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Author: Dana Etherington

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Join me as I connect with engineers, architects, college students, corporate execs, my parents, politicians, scientists, Nana and people from all over; real stories from real people. Perspective is everything. I end every interview with the same question; Is Climate Change "fake news"? This podcast is funded by Earth First Alliance (EFA) and
11 Episodes
Hey folks!My friend Lou was kind enough to chat with me a few months back from the other side of the world. This was recorded in January, 2020 before quarantine. The fires had been raging in Australia for months and it was a very fresh topic. The topic is still relevant today as fires have been raging across the western United States for several weeks now.Listen in to learn about what it was like to grow up in Australia, and how locals like Lou feel about the fires.Enjoy and thanks again Lou!-DanaSupport the show (
Hey Friends!In this episode I have a chat with a friend of mine, Dave Halbert. Dave was born in Ohio but moved to Massachusetts when his mother took a job with the EPA. He has lived in East Boston for years since graduating from college. Dave is actively involved in local politics and has some fantastic insight into environmental issues and related injustices around Boston. Being an Eagle Scout himself, Dave has a personal connection to promoting and preserving a healthy planet. Here's a quote from the episode where Dave is talking about the realities of an increase in frequency and severity of storms around the city due to climate change:"It's kind of a funny joke when it's one person kayaking down the street after a storm. It's a whole lot less funny when it's everybody kayaking down the street, and the storms are every month. On top of the that; these people aren't just kayaking for fun, they're trying to save their homes"Give it a listen! -DanaUseful links: the show (
Hey All!This episode is a continuation of my chat with Juliette (see Episode #8). Now we move past her background and we dig a lot deeper into the psychology of Climate Change. Listen as she tells stories from her classes, experiences with colleagues and some very cool Interactive Climate Policy Simulations.Don't miss this one!-DanaPS: the show (
Hey Peeps!On this episode I had the chance to speak with one of my old professors from UMass Lowell; Juliette Rooney-Varga. Back in 2012 she taught a class of mine on Climate Change and I still remember a lot of our projects (climate simulations). She really knows her stuff! Was Juliette always interested in Climate Science? What influenced her when she was a kid?As someone that has been involved in Climate Science most of her life; her path to present day is fascinating. Give it a listen :)-DanaSupport the show (
Hey All!On this episode I have chat with my brother Derek. Him and his wife have lived in Lancaster, PA for several years and have traveled around the world. Learn how an old TV show called 'Rocko's Modern Life' impacted his views on recycling as a kid. We also geek out a bit towards the end about the future of battery storage, electrification, etc. (for those that are into that sort of thing :)).Give it a listen! -DanaSupport the show (
Hey All!On this episode I have chat with my old rugby teammate Ryan. He has some great insights on appreciating the great Canadian outdoors, fly fishing and a lot of other stuff.Give it a listen! -DanaSupport the show (
Hey Folks!On this episode I have a chat with Julie about her experiences with Hurricane Katrina, and how that put her on a path to working as a Lead Resiliency Engineer today. Julie has a lot of stories and knowledge to share with the world. Give it a listen! -DanaSupport the show (
Hey Friends!On this episode I have a great discussion with Konstancja about growing up in Poland, making the big move to New York City and transitioning into the Sustainability industry. She's received her MBA in Sustainability from Bard College and recently starting her own company called Bramble NYC: it a listen! -DanaSupport the show (
Hey Folks!On this episode I have a chat with Nana about growing up during the depression, global warming and what it's like to live in New England. It's not everyday you get to hear stories from someone like Nana.Give it a listen! -DanaPS: I apologize for the blips and background noise in the audio; work in progress!Support the show (
Hey Folks!On this episode I have a chat with a good friend of mine, Dan Holzer. He grew up in New Jersey and has lived in Medford, MA for the last 10 years. He's worked as an engineer at several start-ups in the Boston area and has traveled around the world.He's got some great perspectives on life so give it a listen!-DanaSupport the show (
Hi folks! This is our FIRST EVER EPISODE and gives a quick background on myself, why we started the podcast and what future episodes will look like. Cheers,-DanaUseful notes:Billerica, MA is a Boston suburb about 20 miles Northwest of Boston; population ~45,000MEP stands for "Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing"; MEP firms design these systems for buildingsWhy 2 Degrees C? the show (
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