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Author: Gregory Humphrey

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Conversations with people about ideas and their interesting backgrounds. From artificial intelligence assisting those with dementia to the way ham radio benefits local communities, I conduct long-form conversations from the Madison isthmus.
13 Episodes
From the pages of The Hancock News podcaster Gregory Humphrey provides insight into how the 1918 pandemic impacted a small town in Waushara County.  From 'cures' to accurate medical reporting, obituaries to brighter days following the virus outbreak, this podcast is also sprinkled with the music of the era. 
Once again Doty Land will have interesting and engaging podcast conversations from the Madison isthmus!  Doty Land is back 'on the air'!
As a disability advocate and juvenile defense lawyer, Nicki Vander Meulen speaks about issues with a first-hand narrative.  COVID-19 is the issue that propelled her candidacy for the state assembly. She shares her love of books and why reading was so important to her as a child. The podcast is hosted by Gregory Humphrey.
Providing insight into her past years of public service Marsha Rummel converses about what skills she brings as a candidate for state assembly. From gun control measures to how best to deal with a pandemic Rummel covers many topics.  She even chats about baseball with host Gregory Humphrey.
With a personal account, Heather Driscoll explains why she is in favor of reducing gun violence.  From campaigning in a time of pandemic to talking about redistricting many topics are discussed. She shares a laugh over books with host Gregory Humphrey.     
A lively discussion with Stephanie Manesis, from Fargo, North Dakota, the producer/director of the 26-minute documentary short, "Compassion on the Battlefield in WWII", with ZenLily Films.  This episode is dedicated to my dad, Royce Humphrey, a World War II veteran from Hancock, Wisconsin.  
As we seek ways to stay safe during the coronavirus pandemic, and also find ways to spend our time self-isolating, Doty Land has some highly entertaining reading ideas.  Books that will carry readers high into the branches of trees, far off in time to Stalin’s Siberia, learning how Henry David Thoreau started a fire in his woods, and understanding how all of Galveston was underwater.  Host Gregory Humphrey opines on books that have made an impression to such an extent he wants others to learn of the wonder to be found on their pages.
Indiana Confederate Civil War reenactor Mary Beeman takes us back in time, alerting listeners as to why living history is not only a remarkable way to explore the past, but great for family fun, too.  Host Gregory Humphrey underscores President Lincoln’s character as the Republican nominee casts his 1860 ballot in Springfield.  Plus, a-not-to-miss book about Abe, as recommended by a modern-day president.  With lively music and historical tidbits, we head back to the Civil War era while paying homage to Abe Lincoln. 
Recalling the days when the Wisconsin State Legislature was part-time, before air-conditioning and when smoking was allowed.  When male legislators at times made sexist statements, and young staffers learned how to handle their new jobs.  With candor and insight, Jan Grunewald brings alive the memories from under the dome 'back in the day'.  Host Gregory Humphrey and Grunewald offer fond recollections of State Senator Lloyd Kincaid, State Representatives Lary Swoboda, Stan Gruszynski, and Cletus  Vanderperren, along with other memorable faces from the past. In a personal closing commentary, Humphrey allows insight into an uplifting moment for democracy at the Capitol.
Theater of the Mind

Theater of the Mind


What was it like to be involved as a listener and as a participant when radio shows were broadcast live to listeners nationwide?  Today's guest as a boy was a 'radio star' and as a teenager attended numerous radio shows including the Gene Autry and the Ozzie and Harriet shows.  With production skills which imitate the grand days of old time radio, this show is certain to be a delight.
'Those Magic Airwaves'

'Those Magic Airwaves'


What makes ham radio so relevant in today's world, and why is AM radio so nostalgic and wonderful?  Doty Land, a podcast from Madison, Wisconsin takes up the task of providing some answers with two guests.Paulette Quick joins in the discussion regarding how local government benefits from ham radio operators.  Insightful and charming, her interview provides background as to why ham operators are not just engaging in a hobby but also aiding in our communities. Bruce Miller takes us back in time to examine what made AM radio so special and why today's youth can still feel the excitement of past generations.   Gregory Humphrey packages a podcast with memorable radio clips and connects with the reason radio influenced listeners and made an impact.
After months of working on a podcast the first Doty Land project is less than 24 hours away from going 'on air'.  I am pleased with the product and trust listeners will find it worthy of their time.  
Starting soon Doty Land will start podcasting long-form interviews about ideas and issues with interesting people. Too often rancor abounds on the airwaves while many people in the nation want civilized discussion.  From the Madison isthmus those conversations are about to begin.  I ask that you become a part of my audience.  Thanks.
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