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Can't find them?  Only seen a couple?!?  These stories will enlighten where those "rascally rabbits" are hidin'!!We think this is our best episode yet!!  We truly have a blast this time of year and our stories will hopefully show you that and draw you in....and hopefully improve how / where you find them bunnies!If we have this much fun - SO WILL YOU!!!  This is the time of  year we get to go on a journey of social fun that you know, when done with Redneck Country, will show you just how much fun you can have Rabbit Huntin'!  Keep this time of year relaxed and jovial and you'll be a better hunter for it!Join Todd Millard​, Bill Thom​ & Scott Goodall​ around the campfire as they share stories afield that you can relate to and hopefully assist in improving your time and opportunities afield!Also, don't be shy in contacting us if you want to join us and share some funny stories, successes or even "learning opportunities" from your time afield! If you do, email or message us on Facebook or even text Real Redneck Todd Millard @ 226-919-4092! 
Once again, we're sittin' around tellin' stories, hoping to have you join us....only this time, it's those "one's that got away" kinda stories - WITH TOTAL FAULT! Hope you enjoy it!
Episode 2 - Controlled Deer Hunt - Black Powder & Rifle Season cont.....We continue on with our Controlled Deer Hunt season with our trusty Muzzleloaders in Scotty and Todd's Black Powder week - then hear about Bill Thom's huntin' family and their successes!We start this episode continuing on a track job of what we now call "Super Buck"
 "OFF THE CUFF" & UNEDITED!!  Just a bunch of Outdoors Folk sittin' round a campfire tellin' stories, cuttin' up and have a blast!  Hoping to draw you in and be right there with us as we share our fun from afield - whether it's huntin' deer, turkey, ducks or even fishin'!!  Tune in to listen to the weekly antics and hopefully learn a little to use while you're afield!
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