DiscoverA Book and A Dream: An author’s adventure in writing, reading, and being an epic fangirl
A Book and A Dream: An author’s adventure in writing, reading, and being an epic fangirl
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A Book and A Dream: An author’s adventure in writing, reading, and being an epic fangirl

Author: Megan O'Russell

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Do you love books? Are you in the mood for a laugh? Join Megan O'Russell's journey as she dives further into the epic adventure of being an author, explores her love and obsession of all things book-related, and finds the humor in writing roadblocks. With twenty books across six series, Megan has taken the Indie Book world by storm. Her journey from traditional publishing to prolific Indie author has been filled with lots of laughter and more than a few tears. Whether you're an avid reader or a fellow author, this humorous look at the book world is meant for you.
62 Episodes
Nurturing readers from buyers into fans is a long process filled with many perils.But those special fans who become advocates for their favorite books can help keep authors from feeling like they're screaming into the void.From Bookstagramming to creating social proof, dive into how unicorn readers can change an author's outlook and career.
When travel isn't possible, technology can save the day.From virtual reality to obscure documentaries, there are many possibilities for doing worthwhile research from home and exciting possibilities for readers who want to dive further into their favorite stories.
Writing the Legacy

Writing the Legacy


Legacy. What is a legacy?The words of an author can last long after they are gone, continuing to resonate with readers for generations. Or centuries.The concept can seem surreal. But the passing of an author, reminder of copyright law, and durability of print books can make the question of a legacy panic-inducing and immediate.
Feeling a little trapped?Staying safe has meant locking ourselves away from the world. But maybe our cages are cocoons. From publishing new books to learning new skills, in this episode of A Book and A Dream, Megan O'Russell explores the transformations to carry with us as we break back out into the world.
A community of book lovers, a few curses, and some wardrobe issues. What do these have in common? Thousands of views on social media.For this week's episode of A Book and a Dream, Megan takes a dive into the world of TikTok and the strange encounters and epic viewership that can nurture a bridge between author and reader.As mentioned in the episode, you can order your copy of Heart of Smoke by visiting can also view all of Megan's controversial(?) TikTok videos by visiting her TikTok profile here:
Looking for your next read? Amazon categories will guide you even if you don't shop in the Kindle store. From some of the unfortunate mistakes authors make to how categories affect your next book binge, peek behind the curtain and see the nuts and bolts behind this literary love story.
Immense changes can be necessary between when the author feels a manuscript is ready and when the readers finally receive the book.From standing up to an editor to preserve the heart of your story to adapting how you lure your reader into the world you've created, there is a fine line between what's worth fighting for and when you should simply hit delete.
Where is the line between productivity and madness?For planning her 2021 publishing schedule, Megan O'Russell has pulled in her best resource to help her establish that fine line―her husband Chris.In this special guest episode, Chris agrees to some projects he may later come to regret. If you're having problems choosing realistic 2021 goals, this episode is for you.As mentioned in the episode, you can find the "wheel of Ilbrea" by visiting
Slogging through tough times can teach us valuable lessons.While 2020 has been an undeniable disaster, Megan O'Russell offers some useful advice to carry into 2021, whether you're aiming to up your writing game or just trying to get through another Zoom meeting.
There are times to power through and times to step back and admit you need to change course.Reconfiguring our plans is never a fun activity, but changing our expectations of ourselves and the world can be necessary for continuing to thrive artistically as the world throws one curve ball after another into your publishing path.As mentioned in the episode, you can get your copy of The Girl Without Magic, book one in The Chronicles of Maggie Trent, by visiting
Ever wonder what it's like to write a new story in a well-established world? Whether you're an author considering a similar course, or a reader who loves delving into the details of your favorite worlds, you won't want to miss today's episode of A Book and A Dream.Spoiler: Hope you like cats. There may or may not be a special guest appearance...As mentioned in the podcast, Heart of Smoke is now available for preorder.And Girl of Glass can be found at your favorite online retailer by clicking here!
The journey to twenty published novels in less than two years has been an interesting, crazy, and sometimes exhausting adventure. The completion of The Tale of Bryant Adams rounds off my numbers with:-Six Series-Four Completed Series-Six Audio Books-Two New Complete Collections to be Ready Before Christmas-One New Series Starting in January-Two Feline Office Assistants -Unknown Amount of Coffee Consumed-One World's Best Husband Who Makes the Coffee and Keeps Me (semi)Sane. Cheers to the next twenty books...though I may need a nap first.Get your copy of Five Simple Steps here: your copy of Ena of Ilbrea: The Four Book Saga here:
Every story has its inspiration, and when drawing concepts from the real world, touching on the political becomes inevitable. From revolutions to classism, this episode of A Book and A Dream looks at some young adult reading favorites and how their political leanings could be (mis)interpreted.
Audiobooks may be the wave of the future, but there are hurdles indie authors need to conquer first. If you enjoy audiobooks, especially if you are an Audible member, this episode is important for your listening future. The path to great listening experiences is paved by the work of authors and narrators. If you want great audiobooks to continue to be produced, please remember the end of this story will be written by the listeners.
Storytelling―one of the most rewarding ways to communicate and a great way to describe acting and being an author. The similarities between theatre and writing a book extend deeper than the act of communicating through stories, and understanding those connections can help an author craft a stronger narrative and a lusher world for readers to explore.
When building a book from the ground up, there are a few fundamental decisions that are required to create a strong foundation.One of those choices is between telling your story from a third-person or first-person perspective. Both have advantages, but which is right for your project?
Authors are frequently told, "Write what you know." Ever wonder how that works for fantasy and sci-fi?In this episode of A Book and A Dream, Megan O'Russell shares how the fantastical elements in one of her series stemmed from a very real, fairly dangerous event.You can get your copy of book one in The Tale of Bryant Adams, How I Magically Messed Up My Life in Four Freakin' Days, by visiting
In this episode of A Book and A Dream, Megan O'Russell speaks to author Suzanne van Rooyen on topics ranging from the struggle of switching from writing short stories to novels to the importance of LGBTQ+, genderqueer, and transgender representation in books. From finding a book that reflects your journey to using fiction to become a better ally, this interview is one you will not want to miss.Links from episode:Myth and Storm: van Rooyen:'s Books:I Heart Robot: Other Me: Burning: Not all books are young adult. Don't forget to read the blurbs before gifting these books to your favorite Tweens!Felix Ever After by Kacen Callender: Pet by Akwaeke Emezi: McLemore: Boys by Holden Sheppard: Tensorate Series by JY 'Neon' Yang: Themes) The Deep by Rivers Solomon: YA) Danielle Cain series by Margaret Killjoy: Wish You All the Best by Mason Deaver: Salvagers series by Alex White:
How many women belong in power? How much independence should female characters be granted?In this week's episode of A Book and a Dream, Megan O'Russell explains the three rules behind the Bechdel Test and discusses why it's so difficult to find books and movies that can pass.To learn more about the Bechdel Test, visit
Having trouble diving into a new book series? Don't feel up to watching that new movie everyone's talking about?As someone who's suffering from a reading drought herself, Megan O'Russell promises you're not alone.Check out this week's episode, because science says re-bingeing your favorite series can be healthy.
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