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Welcome to the Auto Amateur podcast that compliments the YouTube channel and Instagram by the same name. This podcast is for car enthusiasts who like driving, working in their garages and maintaining their cars. The focus is primarily on Porsche culture, cars, groups and news but all car enthusiasts are welcome!
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Goodbye 2021, hello 2022. In this final episode of the year, I'm joined by my good friend and fellow Porsche YouTuber, Jay Read. Today we're talking about how our Porsche journeys have taken a few surprising turns this year and what next year has in store for our channels and the content we're planning... from Jay's newly acquired 986 Boxster, the goodbye to my 991 and renewed focus on my 996 Carrera project car, to Rocky Mountain road trips and returning to Tail of the Dragon... we have a lot of fun in this one. As ever, thanks so much for supporting AutoAmateur with your downloads, likes, comments and follows. Everything, and everyone, is wholeheartedly appreciated. Wishing you all a very merry time over the holiday season and all the very best for the New Year. Cheers! 
In this episode we unpack Andy's recent decision to SELL HIS 991! Yup, it's gone. What was he thinking?! Let's talk about that... as well as a bunch of other fun stuff that's been going on recently... from 991.1 to 991.2 facelifts, new emblems, driving and more. Tune in, kick back and let's chat!
FINALLY someone managed to get Nick Murray on a podcast and I'm happy to announce that it was Jay Read and I. In this episode I take an unbelievable amount of sh*t from my friends Murray and Read, two self-confessed "Porsche a**holes" (their words, not mine... but yeah, accurate). In this episode we're slamming my mods, slamming my taste in colors, talking about the 2025 electric 718 Cayman / Boxster and a load of other stuff that only fellow Porsche a-holes really care about. So what are you waiting for?! Join us!! ;-)
In this episode I'm joined by not just one but two special guests - Andy of Last Rasp and Danial of Jet Fuel Only. Three Porsche nuts having some end of the week banter before the weekend arrives. In this episode we're catching up on the experiences at had in Indianapolis Indiana recently at both the 7th occurrence of the Lüft Porsche event and the #PorscheTogetherFest the very next day at the world famous Indianapolis Motorsport Speedway. We're also talking about the very exciting announcement that just recently came out from Porsche, the concept 'Mission R' car - a crazy powerful, crazy fast fully electric racing car that will give the likes of the GT3 RS and GT3 RS a good run for their money. Well, let me tell you, we're triple trouble ya'll. We're gonna bring you up to speed, so check it out!!
Should I be putting more emphasis on my 10-year wedding anniversary that my wife and I actually celebrating today (Aug 27th 2011-21!!!) or 5-years of making AutoAmateur videos? Hmm... wife or Porsches... tough choice. Haha. In this episode we absolutely do start off with a HUGE shoutout to my lovely wife Ruthie before getting into Porsches and AutoAmateur. Keep your eyes open for a celebratory YouTube video in the works too... Tune in, kick back and enjoy!! 
I'm little late publishing this week's podcast, but at least here in the US mid-west I can still claim that it's Friday, just! In this episode I'm back with Atlanta based Andrew Gladden of 'Nine Eleven South' from Instagram and YouTube. We're talking about 911 mods, specifically a run down of the cracking number that Andrew has finished on his 991 this year. We're talking TechArt aerokits, lowering springs, DSC controllers, painted brake calipers, rear bumper upgrades and MORE. Andrew has also recently been putting out a great video series called 'OG Spec' Garage Build where he has been transforming his aging detached garage into the dream spot for his 911. We also talk about the upcoming Luft 7 event in Indianapolis that we're both attending in September. Tune in, kick back and check it out! 
James and Andy back with some Porsche banter on a Friday afternoon. What better way to head into the weekend?! In this episode we're talking about what we're seeing going on in the Porsche market and talking about what the future might hold for those looking to get into their first P-car. We also talk about a 911-R that's currently on offer for a cool $500k and other unicorns available on the market at the moment such as some of the 991.2 GT3 Touring models. Finally updates about several car events in the US that James will be attending such as Lüft 7 and a fall tour of the Tail of the Dragon. Tune in, kick back and enjoy! 
Another episode and I'm joined with Andy from Last Rasp for some good old Porsche banter! In this episode (after some random celebrity stories) we get into Andy's recent jobs on his 964, plans for his 991 (and its wonky deck lid emblem) and we talk about my latest series of 991 mods. Tune in, kick back and enjoy! 
In this episode, and new podcast season season opener,  I'm back with Jay Read for some Porsche banter. We're about 11 weeks away from our return trip to the Smoky Mountains and the world famous 'Tail of the Dragon' driver's road of roads. We get into what people can expect from this next trip to the Tail as well as talking about some exciting mods and videos that are in the pipeline from Jay's channel. Tune in, kick back and enjoy!
In this last episode of season 5 of this podcast, we're talking about driving. Did you know that people driving their cars around traffic cones in over-sized carparks is a national sport? A worldwide phenomena? It's called Autocross. It's pervasive in the car community, it's organized, it's competitive and it has a huge following around the world.  In this podcast I'm joined by my friend Danial at Jet Fuel Only (the Instagram and YouTube channel by the same name). Danial is an Autocross enthusiast, I'm not only an Autocross newbie I'm very skeptical of the entire concept. Is it fast enough to be fun? Is it challenging enough to warrant a full day of my time and the price of admission?  Let's listen to both perspectives. Tune in, kick back and let me know what YOU think! 
In this episode I'm joined by Alan who started the Instagram @Flat Six Affair which is laced with gorgeous, epic and blisteringly good Porsche images. Alan has a visual style that is quite unique and his content is always of the highest quality. He is part of the Porsche culture and car community in Melbourne Australia, having moved down under from his native Scotland over 20 years ago. We talk our joint love of Porsche cars, Alan's recent ownership experience with his 996 and a mutual friend of ours who drives a rather hot green 964 with gold rims. Tune in, kick back and enjoy! 
Is this episode I talk about the new series of mods I have in store for my Porsche 911... and yes of course, one of them involves carbon fiber. Those who know me, you know. Tune in, kick back and let's have some Porsche chat! 
Another thoroughly enjoyable and completely hilarious conversation with Andy Gaunt at Last Rasp. I'm not sure if it was because it was early morning for Andy, or late in the day for me, but whatever was going down made for a brilliant load of Porsche banter. We talk about tracking our cars, auto cross, mods for Andy's 964 and my 991... and lots, lots more. Tune in, kick back and enjoy! 
We're shaking things up a little this week with a special guest Inga Umblija from Riga, Latvia. Inga is a an independent life coach, former Tony Robbins life coach and co-founder of The Abundance Formula helping people unlock their full potential. Hold on, I get it - we're not jumping straight into talking about Porsches and automotive life style but it's all connected. Come along for this ride and see if you if you can unlock more of your own potential - whether that's obtaining your GT car, your dream job or opening doors to interests and passions you don't even know you have yet. Tune in, kick back, let's talk! From Inga at The Abundance Formula...What is your Abundance Super Power? When it comes to being abundant, we all have our own unique ways of making that happen and we each have our unique set of superpowers to living our best lives. The Abundance Formula summarises these superpowers in a simple and powerful way - it states:Abundance = (Mindset + Possibilities)^BoldnessTo live our best lives, we must cultivate a mindset of abundance. This opens us up to a whole new world of possibility. When harnessed through deliberate and consistent bold action, the stream of joy, ease and synchronicity is delightfully surprising and expansive.Take this quiz to find your Abundance Super Power.  Knowing this can help you unleash your special magic every day.  You'll also receive specific insights to help you bring your Superpower to life and take your Abundance to the next level.
In this episode of the AutoAmateur podcast I'm joined by Rene, the 997 owner behind the relatively new Instagram @DutchNineEleven. Rene has accumulated more followers on his Instagram in 6 months than I have in the last 3 years of having my own to complement my AutoAmateur YouTube Channel. What makes Dutch Nine Eleven special? Rene for sure, he's an extremely nice guy with a passion for his Porsche and posting gorgeous shots of it online whenever he takes it out for a spin. Tune in, kick back and let's talk! 
In this episode I'm joined by Beth from the YouTube channel 'The ABC's of Beth', a fellow content creator, Porsche owner and car enthusiast extraordinaire. During her driving career, Beth has owned over 90 (NINETY!) cars, many of them Porsches. Today she still maintains a collection that includes a unique 914, Boxster, Cayman and as of a few days ago, a gorgeous example of a 997. Tune in, kick back and enjoy!  
Welcome back to the AutoAmateur podcast! In this episode I talk about the new mods and jobs I have coming up to do on my 991, we talk upcoming Project 996 content and what's new... rumors are (confirmed by photos from the Ring!) that the 992 GT3 Touring is going to be here soon. Tune in, kick back, let's talk! 
In this podcast I have Jay Read back for more Porsche banter! This time we're talking about the epic road trip we just shared to the world famous Tail of the Dragon which is an 11 mile stretch of US highway 129, that winds through the Smoky Mountains along the North Carolina and Tennessee state lines boasting a whopping 318 turns! We also talk about our experiences driving a 991.1 GT3 and 992 Turbo S on the track at the Porsche Experience Center in Atlanta as well attending the county's largest car meet - Caffeine & Octane ATL. Tune in, kick back and enjoy! 
Andy from Last Rasp is BACK for more Porsche banter with James at AutoAmateur. In this episode we talk about a range of P-car related topics from ridiculous named (and looking?) factory Taycan color choices, how Andy scratched is 964 and whole load of other fun and games. Tune in, kick back and enjoy. Cheers! 
Welcome back to the AutoAmateur podcast! Let's get straight down to it - CARBON FIBER - loved and loathed by many. What is it? Why do we lovers find it so appealing to add to the interiors and exteriors of our cars? Why do the haters think it makes cars look cheap and nasty? It's a bit of a polarizing topic, but chatting about it with Danial was always going to fun (and not just because I get throw in endless Top Gun references, knowing he's a pilot). Tune in, kick back and enjoy! 
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