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Author: Abiola Aduragbemi

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- Helping young people become less terrible humans.
- Questioning the abnormalities of social conventions.
- Changing lives one episode at a time via somewhat comical conversations.

Having engaging conversations that inspire positive changes in everyone involved – speakers and listeners.
106 Episodes
Repentant Throat Goats

Repentant Throat Goats


A deeply insightful, yet quirky conversation addressing the question of a close friend/partner finds a higher power from religion, celibacy, or just morality—definitely a fun mind-bending convo. Hit play and enjoy. --- Send in a voice message:
Mental health has been used as an excuse for bad behavior, to evade accountability, and more recently, as a victim card. In this episode, we are joined by Chika, a psychologist, to drag these culprits but, more importantly, discuss the differences and possible relationships between emotions, mental health, and personalities. --- Send in a voice message:
While this episode is strictly for educational purposes, we look forward to the conversations this episode sparks. Mic check🎙️ --- Send in a voice message:
It's really crazy how unprepared for life the average young Nigerian is for life. What's more, there aren't any systems to at least soften the blow of the world's deadliest hood - Adulthood. In this episode, we shed more light on subjects that young people should be aware of and more importantly, the role internships play in career choice. Kick back, relax, and enjoy the amazing conversation. Join the podcast's mailing list to be eligible for the free business consultation. --- Send in a voice message:
Combine the sudden desire to be social-media-relevant, the world's obsession with controversy, sex, toxicity, and money, what you have is the society today. In this episode, we question the lengths people go to stay relevant on the Internet, the value in clout-chasing, building a fan base off toxicity, scripted social-media "beefs", and a lot more. --- Send in a voice message:
Let's face it, living in Nigeria is an extreme sport! It don't matter how trendy, woke, and young we are, the realities of this country will hit you hard in the face if you don't acknowledge its existence. Join us this week as we highlight some of these harsh realities and how it affects us all. You can also grab a popcorn and watch the full episode here --- Send in a voice message:
Watch full episode on YouTube or you can listen to the episode here on Spotify. You can also grab a popcorn and watch the full episode here --- Send in a voice message:
Is difference in opinion or belief enough to end relationships? We took a dive into the controversial topic that's has been reoccurring online mainly because of the elections. Press play to listen in as we navigate this complex issue of Friendship featuring Politics, Tribalism and Social Media. . . You can also join the conversation on ig and twitter .. --- Send in a voice message:
We discuss Politics, Tribalism, Friendship and the chokedhold the Blocked button on social media has on this generation. New episode drops this Friday, here's a peek into what to expect on the new episode. Make sure you're subscribed on your preferred platform and following us on all socials to stay updated. PS: We've got video content, subscribe here.  --- Send in a voice message:
I'm sure you've gotten an earful of the "new year, new me" cries across social media. What if I told you the simple way to break habits, be a better you, and finally hit the gym is a lazy approach of setting VERY small goals and ticking them off? Listen in, have a wonderful time, and more importantly, have a great 2023. Suggest podcast episodes here: --- Send in a voice message:
Isn't it ironic that the sweetest people you know have the wildest road rage ever? As we're all aware how the city of Lagos can often be a zoo, driving here has become practically an extreme sport where you'd need the sheer force of will, the grace of God, a few "Insha Allah" and multiple denominations to survive driving in the beautiful city of Eko. Kick back, relax and have a good laugh as you listen in. Press play▶️ --- Send in a voice message:
What If I'm Gay?

What If I'm Gay?


What if you're gay and you're just too scared to admit it? Maybe you're not gay but just confused from the gay contents you've consumed. Whatever it is, listen to us have a conversation about homesexuality and it realities in this part of the world. Disclaimer: This is not to convince you of anything. Just a conversation of what is. --- Send in a voice message:
Apparently, it’s cool to base your entire personality on just one activity. We have foodies acting like the rest of us humans are allergic to what should give us sustenance. Just wild. Enjoy, share with friends and tell us what you think of the conversation. Also, feel free to join in on the hot gossip on our socials. --- Send in a voice message:
Wait! Why can't I be FC and 30biji at the same time? I mean i like sensible lyrics but i also like to dance to beat and feel alright. Sadly, reverse is the case for Stans in this our Genz society today. We had a conversation about how we feel about Stan culture especially on this GenZ days. --- Send in a voice message:
Becoming an adult without a blueprint is a struggle we share with most young Nigerians. We might not have the answers but we bring you someone that has lived through these struggles. Emmanuel Faith, the people and culture lead at Cowrywise talks about his Journey from the halls of Obafemi Awolowo University to leading at a top FinTech in Africa. Students, ASUU strike victims, Interns, and graduates, this is a conversation for you. --- Send in a voice message:
Are “Yoruba demons” really demons? The team is joined today by two women that swear they hate Yoruba men. This is an episode filled with stories about love, mistakes, chaos and YORUBA MEN. True life stories told by Adeifemide and Mosunmola. Join the conversation. Support our sponsors * Visit Red Edit Studios at Olu Akerele Street, Off Obafemi Awolowo Way, Ikeja Ikeja, 100001, Lagos IG: @rededitmagazines * Aboki Zobo Send a message via Watch movie here --- Send in a voice message:
You've probably heard of the busy and crazy life people in Lagos, Nigeria live. If you haven't, sit tight and get your earphones cause you're in for a jaw-dropping conversation. On today's episode, Adura and Abigail is joined by artiste BKAY to form a "people living in Lagos" support group to convince themselves their lives are not terrible. DISCLAMER: Whatever we say happened in Lagos, best believe it cause that shii did happen. --- Send in a voice message:
There’s a new scam in town! Crazy thing about the people running the scam, they’re hiding in plain sight.  In this episode, Adura, Abigail, and Bosun have done the lord’s work by pointing you in the direction of these frauds. Verification badge, plenty of followers, yarning dust, and viral tweets. I bet that sounds familiar. Support our sponsors Visit Red Edit Studios at Olu Akerele Street, Off Obafemi Awolowo Way, Ikeja Ikeja, 100001, Lagos IG: @rededitmagazines Watch movie here --- Send in a voice message:
It’s genuinely worrisome how far young people are willing to go to leave the country, increase their social status and just live “the good life”. Today’s episode features on whether there’s a better world out there and if these atrocities committed to leaving the trenches is worth it, enjoy. If you like what you hear, do share across social platforms using the hashtag #shakingtablespodcast --- Send in a voice message:
It's crazy how much we young folks are quick to use definitive terms to support dustbin character. Terms like zodiac signs, body positivity, cravings and even feminism have become the "cool" thing. Every table was shook on this episode , listen now. --- Send in a voice message:
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Keeping up with Tim's Mind

I guess what AA said about giving a try on relationships is the best ideal to get a successful one. Though it's kind of rough to some point. Actually I didn't have a reason for getting myself into any relationship, maybe for the flex😜..Samerah gave up her best in this show.. I woul find myself hanging for some questions. I'll say this podcast was a lit one💥.I learnt so much.Keep it up

May 22nd
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