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Welcome to All Things Latina Podcast where you will find topics relating to business, career and a kick of motivation. Listen in..and you'll learn a thing or two! Follow me on Instagram: @TaniEstefy
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Follow me on IG: @TaniEstefyLatinas in Business collaborating is everything! More than ever now we need to stick together and help support our dreams simplemente porque juntas somos mas poderosas! In this episode I sit down with Angie Owner and Founder of Diosa Glam Cosmetics who I have been fortunate enough to have collaborated with for our lip kit Fuego. In this episode we talk about the importance of Latinas collaborating in business and how to be fearless and just simply going for it. Now let’s not wait any further y comencemos!
Follow me on IG: @TaniEstefy Fears, fears, fears..we all have them.. And believe it or not fear can be the number one contributor that holds you back on taking the next step in your career, starting a business, or simply going after your goals. Fear is common, but it is important to identify the fears and let them go so that you can continue being the jefa you were meant to be! On this episode on this episode I will be giving you tips on how you can let go of your fears and just go for it! So let’s not wait any further y comencemos. Credit to: huffpost.comBy Nora Oravecz, ContributorImage and Storytelling Strategist
Follow Me on IG @TaniEstefyAre you stuck in between having a full time job and wanting to launch a business? But you cant quite find that balance? Or dont know where to even start? If your answer is yes then chica you want to tune into this episode because I will be giving you tips on what steps you can take to start your business while optatinging a full time job. The tips and advice I will be giving is based on my personal experience and what has worked for me. Some of you may or may not know that I am co-founder of Latina Approved, a digital lifestyle brand meant to empower Latinas and embrace the Latina culture as a whole. I started this brand / business with a friend while working a full time job. 
Follow me on IG: @TaniEstefy Let’s talk about self confidence and the importance of it in your life! On this episode I will be giving you tips on how you can build your self confidence and the impact lacking confidence has and how making behaviour changes and believing in yourself a bit more  can go a long way for you not only professionally but overall in life. So if you have ever experienced self doubt or lacked confidence you’ll want to stay tuned to this episode because trust me when I tell you that you’ll want to start implementing these tips right away. So let’s not wait any further y comencemos. 
Follow me on IG: @TaniEstefy Abuelitas are so precious they give us unconditional love and care. They are the best friends and second moms to many .. without a doubt a true blessing. On this episode I will be sharing with you lessons my abuelita Mama Tina taught me about business and life. These come straight from the source an Entrepreneur from El Salvador, a hustler to make sure her family was taken care of regardless of what the limitations in life were and what obstacles were tossed her way. Just as my grandma Mama Tina I am sure some your grandmas went through similar things. Therefore, shout out to all the abuelitas out there that live near and dear to our hearts. Let’s not wait any further y comencemos. 
Follow me on IG: @TaniEstefySelf-doubt, self-doubt, self-doubt can be the determining factor as to why you don't accomplish something or take the first step especially if you are an entrepreneur or aspiring entrepreneur. As a latina entrepreneur I can tell you that self-doubt creeps up on you and it’s, but honestly it is how you go about it mentaly. On this episode I will be giving you tips from inspiring women entrepreneurs and how they have overcome self doubt and pursued their dreams. So let’s not wait any further y comencemos! Being an entrepreneur isn't the easiest to be not to mention how some industries that interest us can be male dominant.. However with the right mindset and inspiration we as mujeres /women we can accomplish anything we set our minds too. Credit to: Business Insider 
Follow me on IG @TaniEstefyThe sweet talk about dinero. Talking about money isn't always easy whether it is money talk with yourself, employer or partner. On this episode I will be giving you tips on how you can best talk to your partner about DINERO! I get it isn't always easy but trust me when I say that in the long run it will just make things much easier especially if you are moving into a more serious direction in your relationship. So stay tuned because you be learning a thing or two. Let’s not wait any further y comencemos. 
Follow me on IG : @TaniEstefyHave you ever asked yourself “what do I want to do with my life?” or Sometimes life shakes us up and then our initial plan flies out the window. I am pretty sure many of us have been there at some point in our lives. The question is how do you regroup your plans and create a success plan for your future! Lucky you I have the answers that you are looking for. In this episode I will break down different tactics you can use so that you can create a game plan for yourself no matter how challenging the time you're in is. 
Do you ever find yourself overthinking decisions to make? And all you get out of it is a delay in your goals? Well think no more because in this episode I will be giving you 5 tips on how you can stop overthinking everything and simply get to it. Asi que tune in and take notes!
A way to  grow is by challenging yourself. 💪🏼 💖 I strongly believe that knowledge is power, that's why this year I have challenged myself to advance my Spanish while using the #Duolingo app. I don't know about you but I am a master in Spanglish but this year I had to get my Spanish together. With Duolingo You can learn up to 39 different languages! What I love about it is that it’s fun, easy and free! I am fascinated on how personalized the lessons are and how they adapt to your learning styles .. the exercises are tailored to help you learn and review vocabulary effectively..also I receive immediate grading so I definitely don't lose patience! Duolingo helps me stay motivated because of their rewards system  and how quickly I improve my espanol. I invite you to download the duolingo app and follow me @ taniestefy so we can measure our progress together in any language you choose to learn. Follow @duolingoespanol on social media for updates and more information.
Follow me on IG: @TaniEstefyDo you have an idea in your head that you just cant stop thinking about? Something that perhaps you view as a hobby but with possible compensation in the future? However, you haven't taken initiative to start? If this sounds like you then you want to listen to this episode because I will be giving 5 tips to follow so that you can get that side hustle up and going! Tu puedes chica! 
Follow me on IG: @TaniaEstefyWe all know that Starting a business is never as easy as it sounds. Whether it's selecting a business idea, creating a business plan, marketing plan, attempting to secure funding, many things can be challenging when starting from scratch. Nevertheless, with a concrete idea, solid plan and strong resources, you can become a successful entrepreneur. In this episode I will be sharing with you 10 tips from successful female entrepreneurs. So take notes so that you can start applying these tips immediately.  Credit to: Business news daily
Follow  me on Instagram @TaniEstefyOne of the questions I get asked the most is how does one stay motivated and set goals. If you are wondering how to do so then you are on the right episode because I will be giving you 5 rules to set yourself up for success. 
Follow me on IG: @TaniEstefyPlanned Parenthood’s has telehealth appointments, you can get high quality affordable care your way - by phone or video. Click link below have been planning to do an episode on self confidence, because having confidence makes an impact in your personal life, business, career, relationships you name it! I have also received various comments and DMs asking Tani how are you so confident ? What are some tips on being confident etc.. so I said why not do an episode on this where I share some tips on how you can become that confident chingona and have that jefa mentality that you are enough and you can accomplish anything and everything! I get it Sometimes the thing that holds us back to pursue our goals or simply take action towards something we really want to do is confidence and fear of failure due to lack of self-confidence. At some point in our lives we all have been there. I can be the first one to say yes I have been there before but I have learned to overcome that fear and learned how to be more confident. The question you may want answered is “ok how do I become more confident?” and you're right that is the essential question and if you want that answer then stay tuned because on this episode I will be giving you 5 valuable tips on how to be more confident and you can apply these tips in your life in general. 
Instagram: @TaniEstefy Starting or maintaining a business can be challenging especially because of the funding or revenue. However, do not let that discourage you from keeping your business going or starting your business. In this episode I will be providing you with 10 Small Business Grants for women that can help you in your business and just to clarify grants are essentially free financing very different from business credit cards or small business loans. Now let’s not wait any further and let’s get started. 
We all know that job hunting, not to mention interviews can all be nerve wracking, but the exciting part of it all aside from getting a new job is the amount of money you will be making am I right? When that offer letter is sent to you with salary and benefits you either are happy with the offer and you accept or you feel indifferent about the proposed offer and benefits but you don't know how to negotiate or address any concerns. If you have ever been in that scenario and can relate and want to learn how to get a better then you are on the right episode, because I will be giving you tips on how to evaluate and negotiate a job offer. Something I have learned throughout my career has been to be fearless and unafraid to ask for what you're worth! 
Instagram: @TaniEstefyAre you a business owner or have a personal brand on Instagram but see no growth or engagement ? if your answer is yes! Then you are at the right place because on this episode I will be giving you 5 strategies on how to grow your instagram business page organically. I have followed these same strategies with Latina Approved, a digital lifestyle brand I co-founded which has grown quickly and of course my own personal brand Tani Estefy. So don't wait any further and tune in. 
Have you been thinking of starting a business or maybe you already have a business but are avoiding all things legal? I know it can be a bit intimidating, but the truth of the matter is that you shouldn't avoid it or ignore it. It is important to always protect yourself or at the very least stay informed about ways to protect your business. On this episode Business and Trademark Attorney Taylor M. Tieman a coffee obsessed, dog mom of two will be talking to us about misconceptions small business owners have when it comes to legal, what the differences between copyright and trademark are, why you should have contracts and much more! So listen in because its better to be safe than sorry.
The best investment you can make for your career Do you feel like you're stuck in your career and need to gradually start making a change? Well the first thing I can tell you that you need to do is to self invest. Invest in yourself, in your passion overall this will equate to the kind of lifestyle you want to have and I don't mean just the way you live but also the way you feel, the way you contribute to life, your passions! When you put yourself first and believe in yourself I promise you everything else will come together. On this episode I will be giving you tips on how you can best invest in your career with zero regret!
Many of us at some point in our lives have experienced fear of making mistakes or maybe you still feel that way whether you voice it out loud or not but fear no more because in this episode you will learn ways of how you can overcome that fear of making mistakes and simply be a fierce fearless Chingona! So listen In because I have the tea for you and it's not just me saying this but I will be referencing a Harvard business review article discussing helpful tips.
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