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Hertfordshire based Web and Design firm catering for the Start Ups and SMEs. So, if you're an individual or a Small Business then please contact us today!
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Running a small business?A website represents you in the digital worldEven if your store that doesn't sell anything online, having a website puts you on the map! Without a website you're invisible. The Reasons:1: Public Awareness and easier to find or Hire2: A Website builds customer relationships3: It's a place where you can freely communicate with them4: You can teach them more about your business, leading to sales5: Control of the information that appears6:Website allows you to document your progress and your journeyOver 80% of customers that search for businesses on their mobile phones contact it within 24 Hours.Customers Learning something new about your business as more likely to buy your product or serviceThis can mean that a website can easily pay for itself!Contact: the show
One of the most popular Free softwares for recording video and audio interviews, making video or audio calls, online conferencing and collaborations with your wider team or presenting you ideas through webinars via a screen sharing.As a Free package Zoom is well worth the effort and has all the errors ironed out over it's other free competitors such as "Hangouts" or "Skype" and even other video conferencing  or sharing softwaresSupport the show
Website domains remain a clouded issue, as the difference between Domain and Hosting is not discussed enough. Hertfordshire Web Design discusses ownership of domains and how we've found it difficult to work with clients who have found out that they do not own their business's domain. This is a quick five minutes just to cover the basics on what you can do to find out who has your domain?Support the show
A final wrap-up meeting with my client The Green Kitchen in St Albans. This audio was recorded as a testimony by the owner Heather Fowler to the quality of Hertfordshire Web Design's work.Support the show
In these times of uncertainty, and whether you’ve been advised to stay at home, or you're worried about your friends, loved ones or elderly neighbours – we can all do our bit to help our communities stay safe. For us at Hertfordshire Web Design, it means a safe working environment, whether working from home or in our facilities. It means more video link-ups. It means a lot of washing hands. It means looking after ourselves and looking out for each other – at work and in our neighbourhoods. Rest assured, the safety of our employees and customers is our highest priority. We are closely monitoring current developments from the WHO, ECDC and national authorities and pursuing a series of preventive measures to protect our employees. When it comes to our service, we are continuing to deliver your websites. If you have any questions, our customer service is always available to answer. If there are any changes to the delivery of our service, we’ll let you know directly. We will continue to keep you informed about each step of your service and hope we can add some sparks of joy to your daily life. Take care of yourself and your loved ones. Here is our recently podcast on what you can do in the meantime to "hit the ground running" and what we can do to help you along the way.Support the show
Whether you're with Hertfordshire Web Design or have an arrangement with another Web Developer, Web Designer or SEO agent, the question of "Can you do better than Them?" is always "Yes". But, why is this the case? Here's a podcast that gives you an understanding as to why.Support the show
Hertfordshire Web Design has never met 75% of it's clients. There are many reasons why, but the most import ones are Time and Distance. We've looked at many solutions to how we can improve the connections. This podcast is an explanation as to how we create rapport through the available technologies.Support the show
A Podcast that focuses on why you need a website at all? Comparing the social media platforms and why you might need to focus on a dedicated domain. Hertfordshire Web Design takes care of your online needs. From registering your domain to building your website and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). feel free to contact us on our number or email us at anytime.Support the show
An earnest account of why our customers would move away from Hertfordshire Web Design. As obvious as it would seem, there are moments when our customer outgrow us. How would we handle it and what is the best situation for handling this, good or bad.Support the show
A basic guide to how best to get in contact with Hertfordshire Web Design. There are a number of ways most businesses would like their prospective customers to contact them. Hertfordshire Web Design as two methods; email and telephone, but which one's the best for you?Support the show
The final wrap up meeting with my client Crystal Rainbows. This audio was recorded as a testimony by the owner Felicia Banks to the quality of Hertfordshire Web Design's work.Support the show
As a Designer and Developer myself, design and code come as standard. Packages provided by the likes of Wix, Weebly and SpuareSpace have tailored this process for the Client and just the Client alone. This in turn has negated the role of the Web Designer/Developer, but there still exists room for the Client/ Web Designer/Developer relationship, and this is to do with the “end result of the website” itself. What is it that the Client actually needs and where will they go with it?Support the show
In the last 20 years the art of building a website has evolved from handed-coded websites, databases and server-side security to, a 100% all-in-one client-controlled website builder. This evolution is to be expected, but there are substantial draw-backs with consolidating code, design & advanced featuresSupport the show
There is a reason why professional marketers and developers steer away from using “all-in-one build your own website packages” and it’s primarily to do with “Control”.Support the show
This is a short six minute video focusing on the main reason why we chose to work specifically with startup businesses and Small and Medium Enterprises here at Hertfordshire Web Design. The analogy of a small 18th century pioneer town is the main comparison for describing the type of clients we usually work with, and how we can expand their businesses to a polished result.Support the show
This is the final of three videos on the topic of SEO using the Pub (Public House) rules to illustrate the conditions for a successful SEO website development. the show
This is the second of three videos on the topic of SEO using the Pub (Public House) rules to illustrate the conditions for a successful SEO website development. the show
The first audio/video by Hertfordshire Web Design. A test base for topics and ideas focused in Web Design and Development in Hertfordshire and St Albans. This is the first of three videos on the topic of SEO using the Pub (Public House) rules to illustrate the conditions for a sucessful SEO website development. the show
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