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Introducing 'NFLGirlUK meets.' the podcast that brings you closer to the game you love. In this series, Liz Bhandari aka NFLGirlUK, interviews NFL legends, players, and personalities on life in the NFL, what makes them tick as a player and a person, and much more.
7 Episodes
In this episode of NFLGirlUK meets, Liz Bhandari speaks with Dean Blandino, Head of Officiating for the XFL and former Vice President of Officiating for the NFL. Dean shares how his career started out, the scrutiny that referees and officials are under today, the Her Turf documentary series, and all about his new brand new role in the XFL.
In this episode, Liz Bhandari speaks with Neil Reynolds who is the presenter for NFL on Sky Sports. Neil has covered the NFL as a journalist and broadcaster since 1991 and writes for a variety of publications and websites. He is also the host of the ‘Inside the Huddle’ podcast, and the NFL UK Live events. In the interview, Neil shares with me how his career started, the individuals who’ve made an impact, life as a Dolphins fan, and his thoughts on the future of NFL in the UK.
In the latest episode of ‘NFLGirlUK meets…’ Liz Bhandari speaks with Allison Engelken, Executive Director of Community Development at the Denver Broncos. Allie shares how she came to be in a community role within an NFL organisation, the type of activity the team is involved in and the impact this has on the community.
In the latest episode of 'NFLGirlUK meets...', Liz Bhandari speaks with Chris Milner, who is one half of the National Vintage League, a 90s-era sports store dealing in authentic jerseys and apparel from the NFL and NCAA. National Vintage League was first launched by Hugh Coles in 2017, and it’s incredible to see how it’s grown to where it is today. Chris shares their journey so far, where you can find vintage wear, what their personal favourite vintage era is, as well as, what’s next for National Vintage League.
In the latest episode of ‘NFLGirlUK meets…’ Liz Bhandari speaks with Stephanie Pemberton who is the Vice President of Marketing at the Indianapolis Colts. Not only is Stephanie a career woman but she is a wife and mother too. Stephanie shares aspects of her role, including her career so far, the biggest misconceptions of working in professional sports, and how she manages work life balance.
In the latest episode of 'NFLGirlUK meets...', Liz Bhandari speaks to Jacob Blangsted-Barnor from Leeds (UK). Jacob is the Guinness World Record holder for the fastest time to watch a complete match at all 31 National Football League stadiums in 84 days, 3 hours and 24 minutes. Jacob shares the story behind what inspired him to make the trip, and the amazing people he met along the way.
In the debut episode of ‘NFLGirlUK meets’, Liz Bhandari has the pleasure of meeting Cameron Sutton, Cornerback for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Cameron and Liz discuss the transition from college to football, what the draft day experience is like, as well as life outside of the football pitch.
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