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Talking all about Star Trek Fleet Command in a kinda funny, kinda sad kinda way. Get tips and tricks, inside info, and win prizes! All right here with your host, UltimatDJz.
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YO TREKKERS! Thanks for another great show! We start out with a bit more recap on Arc 2 before moving into one of the larger pieces of feedback from the first two Duality Arcs, which was the large number of armada driven events in the game. Seems like we were asked to do more than we could possibly do without spending money. BUT is that actually true? Can the armada model actually be mathematically proven to work month after month? We think so, so let's drive in and do some balance between saving directives, AND guaranteeing your chests and rare directive acquisition as well. Also, please be sure to listen near the end for our initiative this holiday season and please send us your emails to nominate a family in need of a bit of Christmas Spirit this year. Email your nominations to for the Talking Trek Team to help provide a little extra Christmas Cheer.  Thank you all! Please share with your team, sub to our channels, and ENJOY the show! Our links are online at  
It's been exactly two weeks since we were in studio with you and we had no shortage of things to talk about. DJz makes a passionate plea to the community for giving this holiday season, not only to each other, but to your local children in need. And while we (DJz) apologizes for the lengthy philanthropy segment, we remind you that we are in fact a community, and sometimes, this community transcends our video game, and we encourage you to open your hearts this season.  That said, we did dive in to Duality Pt 2 and provided some excellent review, AND some scathing feedback from some players regarding the newly widened "ops-chasm" that we're experiencing in the game now, and ways to try to fix it moving forward. Major points of conversation included the economy, milestones and points, cloaking, Sela and Tomalak, and Territory Capture (the one dull spot on an otherwise bright month.)  Great conversations had by all! And a very fair and valid set of grades forthcoming! Please share with your team, leave your comments on YOUR grades, sub to our channels, and ENJOY the show!  Visit our website at for our email, and write us your letters for Talking Trek Gives Back! A family in need will receive $500 from Talking Trek to bring a small bit of joy to children this Christmas! Who will win this gift? It's up to you!
This episode was our first time back in a over a week and it was a GREAT laid back conversation with players about the events, rewards, and wrapup of Duality part 2. What would we like to see continue and what were the items MOST important to us as we prepare our final grades? Plus, Scopely shocks the community with a new limit to PVE Grinding. BUUUUUUUT, how many players does this really affect? And what are the facts surrounding the change? There's a lot of misinformation out there, and Talking Trek sets the record straight. What are the reasons behind this change? Reputation? Botting? Addiction? We explore some of these scenarios and discuss the technicalities of botting and WHY this change MAY have been the only reasonable solution, at this time. All this and more on today's AMAZING community driven episode of Talking Trek! Please share with your teams, sub to our channels, and ENJOY the show!  Visit our website at  
What are you thankful for? Besides Bubba Joe hosting a show while DJz prepares pumpkin rolls, cheesecakes, and multiple boxes of stuffing that is...  Let's take a few minutes to talk about a few things we're happy for, and maybe a few items on our Christmas Wish List!  Visit us online at
Tonight was about as nerdy as it gets, folks, so buckle up. Scopely missed ANOTHER opportunity to claim a player beneficial game bug was fixed this week, and instead left it to the community to find. This change marks 3 years that players have ASKED for the change, but no action was ever taken, and MECHANICALLY, and compared to other games, this change makes sense. BUT, from a game design perspective, Ripper believes this actually makes these features of the game, TOO overpowered. Plus as a refresher, we'll deep dive into WHAT these buffs do mathematically, and rank them in order of importance, not only from an officer perspective, but an ABILITY perspective as well. PLUS, Level 59 Bro Skacoren stops by and allows Talking Trek to get to know the human behind the "bro" a little bit, as well as drop some incredible high level hostile grind knowledge. Orrrrrr is it so high level? a few of HIS everyday grinding crews may just surprise you. All this and more on today's incredibly nerdy episode! Please share with your team, sub to our channels, and ENJOY the show! Visit us online at for more!
On tonight's show we broke the news that Scopely HQ was making a change to the Sela power gained auction. How does this fare for players? Is this a good change? While domination auctions are great, and they are, it's dangerous to mess with a mechanic that includes OTHER metrics, and not only that, but again, for the second month in a row, a change is made that throws players off kilter less than 48 hours before an event. What are the ramifications for this auction? PLUS, Conquest actually seems like a huge hit, and paid out just STUPID amounts of rss and materials. How can you flip the script coming up this week? The mechanics are within and we invite you to share with your team, sub to our channels, and ENJOY the show!  Visit us online at!  Don't forget to subscribe to YT and comment on our 5k mats video for your chance to win 500 materials coming up on Wednesday! 
On tonight's show we start breaking down the event calendar and the 117 events Scopely has prepared for us today. There are some KEY strategic moments this month, with events that clearly have a direct path. How has Scopely responded to the sustainability complaints from October and prepared players to compete this month? Plus, we talk briefly about the new Prime Officers and IF it's really worth 99.99, OR if a BOGO is a better deal? And Scopely hides the most important improvement of the entire arc, Common Material / Lat conversion rates! All this and more, plus special guest Skacoren stops by to talk about his latest g5 ship and HIS opinion on the new Prime Officer pack. Please visit our website at  
Today we did our typical arclaunch Q&A based on the new arc with the new currency, new research, new cloaks, refits, and so much more! Get some answers to your questions here, plus hear about a new giveaway and your chance to WIN! 
The nailbiter month of October has raised questions for MANY players throughout their 30's levels. The new question, WHERE to camp and hoard, vs where to spend? This conversation dominated today as we spent some dissecting the 20's, and 30's, for ideal camping zones. Plus we discuss downtime between the arcs, and recap all of the hints we've provided so far, PLUS provide 2 new ones! And DJ gags over spiders. All this and more on today's fun filled adventure with Talking Trek!  Visit our website at! 
Happy Halloween! Always fun to be with you on air for a holiday! Tonight we briefly wrapped up on Trek or Treat, and discussed the snafu with the Ghost Hunter event regarding tetryons and feasibility. We quickly transitioned into Borg, and while LOTS of players find this an unpopular opinion, DJz actually found this event better than August's version. More importantly, 4 changes were identified that Scopely ACTUALLY modified, and most players didn't notice. We break down the roadmap again for players who missed the August episode, give you the ideal crews to use depending on the capabilities of your vidar, and talk about the future implications of the megacube events. Plus there was definitely some halloween talk, and DJz eats too many butterfingers, and may or may not have vomited live on the air. No, we didn't cut that out. Please share the show with your team IN TIME FOR Monday's Armada event, sub to our channels, and most of all, ENJOY the show! Please visit our website at  
Tonight we tried to tackle too much. and time just didn't allow for all of it. But we did our best to give you the best overview we could of Trek or Treat, what will be required of the remaining events, and what we can expect to see for the rest of this week. IMPORTANT INFO for day 5 of the events contained within the first 30 minutes! PLUS we take a hard look at some of the biggest features of the month, including G5 introductions, officer sourcing mechanics, and cloaking! What was good? What was bad? and WHAT was the final grade issued for Duality?  Please share with your team, sub to our channels, and most of all, ENJOY the show!!   Visit our website for links to our YT channel and our NEW merch store! Get yours now at  
Tonight, DJz is wrapping up a week of traveling and decides to join the community from the road. We discuss the Duality wrap up and what went well this month, which was nearly everything! We discuss the modifications to G5 space, and the latest change on Ultra Recruits and Transporter Patterns. Then when everyone is feeling giddy from all the celebration (and wine) then we get real. How can Scopely POSSIBLY hope to repeat this in the future? What can they do to ensure success? How can players be involved month after month with this new auction replacement mechanic, and does further testing need to happen? Listen in on this great back and forth conversation on Duality! Please share with your teams, sub to our channels, and ENJOY the show!  Visit for more info, AND MERCH! Buy your merch today! 
DJz is traveling, so Bubba and Bg decided to run the show. Tonight they discuss some of the changes that have happened in the game recently and what they mean for the longer mechanics that need attention, such as officer sourcing and current arc earning of newer officers. Plus they open the floor for your questions and feedback, directly to the dev's in this round table episode of Talking Trek, with Bubba and Bg!  Visit our website at  
Be Still My Borgified Heart

Be Still My Borgified Heart


Feedback regarding week 1's version of Heart of Stonn was heard by Scopely. But was the reiteration worse? Tonight we dive into the changes, the thought process BEHIND those changes, and what it means for the community moving into the future. We talk about hoarding mechanics, and how much it should OR should NOT affect your progression. Finally, we REEXAMINE our path to 4 of 10, and WHAT it will mean for players if they CANNOT finish their ultra recruit event this weekend. Is there still a path? Maybe so! All this and more on tonight's show! Please sub to our channels, share with your team, and ENJOY the show!  Visit our website at! 
There were some clear break points in satisfaction with these SMS. For example, MOST players Ops 39 and down are THRILLED with the opportunity at a full unlock WITHOUT having to dump millions of points into an auction where they could be sniped at the last second. Players in the upper 40's view it as a sign of relief, almost a "discount" of sorts, because their auction prices would go significantly higher than Scopely is asking them to pay. However, players in the low to mid 40's, are feeling the pressure as common material walls, and the NEW adjustment for them from G3 to G4 is still in the early stages.  Facts are, players control their own destiny. An officer has a clear and defined objective price to unlock. And unlike an auction, you know where your spend gets you. Despite early rabble about high milestones, upon calm reflection, perhaps this isn't all bad? DJz sits back and let's the community duke this one out as we turn to each corner, and find F2P wildly in favor of this mechanic, and light spenders feeling the impossible. This is a great listen and some great insight into what other players face on a monthly basis with upgrades and materials spend. Please share with your team, sub to our channes, and most importantly, ENJOY the listen!  Visit our website at  
Tonight on the show, we break down what we NOW know about the path to Worf. It's not quite as easy as we had hoped it would be, but there's still a path. Enough bonus shards have also been given for you to be able to potentially SKIP a milestone in a future event, especially if the material spend was high enough to give some players fits. Value wise, does the event make sense? Plus, WHAT IS OFFICER POWER? An event was modified over the weekend due to a technical glitch, but even then, players misunderstood the actual mechanic of officer power. We will break that down for you and give you some math on WHY XP was the least effective form of scoring in this weekends power events. All this and much more! Please share with your team, sub to our channels, and ENJOY the show!  Visit our website at for more info! 
Today was the most excited some players have been in over a year. The introduction of G5 finally arrived and despite most players not getting there for a very long time if ever, it was exciting to see what's over the horizon. Plus, the arc itself launched with so much positivity, it was a joyous day. From officer sourcing, to photon tokens, to simplicity with events, players are feeling very happy with this new season. Let's break it all down and hear from the players! Please share with your team, subscribe to our channels, and ENJOY the listen! Visit our website for more information at!
What a great show we had this morning, and gosh, one of the most promising starts to an arc in STFC history! No time to write it all out! YOU JUST GOTTA LISTEN! Thanks to our guests this morning, and our audio engineer, Stevens Aaron for taking care of the studio taping! YA'LL ROCK!  Visit our website for more info!
Tonight we started out by discussing all the varied reaction to DJz and company on the final grades for Arc 5. We quickly transitioned into the roadmap and started playing the what if game! A look back at previous roadmaps was done just to make sure we're not missing anything plus, HINTS were given for the upcoming October Arc. This was a fun show, as it always is when we can start imagining the future and what hope it can bring us! Please share with your team, sub to our channels, and as always ENJOY the show! Visit us online at  
Karkun said it best when he said that the EXPECTATION of this arc was huge, and we may have felt that the community was going to negatively respond to our calls for a final grade. However, what we discovered was that there were two CLEAR sides of this arc, and some players responded very positively, while others were totally 100% disappointed. The pros and cons were discussed and DJz and crew find themselves ALSO split into two sides as final grades are doled out. This is a wild and emotional and passionate listen, and we invite you along for the ride! Please share with your teams, subscribe to our channels, and most importantly, ENJOY the show! Please visit our website at! 
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