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A series of deep-dive discussions with a variety of topics from two creators.
Movies, TV, Books, Games, and whatever burning questions rise from them.
Long-form, focused, but random.
Structured, yet loose.
Let’s talk.

A Weekly Podcast with Deshawn Vasquez & Frank Duran

Podcast Presented by Galaxy Of Geek

Logo art by Dante Miller

Intro music by GuaptheGuru
91 Episodes
The Warped Shelf - Candyman

The Warped Shelf - Candyman


How does Nia DaCosta's new follow-up measure up to the legacy of the original and does it find its own voice? We have things to talk about.
With the release of Nightmare of the Wolf, we're talking everything Witcher, from the novels to the games, to the show and everything in between.Episode #90Video version -
Today everything we know is put into question as Apple TV puts out something else besides Ted Lasso that's also heartwarming and worth your time.Episode #89Video version -
Just when you thought we were done with Star Wars, Dave Filoni and company feed our habit. We talk about the the Clone Wars spin-off.
It's another episode for us to unwind and catch up on what we've been up to in our free time. From Ted Lasso to the Blizzard controversy, we cover a lot.Episode #87
James Gunn is back with a vengeance as he puts his stamp on the DCEU with a harder, grosser, bloodier sequel. Is it better than the first film? Well, yeah, but let's talk about why.Episode #86For The Video version -
After much delay and a lot of hoops, we finally have the Black Widow film we asked for eight years ago. How do we feel about it in spite of its placement and unforeseen circumstances surrounding its release?Episode #85
The Warped Shelf - Loki

The Warped Shelf - Loki


We're three for three with the Disney+ MCU shows. How does Loki compare to the previous two series and what ripples does it cause for the universe as a whole?Episode #84Video version here -
You've heard us complain about them before, but have we done it with a guest? We go deep as to why these haven't worked so far.Find Eddie Here on all Platforms @TheEddieMcCabe Video version here #83
Before Avatar 2 comes out sometime in the next twenty years, we decided to look back at the man's directorial filmography, and boy do we have things to say.
Exorcist II is among other things, one of the strangest and most infamous sequels ever made. Thankfully we're not talking about that one. We're talking about the good Exorcist sequel. Yes, it exists.Episode #81Video Version is here -
The Warped Shelf - E3 2021

The Warped Shelf - E3 2021


After skipping out on 2020, how does this year's E3 fare? ...Not the best, but there is plenty to discuss.Episode #80Video version here -
In a follow-up to our "How to Get Into Comics" episode, we're focusing specifically on Batman today. Where to start, what you might like, and select runs.Video Version here -
In our first casual episode in a bit, we're talking Digimon, DC animated movies, Star Trek, and more.Video Version here -
Enough with all the joy and fun. Let's talk about something meditative and sad. A somewhat overlooked anime film today.Episode #77Video Version here -
Zack Snyder's return to the zombie subgenre has had a lot of buzz surrounding it, but what do we think?Episode #76Video version here -
Based on the Robert Kirkman series of the same name, we're going at this from two perspectives. One who's read all of the source material, and one who hasn't. Cue the obligatory title cardVideo version:
Today it's a free-for-all. We're talking Mortal Kombat '95 vs. Mortal Kombat Legends vs. Mortal Kombat '21. It's all peaks and valleys and some anger on this episode. We got things to version here -
With Steve gone, who or what are Sam and Bucky supposed to fight over now? Turns out, a lot. We discuss the latest Disney+ series.Video version here -
Last week we talked about the original comic and the 2009 film, today we're having an extended discussion about Doomsday Clock and the HBO miniseries.Episode #72Video Version here -
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