DiscoverProtected Trust: Building your modern workplace with Microsoft 365 and Surface
Protected Trust: Building your modern workplace with Microsoft 365 and Surface
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Protected Trust: Building your modern workplace with Microsoft 365 and Surface

Author: Ingram Leedy

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Modernize your workplace to get work done in new ways with Microsoft 365 and Surface devices so you can achieve your greatest potential from anywhere on the planet.
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Has your Zoom meeting been hijacked? In this week's Remote Podcast highlight video, we discuss the security issues found in the conferencing software Zoom and whether the same security issues can be exploited in Microsoft Teams. We discuss the role managed modern workplace consultants have in the modern office and whether or not it is the right choice for your business.
The flood gates have been opened and now that business have been exposed to a new way of working, will they continue to allow remote working once normalcy returns?
Thrown into an impossible situation, how do managers continue to oversee a workforce they cannot see?
Malicious agents don't take the day off because there is a national emergency. In fact, they thrive under conditions where you are the most vulnerable. In this video Sean and Steve discuss the current atmosphere of phishing during the Covid-19 Pandemic.
Getting to the modern office is no easy task. Much like a home repair project, surprises could be waiting at every turn. Creating and executing a well-crafted plan can offer safety and security on your journey to the modern office.
In today’s video, I sit down with Bill Sands to talk about how it’s a risk to make decisions—but how it’s necessary to take risks every now and again.
Bill Sands of the Protected Trust team speaks with us about what it is that clients need from their computing devices and software. What do they need so that they can achieve an “ideal state” for profitability and productivity?
In this episode, Sean Jacobs explains how he phishes organizations in order to demonstrate how easy it is to exploit their users.
So, how did we go from software and services to hardware (and, more specifically, Microsoft Surface devices)?
In today’s video, we talk about how the sleek and thin design of the Surface hides new and innovative technology that is built on small changes over time.
In today’s episode, I discuss the need for strong security in the cloud with Sean Jacobs and Steven Goodman by highlighting a story about phishing.
There are many sayings about keeping up appearances in a professional environment—things like “dress to impress” or “the clothes make the man” are commonly cited when it comes to dressing up for client meetings. However, could your customers be looking at more than just your clothes when they see you in person?
Why Microsoft Surface?

Why Microsoft Surface?


In this episode, Ingram explains why Protected Trust exclusively sells computers from Microsoft Surface.
In this episode, Ingram explains to Steve how a computer works using food.
In this video, sales engineer Javier Pereira takes us on a trip down memory lane as we analyze how business used to be done (along with how long it took) vs how business is done today.
In this multi-topic episode, solutions engineer Javier Pereira talks about the changing dynamic in the workplace and why picking the right tools is paramount for a growing business.
In this episode, solutions engineer Javier Pereira speaks about his history teaching clients about Microsoft Teams and the feature that was most effective in generating Teams adoption.
In this episode, solutions engineer Javier Pereira recounts working with a new client in their adoption of Microsoft Teams and answers one of the most important questions, why Teams?
In this episode, we have a lively discussion about how the incorporation of widely used social media tools (gifs, reactions, likes) eases the pain of learning new technologies.
In this episode, security architect Sean Jacobs explains why the security landscape constantly changes and how you can stay on top of it without driving yourself crazy.
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