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Candor Talk is a progressive talk show that aggressively exposes the narratives perpetuated by politicians, elitists, and the media. We also discuss the crisis called Donald Trump. We unabashedly cover issues the mainstream media refuses to. We also expose issues of corruption in our government and media. We take a very firm stance on issues and are unafraid of controversy or controversial positions. We speak nothing but the truth! Join us every Saturday at 11 pm.
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On January 6, 2021, Donald Trump, the alleged POTUS encouraged thousands of his and GOP supporters to storm the Capitol of the United States in an effort to subvert democracy. They left a lot of carnage behind. As a consequence it is time to hold Trump accountable for his actions. It is long past due. Trump is the most dangerous man in America and must be impeached, removed, and prosecuted. #ImpeachTrump #TrumpSedition #PresidentBiden
Many people continue to opine that Trump will be very formidable in the future. They base this on his current sycophantic following. Many do not realize that history proves that he will not be a kingmaker. People who lose, both in sports and politics, find support continuously dwindling. The same is no different here. Trump will lose support once he loses power and it is evident that he is currently losing support. In this video we show videos outlining how he is currently losing support. #BidenWon #TrumpLost #Trump
Of course I had to do it. I could not help myself. For anyone wondering what this Four Seasons Total Landscaping story is about, here it is. Trump hyped up an alleged major press conference to be held on Saturday, November 6, 2020 at the Four Seasons. Instead it was held at a landscaping company right near a porn store and across the street from a cremation place. The jokes have not stopped since. #FourSeasonsTotalLandscaping #PresidentBiden #MVPHarris
The mainstream media is becoming too cowardly for my taste and the greed is astonishing. Time to stop giving them the ratings. This race has been over and they know it. #CallTheElection #PresidentBiden #VPHarris
This is it! This is the end of the road. This is our moment, this is our time, this is our shot. There cannot be any complacency. Get everyone you can to the polls. Make sure you vote, if you have not voted. We can do this!#VoteBiden #VoteBlue #VoteTrumpOut
The Republicans decided to ram an ideologue onto the SCOTUS. This woman is unqualified to be on the bench anywhere. She hasn't even tried a case. But, it has happened and there is not anything we can do about the past, we must focus on the future. We need to give Biden and Kamala a landslide win where we send these sycophants and autocrats packing. No complacency and no depression, get out and vote! Vote in the largest numbers the country has ever seen. #SCOTUS #VOTEBLUE #VOTEBIDEN
Let’s be honest here, seriously. After all this show is called Candor Talk. The fact that Trump, his sycophants, and the lying GOP, contracted this deadly virus is literally the highest rebuke anyone that has refused to take this virus seriously can get. Karma and Corona conspired and unleashed a wrath on Trump. Let’s be real! He’s VERY SICK. Is anyone buying his grand charade coming back to the WH. Besides the Trumptanic and Cult45, No one is buying this farce. His video today has him looking like his name is Tyrone Stevens. He was foaming at the mouth, spitting, and spewing nonstop incoherence. However, the next best punishment is in our hands - we have to VOTE. Get family, friends, acquaintances, neighbors, even people you don’t know, to get to the polls, early vote, mail in ballots. Whatever they have to do, we need to vote. Four more years of Trump is an endorsement of continued destruction of the US and that is something we cannot afford. Our lives are at risk, literally! VOTE!!! #VoteBidenHarris #VoteBlue #CoronavirusFind out where to vote:https://iwillvote.comVolunteer for Biden/Harris:
We just watched one of the most disastrous presidential debates in history. The contrast between Biden and Trump could not be more stark. Trump showed that he is unfit for office. We must vote in historic numbers to remove Trump from office.
The Republican Convention starts tomorrow and before it starts I feel it is imperative that we understand how dangerous this party is. It is not enough to just defeat Trump, we must remove them all. The Republican Party does not care about the average American. Their vision for this country never was inclusive or about progress. Their goal has always been to enrich those already enriched by taking from those who have never been enriched. When you watch this convention you will not hear about their vision for prosperity, but a vision that reflects the darkest and most cynic positions. We must work hard this next election to not only defeat Trump, but to defeat the party that enabled him.
After watching the democratic convention it has become glaringly apparent that Trump has to go. This video is aimed at Trump supporters specifically. While many of his supporters may not like what is being said herein, it is necessary for you to hear it. I do make jokes and mock your support of him, because the goal is to point out the absurdity of it all. Vote Biden/Harris this next election and get everyone you know to vote for them too. This is, by far, the most important election of our lifetime.
Congratulations America! This is what you get for electing the most corrupt, obtuse, unqualified, fraudulent coward. He has destroyed this country and has no ability to lead us out of this crisis. He cannot be reelected!
The world saw the tortuous, brutal, callous, murder of George Floyd in broad daylight, in front of cameras and witnesses. However, the DA in Minneapolis and the system in Minneapolis would like us to believe that our eyes have deceived us and what we saw was not a murder, but merely reckless conduct. The DA has attempted, through its flimsy charges to absolve these murderous, racist, cops for the torture of a black man that was begging for his life. His name is George Floyd. Our so-called allies are trying to tell us how to process our anger. They still think that they can control how we deal with the brutality we have suffered for centuries. They are arguing that our rage is criminal, that we should peacefully continue to accept our murders. They want us to continue to make them feel comfortable while our comfort has never been important. Do not cower. Do not live in fear. Do not be held hostage by a system that has forgotten us. Justice for George Floyd requires us all to be engaged. If you are our ally, now is the time to prove it. Demand and fight for radical change. Until then, you can no longer call yourself or ally.We will not be forced to capitulate to a system that sees us as second class citizens. The riots are not going to stop until real justice is served!
Nancy Pelosi showed why she might be one of the greatest Speakers in the history of this country. She has out-maneuvered the spineless Republicans in Congress and Trump and they are not happy about it. While Trump continues his rage tweeting and pretending he is not bothered by being impeached, Nancy is strategizing. Her strategy might drive the flagrant foul crazy. I break down the details of what happened in this show and explain why Trump being impeached is historic.SUPPORT THE$SylviaTalk
In this show I will discuss the regression of the Republican party and why they are not worthy to be our elected officials. I will expose some of their incompetence and explain why it is impertaive that they are voted out of office. SUPPORT THE$SylviaTalk Also Listen to us on Iheart Radi:
In this episode I discuss the process for impeachment and why it matters. I refute the flimsy arguments made by Republicans in an effort to protect the most offensive President in modern history. Impeachment is about the preservation of democratic principles and the belief that no one is above the law.SUPPORT THE$SylviaTalk
Mueller did not produce the results we anticipated, but that is ok because Trump made sure to give Democrats the ammunition to crush him. Listen as I dissect my frustration with Mueller, the impeachment query, and the current threat to conservatism - the groypers.SUPPORT THE$SylviaTalk
This is a black, practicing attorney's, perspective on ADOS. There is a movement/organization/lineage called ADOS. While I support the ADOS people, I do not support the way the movement has operated. This movement will lead to the downfall of many black people. Unless ADOS changes course, they will eventually be branded and destroyed by the American Government. Don't dismiss the advice unless you are willing to fight, lose, and suffer the consequences of this group. Tone and Yvette are leading people to the slaughter. There will be some that will dislike this video or even many that may, that is perfectly fine. However, I cannot just allow black people to be misinformed when there is too much at stake. Do not listen to this with an innate bias. This is NOT intended to derail or hinder the objective of the ADOS movement, it is a critique that should be taken seriously. In here I also, briefly, discuss my support for the Byron Allen Case. It is imperative that people support this case. Comcast is trying to change the standard necessary to bring a case under the 1866 Civil Rights act. If they succeed this will make it virtually impossible to sue under it. This has nothing to do with how you feel about ADOS, Byron Allen, or any peripheral issue. This has to do with preserving this civil rights act.SUPPORT THE$SylviaTalk
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The Trumpleone's


The past week was the worst week of Trump's presidency. Daily some form of criminal revelation was published or reported. Now, his presidency is in peril.NIP & TUCK***SUBSCRIBE TO THE SHOW***Visit our website at: You can also listen to our shows on iHeartradio at: to our shows on Spreaker at: Channel: to the show: to our show above. Listen to our show every Saturday at 11pm.
Trump cannot catch a break from legal problems. Now, Donald Trump Jr. has made things worse. NIP & TUCK***SUBSCRIBE TO THE SHOW***Visit our website at: You can also listen to our shows on iHeartradio at: to our shows on Spreaker at: Channel: to the show: to our show above. Listen to our show every Saturday at 11pm.
Trump really stepped into some drama he can not afford. He is fighting with Michael Cohen, his intelligence community, and with himself as his legal and political woes continue to mount.NIP & TUCK***SUBSCRIBE TO THE SHOW***Visit our website at: You can also listen to our shows on iHeartradio at: to our shows on Spreaker at: Channel: to the show: to our show above. Listen to our show every Saturday at 11pm.
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