DiscoverShamecast: A show about shame, guilt, and other garbage emotions
Shamecast: A show about shame, guilt, and other garbage emotions
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Shamecast: A show about shame, guilt, and other garbage emotions

Author: Bronwen and AJ

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Two friends share their most shameful, embarrassing, and emotionally crippling stories so that you may feel a little better about your life choices. We're all a little broken, after all.
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This week, AJ and Bronwen talk about what has changed them over the course of the past year.  Let's eat the rich and dismantle systemic racism!Follow us on Insta!@shamecast_official@bronwen_gale_art@aj_stalloni_artGot a shame story you wanna share?  Drop us a line at shamecast.official@gmail.comSupport the show (
Episode 35: I Aced my ACE

Episode 35: I Aced my ACE


Big Welcome Back Energy!  AJ talks us through his recent relapse, his personal relationship with addiction, and the beginning of his recovery journey.  Bronwen cries a lot.  It's heavy shit!Follow us!@shamecast_official@aj_stalloni_art@bronwen_gale_artDo you have a terrible shame story that you need to unload onto perfect strangers?  Drop us a line! shamecast.official@gmail.comSupport the show (
...Um, hi guys!  It's been too long, but know that there were REASONS!  This week Bronwen and PRODUCER SPENCER talk shop about what it's like to be therapists in a global pandemic.  Also fanfiction.  HAPPY 2021!!Drop us a line! shamecast.official@gmail.comFollow us:@shamecast_official@bronwen_gale_art@aj_stalloni_artSupport the show (
Welcome back kids!  This week, AJ gets actually vulnerable and both hosts talk about their biggest pet peeves.  There is also a MINOR rant about the election and Trump being a pile of human garbage.  Here's an article re: Quawan "Bobby" Charles with updated info not included in this ep:'s the link to his family's gofundme: US MAIL! shamecast.official@gmail.comFollow up!@shamecast_official@bronwen_gale_art@aj_stalloni_artSupport the show (
Heeeeeey... we're back-ish?  This week, Bronwen and AJ talk about the Proud Boys, fascism, and the rapid decline of US democracy.  Enjoy!Happy Belated Indigenous People's Day!  Here are some awesome orgs to check out & support if you can:Coalition to Stop Violence Against Native Women Law Resource Center Survival Sovereignty the show (
Can you BELIEVE it??  AJ and Bronwen are back after yet another unscheduled hiatus.  As they continue to process the existential nightmare which is contemporary life, Bronwen talks through her first real experience with toxic masculinity.  AJ is mostly disgusted and horrified.  It's a treat!Some things mentioned in this ep:Check out the book Pleasure Activism by Adrienne Maree Brown! here are some articles about US police training and the Israeli military police: us!@shamecast_official@bronwen_gale_art@aj_stalloni_artSEND US A STORY!  Did you have a weird family friend who made you uncomfortable?  A strange death story?  Wanna be our intern for free?  Hit us up at WE LOVE YOU ALL!!!Support the show (
Welcome back!  This week, AJ spills the tea about the whimsical yet terrifying community he calls home, and Bronwen reflects upon past job shame.  Come sit around our weird cult-like campfire!Also there are literal humans being picked up off the literal street and thrown into literal vans, and it's super not great.  If you are outraged by the behavior of federal agents in Portland, or the violence which has been perpetrated by police/federal agents against demonstrators across the US, here's an article with some quick-and-dirty ways to help those out in the streets: Here's an article from the ACLU regarding protester's rights: US!@shamecast_official@bronwen_gale_art@aj_stalloni_artShare your stories with us!  What was the worst job you ever had?  Ever been humiliated at work?  We wanna hear from you!  Send stories to: shamecast.official@gmail.comSupport the show (
This week, AJ and Bronwen talk about police brutality and the role of empathy (or lack thereof) in law enforcement.  There's actually a little research!  Oh, and AJ rants about dog people again.Sources and articles mentioned in this ep:The scoop on officer Joseph Bologna: you can get your very own "Philly is done with Bologna" shirt: article regarding rates of PTSD/PTSD symptoms in US police force: article about use of Ketamine in Elijah Mcclain case: sources: Johnson, L. B., Todd, M., & Subramanian, G. (2005). Violence in police families: Work-family spillover. Journal of family violence, 20(1), 3-12., M., Giusti, L., Albanese, A., Mariano, M., Pino, M. C., & Roncone, R. (2012). Social cognition disorders in military police officers affected by posttraumatic stress disorder after the attack of An-Nasiriyah in Iraq 2006. Psychiatry Research, 198(2), 248-252., E., & Melander, L. A. (2019). Intimate partner violence perpetrated by police officers: Is it self-control or the desire-to-be-in-control that matters more?. Journal of Aggression, Maltreatment & Trauma, 28(2), 166-185.Support the show (
After yet another hiatus, AJ and Bronwen are back at it, kids!  This week, they entertain the possibility of starting a cult for childless cat-owners and swap stories about family arguments.  Let's spill some tea!Follow us!@shamecast_official@bronwen_gale_art@AJ_stalloni_artSHARE YOUR STORIES WITH US!  Tell us about a terrible argument from your past, or perhaps let us know if you would be interested in joining AJ's cult!  Drop us a line at :)Support the show (
Welcome back!  This week, AJ and Bronwen take a much-needed mental health day and talk about their top ten least favorite bands/music artists and what's keeping them sane during the pre-pocalypse!  Also mentioned in this ep:It's STILL a good day to arrest the police who killed Breonna Taylor!  If you wanna share your feels with those who have the power to do just that, here's some info for ya:Attorney General Daniel Cameron: 502-696-5300/ Greg Fisher: greg.fisher@loisvilleky.govLMPD Chief Steve Conrad: 502-574-7660An interesting article about the experience of being a Black cop in Philly: us!@shamecast_official@bronwen_gale_art@aj_stalloni_artSHARE A STORY!  Write to us at shamecast.official@gmail.comSupport the show (
We've got a hefty bag of bologna for you this week! Bronwen reports on her experiences with crazy vigilantes in South Philadelphia, AJ reflects upon his relationship with hip hop, and both hosts agree they are embarrassed by how easy it is learn about black history if you actually bother to care.Mentioned this ep:Do you have feels about the Trumpsterfire rally scheduled to take place this Saturday at the site of the Tulsa race massacre?  Send Gov Stitt a postcard:Governor Kevin StittCapitol Building2300 Lincoln BlvdRoom 212Oklahoma City, OK73105Or call: 405-521-2391Follow us: @shamecast_official@bronwen_gale_art@aj_stalloni_artTell us your stories! Drop us a line at shamecast.official@gmail.comSupport the show (
This week, AJ and Bronwen continue to hash out current events and try to talk about racism some more.  Get ready to feel fragile!Links mentioned in this ep:'s an article about defunding the police and what that means: us@shamecast_official@aj_stalloni_art@bronwen_gale_artWE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU!  Do you have feels about racism?  Have you experienced police brutality?  Do you want to share a resource/news?  Write to us at shamecast.official@gmail.comSupport the show (
There is no easy way to talk about racism, and we are not pro's.  But as the world is quite literally burning around us, we will try to talk through our experiences to the best of our ability.  We will most likely stumble over our words, and speak from a place of pure emotion.  And that is all just fine.  We are talking about the shame of a fucking nation of human beings.  What a disgusting, important and nightmarish place to be.Here are some causes which could use your support:Donate to the Black Lives Matter Global Network: to the official George Floyd Memorial Fund: to the Philadelphia Bail Fund: to the Bail Project: us @shamecast_officialSHARE YOUR STORIES WITH US!  We want to hear from anyone who has been impacted by the events of the past week (or, ya know, your whole life) and would like to share their experiences.  We would like to offer our platform as a place for your voice to be heard.  Drop us a line at, or DM us on the insta!BLACK LIVES MATTERSupport the show (
WELCOME BACK!  it's the semi-annual return of Bronwen and AJ, and they are back to talk about binge-watching the Midnight Gospel, quarantine life lessons and class/mental health shame.  Get it!Follow us!@shamecast_official@bronwen_gale_art@aj_stalloni_artSEND US YOUR STORIES!!  Did you get shit about some social norm you didn't know what a thing?  Did kids make fun of you for having off-brand sneakers?  Were you a rich kid who didn't realize your privilege until it was too late?  We wanna hear from you!  Send us a story at shamecast.official@gmail.comSupport the show (
This week, Bronwen and AJ talk about overrated movies and traumatizing media from the 1980's.  Happy Wednesday!Follow us!@shamecast_official@aj_stalloni_art@bronwen_gale_artSupport the show (
This week, AJ regales Bronwen with a dramatic reading of an old Phish review, Bronwen shares diary entries from high school, and both discuss their experiences with body shame.  It gets heavy fast!  Follow us!@shamecast_official@aj_stalloni_art@bronwen_gale_artSend us your stories!  Do you have an angsty journal entry from high school that you would love to share with strangers?  Do you have a complicated relationship with your physical body?  Tell us all about it at shamecast.official@gmail.comSupport the show (
Welcome Back (to the middle of the week)!  In this week's self-care-isode, AJ and Bronwen talk about their regretful fashion choices and the pro's/con's of having children.  Spoiler alert: the latter is mostly con's.  Follow us!@shamecast_official@bronwen_gale_art@aj_stalloni_artShare your stories with us!  Send your terrible, awful, deep dark secrets at shamecast.official@gmail.comSupport the show (
Welcome back!  This week, AJ and Bronwen talk about their experiences with rejection, including pre-k coatroom make-out fails, painfully awkward middle school dances and being black-listed from a wedding. Follow us!@shamecast_official@bronwen_gale_art@aj_stalloni_artSEND US YOUR STORIES!  Have you been rejected?  Of course you have!  Tell us all about it at shamecast.official@gmail.comSupport the show (
Happy Wednesday!  AJ and Bronwen process their residual masturbation shame from the last episode and hash out their top ten music albums.  Sounds balanced!@shamecast_official@bronwen_gale_art@aj_stalloni_artSEND US YOUR SHAME STORIES!  Do you have a top ten album list you want to share?  Do you have terrible masturbation shame buried deep in your past?  Or something equally fun/awful?  We want to hear from you!  Email us at shamecast.official@gmail.comSupport the show (
It's the episode everyone has been waiting for!  AJ and Bronwen talk about masturbation for almost a full 60 minutes.  What a gift!  @shamecast_official@aj_stalloni_art@bronwen_gale_artSHARE YOUR STORIES WITH US! Send a story about jerkin' it (or any other shame-filled narrative) to!  Stay sane out there, kids!Support the show (
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