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Female and Minority Men's Rights activists are in your politics, touching your stuff.
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This week, HBR Talk will discuss current events involving the United States Selective Service system, its administration, its human rights considerations, and the implications of the changes that are under consideration in congress at this time.
Enjoy a bite sized version of a week in badger.For July 5th - 10th 2021
Join us on the Fireside Chat with our special guest Georgi Dinkov. Georgi writes on topics spanning metabolic theory of health, medicine, science, society, politics, the arts and more. He has theories and ideas about things like testosterone which go against the mainstream narratives typically associated with testosterone and masculinity.
Enjoy a bite sized version of a week in badger.For June 28th - July 2nd 2021
This week on HBR News: The vote to make women register for the draft, the glow in the dark plot to kidnap MI governor Gretchen Whitmer, Jeff Bezos gives communist Van Jones 100 million dollars, & Dr. Dre ordered to pay nearly $300,000 in spousal support
Join us on the Rantzerker with Karen, Alison and Brian as we continue to look at a video from Sam Seder of the Majority Report (CHATTEL) where Men's Rights Activist BlueOrange22 calls in to speak to Sam about gender issues. Prepare your spines!
Join us on a new show: Alison & Brian look at websites, blogs & videos where advice is given to men. What do they get right? What might they get wrong? Today: a medium article titled Men: I Loved You Until I hated You
This week, HBR Talk will examine how victim identitarians use the social justice “equity” narrative as a shield against opposition to vindictive discrimination.
Join us on HBR Debate as we go through a recent stream on Carl Benjamin's channel where he spoke to game streamer Destiny on the current climate of dating, promiscuity, marriage and family. What do they get right or wrong on this? Why are more and more men tuning out? Why are women so miserable?
This week on HBR News we discuss COVID armbands in the UK, Jen Psaki confirms influencing and coercing social media giants to remove "misinformation" online, Hasbro wants to teach Critical Race Theory to children through their products, and more!
Join the Prim Reaper, Alison and Brian as we talk a little bit about the Manifest therapy group and their designs for men and male oriented mental health.
Join us on HBR Debate as we go through a video by The Canadian Association for Equality, or CAFE, which conducted an interview with Cameron Gibson, a registered clinical counsellor and program director at Manifest Counselling for Men.
This week, HBR talk will discuss male intactivism as a male issue, a human rights issue, and a medical issue.
Join us on Red Chill Cinema as Alison and Brian look at The Brothers Grimm and discuss storytelling. This week we will be looking at Iron John, the tale that supposedly inspired (in part) the mythopoetic men's movement.
This week on HBR News we discuss some crazy criminal cases involving women, Bill Cosby announces a comedy tour, big tech companies pledge to protecc wammen from online violence, and more!
Join the Fireside Chat with returning guest Rose Wrist, a progressive streamer & content creator who specializes in debate & research. Alison Tieman & Rose will be discussing their differences on issues such as social justice, feminism & toxic masculinity.
This week, HBR Talk will discuss some of the details of Bill Cosby’s case and its implications for due process advocates.
Join the Fireside Chat with special guest Rose Wrist: a progressive streamer & content creator who specializes in debate & research. Prim Reaper & Rose Wrist discuss their differences on issues such as social justice, feminism & toxic masculinity
Enjoy a bite sized version of a week in badger.For June 21st - 26th 2021
Join HBR Debate to examine a video by feminist/progressive/commie YouTuber little hoot, who seems to be a big fan of Contrapoints since she basically stole her style. Hoot explains how the mythopoetic men's movement started the concept of toxic masculinity
Comments (11)

Gunther Hustin

Anyone else unable to play this episode??

Mar 11th


Depp didn't loss his Grindelwald/Harry Potter role. The producers and JK Rowling were the only ones to stick by him actually. JK Rowling released a statement defending the casting (Depp said he showed her his evidence) and received treats for this online. This was in 2017.

Feb 9th

Greg Cox

lets argue math... got ya games

Jun 29th

Ray Brown

awesome podcast!

Feb 1st

Andrew Moore

"Men are responsible for Patriarchy"? How does this even come up in a men's mental health podcast?

Sep 24th

Kenneth Wagner

looking for a new cast for listening, read the description of this one... you gotta be kidding me? this has got to be a den of dykes? what is a female male advocate? smells like burnt fish in this joint. ha ha

Sep 17th

Euan Ewen

Great podcast,keep up the good work 😀

Aug 25th


women cannot/will not hold themselves accountable. people in general do not do that. men must hold women accountable. men must be able to hold women accountable

Jul 18th

Amy Brand

So teaching, a women majority field, is not stressful? Hahaha!

Jun 25th

Jay Alan

i, Hypocrite is a stealth tradcon who misses several points he tries to comment on.

Apr 4th


A gay feminist activist was accused, on twitter, of having been a bully during high school, her friends threatened to sue, saying she was targeted because she's gay and a feminist.

Feb 23rd
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