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In the era of FCA regulation and consumer duty, what does it look like to serve families effectively? Scott Munn of Anderson Maguire, which recently received a Customer Service Excellence award, gives his view.
A big post-regulation success story is the results funeral directors are having through Golden Charter's introducer appointed representative model. Initially only chosen by a minority of businesses, its benefits for customers and funeral directors are seeing it grow. Malcolm talks to funeral director Paul Stevenson, and two of the Golden Charter staff who handle enquiries introduced by funeral directors, to understand how the process works and what the results have been.
SAIF's CEO Terry Tennens discusses the association's future, and the work it has already done for members through the introduction of regulation.
Since regulation came into force, East Ayrshire's Alex Muir has been feeling the benefits of using digital applications and working online. He discusses how his business works with funeral planning and beyond in the regulated world. Alex also talks about the aftermath of the Queen's funeral and his business' 80 year history.
We've looked at the impact that COVID-19 and regulation have had on long-standing funeral directors, but how does an Independent who launched in 2022 approach the recent change in the profession? Malcolm talks to Stuart Love of Love's Independent Funeral Directors in the West Midlands about the early days of his new business.
Many independent funeral directors have been family businesses for multiple generations. We take a look back at over a century and a half of Dumfries' Jardine Funeral Directors, and talk about how long lasting firms have weathered more recent change.
A Tyne & Wear funeral director looks at where a decade of building his business has put him in the local area, how FCA regulation has impacted it, and what's next for him and his community.
Funeral director Kenneth Keegan talks about what it was like for him and his staff to go through Financial Conduct Authority regulation training webinars as Golden Charter appointed representatives. He talks about what regulation means for him and for customers, and the work his business does locally.
Moray's Callum Ross talks about the link between supporting families and local business branding for funeral directors. He looks at how promoting his business has changed in the era of social media, and the further changes brought on by Financial Conduct Authority regulation.
Malcolm talks to a funeral director who's been working with politicians to get bereavement education onto the national curriculum for school children  in England. John talks about why it's important, what it would look like, and his own experience of childhood bereavement.
Funeral director Oliver Towner has embraced a lot of the change sweeping funerals, particularly around the environment and direct cremations. He tells Malcolm the thinking behind his business' changes, and how his staff have reacted.
A funeral director who spent a week attached to a medicine ball to raise funds for mental health support talks about the unique pressures funeral directors face, and his own experiences of speaking out.
Nikki Bennett of regulation experts UKGI talks through what happens after you return your application to become an Appointed or Introducer Appointed Representative with Golden Charter. She explains the process and addresses myths and misconceptions.
Jeremy West is a recognisable figure in the history of independent funeral directing, long involved with SAIF and in the founding of Golden Charter. Malcolm gets his views on the big picture for Independents, from direct cremation to regulation.
Funeral directors and families are far more digitally aware than at the beginning of the pandemic, and huge numbers of families search online for a local funeral director. Declan Maguire explains how the SAIF Digital programme is helping Independents meet the needs of increasingly online customers.
Laura Browne is a key member of Golden Charter's research and insight team, researching and surveying the views of customers, funeral directors and the wider world of funerals. She unpacks the latest findings for Malcolm.
Funeral director and former SAIF President Jim Auld returns, to talk about how his sole trader business had considered dealing with FCA regulation by becoming an Introducer Appointed Representative.
Our regulation mini-series continues: we hear from a different type of funeral director in a different part of the country, as Nottinghamshire funeral director Simon Hall talks about what he's doing for Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulation, and the support available.
Maria of S Stibbards & Sons talks about what the business is doing now to prepare for FCA regulation and how it plans to approach it, as well as reflecting on what the CMA has already taught them about being regulated.
The Financial Conduct Authority's requirements are becoming clear. Golden Charter's Head of Regulatory Compliance explains what regulatory approach is appropriate for funeral directors and what the plan provider is doing now.
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