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Join us weekdays as Kevin integrates humor and satire while analyzing Americas hottest political issues.
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In this episode, Obama's very last minute Biden/Harris campaign trail debut. Tech platforms are running wild with their censorship and I'm not taking it. Who's the real ringleader of the Bidens' issues. 38M early votes cast, how many are starting to feel buyers remorse?
In this episode, the Toobin's and Biden's of the world caught with their pants down and hands in the cookie jar - virtue-signal. Debate #2 might be a bigger circus with the implementation of a mute button. Amy Coney Barrett one step closer!
In this episode, cities around the nation are realizing that being "woke" doesn't enhance but destroys. Biden, Schumer, Pelosi, continually heckled - when will they realize they do not speak for the majority?
In this episode, it's hard to believe people are still shouting it in the streets. The cotinuing sports decline will show it's real ramifications at the negotiating table and ticket sales. The art of Trump legacies.
In this episode, Americans are sick and tired of hearing about COVID, masks and Fauci. Die hard anti-Trumpers of 2016 woke up immediately after the election and jumped on the Trump train... welcome to the party! Obama did one thing in his 8 years, his election fired up politics in the average go with the flow voter and it hasn't stopped. Who's winning the stimulus battle?
In this episode, a Harris-Biden rally is a literal driveby in where the cameras never pan away from the stage. Biden's truth is never enough for him which is why he adds color to achieve the perceived successes. Rampant social media censorship as election closes in, have they been given immunity of it works?
In this episode, now let's test the Left battle cry of "no one is above the law" as we start peeling back the layers. Tucker Carlson connects the dots on Hunter Biden. The ties to China that bind.
In this episode, the Left is SCRAMBLING to try and spew doubt all over the validity of the laptop evidence and resulting scandal. The Launch of KEVTALKS. The spotlight on the FBI and their cover-up ways. Hunter isn't just exposing himself but the entirety of the Demorats playbook.
In this episode, a "deadly" virus that cannot penetrate homemade masks. Life and politicals in the era of an the wuflu election infection.
In this episode, will new documents confirm what the Obama administration and State Dept knew about Hunter Biden. Leftists leverage and abuse relationship without a second thought.
In this episode, best advice coming from Democrats - "VOTE LIKE YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT". Remove the faces and flip the presidential candidate credentials. Biden's racism comes out with every gaffe, why is it so easily dismissed? Being called an Uncle Tom, not the dig it's meant to be.
In this episode, confirming a SCOTUS has become more about legislation than qualification. Biden family bombshells are exploding and social media is scrambling to suppress.
In this episode, the Amish held a rally for Trump! Never, have I ever heard of that happening. Kamala Harris likability factor having impact on Biden voters. Clinton emails making for some very interesting reading.
In this episode, a quick trip to my wife's home state gave our youngest a semi third world experience. Another gaffe by Biden hardly compares to a dismal turnout in the Biden/Harris "soul of nation" tour.
In this episode, with truth Democrats have no case, with lies Democrats have no ground to stand on. So why do they continue to lie? Peace deals and riots.
In this episode, Democrats have a long list of problems both politically and internally. Has the media learned nothing from 2016?
In this episode, as the second debate has been canceled it's more of a benefit to the Biden camp to limit his longterm exposure. NBA ending their social justice initiative? Dollars speak volumes. No support from fans, no more social justice.
In this episode, Gallup came out with the incredible finding that 56% of you say that you are better off, during a pandemic, than you were with OBiden. Happy Birthday to my Motherdear. This quote alone describes the Democrat Party - "I didn't vote for Trump in 2016, but I'd crawl over broken glass to vote for him now"
In this episode, Democrats have set kids up for failure with virtual learning. BLM leader arrested on fraud charges. Critical Race Theory losing traction?
In this episode, Kamala Harris claims the Trump administration has forfeited their right to re-election. When facts are met with BS it's "combative". Opinion vs Facts.
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Scott Bertelson

Thank you Kevin for all your work, I live in a urban area where the youth need you !!!

Jan 15th
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