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Author: Amber Samaya

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I'll Have What She's Having! is a visionary interview-based podcast highlighting the real-life experiences, embodied wisdom, life path stories, and inspirational creative offerings of WONDROUS women.This podcast invites women from all walks of life (and men too!) to meet at the beautiful intersections of our unique lived experiences. Joining together in a quantum circle for laid back, fireside, magic-at-the-kitchen-table, no-holds-barred JUICY conversations about everything from creative projects, community innovations, business, sex, intimacy, relationships, motherhood, grand adventures, dark nights of the soul, self care, intentional life ways, sacred practice, necessary rebellion, and those hilarious *this-legit-happened* stories that will have you laughing. We hope you'll feel at home. That you'll laugh enough that it'll count as an ab workout. That you'll heal and soften a little bit. That you'll feel deeply connected. And certainly, that you'll celebrate each other. Welcome to a podcast where conversation becomes medicine.
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This is the introductory episode of I'll Have What She's Having!, where your host, Amber Samaya, gives the juicy details of the heart, soul and intention of the Podcast. The podcast is largely inspired by the MANY conversations Amber has had with amazing women in her community and beyond. The kind of conversations that leave you saying, "Well, I'll have what she's having, please!!" And that's what we aspire to ignite.  The aim of this podcast is to bring everyday women together in a quantum circle for laid back, fireside, magic-at-the-kitchen-table, pajama party-esque, no-holds-barred JUICY conversations about everything from creative projects, community innovations, bizzzznesss, sex, intimacy, relationships, motherhood, grand adventures, dark nights of the soul, self care, intentional life ways, sacred practice, necessary rebellion, and those hilarious *this-legit-happened* stories that will have you laughing.We hope you'll feel at home. That you'll laugh enough that it'll count as an ab workout. That you'll heal and soften a little bit. That you'll feel deeply connected. And certainly, that you'll celebrate each other.Welcome to a podcast where conversation becomes medicine. Show Notes:Music: Karma Kat by Dyalla - shared with permission Support the show (
Today's podcast guest, Juliette Woods, is an incredible mix of mystic, mother, spiritual guide, creative, and earth spiritualist. In our conversation we talk about...The concept of a 'slow-cooked' life and regenerative self care Tending to ourselves by tuning into our innate capacities, seeking emancipation from the paradigm of overdoingThe recognition that we are re-learning how to be in circle and the balance between patience, openness, compassion, boundaries, and...well, we'll figure it out eventually! Considering what is means to 'hold space' or be 'sending' energy to someone #gettinspiritual #woohooRecognizing the places we need to perhaps reclaim ourselvesCultural appropriation and a gentle invitation to be ever more vigilant with our languageMaking conscious transformations in your business - even when it's a bit challengingBeing in service to LIFE through acts of connection and contemplation (and some good ole ironic humour) and Juliette's photo project and 'devotion of trash removal on the West Coast of Canada', Lost & Found. Please Claim.We cover a lot of ground in this long-form conversation that feels like a lengthy stroll down the beach on a drizzly day...picking up wise little the selkies a wave hello and wink or two...remembering the seal skin tucked away in our own closets. You can connect with Juliette in the following ways: Website www.3foldbalance.comPatreon: Instagram: @3foldbalance  @juliettefaewoods - for the Lost &Found. Please Claim photo series YouTube: Spiritual Practices playlist channel (3 Fold Balance) notes: Namaste (meaning): Meditation healing violence - Study: Sophia - Poem - Let Me Gather Myself: Lost & Found. Please claim - Juliette's beach cleanup garbage photo series: Macy - The Work that Reconnects: Opening music and music behind the poetry read was "Bittersweet" by Kevin MacLeod (, License: CC BY ( for Podcast intro is "Karma Cat" by Dyalla (Creative Commons License)And you heard the song "Slow Decay" by Ingrid Witt (Creative Commons License) during our conversation from Epidemic Sound can engage in reciprocity with this show by supporting me - Amber Samaya - on Patreon: the show (
Midweek Musings are short segments in which I share reflections, poetry and prose, creative exercises, and many other supportive goodies. This week I reflect on the idea - There's something R I G H T with you. That's right - you and I - we're magical creatures in a complicated world. I've noticed a trend among women of striving for self betterment - the grow, get big, be more, get more, be unstoppable, kick ass ideology that can sometimes come at the expense of honouring the R E A L HUEmxn emotional responses that occur for us as we are exposed to the intensity of the globalized, colonized, pathologized world we find ourselves embedded in. There is anxiety...there is depression or sadness...there is anger...confusion...ambivalence...the need to slow down. A spectrum of natural responses to living with eyes and heart open. To being that kick-ass awesome feeling and sensing womxn that you are. And so this is a call to honour your natural, intact, HUEmxn responsiveness. You can still grow, improve, actualize, and show up excellent in your life, but I encourage you let yourself experience your suppleness, your affectedness, your full emotional spectrum - the intactness and rawness of your empathy. We are interbeing. I end with an original narrative poem about an experience I had - supple, open, feeling my pain for the world - in the grocery store a while back...With heart, amber samayaShow notes: The music included in this episode included..."What Once Was" by Gavin Luke from Epidemic Sound ("Dreams Become Real" by Kevin MacLeod ( CC BY ( from https://filmmusic.ioSupport the show (
Sarah Leanne Hart is a lot of incredible things all wrapped up in one very ripped and very caffeinated package! An accomplished pro climber, MEC Ambassador, facilitator, public speaker, student of radical social work, globetrotter, and coffee enthusiast! The latter being the magic elixir that makes all the former possible. In our conversation, we traverse the peaks and valleys of Sarah's life, and clip the following bolts: Managing an injury AND a multifaceted, busy schedule The personal challenges that led Sarah toward embracing Feminism and how she works towards equity for womenSarah's dedication to empowering teenage girls through the Learning to Lead program (Minerva Foundation)The transformation from "white" Feminism to Intersectional, inclusive FeminismWorking on her Bachelor's Degree in RADICAL social work Navigating post-colonized systems, and the valuable learning coming from Indigenous communitiesThe importance of critical thinking and humility as we move through the complexities of the world So excited to share this chat with you.To connect with Sarah online do one or all of the following...Instagram: @sarahleannehartFacebook: https://www.sarahleannehart.comShow Notes: Minerva BC, Learning to Lead: Inquiry Into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women: UNDRIP: UNDRIP_E_web.pdfMaslow's Hierarchy of Needs: Feminism: and Book Mentions:Living A Feminist Life, by Sarah AhmedLifting Hearts Off the Ground: Declaring Indigenous Rights in Poetry, by Lyla June Johnston and Joy Devito {Reading from Chapter 7, Article 7 and response poems} Coming Back to Life, by Joanna Macy and Molly Brown {Reading from Chapter 2, pg. 21-22, "What Is Pain For The World?"}Climate: A New Story, by Charles EisensteinMusic: Opening music, "Ghosts of the Rail" by Gabriel Lewis from Epidemic Sound Music for Podcast intro and Outro, "Karma Cat" by Dyalla (Creative Commons License)Wildlight’ by The Polish Ambassador, Creative Commons License ( from the Free Music Archive.Leverage, by Infinity Ripple from Epidemic Sound A Temporary Solution by Inifinity Ripple from Epidemic Sound Wood Carver’s Lament by Amber Samaya from SoundcloudSupport the show (
In this episode of I'll Have What She's Having, I get to talk with the powerful and brave, Jenn Plotnikoff. Jenn is a Sacred Fear Alchemist and the best of the best kind of coach, and she gives us some deep insights into how our relationship with fear is probably in need of a shift in perspective. This is a longer conversation that covers many areas directly related to our experiences of fear across the spectrum - be it anxiety, panic attacks, or low-lying chronic stress, to those moments when you are catching a huge wave and need to stay on top of your board! (FYI, Jenn is a surfer-chick living in Mexico and so you'll hear some good surfing metaphors!)The highlights: Patterns of experience as a new framing for traumaRecognizing our bodies as an animal and tuning into the innate intelligence it holdsResourcing and anchoring safety through visualization practice (link to practice below!)Getting curious about your fear responses and letting your body do what it needs to doThe wound of disembodiment - how being "here" is hard but necessary to claim!Paying attention to the dynamics of fear and learning where to position yourself the waves are approaching! The waves will keep coming, but we are all learning how to ride them together. To access a beautiful resourcing safety guided visualization generously offered by Jenn, follow this link to the audio file: To connect with Jenn, you can follow her socials: Facebook Page: or @movedfromwithin  Personal Page: @jennplotnikoffDeep Courage™ online self-study program: heart, amber samayaShow Notes:Poems Read Aloud: 'Coyote' - by Amber Samaya'Go to the Limits of Your Longing' - by Rainer Maria Rilke Music: Opening music, "Threads" by Ebb and Flod from Epidemic Sound Music for Podcast intro and Outro, "Karma Cat" by Dyalla (Creative Commons License)"Something Wonderful" by Alan Piljak from the Free Music Archive"We Forgot" by Ayla Nereo, Creative Commons License ( from the Free Music Archive.Support the show (
Melaney is a Musqueam (xʷməθkʷəy̓əm)/Nanoose, Snaw’naw’as woman who, from birth, was fostered out and then adopted into a White settler family during the 60s scoop. Later in her life, Melaney reconnected to her Indigenous culture, wisdom, family and way of life and now holds a unique and powerful position as a bridge between worlds and cultures - the 'Western' and her traditional Indigenous ways of living and being. When I met Melaney at a Work That Reconnects workshop on Bowen Island, we didn't share many words, but were immersed in a deep group process moving through ecological grief, and showing vulnerability with one another as we allowed our truths and personal pain over the state of our post-colonial, neoliberal, extractivist economy and culture to surface. Melaney led our entire group of over 20 people through the KAIROS Blanket Exercise - "a unique, participatory history lesson – developed in collaboration with Indigenous Elders, knowledge keepers and educators – that fosters truth, understanding, respect and reconciliation among Indigenous and non-indigenous peoples" ( This was a very somatic experience of the atrocities experienced by Indigenous people in Canada. It unzipped me, and took me from knowing about the genocide of Indigenous people on an intellectual level, to feeling it and understanding it on a much deeper more cellular level. Her leadership is powerful and she speaks her truth without fear. A medicine woman - of this, I am certain. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀In this conversation, Melaney also touches on what it looks like to be an ally for Indigenous peoples and the value of relationship building and resourcing the Indigenous (First Nation, Metis, Inuit) communities you live alongside. She shares the importance of centering Indigenous cultural revitalization and healing, and how that healing is part of the healing of the whole world. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀This time and conversation was a gift from the moment I entered Melaney's space, the food she shared with me (I mean, homemade focaccia bread!) to the depth of her sharing, and the warmth that emanated from her deeply wise and truth-telling being.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀This is a medicine conversation. I invite you to make some tea, settle in and join us. To stay connected with Melaney, you can follow her on...Facebook: @melzeagle you for listening. Thank you for hearing. Amber SamayaShow Notes: Learn about the Musqueam Nation - Blanket Exercise - about the 60's scoop - Work that Reconnects - To Life workshop on Bowen Island (that Melaney and I participated in - highly highly recommend!) -’suwet’en Strong: SUPPORTER TOOLKIT - In Paler Skies, by Blue Dot Sessions from the Free Music Archive (Creative Commons License) the show (
Today I felt inspired to share with you a song I wrote two years ago - a song about remembering our sacred dreams. Re-entering the trajectory of them. The power and essence of them. The way in which they are always there inside - the pilot light within the soul. You may forget about them. They may get buried. But that light - those sacred dreams - they always stay lit. Ready whenever you are. <3What grace. What goodness. There is always another chance to be whole again. To live from your soul again. May your sacred dreams be your lived realities.This song is inspired by the poems of Rumi. ⭕️xo amber samayaSupport the show (
As a young girl a framed drawing of two bears sharing a tricycle accompanied with the words ‘simple pleasures, life treasures’ hung on Amanda Shale’s bedroom wall. It is no wonder then, that later in university when she learned about the intentional lifestyle of Voluntary Simplicity through a reading group that she felt a strong resonance and has been on this mindful path ever since. Slowly and steadily she applied it to all aspects of her life, finding contentment with ever less comforts and belongings until we come to this current iteration of her journey. Trading the pursuit of wealth and status for a spiritually satisfying life she has grown into a self-assured and storied wild woman now in her mid-thirties.And the short version? She is a dog mom, a van dweller of 6 years, adventurer, forager, podcaster, thru-hiker, photographer and writer. Amanda speaks with me today about her long-term commitment to voluntary simplicity, her practice of presence when facing the harshness of both the physical and mental environments she finds herself, and the many lessons she has learned in her life as an outdoor adventurer, van dweller, and 'perpetual visitor' on the earth. Amanda offers some beautiful wisdom and her lifestyle and personal story are both inspirational and paradigm shifting! Hoping you enjoy this chat between the two of us - me, from my cabin in the woods, and Amanda, in a secret magical location somewhere in the desert outside of Sodona where she found 4 bars of perfect cell reception! Yahooo!To learn more about Amanda and her dog Frank, you can find her online at...Website: www.tidelinetoalpine.comInstagram: @tidelinetoalpine Facebook Page: Podcast: presence, amber samaya xoShow Notes: Poetry shared was by yours truly - Amber Samaya. Remember the Animal combined with The Reckoning. Both poems written when I was outside on the land being shaped and informed by it. To learn more about Voluntary Simplicity, go here: The music you heard in this episode included... "Breezy" by Axletree from the Free Music Archive."Bluebell" by Axeltree from the Free Music Archive."Stars" by Ayla Nereo from the Free Music Archive."Ancient Discoveries" by Gabrial Lewis from Epidemic Sound. the podcast theme music is "Karma Cat" by Dyalla (Creative Commons License)Support the show (
It has been quite a powerful and dynamic week and month for many of us as we face a rapidly shifting world in light of the COVID19 'pandemic'. There are other things pulling at our hearts like Indigenous land sovereignty, global climate destabilization, young people fighting for a democracy in China, and the impacts of late Capitalism on our hearts, bodies, minds, environments and social fabric. But here we are - holding all of this - and also in the process of having to socially distance ourselves from each other when, in so many ways and for so many reasons, we want to be showing up in community, organizing, standing on frontlines...together. We want to be in service to all life. There is uncertainty here. And big brazen paradox. My guest today is someone who understands well what it means to walk with paradox. Dr. Iréne de Brice is Costa Rican bioscientist, certified holistic health practitioner and herbalist, mystic and self-taught artist. During her formal education she completed graduate programs in biosciences, and also completed a MS in Natural Health and Lifestyles in 2011.Much like our current reality, her life has been split in a dualism. On one side, her scientific body of work has revolved around molecular virology and most recently, infectious disease epidemiology. On the other, she has held on to natural artistic skills from early childhood and has sought nourishment in natural health studies and practices, lifelines that have helped her manage a lifelong struggle with anxiety and high-functioning depression. Holding it all in the balance, as a scientist, an artist, and a womxn committed to honoring the sacred and uplifting the HUEmxn experience, Irene aims to live a humble life of service anchored in the Socratic paradox. All she that she knows nothing. (Even after 13 years of intense scientific training!)This is a SPECIAL episode, unplanned but emergent, as we are gifted with Irene's knowledge and insight to help us navigate these troubled waters. In this conversation we cover SARS-CoV-2 (COVID19), studying and understanding Life, the catharsis of art, science +/vs spirituality, One Health, why slowing down is good medicine, checking our privilege even during crises, and how we can care for each other in this dynamic time. 🙌🏽⭕️A very informative and powerful episode that I hope will be good medicine for you.  Your can find this incredible 'scientartist' at the following online locals: Website: @Ihwsh.podThank you for listening and supporting. amber samaya xo Links: Irene's interview 'Archetypal Woman Series' interview with Mary Margarets Kelly: article on COVID19 and how social distancing helps!: One Health: the show (
You’re on an adventure for the soul. Whether that means you’re chasing mountain tops or conquering complex life situations or business challenges, you want to make every moment count. You find satisfaction is being an explorer. You don’t just live, you experience. You understand that life has texture and crave, real authentic support during those pivotal moments we all confront. This is why I invited Ann Marie McKenzie to join me on the Podcast today. Ann Marie counsels deeply in self-leadership through emotional intelligence, guiding you to create a handcrafted life and business that intentionally feels good. She works with people who are ready to get open about living soulfully and is the go-to experiential Master Desire Map Mentor and Transformation Guide to living and doing business in ways that sustain the soul. Meditation, doTERRA essential oils, and Truthbomb readings are just some of the many spiritual tools she uses to strengthen the heart-mind connection in her sessions.Ann Marie offers curated intimate programs for entrepreneurs, corporations, businesses, and women’s circles providing feelings-based experiences that encourage people to get real, get creative, get messy - and get clear. Our conversation covers some deep territory and really left me feeling inspired and re-ignited in my passion for living a life that is deeply connected to and led by my soul. This ability to know how we want to feel and bring those feeling states into being inside our lived experiences is perhaps more poignant right now than ever.We talk about..❤ The powerful and profound Desire Map process and the life areas it walks us through - Lifestyle & Livelihood, Creativity & Learning, Body & Wellness, Relationships & Society, Essence & Spirituality🧡 The great sifting experience we're having, and the impacts of physical distancing, spending more time at home with family, spouses, or alone, and the emotional impacts of this💛 Our current cultural shutdown providing us the time for reflection and self connection (and the perfect time for diving into the Desire Map!)💚 The mirror effect of our personal transformation impacting the collective💙 The conflict and drama triangle - how we can transform the Persecutor, Victim, and Rescuer reactions to the Challenger, Creator, and Collaborator responses instead!💜 Understanding the value of healthy 'selfishness' and embracing unexpected gifts of time💕Learning how to give from the overflowMay this be good medicine for your hearts. May you consider how you *actually* want to feel, and...go after it. Even now. To connect with AnnMarie, you can find her in the following quantum online spaces:Website: Wellness Advocate site:  @annmariemckenzie13AnnMarie is open and willing to guide you and your friends and family through the Desire Map. It's always best done in groups of people who dig each other's company and will cheer each other on in their Core Desired Feelings. So get in touch with her if you and your Beloveds would like to organize an online Desire Map group facilitation - it is a powerful powerful process. I've done it myself 3 times and it has shifted my life in measurable ways each time. xo amber samayaMusic: Ocean View by dyallaOphelia by Les HaydenKarma Kat by dyalla Support the show (
In this episode, I connect with a very dear soul sister and friend, Farrah Theresa. Farrah is a nature connection guide, permaculturalist, and musician. Her and I speak about  'ecological identity' and the various threads that lead into and out of this concept. We gently dig into rich soil together, co-locating ourselves in the sacred realms of being human, being here on earth, being of earth, and being for earth. Farrah also shares a powerful guided meditation as well as a gorgeous and haunting song weaving that she channels on the piano in the moment. Farrah's BioMy name is Farrah, South African born and bred on the land of the Sesotho , isiZulu, IsiXhosa & Setswana, currently living on Sḵwx̱wú7mesh Nation (Squamish) land in British Columbia, Canada.​With my foremost training Social Anthropology & Psychology I first channeled my love for the service of humanity from a social perspective and later into eco-social endeavors as an Environmental Educator, Permaculturalist and general plant-enthusiast in Thailand, Malaysia, South Africa and most recently, the West Coast of Canada. Something kept tugging at me soul to go deeper, to connect with the roots of my childhood in wild places where the dangers of baboons, green mambas and wild bush-pigs kept us ever witness to our place in the world. ​Thus began my journey 'back to my wildish-nature' through the guidance of the Work That Reconnects, Forest Bathing, Coyote's Guide and Braiding Sweetgrass.  And so I offer you this co-exploration of deepening & expanding our true relationship with the natural world through intentional earth-based practices. ​My deepest hope in these offerings is that we may learn to live our lives in authentic gratitude for all that we are gifted in this life, and in so doing co-create a more harmonious world. ______________________________________________________________________To learn more about Farrah and her beautiful offerings you can find her online at...Website: Offering: Self-Guided Forest BathingInstagram:  @farrah_theresaSoundCloud: Notes:Music "Running Water" by Jason Shaw from the Free Music Archive"Clear Waters" by Kevin MacLeod from Incomtech theme music is "Karma Cat" by Dyalla (Creative Commons License)Books MentionedComing Back to Life ~ by Joanna Macy and Molly Young Brown Thinking Like a Mountain ~ Multiple AuthorsMagdalene Manuscript ~ Tom KenyonEcological Intelligence ~ Ian McCallum Ecotherapy: Healing with Nature in Mind ~ Linda Buzzell and Craig ChalquistAnansi Boys ~ Neil GaimonWomen Who Run With the Wolves ~ Dr. Clarissa Pinkola-EstesSupport the show ( the show (
In this episode I sit down with Artist, Teacher, Coach and Women's Empowerment Advocate, Sylvia Becker-Hill to talk about the shift away from patriarchy and towards a new paradigm where justice, human and other than human life, kindness, and a whole and healthy planet are all honored and taken into considering every step of the way.Sylvia shares her reflections on the archetypal transformation from some of the more negative aspects of the warrior archetype to that of the  'Artist' or creative. This shift has great potential on both the personal and transpersonal level. Sylvia also expresses the importance of honoring the parts of our current paradigm that have been useful, and not 'throwing everything out' or trying to revert back to ancient matriarchal structures that also had their own power imbalances. Sylvia believes we should instead glean what has been valuable from both paradigms and take these forward with us into the next place we are collectively journeying toward and co-creating.Sylvia's BioI believe creativity is your birthright and suppressed creativity leads to in-authenticity, depression and sickness. After decades of channeling my creativity through my corporate clients to empower their success, I finally found my way back home to the artist I always was.I graduated successfully from the Color of Women Certified Art Teacher training with Shiloh Sophia, founder of the MUSEA global art movement. Intentional Creativity is for me self healing, self liberation and self empowerment. Merging it with my treasure chest of coaching and facilitation methods and sharing this cocktail of empowering transformation with you is my path forward.I live with my New Zealand husband and our two teenage boys in a Southern California garden paradise full of old citrus trees, hummingbirds and wild rabbits. When I'm not empowering leaders around the world in coaching sessions using Zoom, you will find me reading in my hammock or painting in my whimsical art studio nestled under the shade of a California pepper tree at the back of our garden.Website: Life Leader Academy: Mentioned Book: Caliban and the Witch ~ Women, the Body and Primitive Accumulation by Sylvia FedericiBook: Leaving My Father's House  by Marion WoodmanColor of Woman Intentional Creativity Teacher Training: www.colorofwoman.comMusicHere to Stay by Jon Algar from Epidemic SoundHymn For the Brave by Miles Avida from Epidemic Sound Mad Humans by Kellee Maize from The Free Music Archive Is the World by Amber Samaya Gould To Stay by Jon Algar from Epidemic Sound Sense of place and land acknowledgmentThis podcast was recorded from my room overlooking grass, trees, and big sky on the traditional unceded, stolen, territory of the Tla'amin Nation. To them I offer my respect, witness, and gratitude for the profound relationship of care and stewardship they have maintained in this beautiful place for time immemorial, and for the teachings of interconnection and thinking 7 generations into the future that are shaping me in new ways. As a settler, brought up in a white supremacist culture that lacks honor, I am grateful and humbled by the invitation to see the world in this sacred, respectful, and intimate way. Support the show (
This is a conversation between two dear friends, whose red thread connection stretches over land, sea, and challenging times. Listen to Joahnna Rivera and Amber Samaya share from their hearts about the complexity of navigating Covidien times, the power of compassionate witness and friendship, the importance of naming what must be named, allowing ourselves to grieve for our world, and entering into personal ritual and creativity to bring coherence around our choice to vaccinate as part of the alchemy of interconnection! About Johanna: I am an apprentice of the land, and a keeper of the mysteries of feminine cycles. A wild woman, who is connected to herself, her intuition, her inner landscape, and who listens to the messages of the earth. Remembering the wisdom within, which is buried in our bones and our wombs. What I share has been shaped by my years working on women’s rights and environmental justice in Iraq and has evolved into a more spiritual journey reclaiming our sovereignty as women and being in deep devotion to the Earth. As we root into our bodies, and live in reciprocity with the earth, we will rise as wild and wise women.Chakral Toning Session with JohannaWomb Wellness Sessions with Johanna: @wild.and.the.moonSelf-Identified Women are invited join Johanna and Amber for Red Thread Circle around the Alchemy of Interconnection in Covidien Times. Sunday, September 26 at 11 am PT | 8 pm CETCircle by DonationRegister here:  Opening underlay: What Once Was by Gavin Luke - Free Music ArchiveDuring Poem: Fragmented by Gavin Luke - Free Music ArchiveCompletion drumsong : performance by Johanna Rivera of song created from the Rainbow Gathering Community Support the show (
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