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Jonathan and Ashley pick up the pieces left behind from the fall of It's Not my Fault Podcast
7 Episodes
Ashley and Jonathan come back to catch everyone up on the longest year in history.
Clean Jeans #173: CB4

Clean Jeans #173: CB4


Jonathan and Ashley revive Astonishing Flashbacks with OG host Daddy D. The first movie back is Ashley's pick, CB4.
Jon and Ash talk about being locked down and watching the crazy redneck with the tigers.
Ash deep dives into more insane movies that are on the disturbing side of things, while Jonathan freaks out.
Ash deep dives into her creepy, disturbing movies, while Jonathan faints of shock.
Jonathan and Ashley talk about police in school's and what happens when men in their late 60's go to a 21st birthday party.
Jonathan talks about selling his face to be used for robots in a retirement home.
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