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NonClinical Careers for Physicians™ Podcast

Author: Robert F. Priddy

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NonClinical Careers for Physicians is the expertise of third_Evolution. We'll discuss the special issues of physician career transition, offer important do's and don'ts, critical tips for success and answer that most important question: What's Out There for physicians.
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You're not going to get the job you want unless you're actually in the same room with the people you want to work with and work for. It's that simple, and this podcast will tell you how to get to that room. 
A body at rest remains at rest and a body in motion remains in motion... is your nonclinical career transition on the move or stalled to a stop. Let's talk about how to create positive career inertial to move you more effectively towards the nonclinical career you want.
So, you want to be a consultant. If yo can answer these four questions you'll be able to chart a clear pathway to a successful venture. What's your special sauce?Is your special sauce needed?Is your special sauce wanted?What is the value of your special sauce?Listen to learn more.
This podcast is focused on answer some of the questions you've, my listeners, submitted recently. The focus is your stump speech, your digital networking activity and creating face to face meetings with potential employers. 
What's next, what's normal, what's happening now. COVID-19 has and will continue to shake up the healthcare and medical worlds as we strive towards some new definitions of normal. What will be your role, perhaps your new job? Let's look at drivers and outcomes. 
So, what can you do to blow your interview? Well, really, it’s a bottomless barrel of things you could say or do, but I’m going to focus on what I see as the top ten easiest mistakes you can make... that is, easy things to say or do. There are too many examples to list here, but believe me, it’s very easy to have one of those multiple personality episodes where you’re screaming at yourself… no, I didn’t just say that….. yes, you did.
Moving into the arena of nonclinical careers is vastly different from how you secure medical postings. No recruiters, no online postings... Just you and your ability to travers the complex web of events, people and opportunity presenting your value proposition along the way. This is not in your comfort zone, but it can be. I'll tell you how and why you want and need to expand your comfort zone to achieve your goals. 
I'm asked every day, "Do I need and MBA?" Here's the answer... also the answer about other degrees, certificates, certifications and what to do if you simple need to be able to make good decisions and provide good answers. Most importantly, I'll tell you the most important credential you can have. 
Now... Now is the best time if you're asking yourself the question. Once you begin questioning whether or not you should leave practice, you're probably already experiencing systemic issues of no return. Let's talk about making the decision and the process to move on. 
Successful Physician Career Change follows a definite pattern and process. It's comprised of Phocus (literary license), Package and Process. This podcast speaks to the critical element and components of each of these three steps
You have questions... from selecting recruiters, to entering telemedicine, advancing your career within your organization and to making first, best choices for your nonclinical career. Your questions are answered here. 
Physicians have been suffering through severals decades of lost control and prestige. Various events led to the profession moving from the most respected and trusted to one derided for numerous real and false reasons. However, today's cataclysmic events are offering physicians an unexpected second chance... a second chance to enhance their power, their control and the rightful position as the experts they are. Are you ready to be in charge? Listen about how. 
Medical practice is a set process and it's most likely that you'll be doing essentially the same job the day you stop practicing as you were doing the day you began. Most physicians are planning for retirement from the very beginning. In the nonclinical world, you'll want to shift your thinking to what you're starting. The Career Lifecycle moves in groups, three to five years, five to seven years and beyond seven. Each cycle represents a new start, whether you actually leave the company you're working with or if you venture into the marketplace for a completely new start. 
Networking is about follow up. It's about creating reasons to build relationships, about people wanting to introduce you to other people and about your management of a group of people in order to help them help you. Follow up, appropriate follow up is the key to managing networking well. This podcast talks about how to follow up effectively in order to create an effective and successful nonclinical career transition. 
Emotional Intelligence is a constant topic of discussion and even concern among physicians transitioning to a nonclinical career. However, your Organizational Intelligence is equally, if not more, important to your success in an organizational executive role. Learn what it is and how to manage and improve it, here.
The Research Interview is a networking technique that positions you as an expert, both seeking and imparting important and interesting information to the executives in the companies and organization you want to be working for. The research interview transforms you from a job seeker to an industry expert whose knowledge others want. Learn how, here.
Great Ideas are a Dime a dozen… Good Implementation is Priceless. Does that surprise you to hear me say this? I’ve listened to the great ideas of hundreds if not thousands of physicians. However,  very few ever talk to me about how their idea will be implemented. In this Podcast we'll discuss the importance of implementation and it's key drivers for your entrepreneurial business.
While social distancing and self-isolation may be bywords of today's COVID-19 environment, for physicians still pursuing their nonclinical carer transitions, an opportunity to provide a needed public service awaits. Your community, however you may define community, needs clarity of information. They need to know what to believe and what not to believe.... Who better to help with that task than you. Listen to learn different approaches you can use today. 
Today you are Hunted, hunted constantly by staff, patients, clerks and others, but as you transition to a nonclinical career, you much become a Hunter. Using the Lion as our guide, this episode focuses on decision-making needed to determine your appropriate prey and how to attack. After all, lions don't chase rabbits, and neither should you.
Social distancing, cancelled conferences and meetings, the world, literally is moving towards a lockdown, but now is the time for you to be making your move to a nonclinical career transition. How do you keep up your momentum, or even get started during these challenging times... Here are my tips and recommendations to keep your networking and personal branding not only on track, but to perhaps put you at the front of the pack. 
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