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The Side Scheme - A Marvel Champions Podcast

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The Side Scheme is a podcast about everyone's favorite card game Marvel Champions! Join Banana Crapshoot and Tommy of Titan as they stumble their way through each episode!
34 Episodes
Bananacrapshoot gives a rundown on the draft for the scheme league season 9, as well as the format and some other thoughts.
BananaCrapshoot rambles on about marvel vs system 2PCG and why champions players looking for a pvp marvel experience should check it out
BananaCrapshoot gives his initial reaction to the Nebula cards revealed in the FFG announcement article.
BananaCrapshoot takes some time while driving to talk about some of the coolest things from the announcement of the Thanos themed campaign expansion. Link to article here:
Tommy of Titan and Bananacrapshoot are joined by special guest Craig bot to record this 2 person carcast! We are here to talk about the spoiler FFG so kindly shared with us
BananaCrapshoot gives some initial thoughts on the biggest changes to the marvel champions RRG
Ronan is a Buzzsaw

Ronan is a Buzzsaw


Tommy of Titan and BananaCrapshoot talk about Galaxys most wanted, Venom hero annoucement, answer listener questions, plus the return of Flame On!
BananaCrapshoot takes to the work truck again to deliver a moving rendition of an overview for the venom hero announcement we got today courtesy of FFG
BananaCrapshoot uses some randomizers to get a hero aspect combo and does a live deckbuild on the road
In today’s carcAst BananaCrapshoot and Ranks all the heroes from least fun to most fun to ply.
On today’s travels BananaCrapshoot get some frustrations off his chest
While driving to my next job site, BananaCrapshoot gives his drax hot takes on cards revealed by FFG today
BananaCrapshoot takes you through a shallow dive while he’s driving around on how you can improve your gameplay and become a better Marvel Champions player.
We are trying something new on our off weeks where we don’t record normal episodes I’m gonna try to do a mini episode 5 to 10 minutes long. this first one I do a Quicksilver Aggression deckbuilding hope you guys enjoy it
Tommy of Titan returns from his trip through the Multiverse to join the show with a special guest. From the House Party Protocol Podcast, Will joins the show to talk all about Marvel Champions and Marvel Crisis Protocol. We try to caress and fondle the topics with care!House Party Protocol -
BananaCrapshoot is joined by Marvel Champions Royalty, Vardaen of Critical Encounters and KennedyHawk from Marvel Champions Monthly. We talk some Wasp hot takes then get into the New Player Extravaganza! We take a deep dive into some topics to help new players! - Marvel Champions Monthly - Critical Encountershttps://www.hallofheroeslcg.com
Since Tommy of Titan is recovering from spear fishing on Titan, BananaCrapshoot is joined by Vardaen of Critical Encounters for this 17th edition of the podcast. They talk about Ant-Man, Flame On! with hot takes, crown the Scheme League season 6 winners, answer listener questions, and Celebrate 1 year of side schemesCritical Encounters: kang scenario:
Tommy of Titan is off dealing with personal matters so Vardaen of Critical Encounters joins BananaCrapshoot! They talk about Scheme League season 5, LoTR lcg, Rise of Red Skull, and reveal the Ant-Man spoiler they got from FFG.Critical Encounters -'s fiverr page
Tommy of Titan and BananaCrapshoot are joined by Friend of the show and lead game designer for Marvel Champions Caleb Grace! We talk about Red Skull, Scheme League, Kang, and Comics!Find out more about Marvel Champions on the FFG website at-
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