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Author: Chad Bourquin

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Great interviews with creative experts giving advice, fun stories and information on how to create success.
18 Episodes
Ani Johnson. Entertainment consultant with 20 years expertise in Music Licensing, royalty administration, and marketing for Sony/BMG Universal, Warner, Palm Pictures, MGM, and Gloria Estefan. Available for speaking engagements and consulting work internationally. Owner of MonoMyth Media, a Music Licensing Administration company founded in 2014. Specialties: Music and Film Licensing, A&R Administration, Indie Record Company Startups, Royalty Administration, Marketing, Branding, Strategic Management, Paralegal E-Book: Play Music Make More Guide to building a successful music career.
Peyton Marek is originally from KC and is the daughter of Mark Marek a recent guest on the DB SeriesPeyton is an independent artist manager for The Greeting Committee, signed to Harvest Records, an independent subsidiary Capitol Records.Peyton also serves as their tour manager as well and co-engineered/co-produced their first EP "It's Not All That Bad." She also manages an indie/alternative band, Maybird, on 30th Century Records, a subsidiary off of Columbia Records.She began day-to-day management and tour management when I was 18 years old. I co-engineered/co-produced the band's debut EP in my basement.Please follow Peyton and the bands she manages below. E-Book: Play Music Make More Guide to building a successful music career.
Can you change the direction of your life with results in one year? My guest today Monte Clark has 30 years of marketing experience. Yet about a year ago he decided he was not only going to master the linkedin platform, he was going to write a book, start a mastermind class and begin coaching people on how to effectively use the Linkedin platform. He now teaches students how to build a business, get a job and yes even build a music career. Monte began coaching me 6 months ago. Since then I have made the most amazing friends and connections all over the world. From recording tracks for artists from NY, to working on projects for Linkedin contacts in Oregon this has changed the game dramatically for me. And now he’s going to share some insights with you.Please follow and connect with Monte Clark on Linkedin. Monte posts content everyday that can help you build your business whether you are in music or any other business. If you are like me and ready to expand your reach exponentially ask him about his Master class and his 90% off quarantine special. E-Book: Play Music Make More Guide to building a successful music career.
Nicole Carson Manager of Entertainment Events at NBCUniversal MediaShe has 10 plus years experience working in the Music, Sports Production, & Entertainment industries. Nicole’s areas of expertise include facility management, operations, logistics, event management, client management, production, marketing, artist relations, hospitality, & budget management. In addition, Nicole is also a professional musician of 15 plus years and dedicates herself to her music and the industry.One of her passions is volunteering for a nationwide professional mentor for Kinetic-Her. This program provides community & guidance to driven women under 30 with outstanding career women over 30.Today we talk a lot about the music business and industry today, but we also get into her awareness that there is a lack of knowledge and interest in networking by a younger generation and she is devoting time to be part of a solution. Please support Nicole Carson at the following links:Kinetic-Her: Free E-Book: Play Music Make More Guide to building a successful music career.
Mikey NeedlemanHow to thrive during a quarantine. What do you do when you are a full time artist in Kansas City married with 4 kids under the age of 6 and a national quarantine happens? You get creative. That’s exactly what Mikey did. He shares his unique ideas and how he did them in this interview. Please support Mikey by following and commenting on his socials and at the following links. As he mentioned, if you want to talk about how he technically pulled off these ideas, you can reach him through these links. E-Book: Play Music Make More Guide to building a successful music career.
Wayne RouseFounder of The Heartland StampedeWayne Rouse is the founder and promoter of Heartland Stampede, the largest country music festival in Kansas. This three day festival has booked some of the largest country groups in the industry every year. Waynes talks about what it takes for a local or regional group to get booked at the festival, as well as, the mindset it needed to go all in from year one on an event this big. Please support the Heartland Stampede by visiting the website at:https://www.heartlandstampede.comAnd all the socials below: E-Book: Play Music Make More Guide to building a successful music career.
Peter Goral Social Media Business Strategist "The Amplifier of Your Brand Identity"Peter Goral revolutionized the way I think about and do content. Peter lives his life with authentic energy. He leaves everyone smiling after conversing even if he just shot it so straight they don’t know what hit them. His unique giftings definitely come out in this interview and you will be better for listening to it.Please connect with Peter on any or all of the following platforms. E-Book: Play Music Make More Guide to building a successful music career.
RAINS WALL - Smile to Success​What would your life be like if you smiled all the time?  Well, let me tell you who knows the answer to that... Rains Wall.  Life is always better when you lead with a smile and as long as I’ve known this cat, that is the way he rolls.  One of the most important things we can do for our lives right now is to surround ourselves with people that will be a light.  If you don’t have that, all you have to do is listen to this interview and you will be golden. ​ E-Book: Play Music Make More Guide to building a successful music career.​
Chad has been a chiropractor for many years and serves all types of people from various backgrounds. And one of the big reasons I wanted to have Chad on the Dream Big Series is because in addition to being chiropractor for a couple presidents and many, many musiciansHe was the chiropractor for The Dave Matthews Band for 5-6 years, Chad shares insights about how Dave Matthews and Coran Capshaw rocked the independent music market and changed the face of how music is managed and done. Chad shares the power of being able to adapt quickly to circumstances and how a proper mindset is the absolute key to success. ***EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY*** All children under 18, elderly 70+, & immunocompromised persons will be provided care at his office for a donation of any amount until coronavirus concerns subside.http://drchadhawk.comFree E-Book: Play Music Make More Guide to building a successful music career.
Billy Brimblecom has toured the nation, been a professional studio musician in Nashville, overcome the loss of his leg and now leading the charge with Steps of Faith a non profit with a mission of providing prosthetics to those that don’t have insurance to cover prosthetics. Billy has taken what many would call a loss and turned it into a purpose. Billy also talks about how their cover band commands $20 a ticket and sells out at a 1000 people He also discusses his friendship with Jason Sudeikis from their time together at the Kansas City Comedy Club and how Jason continues to play a major role in Thundergong the huge benefit for Steps of FaithPlease support Billy by visiting and even donating to: Billy’s Yacht Rock Band Summer Breeze:'s new project: Mazinaw E-Book: Play Music Make More Guide to building a successful music career.
Kevin tours the world with the 80’s group Flock of Seagulls performing for thousands of fans at every show. Kevin is the kind of bright light that leaves a lasting impression from the first time you meet him. Today Kevin talks about the impact his influences had on him early in his career and they are some heavy hitters.He talks about the power of staying clean for longevity as well as the attitude of loving on people and treating them in a way that he wants to be treated and how that has continued to propel his career upward.Kevin is always so gracious with his time. I would love it if you would go support Kevin at any of the links in the show notes. Please let him know you appreciate him sharing his life with you. https://www.kevinrankin.com E-Book: Play Music Make More Guide to building a successful music career.
Sarah Mac is a Writer and Mindset Coach who supports creative entrepreneurs to transition to the passion work that makes them happy. She works with artists, coaches and healers who are ready for more money, freedom and fun in life and business. She does this through mindset coaching and intuitive business strategy. Originally from the UK, Sarah is now based in New York. She's also a song lyricist and performer.Sarah Mac discusses Pushing past LimitationsHow to learn to trust your intuitionShe talks about committing to a creative practiceAs well as doubling your income and healing from health issues E-Book: Play Music Make More Guide to building a successful music career.
Don Simon is an attorney, educator and arts advocate. He is also a volunteer with Kansas City Volunteer Lawyers and Accountants for the Arts. talks about the importance of starting a music career right along with what great information on ASCAP, BMI, Copyrighting and Performance royaltiesAlso Don speaks about the importance of setting up a bands organizational structure correctly. In other words, who gets paid what? In addition we discuss music publishing and you get paid when a song ends up on Netflix, a T.V. commercial, video game or something similar. And lastly Don has great advice on how to treat music like a business. Get your Free E-Book: Play Music Make More Guide to building a successful music career.
The Rev Jimmie Bratcher is a preacher / blues artist who is not afraid to go places that many won't with his music and message. Jimmie plays in prisons, clubs, Sturgis, church and more. His story is inspiring and has impacted thousands. In this interview, Jimmie talks about:Overcoming drug addictionHow to re-invent yourselfHow to restart your music career later in lifeWhat his daily method of operation looks likeHow to listen to the voice of your heartHow to stay relevantDeveloping relationship skillsMake sure to leave a comment here and support Jimmie at the following links:www.jimmiebratcher.com E-Book: Play Music Make More Guide to building a successful music career.
Dan Weller is the guitar, keyboard, and auxiliary player for Florida Georgia Line, one of the biggest country music groups in the world. Dan has an incredible music business mind and shares a ton of his knowledge in this interviewDan talks about: The corridor of opportunityThe power of a care packageThe Rule of threeHow music is a businessWorking a roomYou can find more on Dan Weller here:You can find more on Dan Weller here:INSTAGRAM: http://www.danweller.comFREE E-BOOK: Play Music Make More
Brandon travels all over the world doing what he was born to do.. Play Guitar.He has gone from playing local bar gigs to sold out concerts in Europe. Brandon talks today about a big believe, what kind of preparation he goes thru for a show, the importance of image related to a professional music career and much, much more.https://www.brandonmillerkc.com E-Book: Play Music Make More Guide to building a successful music career.
Joe Mills drives a tour bus for one of the largest tour bus companies in the world. With over 100 buses on the road they attract many of the top artists. In this interview Joe talks about how he went from a passion about tour buses and a seed planted to a methodical path of steps that led him to where he’s at now. Joe also shares about the valuable learns he has witnessed with artists and their bands with regards to the right way to do it, as well as some things not to do if you want to play on that levelLots of fun stories with great information. Joe’s Recording Studio: http://joemillsmusic.comJoe’s son’s band State Line Drive: E-BOOK: Play Music Make More
Tim Charron has opened for more than 30 national acts and booked countless shows completely independently. Tim has a great perspective and attitude and has opened up exactly what he has done to accomplish these feats completely independently. Tim's FREE E-Book "How To Book Gigs" Charron OFFICIAL WEBSITE:
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