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Author: Jack Regan & Lizzie Wakeling

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A podcast all about Catholic ministry and life, with a slight bias towards youth and young adult ministry. Join Jack Regan and Lizzie Wakeling for polite seasoned banter on a variety of different topics. Get in touch on Twitter/ Facebook @CatholicBants
17 Episodes
This week, Jack and Lizzie discuss the latest Encyclical from Pope Francis. Yeah, it's like a really long letter where the Pope teaches us stuff - and this one's really good. It's got a lot to say about the world we live in. So, sit back as Jack and Lizzie talk about Francis, Trump, Biden, Nukes, War, Politics, and - of course - banter!Here's the YouTube video Jack was on about!
We're back! Admit it - you've missed us, right?In this first episode of the new season, Jack and Lizzie go through the 'Discover Course' from CCO and talk about the Love of God.Despite the title, the episode isn't actually really about the aforementioned Cory Asbury song, but here is the video Jack refers to.
[Summer Break]

[Summer Break]


Just a quick one to explain that we're on a summer break and we'll be back in September with some great new content.To be honest, that explanationpretty much nails it, but you should probably listen to this very short trailer anyway. I mean, it's only six minutes of your life, it makes us look more popular and, you know... banter!Have a good summer you lovely people.As ever, we're on Facebook/ Twitter @CatholicBants and if you're feeling lovely, go give us a nice Five Star review!
In possibly our most awesome episode yet, we're joined by a brand new priest. Father Tom Kent was ordained on Saturday July 11th, just six days before we recorded. He sat down to speak to us about his journey, his training, what it's like being a priest and whether (as Jack suggested) he looks at bread in a different way now he's got the power to turn it in to Jesus..?A really moving interview, and a great insight into faith and priesthood!As ever, get in touch on Twitter or Facebook @CatholicBants, and if you're feeling generous, go give us a Five Star ***** review!Here's the link to the online Youth Ministry course featuring Jack and Lizzie: 
This time, we take a look at some common myths about the Catholic Church that we might hear from our non-Catholic-but-still-Christian friends. Do we worship Mary? Do we think confession is like a carwash? Do we think the bible doesn't matter that much? Do we think there's a scorecard up in Heaven?The answer is clearly NO. Wanna see how we get there?As ever, get in touch on Twitter or Facebook @CatholicBants and if you're feeling nice, go give us a Five Star review.
This week, Jack and Lizzie talk about sainthood and a few of their favourite saints. These are the guys and girls we talk about:The big ones:St John Paul IISt BernadetteSt Therese of LisieuxSt Michael the ArchangelSt Philip HowardSt John BoscoAnd the ones we briefly touched on:St Clement of AlexandriaSt WilfridSt AugustineSt Thomas AquinasSt DymphnaSt Blaise (not spelled 'blaze' as Jack thought when he was typing this!)St AnthonySt Catherine of SiennaSt Teresa of AvilaSt Hildegard of Bingen As ever, get in touch on Twitter or Facebook @CatholicBants
Join Jack and Lizzie as they take apart some commonly held - yet totally untrue - assumptions about the Catholic Church. Did the Church help Hitler? Do we hate the gay community? Is the Church full of abusers? Are we anti-women?I mean, it's not the most laugh-out-loud episode, clearly, but hopefully still worth your while.As ever, get in touch on Twitter or Facebook - @CatholicBants, and if you're feeling nice head to the iTunes store (or wherever) and give us a Five Star review.Here's some resources we mention in the pod:The Chosen (again!) - It's just 'Fast Facts' - This site is a little militant but the information it gives about the abuse scandals and how they were reported is generally accurate.Pope John Paul II: Letter to Women - As recommended by Lizzie.
Jack and Lizzie talk about whether or not we can prove and defend the resurrection. I mean, we can, of course, but it's kinda fun seeing how they get there! They also talk about what it means to have a relationship with the Risen Christ, and a few other random things like escape rooms!As ever, get in touch on Twitter @CatholicBants and if you feel like it, give us a nice 5* review.Here's the stuff we mention:The ChosenThe Remote Escape RoomThe Art of Forming Young DisciplesPope Francis' Easter Vigil Homily from 2013The Case for Christ, Lee Strobel(also, check out the Case for Christ movie)The Resurrection of the Son of God, NT Wright
This week, we're joined by our first guest, the brilliant Father David King, who gets in on the banter and talks to us about life as a priest in the lockdown, about his journey to faith and, most of all, about evangelisation.How can we reach other people and let them know how amazing this whole Jesus thing is? What is evangelisation really about? And, what do vampires have to do with it all? Hit play and find out!As ever, get in touch on twitter @CatholicBants, and if you're feeling nice and you like the pod, go give us a nice review somewhere.Love ya :-)
Join Jack and Lizzie as they bite off way more than they can chew in an unusually theology-heavy podcast looking at Pope John Paul II's Theology of the Body. What does it mean to be human? Why do we have bodies? What is sexuality really all about? And how does that link to the Trinity, the Church, the Incarnation, and, well basically everything!?As ever, get in touch on Twitter @CatholicBants, and if you like this stuff, why not do us a sold and give us a nice Five Star review so that we can rise up the charts and more people will listen!Here's a bit of stuff we talk about during the episode:Theology of the Body for Beginners (West)Loads of TOB info, including a link to the full textGay Girl, Good God (Jackie Hill Perry)Mystici Corporis (Encyclical Letter, Pope Pius XII) (Published in 1943, and not 1925 as Jack said on the pod!)Young Catholic America (Smith et al)
Following on from the last episode on Faith & Science, we take a look at some of science's darker accomplishments and how we decide which tools to use, which to use sparingly, and which to keep in the drawer. It's a good one. I mean, I'm biased, but still...We look at things like 'double effect', abortion, nukes, warfare, drones, AI, and a few other bits. We also have our usual random banter that holds the whole thing together like UHU!Here is the book Jack was talking about - (it's really cheap now!)And here is the silly 'Fast Show' sketch (or one of them) with the two evangelising policemen:
We're celebrating the fact that we're still in lockdown by asking if faith and science are compatible..?I mean... (spoiler alert...) they are. They totally are. But it's worth having a listen to see how we get there!Also - check out 'Easter Journey 2020' a beautiful set of reflections for young people, which Lizzie is involved in - https://easterjourney2020.wordpress.comOne more thing before I hit 'Publish'. A small mistake in the pod - Einstein had nothing to do with the 'God of the Gaps' idea. So there! If you spot any other mistakes, let us know and we'll look in to them.God Bless, you lovely people :-)
In this - shorter than usual - episode, we reflect on what it means to be a Catholic Christian in this time of Covid-19, Lockdown, and online Mass streaming. We try to look for the positives, try to help you to make sense of it, and offer a few tips for staying connected and looking after yourself and each other.Yes, even amid a global pandemic, there is still time for banter! As ever, if you want to get in touch @CatholicBantsThis is the YouTube channel we mentioned where Jack watched Mass on Sunday - this is where Lizzie got her Mass fix -
This week Jack and Lizzie shamelessly retreat into very familiar territory as they talk about youth ministry. What is youth ministry? Who is it for? What's working? What's not? And who is likely to win this year's Champion's League.Okay, well not the last one, but definitely the others. Enjoy!As ever, you can get in touch by Emailing or by reaching out on Twitter @CatholicBants, or just by talking to us since we're guessing most of our listeners right now are people who know us!God Bless, you lovely people :-)
For Episode 3, we’re talking about songs. Mostly Christian ones, but we’ve thrown in a few wildcards as well. If you want to get in touch, we’re on Twitter @CatholicBants. Here – before you ask - are the songs we discuss with some links. Enjoy…Our God Reigns - of God - of Life - Great Thou Art, Sounds of Salvation - Song, Salvation - in the Liberty of Love, Maltfriscans - but the Blood, Guvna B -, I Need You, Matt Maher -, Follow Me, Brother Isaiah - the Inside Out, Hillsong - a Beautiful Name, Hillsong - Eleison, Maher, Redman, Tomlin -, Maher & Redman - Christ You are my Life - and His Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (Musical) -, Guns N Roses - Love, Passenger -, The Cranberries -
We're back for Episode 2, and we're talking about books! Catholic books, Christian (but not Catholic) books, and books that make us think. Follow us on Twitter @CatholicBants Here, in no particular order, the books we discussed...Rebuilt, Fr Michael White and Tom CorcoranForming Intentional Disciples, Sherry WeddellDivine Renovation, Fr James MallonRenew Your Wonders, Damian StayneMass Exodus, Stephen BullivantBuilding a Discipling Culture, Mike BreenSexual Morality in a Christless World, Matthew RutgerThe Screwtape Letters, CS LewisThe Tabloid Bible, Nick PageChristus Vivit, Pope FrancisOne Door Away from Heaven, Dean KoontzMere Christianity, CS LewisEveryday Supernatural, Mike Pilavachi and Andy CroftUnpopular Culture, Guvna BThe Trinity: How Not to be a Heretic, Stephen Bullivant..and the Non-Christian ones..Prisoners of Geography, Tim MarshallCan We Talk, Dr Sarah Vohra
In this first episode, we look at all things World Youth Day. As 2020 approaches, Catholic youth officers the world over will be starting to prepare for the tri-annual (ish) Catholic mega festival, so what better place to start.
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