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Linda's Corner: Faith, Family, and Living Joyfully
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Linda's Corner: Faith, Family, and Living Joyfully

Author: Linda Bjork

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Linda’s Corner was created to inspire hope, increase joy, and motivate positive change by talking about things that really matter. We’ll discuss topics like: family and relationships; increasing happiness; physical, mental and emotional health; self-improvement; and building your faith so that it’s bigger than your fears. Hi, my name is Linda Bjork. I'm an author, teacher, speaker, blogger, and founder and executive director of Hope for Healing non-profit charity.
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After Al Jones hit rock bottom financially,  he decided that enough was enough, and he began the arduous climb to financial solvency.  He chronicles his journey in his book "My Journey from Bad to Excellent Credit."   Today he shares common sense advice on how to repair your credit and how to deal with collection agencies.   He understands the stress of financial difficulties because he's been there.  Now he knows the peace of being in control of his finances and he'd like to help you feel that peace as well.   
Natalie Staub is a mum of 4 sons, a college professor in London who teaches digital marketing, and the co-founder and CMO of a software company; but her passion is well being, motivation and self esteem.  She started a YouTube channel to empower young adults and students to help them get through the stress of the pandemic.  Natalie shares the secrets of how to have a good day, every day, despite the conditions in our lives and in the world.    
Special guest Kasey Smith talks about developing confidence through physical fitness.  Kasey is a mother of 3.  She is also a business owner, competitive powerlifter, aspiring medical sonographer, avid horsewoman, and dessert connoisseur.  After retiring from 11 years of fitness coaching, she has chosen a new career as an ultrasound technician in her family business called "Kicks and Giggles."  Kasey shares her story of struggling with self doubt and low self worth and how physical fitness helped her discover her personal power.   She also talks about the challenge of giving herself permission to change direction and follow a new passion.   
Today, E.A. Csolkovits, the founder and patriarch of Giver's University, talks about the power of giving and explains why givers earn 3X more income than takers.   Developing a "givers culture" can improve business, social, and family relationships.   Self improvement is only part of the formula for success, while becoming aware and surrounding yourself with people who come from a place of wisdom, wealth, and wellness  completes the equation.   He shares the stories of the lessons he learned from his three greatest defeats to help other people avoid making similar mistakes.   Please visit for a free GIVERS TAKERS awareness IQ quiz
Today we’re going to be talking about healing and how to create and maintain balance in our lives so we can live joyfully.  Special guests Annette and Mark Anderson from "Cairn the Load" teach a course called "From Broken to Beautiful" using the example of the Japanese art of  kintsugi (also known as kintsukuroi) where they repair broken pottery using lacquer dusted with powdered gold so that the scars actually make the pottery stronger and more interesting, beautiful, and valuable than it was before.  This is a metaphor that we can heal from our wounds to become even stronger and better than we were before.  Mark and Annette understand the process of healing from wounds from their devastating experience of losing  a son from a brain tumor.   They've followed the cairns from others who had previously trod this path of grief and loss, and now they've created new cairns for others who follow behind.   
Today we’re going to be talking about how to build stronger, healthier, and happier relationships.  Special guest Kim Bowen is a licensed professional counselor who offers relationship therapy through her company "The Marriage Place."  She is also the author of "Marriage Rescue: Triage Toolkit," and "The Love, Joy, Peace Workbook."     
Today we're going to be talking about family history.  Special guest Megan Booth will help us learn how to get started.  Megan is a super talented, super busy high school senior.  She has excelled in music, dance, cheerleading, academics, and computer science, and now she's sharing some of her enthusiasm and expertise by teaching people how to do family history.  Megan has taught numerous classes to both youth and adults.  She helps people overcome their anxiety about family history and instills confidence that it's going to be okay and you can do this.   You can create a free account at to get started researching your own family tree. 
Today I’m going to teach how to host a Passover celebration and explain why someone who isn’t Jewish would want to do that.  This episode is intended particularly for members of my faith, which is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Days Saints, but anyone is welcome to listen.  Having a Passover experience is not only a wonderful cultural experience, but it also adds so much light and understanding to the Last Supper and the Sacrament.  It brings the scriptures to life and also helps us better understand the fulfilling of ancient prophecies.  I have prepared everything you need to make it easy to have a Passover Seder experience of your own.  Please click this link for free access to the documents.  This is suitable for teenagers to adults.  You may want to modify and simplify it further for smaller children.  (The link above connects to all the documents.  If you prefer, you can click the links below for access to individual documents) Passover preparation and instructions – Print 1 for the host/leaderPassover tips and frequently asked questions – Read through this, you may not need to print it outPassover quiz – Print one for each guestAnswers to Passover quiz – Print one for the host/leaderPassover Seder script – Print one for each guestPoster 1 (optional)Poster 2 (optional)
In today's episode, I'm going to share the secret to confidence and self esteem.  We'll talk about the foundation of confidence and self worth and prove why you are already good enough.  I'll share five tips (backed by science) that help build confidence and self esteem.  And I'll share ways to help stop cycles of negative self talk and how to get past roadblocks.  
March is National women’s History month.  It is a special time to highlight contributions of women in history.  Today I want to honor one of my feminine heroes, Florence Nightingale.  Florence Nightingale made the world a better place.  She transformed healthcare during her lifetime and elevating nursing into an honorable profession.   She established the Nightingale School for Nurses at St. Thomas’ Hospital, the first school of its kind in the world.   She then turned her attention to the reform of English workhouses.   She inspired the founders of the Red Cross.    She gave advice to kings, queens, and foreign governments, and she was the first woman in England to receive the Order of Merit.  
Today I want to share some information that can help in dealing with depression.   The first thing you need to understand about depression is that it’s not just in a person’s head and it’s not just that they need to "snap out of it."  I'll explain some of the normal processes of the brain and how depression alters those normal processes to neutralize feelings of joy and happiness and restrain motivation so you feel apathetic.  I'll explain the two things that we need to do in order to heal from depression and share tips on how to accomplish these necessary changes.  For more tips and tools for dealing with depression, please visit the Hope for Healing website at will clarify that nothing I say can be considered “medical advice” since only a health care professional can do that, but this information does come from the unique perspective of someone who has been there and back again.  I spent about 5 years struggling with debilitating depression and healed by using some of the tools that I’m going to share with you today.  
This episode is about explaining the Abrahamic covenant and the gathering of Israel in simple, easy to understand terms.  It is particularly intended for members of my faith, which is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, but anyone is welcome to listen.  In a nutshell, the Abrahamic covenant is about creating a relationship with God by making and keeping sacred covenants.  I'll explain what a "covenant relationship" is, how to enter into that relationship, what the benefits and obligations of that relationship are, and how it applies to each of us personally.  Hopefully, by the end of this podcast you’ll be able to say, “Oh, is it really that simple?  I knew that already, and I can absolutely do that.”
Today we're going to be talking about mental "wealth" and using humor to overcome life's darkest moments.  I'm so excited to welcome special guest Jane Jenkins Herlong.  She is an award-winning, best-selling author, speaker, radio humorist, and farm girl turned beauty pageant queen.  She's here with us today to share some "sweet tea wisdom and southern fried humor." 
On today’s episode we’re going to talk about gluten free diets.  Some people wonder if a gluten free diet is healthier, and why it would be healthier.  There are also claims that it helps with autism and ADHD so we’re going to talk about all these.  So let’s start with the question, ”Is a gluten free diet healthier?”  And the answer is, it depends.We'll be discussing who might be benefited by a gluten free diet and why.  We'll also cover some of the challenges and solutions to gluten free baking and share resources for help.  
Money guru Dave Ramsey said, “You must gain control over your money or the lack of it will forever control you.”  In this episode, special guest Gayland Jones, an author and Certified Public Accountant, shares some of the wisdom and insight from his newest book "Money to the Power of 10!"  We'll be talking about his "5 finger system to  financial freedom" which is designed to help anyone gain success in their financial goals.  
Valentine’s day can be a mixed bag, it can be a good thing but it can also be a time of stress and disappointment for a lot of people.  In today’s podcast I want to give some tips to have a joyful, stress free Valentines day.  I’ll share some tips for a giver, a receiver, and for those who are not currently in a romantic relationship. 
Have you ever made a bad decision that you regretted?  Wouldn't it be wonderful to have a warning system that helped you make better decisions so you could be happier and more successful in your life?  Well, you do, but perhaps you need some training in how to recognize and use this internal guidance system called intuition.   Special guest, Sunil Godse, shares his expertise on intuition.  We'll discuss the science behind intuition; the four types of intuition:  experiential, creative, situational, and relational; and also the four hurdles that block our intuition: fear (fear of change, fear of failure, fear of the unknown), ego, being too rational, and being too emotional.  I invite you to listen and learn how  sharpening your intuition can benefit your life.  
In today's episode I'd like to introduce you to one of my "everyday heroes", an incredible woman named Cathleen Lane.  By definition, a hero is a person who combats danger and adversity through feats of ingenuity, courage or strength.  I love superhero movies, but I love everyday heroes even more.  These are real people who face real challenges with courage and faith.   Their examples help strengthen us to be better able to face the challenges in our lives.  Cathleen has endured abuse, abandonment, betrayal, rape, poverty, homelessness, and so much more that listening to her story is like hearing the story of Job.   Yet rather than being bitter, she has become a woman of faith, courage, healing and forgiveness who sees her life as a series of miracles and tender mercies.  I invite you to listen to her story and learn from her wisdom and experiences.  
In today’s episode I want to discuss how to find hope, comfort, and strength during times of chaos, danger, and unrest.   We can learn an interesting source by studying something that happened in England during World War II.  The BBC gave a series of wartime radio broadcasts to help the people be able to endure the fear, the loss, and the danger they were facing.  These broadcasts were delivered over the radio from 1942-1944. And the message was so powerful and influential that they were later published into book that is now called “Mere Christianity”. Let me give a little bit of historical context that led to the creation of these broadcasts.  During World War II, the German Nazis dropped bombs on London and other strategic cities across Britain for eight months straight.  This intense bombing campaign was called The Blitz which is the German word for Lightning.  This constant bombing created a situation where not only the soldiers were at war, but the ordinary civilians suffered as their small island nation was bombarded by four hundred planes a night and suddenly their cities and their homes became the front lines of a battle.  Can you imagine what that would be like?  Their homes, their country, their freedom, their possessions, their families, and their lives were in constant mortal peril.  It’s a time that would be really scary with very real danger.It was during this time that the British Broadcasting Corporation, or BBC, invited a man named C.S. Lewis to give a series of talks over the radio.  His assignment was to explain, in simple terms, the concept of Christianity.  How strange it must have seemed to turn on the radio, which every day brought the war news of death and unspeakable destruction, and also featured one man speaking about decent behavior, fair play, and the importance of knowing right from wrong.  The message that brought comfort and strength during the Blitz during World War II can also bring comfort and strength during the conflicts that we endure today. 
Learning to love and accept yourself is the foundation of building confidence and self-esteem.   Today we’re going to share some ways to help make that happen.  We’ll be talking about how to find the root of the problem.  We'll also discuss the truth about the intrinsic value of a human soul, and learn how to use repetition and an “I am” poster as tools to create a healthier, happier, positive belief system.   You are good enough.  You were always good enough.  The next step is to believe it.  
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