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Talking all about Star Trek Fleet Command in a kinda funny, kinda sad kinda way. Get tips and tricks, inside info, and win prizes! All right here with your host, UltimatDJz.
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Be Still My Borgified Heart

Be Still My Borgified Heart


Feedback regarding week 1's version of Heart of Stonn was heard by Scopely. But was the reiteration worse? Tonight we dive into the changes, the thought process BEHIND those changes, and what it means for the community moving into the future. We talk about hoarding mechanics, and how much it should OR should NOT affect your progression. Finally, we REEXAMINE our path to 4 of 10, and WHAT it will mean for players if they CANNOT finish their ultra recruit event this weekend. Is there still a path? Maybe so! All this and more on tonight's show! Please sub to our channels, share with your team, and ENJOY the show!  Visit our website at! 
There were some clear break points in satisfaction with these SMS. For example, MOST players Ops 39 and down are THRILLED with the opportunity at a full unlock WITHOUT having to dump millions of points into an auction where they could be sniped at the last second. Players in the upper 40's view it as a sign of relief, almost a "discount" of sorts, because their auction prices would go significantly higher than Scopely is asking them to pay. However, players in the low to mid 40's, are feeling the pressure as common material walls, and the NEW adjustment for them from G3 to G4 is still in the early stages.  Facts are, players control their own destiny. An officer has a clear and defined objective price to unlock. And unlike an auction, you know where your spend gets you. Despite early rabble about high milestones, upon calm reflection, perhaps this isn't all bad? DJz sits back and let's the community duke this one out as we turn to each corner, and find F2P wildly in favor of this mechanic, and light spenders feeling the impossible. This is a great listen and some great insight into what other players face on a monthly basis with upgrades and materials spend. Please share with your team, sub to our channes, and most importantly, ENJOY the listen!  Visit our website at  
Tonight on the show, we break down what we NOW know about the path to Worf. It's not quite as easy as we had hoped it would be, but there's still a path. Enough bonus shards have also been given for you to be able to potentially SKIP a milestone in a future event, especially if the material spend was high enough to give some players fits. Value wise, does the event make sense? Plus, WHAT IS OFFICER POWER? An event was modified over the weekend due to a technical glitch, but even then, players misunderstood the actual mechanic of officer power. We will break that down for you and give you some math on WHY XP was the least effective form of scoring in this weekends power events. All this and much more! Please share with your team, sub to our channels, and ENJOY the show!  Visit our website at for more info! 
Today was the most excited some players have been in over a year. The introduction of G5 finally arrived and despite most players not getting there for a very long time if ever, it was exciting to see what's over the horizon. Plus, the arc itself launched with so much positivity, it was a joyous day. From officer sourcing, to photon tokens, to simplicity with events, players are feeling very happy with this new season. Let's break it all down and hear from the players! Please share with your team, subscribe to our channels, and ENJOY the listen! Visit our website for more information at!
What a great show we had this morning, and gosh, one of the most promising starts to an arc in STFC history! No time to write it all out! YOU JUST GOTTA LISTEN! Thanks to our guests this morning, and our audio engineer, Stevens Aaron for taking care of the studio taping! YA'LL ROCK!  Visit our website for more info!
Tonight we started out by discussing all the varied reaction to DJz and company on the final grades for Arc 5. We quickly transitioned into the roadmap and started playing the what if game! A look back at previous roadmaps was done just to make sure we're not missing anything plus, HINTS were given for the upcoming October Arc. This was a fun show, as it always is when we can start imagining the future and what hope it can bring us! Please share with your team, sub to our channels, and as always ENJOY the show! Visit us online at  
Karkun said it best when he said that the EXPECTATION of this arc was huge, and we may have felt that the community was going to negatively respond to our calls for a final grade. However, what we discovered was that there were two CLEAR sides of this arc, and some players responded very positively, while others were totally 100% disappointed. The pros and cons were discussed and DJz and crew find themselves ALSO split into two sides as final grades are doled out. This is a wild and emotional and passionate listen, and we invite you along for the ride! Please share with your teams, subscribe to our channels, and most importantly, ENJOY the show! Please visit our website at! 
Today was the final day of the 5th month of TNG. And all the feedback, criticism, regrets, and next-to-dos came pouring onto our stage. This was a great show that really was quite diverse in its topics including, what could Scopely have done differently with TNG related content? How much loot did we get for a 5 month event store? What should you be doing with your loot? How hard was it to earn within leaderboards? And what are Multiphasic Credits? And why do they exist? It was an action packed 3 hours and were excited to have you on board with us to listen! Please share with your team, sub to our channels, and ENJOY the show! Visit us online at  
There's something wrong with them. Tonight we break down for you a SUPER WIDE variety of topics including in game equivalents to Troi, why Wesley Crusher feels like hes not getting you any results, WHERE WERE MY TICKETS FOR OEP!? and the love we all have for 96 hour mining SLB. Can't even begin to tell you all the items we touched on here. This show was a wild ride, and it starts with a salute to a special segment of our community. I see you...   Visit ourwebsite at for more info
Most people can agree. Scopely design team got this one right. ATA 2.0 is beautifully designed and stimulates strategy and thought when considering how to play this new PASSIVE feature, without requiring loads of extra screentime. HOWEVER, has Scopely's monetization team/accountants gotten in the way AGAIN of a beautiful feature? Trait XP seems to be trickling in, even though it takes MILLIONS to maximize your opportunity, and AT LEAST hundreds of thousands if you focused in on one or two assignments. ALSO on today's show, TheLooter comes by to discuss the BRAND NEW Kelvin Memorial Archive tools that are now live and how they work to the benefit of the community. PLUS we discuss Troi, and other officer opportunities in the Event Store and what you should be considering when purchasing with your event store loot. Please share with your team, sub to our channels, and ENJOY the listen! Visit us online for links to YT, our support program, and our merch store!  
DJz is out of town this weekend, but the show must go on! Bubba Joe and company keep Talking Trek on the air this Sunday evening as we discuss loot, event store purchases, and away team assignments. Plus tacos. Can't forget tacos. Enjoy the show!    EDITORS NOTE: a portion of this show was removed due to it's questionable content. We apologize for those who were exposed to this content before it was caught, and sincerely convey our apologies for any offense that was taken. Human life is always valued and cherished above all else with regards to our content, and we wish for anyone who feels otherwise to know that we can be human, and sometimes lapses in judgement will occur. It's happened to all of us. We thank you for your continued patronage, support, and love despite our failings. LLAP Commanders
Ok community, so this podcast was an intro to Arc 5. So we did discuss a few arc related things in the beginning. A brief look at all the things that changed in this arc was discussed and reviewed. THEN we got in the beef. Trait XP and HOW to use it to your benefit. What is the strategy? Is there Strategy at all? Oh my, yes. This may be the most cerebral feature Scopely has ever released. And we've solved the puzzle for you folks. LISTEN to this one carefully, share with your team, and please sub to our channels. Thank you for being here! Visit our website for links to our discord for some charts, graphics, and tools dedicated to Traits. Some items discussed in this show will point you to our discord for screenshots. We highly encourage you to visit our discords Graphics Rooms to get the full picture.  
Congratulations. ConGRATUUUUUUU-LATIONS Scopely, on your fastest EVER hotpatch deployment. Almost like it was ready to go... Almost like you KNEW this was a bad idea, but mehhhhh, DO IT ANYWAY!  An angry group of rioters discuss Chen this morning, then we move on to Traits, which shoulda been fun to talk about, but ya know, ruined days tend to occur when you do one thing so horribly wrong that it overshadows all the good you tried to do.    We did get into Traits, how to use em. Their math and the officers that have at least one of the 57 characteristics in the game that will boost your ATA Crit chance as high as 100%. Sound too good to be true? Well, it's not, BUTTT, it will be a challenge to get it there. Let's talk about that, AND the new borg mining queen, three of ten. All this and more. Get your megaphones ready, this one is ranty.  Please visit us on ourwebsite at  
Tonight was a dreamers episode. Our hints have pointed towards Scopely revisiting a previous feature to improve it. What could it be? TC dominated the conversation, but other features worked their way into the conversation including Borg and the Megacube, Exocomps, Stella, and even Ship Skins. What improvements can Scopely work into their game that are actually community driven? This is an episode all about imagination to improve our game in ways we want to see it. This is actually a fascinating listen with feedback points from a wide variety of ops levels, and we invite you, AND scopely, to take a good hard listen. Provide your feedback within our discord; link available at! Thanks for sharing, thanks for subscribing, and ENJOY the show!
In today's highly anticipated arc finale, we discuss our final grades and offer insights into what we all saw and felt during the arc. Rewards? Exocomps? F2P progression? Events? Nothing is off the table as we discuss perspectives from 30 to 50 and all points in between regarding TNG Arc 4. What was your final grade? See how it stacks up with the rest of our panelists as we issue Scopely their final marks on the latest month of TNG content. Please share with your team, subscribe to our channels, and ENJOY the show!  Visit our website at    
Commanders! Welcome to the show! Today, we throw away ALL formats, abandon ALL fluff, and dive straight into urgent business at hand. Borg. Why did the community hate it? Did it deserve it? Why does Scopely continually mishandle one of ST's most prominent features? And CAN it be improved? Tonight's debate pulled the curtain back on the true mechanics, the true intents, and how YOU can avoid the confusion for the next run. Please sub to our channels, share with your teams, and enjoy the listen! Please visit our website at for more info! 
Today, we pushed the grading of our arc til Sunday, but decided to dive into a newer player's experience within the game today. Have questions? This was the show for you! We discuss new players in their teens and 20's and how things like Cosmic Cleanup, Exocomps, and Meridian are vastly more valuable to these players, and why some players are really digging the new mechanics of the game. Plus, hint towards upcoming content, stupid news, and a LITTLE bit of Podtalk in the new G4 ship bps pack. What's the intent there? We dive into all of it here! Enjoy the show, and please be sure to sub to our channels. Visit us online at  
Hey commanders! Today, apologies. another YouTube simulcast, but what we did today was discuss and show off the brand new pc mod for STFC. Our community genius, criminal ripper has fixed bug after bug and created graphical ui heaven in our beloved game for those of you who have downloaded this game on PC. What does it have in store for you? Come check it out! Be aware, many visual elements of this game are discussed in this podcast, and you may find it easier to follow along in our YouTube video here:   thanks for watching, be sure to subscribe and share, and enjoy the show!
Hey Commanders, tonight the show conversation continued with Techman16 of Trek Talk with Tech and Kirk (a GREAT podcast) that focuses specifically on drama of ROE conflicts across various servers. Techman started a conversation about Server 34 and DJz found correlations with Server 15. We dive into some of these reasons for war, and discuss how much leeway alliances should have in declaring war on others. Plus, when should it end? This was a fun convo and a peek behind the curtain of S15 and S34  as they compare in war. Please share with your teams, subscribe to our channels, and enjoy the after party!  Visit our website at for links to all of our properties! 
Good evening commanders! Today we unveil the new PC version of STFC. We examine what it looks like and how it compares to current emulators like Bluestacks 5, and what is new in the client. Also we show off a little modding that we've done and how the landscape can be changed with this latest client. All areas of the client are explored and lots of visual elements exist within this broadcast. We invite you to listen here if you wish, but also, to view along side, or perhaps, consume the podcast ON youtube as the video elements are present there in real time. The video is viewable at: As always, thank you for watching, please share, sub, and ENJOY the show! Visit our website for all links for the show at  
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