open your store?How many products do you need to start?How do you promote your store?In this episode, we'll go over each of these questions and provide a handful of resources to help you get started.Read the text version with the step-by-step guide to setting up a Shopify store here. Dropshipping apps we recommend: Oberlo, Spocket, Modalyst.Helpful resources:Handy guide to naming your Shopify storeHow to Pick the Best Shopify Theme for Your Ecommerce StoreHow to Find the Perfect Dropshipping ProductsHow to Make Your Ecommerce Copywriting Sales-ReadyShopify popups to help you grow your email list, promote sales, and more
If you're an Ecommerce business owner, you surely know what shopping cart abandonment is. But do you know the best way to deal with those abandoned carts?Meet the ultimate guide to writing abandoned cart emails. From this episode, you'll find out:what exactly you should include in an abandoned cart emailhow many emails should you send when you should send them and much moreBonus: in the text version of this episode, you'll find subject lines and abandoned cart email templates! Feel free to grab them and adjust the copy for your business. Want an exit-intent survey template to find out why customers abandon their carts in your store? Check out this one.
Permission-based email marketing entails sending promotional emails only to people who have given you explicit permission to do so. In this episode, we'll discuss 7 ways to implement permission-based email marketing in your business. Tune in!Prefer reading a text version? Check out this blog post on permission-based email marketing.Ready to start using the tactics we've discussed? Then add a GDPR-friendly email opt-in popup to your website. Here is an example.
If you own an ecommerce store, one of the most important metrics you want to keep track of is your average order value or AOV. By itself, AOV is just another number. But once you start analyzing it in the context of you cost per sale, your conversion rate, and other metrics, the average order value helps you determine:If your pricing strategy is workingIf you can be profitable in the long runAnd where you should focus your growth effortsIn most cases, it is only natural to want to increase the average order value in your store.  And that's exactly what we're discussing in this episode. Stay tuned!Prefer the text version? The read about the ways to boost your average order value on our blog.
Shopping cart abandonment is like a splinter in any ecommerce store owner’s foot; it’s painful to experience but avoidable if you know where to look. By the end of this episode, you'll have a clear understanding of what may cause cart abandonment in your store, and learn 5 proven tactics to reduce the abandonment rate.Prefer reading the text version instead? Then check out the blog post where we've shared specific tools and popup templates to help you fix shopping cart abandonment.
Need a few last-minute Christmas promotion ideas for your online store?We've got you covered!In this episode, we talk about proven ways to increase your revenue and customer loyalty during the holiday season. Gift guides, holiday-themed quizzes, 12 Days of Christmas campaigns, and more - get ready to walk away with at least one idea for your ecommerce business.Stay tuned! Ho ho ho.P.S. Prefer reading the text version? We've covered Christmas promotion ideas on our blog, too!
So, you decided to conduct a survey on your website or via email. That's a great idea!But here is a tricky part: most people aren't fans of taking surveys 😬If you want to know how to increase survey response rates, tune in. We’ll cover 8 ways to get people to participate in your research and provide you with the valuable insights.Looking for a tool to survey your website visitors? Try Getsitecontrol. It requires zero technical skills and includes lots of handy templates. 🔔 Subscribe to receive more tips for growing your online business.
You probably already know you need to capture email addresses to grow your list but it’s easy to get stuck on the ‘how’.In this episode, we're sharing 10 tried and tested practices for capturing email addresses, so you could break through the email list building block.Prefer the text version of this episode? Read it on our blog 👉 How to capture email addresses on your website: 10 tactics you need to know. More links worth your attention:Best call-to-action words for an email sign-up buttonSmall business email marketing: beginner's guideWhat is a lead magnet? Guide, ideas, examples🔔 Don't forget to subscribe to get notified about the next episode!
Still hesitant about using mobile popups on your website?You shouldn't be.With half of the Internet coming from mobile, if you're not trying to engage with these visitors - you're missing lots of conversions!In this short episode, we'll talk about:Why mobile-friendly popups are essential for practically any websiteThe old (and untrue) saying about mobile popups affecting your SEOWhen having a mobile-only popup is a good ideaThe best practices for creating mobile-friendly popups that convertIn the text version of this episode, we've also included a guide to creating mobile popups in Getsitecontrol. Check it out, too!Trying to grow your website? Then don't forget to subscribe!
What if we told you that you don’t need a website to start making sales?All you need is a free platform you’re probably already using for personal purposes: Instagram.Sounds too good to be true? Then tune in and listen to our latest episode where we talk about turning your Instagram account into a starting point for your ecommerce store!Helpful links you might want to check:Guide to selling on Instagram with examples (text version)How to craft a powerful Instagram bio (and boost conversions)How to create custom online order form (you can link to directly from your Instagram bio)
In this episode, we’ll cover an important, yet often overlooked topic: customer feedback surveys. What are the most popular customer feedback surveys you should know about?What is the best time to display a survey to your customers?Should you survey them on the website or via email?Tune in to find out the answers!Feel like reading instead of listening? Read all about customer feedback form examples on our blog.
If you're in ecommerce, maximizing your average order value (AOV) should be the number one goal. How do you achieve that, especially with first-time customers? Two words. Upselling and cross-selling.If you're still a bit unsure what the difference between these tactics is, and how to apply them in your store, this episode will help you figure it all out.Ready to display product recommendations on popups and sticky bars? Then try Getsitecontrol.Other upselling and cross-selling apps worth checking out:Limespot and Frequently Bought Together for Shopify.Customer Thank You Page and Smart Offers for WordPress (WooCommerce)Just getting started with your first Shopify store?Read our beginner-friendly guide to selling on Shopify!
So, you’re finally made up your mind to launch your own ecommerce store. Awesome!In this episode, we’ll walk you through the key steps to get you started. Plus, we’ll cover some proven tips on getting sales faster and share the tools to help you along the way.Prefer reading this guide instead? There you go.List of apps to help you sell on Shopify featured in this episode:Klaviyo - email marketing software for ShopifyGetsitecontrol - popups and email signup formsSemrush - robust SEO toolPlug-in SEO - Shopify SEO pluginBulk image edit - Shopify plugin for image optimizationYotpo - product reviewsSmile - rewards and loyalty programsHere is a roundup of 15 Shopify apps to boost your ecommerce sales.
Not all website popups are created equal. And there's a big difference in performance between an optimized popup design and an unoptimized one.Obviously, you want your popups to be one of the former.So, let’s go ahead and talk about the tips for designing better popups for your website using Getsitecontrol.Prefer reading a blog post version of this episode with real-life examples? Check it out here.Need inspiration? See how your favorite businesses use website popups to grow!Learn from the experience of The New York Times, Nike, Reebok, The Guardian, Tiffany & Co, Marie Claire, Intercom, Ahrefs, and other amazing companies worth looking up to.
Great copy? Check ✅High-quality images? Check ✅Clear call to action? Check ✅If you've tried the most commonly shared tips to increase website conversion rates, perhaps, it's time to go deeper. In this episode, we discuss less conventional tactics that can help you get a bigger bang for your buck. Links you may find useful:How to use exit-intent popups to prevent page abandonmentHow to convert website visitors into email subscribersScarcity tactics to boost conversion rates in your storeLiked the episode? Don't forget to subscribe.Ready to add conversion-hungry popups to your website? Give Getsitecontrol a spin.
On average, 69.89% of ecommerce shoppers add something to their shopping cart and then... just disappear, never to complete their purchase.That’s the scourge of many eCommerce stores. Now, even though getting to “zero” isn't a realistic goal, you might be able to reduce the number of abandoned carts for your store.In this episode, we'll talk about 5 easy tactics to help you do just that.Prefer reading about cart abandonment prevention instead? Check out this blog post. Ready to place an exit-intent popup to your website? Do it within a couple of clicks using Getsitecontrol templates.
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