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Author: Kelly Fitzgerald Fowler and Susan Sloate

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Welcome to TALK JAM…Musicians jam, just for fun. Here at TALK JAM, recorded live and then flash-frozen in a secret undisclosed location somewhere on the planet, two good friends talk about everything under the sun. It’s about writing, it’s about books, it’s about the Bible; it’s a lot about history, politics and conspiracy theories; we’re serving them all up in one big jam!
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Episode 43--ELECTION WRAP-UP, VOTER FRAUD & 2020 NANOWRIMOThis last episode of Season 1 of TALK JAM is a humdinger! We talk about the election (of course!) and Kelly's experiences as a first-time poll manager on Election Day, along with more general conversation about the (non) results of the election, what we think might have happened, and what the Trump campaign can (and will) do about it. We also talk about this year's Nanowrimo (National Novel Writing Month), the annual sprint to write 50,000 words of an original novel in 30 (gulp!) days. Susan and Kelly are both participating and excited to do it! Because of Covid, this year's events will all be virtual; there'll be no live meet-ups of writers anywhere, which isn't as much fun as usual, but maybe next year!We also give you a phone number to reach the Trump campaign--per human rights attorney Leigh Dundas, a member of the Trump legal team--in case you yourself have witnessed something related to the election or the ballot counting that you think could potentially be fraudulent; please contact the Trump team at this number: 1-800-895-4152. Thank you for your willingness to step forward and help!This episode of TALK JAM is sponsored by Kelly Fitzgerald Fowler's Biblical thriller, OVER MY DEAD BODY: Click HERE for more information on Kelly's Supernatural Biblical Thriller. As always, thank you for supporting us, and remember that if you have comments or show ideas, you can always reach us at out Susan Sloate's  new audiobook, STEALING FIRE (available on Audible and Amazon):
Episode 42: Local Voting Report and the FBI--Corruption Through the RanksTALK JAM, Episode 42, is a two-part discussion:Part I is our breakdown of what's happening in Charleston County, SC with absentee in-person voting now taking place around the county (we're breaking records with the number of voters we're getting!). Even with a skeleton crew, the poll workers in our town are breaking records! We expect plenty more voters and many more ballots cast before Election Day. This will be a truly historic election cycle.Part II is our discussion about the FBI. Susan discusses the history of the organization, its founding and the first Director, J. Edgar Hoover, who kept stern discipline throughout his organization while also keeping secret files on D.C. political figures, who were terrified of him. Hoover, in turn, never went near the Mafia, because they had their own files (and seriously compromising material) on him and his own secret life, as well. Then Kelly talks about the FBI she once knew and the latest version of it, which seems to let the most important political cases slip through its fingers; is this on purpose or are they just too incompetent to be serving us anymore?  Click HERE for the link to the article Kelly mentioned in this episode. Episode 42 is sponsored by the audiobook version of STEALING FIRE, by Susan Sloate, now available on Audible, Amazon and iTunes:
Episode 41 of TALK JAM is a lively conversation about a recent TOWNHALL article by Kevin McCullough @KMCRadio on Twitter, titled "Signs that Trump Isn't Going to Win on November 3rd". You think it's going one way in the article, but then, thankfully, it goes another way... check out the great article here. We conclude with more political definitions to help you beef up your political vocabulary, so you can join more of the current hot political conversation. In this episode, we discuss packing the court, co-equal branches of government, and the definitions of capitalism, communism, and socialism, and why the last two can ONLY be enforced at the point of a gun...Please email us at with any specific political words or phrases you'd like to know more about!Please check out the president's current list of accomplishments in office at This episode was sponsored by the audiobook of OVER MY DEAD BODY by Kelly Fitzgerald Fowler, narrated by the great James L. Rubart. Check it out at:
Episode #40 of TALK JAM is a discussion of Kelly and Susan's experiences in the election process, here in Charleston County, SC. Thousands of voters have already turned out to vote in-person absentee, with many more expected in the next few weeks. Voting continues up until November 2nd, the day before the election.We also discuss political conversation, and how so much of it is spoken in shorthand, so you get only bits and pieces. If you don't know what some of these terms mean, it can make you feel pretty stupid. So in the interest of helping more people feel more comfortable with political talk, Kelly and Susan define some important terms and then discuss the granddaddy of all political scandals--the Watergate scandal which rocked Washington in the 1970s. Since then, virtually every political scandal has been something-gate, but Watergate was the first and still has resonance today. And Woodward and Bernstein, who reported on the scandal for THE WASHINGTON POST, have sent a generation of kids to journalism school and earned themselves a place in history.Kelly also talks about her experience in FB jail for simply educating people about spoiled ballots. Hint, do not allow anyone working at the polls to put any marks, checkmarks even a dot on your ballot. The website we mentioned in the episode which lists Donald Trump's accomplishments in office Please visit the site for many pages of discussion about topics from building the wall to the economy to veteran affairs to economic zones for minorities.Episode 40 is sponsored by STEALING FIRE, the new audiobook by Susan Sloate, narrated by Mapuana Makia:
Episode 39 of TALK JAM introduces Susan's brand-new audiobook, STEALING FIRE! It's her first audiobook, and she is SO EXCITED about it!Joining us in this episode is a lovely Hawaiian actress Mapuana Makia, who narrated the audiobook and discussed the process with Kelly and Susan. It's her very first podcast interview, AND STEALING FIRE was the VERY FIRST major audiobook she ever recorded, so this was a big deal!Susan talks about her writing process, why it took her 30 years to write and publish the book, and just how much of this very autobiographical story was about her actual life, and how much was not. (Hint: It's VERY MUCH about her!) Since the story is about a famous Broadway lyricist, we also talk a little about great Broadway lyricists, notably Susan's cousin, Fred Ebb, who wrote the lyrics for CABARET, CHICAGO, ALL THAT JAZZ, and a little ditty called "New York, New York"... Hope you'll all listen to this fascinating dissection of a writer's life and the secret love that lit it up; here are links to the audiobook on both Audible and Amazon:
Episode 38 of TALK JAM is a lighthearted look at our favorite bumper stickers! I follow cars with funny bumper stickers; how many can you name?Kelly did some research into bumper stickers through the decades and reminded us of the trends in bumper stickers, which came out from the 1960's through the 2010's, from "FLOWER POWER" to "BABY ON BOARD". We also talked about our favorite buttons and refrigerator magnets; write us with YOUR favorites, too!We also discussed talk shows, and in particular, Susan's favorite episode of THE JERRY SPRINGER SHOW... it's a scream!! Please write us with YOUR show ideas at; we LOVE hearing from you!Episode 38 is sponsored by the audiobook version of OVER MY DEAD BODY, the Biblical supernatural thriller by Kelly Fitzgerald Fowler:
Episode 37 of TALK JAM is a discussion of September 2, 2020--a great day for Susan in many ways, because it was the day on which her son received his Super Bowl ring! (He works for the Kansas City Chiefs, so of course he received a Super Bowl ring.) We discuss the general design of the ring, though we will post no photos, for safety reasons, though you can probably find it online if you look for Pat Mahomes' ring. It's really special, and we're THRILLED!We also discuss Tom Seaver, one of baseball's greatest pitchers, who also died on September 2nd, so it was a bittersweet day for Susan, who has loved baseball since she was a teenager. She actually saw Seaver pitch, and he WAS one of the greats, and here we recap his career and remember just how much he meant to the Mets, especially in helping them win their Miracle World Series title in 1969.Here's a link to the final tribute to great Mets players at Shea Stadium on the day of their final game at Shea in 2008 (Seaver's appearance is at 32:10): episode of TALK JAM is sponsored by FORWARD TO CAMELOT, the time-travel thriller by Susan Sloate & Kevin Finn: once again, thank you to all of you listening, who keep US talking, week after week; we truly appreciate your being there for us!
VOTER FRAUD AND WHAT THEY'RE DOING ABOUT ITEpisode 36 of TALK JAM is a discussion about voter fraud in elections. Voter fraud is real, specifically what was confessed in a recent New York Post article by an operative who claimed he fixed municipal and state elections in New Jersey for years. In addition, we talk about lawyer J. Christian Adams and his efforts to combat voter fraud nationwide, plus discussions about voter ID and questions from Kelly about the upcoming presidential election and how you can get involved in your community elections; don't miss it!This episode was sponsored by OVER MY DEAD BODY, a supernatural novel by Kelly Fitzgerald Fowler (here's the Amazon link):'s the link to the recent New York Post article about election fraud in New Jersey: the piece about J. Christian Adams:
Episode 35 is a short riff on friendship, specifically the long-term friendship between Kelly and Susan which led to the TALK JAM podcast, after 15 years! We talk about how we met and how our friendship grew, and some of the special moments we've had together along the way. If you've ever been a friend or had a friend, you'll recognize it all, and you won't want to miss it!Episode 35 is sponsored by FORWARD TO CAMELOT, a time-travel thriller novel by Susan Sloate and Kevin Finn.
Episode 34 of TALK JAM is a wide-ranging interview with LeeAnn Rawson, the Certified Professional Life Coach and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach who founded Narcinon LLC, an organization which helps victims of narcissistic abuse find healing and help from these difficult relationships.Narcissism is something most of us have heard of but many can't define, though a lot of us have already been through difficult relationships with narcissists ourselves, often without realizing it. LeeAnn provides a wonderful overview of the subject and how Narcinon can help those who are at the end of their rope through the usual narcissist's pattern of idealize, devalue and then depart. She also talks about her own experience with narcissistic relationships and how learning to deal with them changed her life.Reach out to her at, a great website that provides good information and resources.Thanks, Lee Ann, for an excellent interview about an important topic!Episode 34 is sponsored by THE AMAZING MR. BIG by Kelly Fitzgerald Fowler, a walk through the entire Bible in 229 (rhyming) words!
Episode 33 of TALK JAM is a lively discussion about the first 3 1/2 years of the Trump Administration and its tremendous achievements. While the media would like you to believe that Trump does nothing except tweet, play golf and think up new ways to be racist in the Oval Office, those of us who have been watching have seen enormous strides in a number of areas. Kelly and Susan pick their top 3 favorite achievements and discuss them, from energy independence to defunding Planned Parenthood to lowering the boom on drug dealers and sex traffickers. It's been a great 3 1/2 years!Want to learn more about the Trump Administration victories? Visit for a complete list, organized by timeline (month and year) or topic. Here is the link to The Atlantic article Kelly referenced regarding fentanyl pouring in through the southern border via China. topic: Joe Biden's complete list of career accomplishments, so short you could print them on a chewing-gum wrapper, and a quick rundown of Kamala Harris's most egregious political sins, in a career full of them.We also talked about Donald Trump's career pre-presidency, and we're including a clip of his 2005 appearance before a Senate Committee about remodeling the United Nations (relevant clip begins at 1:35:30): episode of TALK JAM is sponsored by Susan's 2018 award-winning love story, STEALING FIRE:
Episode 32 of TALK JAM is a lighthearted look at time travel, both movies and books. Kelly and Susan LOVE time travel stories, so this is right up their alley! Join us for this lively talk about what makes great time travel stories great!!Episode 32 is sponsored by OVER MY DEAD BODY, a supernatural novel by Kelly Fitzgerald Fowler:'s Top 5 favorite time-travel movies are:5) BACK TO THE FUTURE4) THE TIME TRAVELER'S WIFE3) FREQUENCY 2) ABOUT TIME1) SOMEWHERE IN TIMESusan's favorite time-travel books are:3) and 2) TIME AND AGAIN and FROM TIME TO TIME, both by Jack Finney FORWARD TO CAMELOT by Susan Sloate & Kevin Finn YOU ALL for making sure TALK JAM has now had 500 podcast downloads!! We're thrilled and can't wait to do more!And if you have an idea about something you'd like us to talk about on TALK JAM, please email us at!!
Episode 31 is a disturbing conversation about the online furniture company Wayfair, which may or may not be involved in some deeply upsetting activities, possibly involving child sex trafficking. Susan was first alerted to this by a YouTube video from Amazing Polly, and Kelly has been following the story for a while. This is an important story, but it takes some intestinal fortitude to listen!!Here's the Amazing Polly YouTube Video from July 14th: Wayfair Questions Need to be AskedThe telephone number for 24-hour Hotline for Child Sex Trafficking (if you see something, say something!): 1-888-373-7888.Number to text any suspicious activity to (you can snap a photo on your phone and send it, with a comment), to 233733 (National Human Trafficking hotline). Whatever you can do to help stop this scourge is much appreciated!!Episode 31 is sponsored by STEALING FIRE, a romantic novel by Susan Sloate:
TALK JAM Episode 30 is a discussion about hoaxes, primarily financial hoaxes, in their various forms. Kelly has a background as a credit-card fraud investigator, going back to the 1990s, and talks about her work in recognizing and investigating financial frauds perpetrated on the public.  We talk about a number of different types of fraud and what to be concerned about. NEVER just hand out your credit card number, bank account number or other personal information to ANYONE, for any reason! If something seems suspicious, chances are there's something not right about it: Beware! It could cost you thousands of dollars to be wrong!!We wind up with a talk about one of the most famous (non-financial) hoaxes of all time, the WAR OF THE WORLDS radio broadcast at Halloween, 1938, which all these years later is still America's best-known show from the Golden Age of Radio.Episode 30 is sponsored by STEALING FIRE, a romantic novel by Susan Sloate:
Show Notes:Episode 29 is a fascinating discussion about Dr. RIchard Bartlett, a Dallas emergency-room doctor who's been using an unusual protocol for COVID-19, which includes a 100% CURE rate among his ER patients, some of whom are extremely ill with other diseases at the same time. Dr. Bartlett is using an INHALED STEROID, similar to what doctors in Shanghai, Taiwan and Japan are using, and it's inexpensive, highly effective and working beautifully! Join us to learn what else he's doing to get his patients well in record time!Included in this episode is mention of Johns Hopkins' Coronavirus Resource Center: here's the link: steroid Dr. Bartlett is using so successfully is Budesonide, along with the antibiotic chloromycetin and the supplement zinc. Episode 29 is sponsored by the time-travel thriller novel, FORWARD TO CAMELOT, by Susan Sloate & Kevin Finn.
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Kanye West


Show Notes:Episode 28 is a long-ranging talk about the upcoming presidential election, including some observations about Kanye West's late entry into the race as an independent candidate, a reminiscence about Ross Perot and Bill Clinton, and some thoughts about the current polling and why it isn't accurate at all. Episode 28 is sponsored by the time-travel thriller novel FORWARD TO CAMELOT, by Susan Sloate & Kevin Finn.
Episode 27 is sponsored by Kelly Fitzgerald Fowler's great children's book, THE AMAZING MR. BIG, a very short story (in rhyme) that covers all the important concepts in the Bible. Great for children to start learning about God and his story; check it out!In Episode 27, we talk about SONG OF THE SOUTH, the Disney movie that Disney tries not to acknowledge because they believe it's full of racist concepts. So even though it's not even on the Disney+ platform, you can find it on other streaming services. Susan saw it for the first time a couple of weeks ago, and for Kelly, it was her FIRST experience watching a movie in the theater! Enjoy our talk about the movie, what we liked, and how we felt about the complaints through the years about 'racism'. We touch briefly on other censured movies history as Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, Dirty Harry, and Noah. 
Episode 26 is another diet update and a discussion of how we've managed our diets during the lockdown. It isn't easy to do intermittent fasting while locked down, nor is it easy to maintain calorie and exercise schedules, as Kelly does, while unable to go out normally. But now that we're out of lockdown, we're both making progress back to where we were! A lively talk about IF, My Fitness Pal and a number of other interesting ways of eating, including clean and dirty Keto and the Five-Bites Diet. Make sure you check out the DELAY, DON'T DENY Facebook group (started by Gin Stephens, author of DELAY, DON'T DENY and the brand-new FAST. FEAST. REPEAT.). Gin lost 80 pounds a few years ago and kept off EVERY POUND with intermittent fasting, and she's got a passion for it, and the group, with more than 282,000 members worldwide, is terrific!! 26 brought to you by the audiobook of  Over My Dead Body: A Supernatural Novel, By Kelly Fitzgerald Fowler and read by NYT bestselling author, James L. Rubart. You can find more details about the audible version of this book here:
Today's TALK JAM is an exciting two-part interview with Teresa Ward, who's been studying and interpreting dreams for many, many years, as a way to bring us closer to God. Her book, GATEWAY TO DREAMS, discusses the basics of interpreting dreams and emphasizes that 'everything is about context' when understanding what particular symbols mean TO THE DREAMER. Teresa has a podcast as well, the Gateway to Dreams Dreamcast, where she discusses and interprets dreams, which can teach, prophesy or confirm (among many other categories) what's going on in your life and what your next steps might be, and warn you of upcoming challenges to prepare for now.Reach Teresa at www.gatewaytodreams.comEpisode 25 is sponsored by FORWARD TO CAMELOT, the time-travel thriller about the JFK assassination by Susan Sloate & Kevin Finn.
TALK JAM Episode 24 has two jams, both dealing with the racism concerns we've been focusing on over the last few weeks.Jam 1 is a passionate discussion about GONE WITH THE WIND and HBO MAX's decision to remove it from its service. Susan is a huge GWTW fan, and Kelly does a mean Vivien Leigh impression (demonstrated in the segment). We discuss the movie, portions of the book not usually discussed and other topics involving Hattie McDaniel's Oscar win as the first black actor ever to be nominated OR WIN. Either way, GONE WITH THE WIND, a classic American film, should NEVER be banned!Jam 2 continues our discussion of racism by focusing on the life of Sammy Davis Jr., possibly America's greatest and most versatile entertainer--singer, dancer, actor, mimic, nightclub entertainer, Broadway star, TV and movie performer, recording artist and more--whose career trajectory in the 1940s and 1950s took him straight to the heart of racism in America's core (by people who considered themselves liberal). His struggle to live a life of dignity not constantly focused on his race was profound and cost him dearly. This jam is well worth listening to!As always, we welcome your questions and comments, and if you have a topic you'd like us to address in future jams, we hope you'll let us know!This episode of TALK JAM  is brought to you by the novel, Over My Dead Body, by Kelly Fitzgerald Fowler. 
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