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The Chokin’ on Truth podcast w/ Steve Winjet
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The Chokin’ on Truth podcast w/ Steve Winjet

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The Chokin’ on Truth podcasts aim is cut through the noise and get to the heart of the matter. We talk about various topics including jiujitsu, mental health, grinding for success, community, and social issues. Sometimes the truth is a hard pill to swallow so our aim is to shed light on the importance of sometimes Chokin’ on the Truth.
7 Episodes
Attn!!! Go to and register with Combat Base Club. Enter promo code: chokinontruth at checkout to receive a free month of instructional gold. Also use the same promo code for a discount off of select Combat Base Swag. Follow Chris on Instagram @chrishaueterart for more cool content.  Watch for the my Patreon launch Join for a behind the scenes look at Podcast episodes and to follow my journey as a martial artist, Independent filmmaker and podcast host. This will be content that is not released to general public exclusive to you the patron.  Thank you to our listeners for your continued support. Follow me on social media to get a more intimate look at my day to day journey.Instagram:@coach_kamakazi_steve                         @steve_winjet                        @sbg.edmonton.bjjyoutube: Steve Winjet Independent films                      Straight Blast Gym Edmonton
 In my first episode after a short hiatus I interview Black and scholar John Frankl. We talk on a wide variety of subjects from Jiujitsu to Blade smithing and how some of their core concepts transcend into our daily living. I am alway appreciative of any amount of time that get to spend with John and enjoy his overall outlook on life and the art of learning. please hit subscribe on apple podcasts and on YouTube at Steve Winjet independent Films(link below v) email at with any questions! Watch for my Patreon launch 
This Episode I sit down with Black Belt Leah Taylor of SBG Montana. We talk various topics including being selective about training partners and increasing sustainability in training.Leah can be contacted on Instagram @leah_taylor_sbgand through
In this episode of the Chokin' On Truth podcast I sit down with my friend and mentor Matt Thornton. We cover topics like how to learn and drill properly, maximizing growth in a time where one on one training is a sparse reality. We talk a little Matt Thornton history, some or give and takes and more. Due to constraints over Zoom the interview the interview is kept short and intimate. I look forward to sitting down with coach Matt again and delve deeper into all things truth. In the meantime thanks for your support and remember the subscribe and drop us a review.
  UFC Coach Chris Conolley talks a little about his past prior to becoming the coach to some of the UFC'S most popular fighters. Chris' coaching style will light a fire under anyones ass due his charismatic approach to fighting. From fundamentals to hotrod technique coach Conolley leaves the room exponentially better for those who show up to train. You can touch base with Chris at and on Instagram @chris_conolley 
Travis Davison talks on coaching, the importance of owning our failures, some of the challenges he faced that were instrumental in the timeline to his current success. And that everyone can be better at whatever it is that we decide to do. If we just don't quit.
 This is the very first episode of the "Chokin' On Truth podcast kicking off the with the one and only Paul Sharp. Paul talks about his Martial Arts journey and gives an intimate account of his battle with a brain injury and the side effects and challenges that come with his journey back to the mats. As an ex SWAT and under officer with Elgin PD, Paul speaks on the practical application and importance of training in the arts of Stand up, clinch and ground. From a harsh word to a hand grenade Paul's experience has all bases Paul Sharp
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