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Love in the Mirror Podcast with Shannon Bodie (Arnett) NBC-HWC

Author: Shannon Bodie NBC-HWC, MA, CEHP, RYT-500

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The Love in the Mirror podcast is for all those who work hard to make a difference in your own life and the lives of others. If you need strategies for greater peace, self love and acceptance this is your show! Join me, Shannon Bodie, certified health and wellness coach and energy health practitioner in my conversations with trusted friends and colleagues about how we find love and peace reflected in ourselves and how we can take this into the world. Each episode explores tips, tools, stories and perspectives to find greater peace and success in relationship, working with others, relieving stress, finding love we seek, and generally relating to ourselves with more compassion so we can find the peace that’s already here. Our conversations come with humor, authenticity, and real life examples that are relatable and delightful. This is from the grounded understanding that there is NOTHING to fix, and we can have fun while we take care of ourselves and develop our skill sets at the same time.
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Join this episode as the kick off to the "where you find peace" series!  For this 1st installment, Shannon interviews Coach and Counselor Sally Cleary, who has worked tenaciously in her own life and the lives of her clients around making peace when it comes to money.   Sally shares incredible steps and resources to change our relationship to money, look at our beliefs and stories about money honestly and treat ourselves with compassion along the way.You'll hear so much we can all relate with as Sally and Shannon share some of their own money stories with the love and grace we all need when we unpack the energy of money!Sally reminds us that our relationship with money is solvable! Resources include:Brad Klontz and Ted Klontz: Mind over MoneyTo Contact Guest Sally Cleary:sallythecoach@gmail.comfireside-coaching.com208-890-3593For Group and Individual Coaching with Host Shannon Bodie (Arnett), NBC-HWC, MA, CEHP, RYT-500Director Inner Peace Rising, LLC,In the Pace as You Go "Love in the Mirror" Course, $150 for 8 live or downloaded classes! GO (courses tab) the show ( the show (
30: Shine Your Light

30: Shine Your Light


Have you ever forgotten or lost your light? What does this mean for you?We all have brilliant gifts that come through as offerings for humanity and it can be so common to forget them or lack trust in these gifts!  How do yours manifest?Are you looking for some inspiration to reconnect to the offering you have for the world, or most importantly for your own heart?This session is for you!  You'll also hear ways to keep amplifying that signal when you're in touch with your own ways to send that support and unique voice in the world!Shine the light on your talent, your giant and small gifts, and the ways you feel most authentic in your expression.  We all need them and you deserve to see them too, over and over again!Take a listen for a fun inventory and a guided imagery exercise on reconnecting to that bright light within!For Group Coaching with Shannon Bodie (Arnett), NBC-HWC, MA, CEHP, RYT-500Director Inner Peace Rising, LLC,In the Pace as You Go "Love in the Mirror" Course, $150 for 8 live or downloaded classes! GO (courses tab) the show (
Have you been feeling stuck, mentally foggy, mired in the day to day responsibilities, or simply need a boost to lift the ceiling on what you believe is possible in the future?In this episode your host Shannon leads listeners through a re-awakening of the 3rd eye.  Take a listen for a moment to take inventory for yourself, practice some breathing exercises, and a guided visualization to open back up to dreaming big and finding your sense of wonder! You'll also notice more mental capacity and focus for those tasks ahead.The 3rd eye center, or Anja Chakra is our home for visualizing, dreaming of a better future, and opening to new possibilities.  It's also where we can bathe our cerebral cortex in sweet potential and create greater mental clarity. When we're stressed, our vision can literally get more tunneled, we focus on what we must do, rather than what we dream of doing.  Join us for a reinvigoration here together!For Coaching with Shannon Bodie, NBC-HWC, MA, CEHP, RYT-500Director Inner Peace Rising, LLC,Including registration for our Fall "Love in the Mirror" Live Course starting 10-5-2020 for just $150 for 8 live or downloaded classes, go (courses tab) the show (
In this 25th episode, Shannon has the tables turned....she is interviewed by her Assistant for Inner Peace Rising Kelsey Landstrom.  Kelsey helps Shannon to share her own wisdom around lessons hard it has been to remember that she is not alone.  Shannon opens up around the ways she's had to ask for help from others when she feels like she has do it all by herself, and the relief that's come from the asking.She shares the knowing that we are deeply loved no matter what, and how she keeps remembering over and over again.Have you ever felt alone?  Like you have to do all of it the hard way, or have all the responsibility?  This episode is for you.  Have you ever felt so vulnerable in asking for help?  This episode is for you.Join us for the final installment of the "What Have Your Learned" series, to see how connected and supported we all truly are together.For work with Shannon Bodie, NBC-HWC, MA, CEHP, RYT-500, Director Inner Peace Rising, LLC, including registration for our Fall "Love in the Mirror" Live Course starting 10-5-2020 go the show (
In this final outside interview of the "What Have You Learned" sub-series, Shannon welcomes back to the Podcast Suzanne Botello, PhD, Licensed Psychologist and LPC.  Suzanne Brings 35 years as at therapist to her learning, but in this episode shares how she has come face to face with her own inner magical child and the essence of who she really is.  After years of serving others, she's been exploring incredible art with Soul Collage in her own process and the work of Seena Frost.  Tune in for step by step ways to access your own intuition in this collage work, and for inspiration on how to connect to your own sense of magic and wonder underneath the struggle of the day to day that keeps us all forgetting our goodness at times!To see incredibly inspiring copies of Suzanne's intuitive cards including" The Archetype Cards of her Guide, The Goddess, The Joyful Essence, the Council Spirit, and her own personal Coper and Too Much shadow cards, go to  To contact Suzanne for personal work through her Telehealth private practice:928-266-3770suzbot@npgcable.comFor work with Shannon Bodie, NBC-HWC, MA, CEHP, RYT-500, Director Inner Peace Rising, LLC, including registration for our Fall "Love in the Mirror" Live Course starting 10-5-2020 go the show (
In Episode 21, Shannon interviews Barre 3 Studio Owner, Instructor and Coach around her current lessons.  Rebekah helps women to find their bliss in so many ways and her wisdom shines through in this episode!She shares her own steps to dealing with uncertainty, and what it has been like to close her Barre 3 studio through Covid-19, furlough a beloved staff, deal with fear and help herself drop into a fearless space while so many unknowns exist.She shares her optimism as the studio prepares to open again, and how she's avoided spiritual by-pass in bravely facing emotion as it's come up for her so she can be authentic and present for those she serves.You'll hear examples of mantra, tips for how she gets into her calm response, and be inspired as we can move forward together in some ways that we learn with Rebekah!For additional help in facing uncertainty, and information on upcoming coaching classes with Shannon please contact Shannon directly:shannon@innerpeacerising.com the show ( support Barre 3 Flagstaff and find classes as the studio reopens go to: the show (
 If you've ever felt alone, like you had to do it all yourself, or felt clunky and awkward letting others in, this show is yours!In this episode, Shannon interviews Anna Robertson, Graduate Student and practitioner in Clinical Psychology in the Doctoral Program at UCCS with an emphasis in older adulthood and geropsychology. Anna brings her perspective earned through a challenging upbringing, her work with aging adults, her role as a research coordinator, and as a loving human on the planet about the value of asking for help.She learned some tough lessons as a supervisor about vulnerability and where she had originally learned to do things on her own. Lessons Anna and Shannon Cover:-the value of transparency-Brene Brown's teaching on vulnerability-the gift we offer others when we ask for help-beliefs in deserving to be safe, worthy and feeling good-challenging beliefs about being a burden when we ask for help-"Permission to be open to other people's open arms"-Why we don't have to make life as hard as it sounds to get through things aloneFor additional help in asking for help and other steps of support please contact Shannon directly:shannon@innerpeacerising.com the show (
Join Shannon as she interviews Jan Tassi Rominger; a community leader, recreation therapist, yoga and group exercise instructor, and theatre and drama coach.Jan shares her experiences with manifestation, asking for what we want, and her passion for serving others.  She also explores the lessons in presence and slowing down that the current quarantine situation have offered for her.She has found a way to serve her senior students across social distancing, stay fueled through serving others, and create a new structure for herself that keeps her positive.  She also has had to endure significant disappointment, and has had to pivot to find the gifts of this new normal.She creatively works in the arts with The Flagstaff Shakespeare Festival and other organizations through this time.  You'll hear her solutions, structures, and the ways she holds space for herself and others that will inspire you, including the resources and teachers that help her regularly!To find Jan's Silver Fitness classes, you can search Jan Tassi Rominger on both Youtube and Facebook!For deeper resources, upcoming classes and support with Shannon Bodie (Arnett), NBC-HWC, and Director of Inner Peace Rising, go to or email her at the show (
Join Shannon as she interviews Kelsey Landstrom, human rights advocate, community organizer in reproductive rights, freedom of choice, and health care in the human trafficing fields.This is the 1st interview in the series of real individuals serving others about what have we learned together!  Kelsey shares her lessons about uncertainty, scarcity vs. abundance, and what has added joy, peace, gratitude and myrth to her own life. She shares these from her current state of completing graduate work without a job waiting for her in this COVID climate.The two discuss the strategies Kelsey uses in mindfulness and presence to meet difficult emotions that anyone can use.  You'll hear larger lessons too that we all can connect to about compassion, connection, love and TRUST in the process when the future is uncertain!  She is choosing collaboration over competition and choosing abundance over scarcity - let's get inspired together!Support the show (
Inside episode 18 is our free workshop!  Shannon offers the audio replay of her Live "Class, Soothing, Centering Sanity Practices for Your and Your Inner Child."You'll hear 5 distinct techniques to support your own current calm, but also for any parts that you that may feel young and scared or worried right now.  Our current climate may bring up old fears, resistance, and great needs for comfort from younger versions of ourselves.  If you have felt like throwing a fit, more fearful, more stressed, or simply not as "together" as you would like, the 1.5 hour workshop is for you!Here's what is covered:1) Community Standards and Support with Inner Peace Rising LLC2) An inventory for your own existing support system3) Inner Child Meditation 4) Tapping, Emotional Freedom Technique practice around safety5) Energy Medicine Meridian soothing techniques with Pledge Spot and Triple Warmer Sedation from Donna Eden6) Breathing practices of even count breath and longer exhale breath to impact the nervous systemYou'll walk away with at least 1 technique to connect to your own sense of calm, and meet the needs of your inner child AND your own wise self in the moment!Resources:Work with Shannon Freedom Technique with Founder Gary Craig: www.emofree.comDonna Eden Energy Medicine Techniques: www.innersource.netSupport the show (
Inside episode 17, Shannon explores ways we can use gratitude as a lens for learning, leaving behind painful patterns and bringing the wisdom with us.This episode mirrors the final class of the Love in the Mirror Course, and how members' examples in real time have helped them to find greater joy as they relate to themselves and others through gratitude practice.  You'll hear examples of how members have been able to thank previously challenging relationships for the lessons, and for the new warrior spirits they have found within themselves as they face current challenges.  In short, what we are taught once and can see as a pattern, we can then decide consciously if we need to learn this way or if we can set a new reality!  Are you tired of the same pattern?  Are you in a situation where gratitude is difficult?  You are NOT alone. Gratitude may be the quirky way to open up new possibilities! This never means we accept mistreatment, but we can see more clearly with gratitude where we can chose, and where we have power in a situation.You'll hear at the end of the podcast a gratitude practice meditation, where the most powerful element of shining gratitude on ourselves is offered.  This tool for personal transformation, thanking the versions of ourselves and our teachers in relationships can be a deep relief and opening into what serves us best.  You get to decide what to bring with you.  You get to retain the wisdom from previous experiences and leave the pain as you thank YOURSELF and those that have taught you for what's transpired!Support the show (
Join Shannon as she interviews mediation teacher and 30 year practitioner Janine Schipper, as the two discuss many ways to find freedom from limiting beliefs, pain in the body and so much more.  Janine shares her personal story of relieving pain that was stored as grief in her own body. You'll also hear how  the work of Dr. Sarno, several Vipassana (insight) meditation techniques, and the work of Dr. Kirsten Neff in self compassion played a part in her healing process. The extra treat in this episode is a guided brief meditation at the end for 5 minutes through Janine's lovely guidance!  You'll walk away with many ideas to put into your own practice, at any level of your meditation journey to find mental and physical freedom.Support the show (
In this episode of Love in the Mirror, Shannon interviews Certified Health Coach Cindy Marshall about her own personal journey with Depersonalization Disorder, and the many strategies she now shares with clients to get free from old weighty mental patterns and habits.You'll hear her own struggles with staying present, and how her own triumphs help her lead others toward "less pain and more joy."  She shares the challenges and common struggles with avoiding pain, self sabotage, mental imbalance, and how "extra weight" of any kind can a defense mechanism.  You'll also hear strategies that worked for her and tools that helped adrenaline calm down in times of great fear, with greater awareness to the present moment.  Listen for how she meditated, worked with her hormones, caffeine and alcohol, and ultimately stopped fighting with herself.  She also did this 1% at a time, and she explains coaching principles laid out by James Clear and his work in "Atomic Habits" to help get you started with any change!This episode is an inspiring example of mental discipline and awareness that CAN start to us free from what weighs us down, and bring us into greater control of our own experience!You can visit Cindy at and email her at more information go to:,, or email us at shannon@innerpeacerising.comSupport the show (
In this episode of Love in the Mirror, Shannon interviews Teen and Life Coach and Parent Educator, Suzanne McCauley about Growth Mindset individually and in families.  Suzanne has taught and facilitated Growth Mindset and the research of Carol Dweck to teachers, groups, teens and in her own family for decades. She delights us with practical ways to apply Growth Mindset thoughts and strategies with our families and ourselves.Fun concepts Suzanne covers: The 6 facets of Growth Mindset including challenges, messages to ourselves and others, giving and receiving feedback, focus, the power of yet and the success of others as inspiration over comparison.You'll leave this episode feeling empowered with ideas to share with your teens, partners, co-workers and families!  We are WIRED to learn from our mistakes, this is natural!  Join us for all the research of why!  For more information, visit Suzanne McCauley at, andTo Contact Shannon, go the show (
In this episode of Love in the Mirror, Shannon interviews her mentor, therapist Suzanne Botello, Ph.D.  This episode is for those looking for more information about trauma release, or who may be on the lookout for some deeper exploration and letting go old wounds of the past.You'll hear ways that trauma leaves the body, our bodies reactions to trauma, and some specific ways that old hurts and stories can become more integrated in our lives.  Suzanne reveals her wisdom over 30 years working with clients, "When the heart and mind meet, spirit can enter and peace is here....and when it comes to healing, it doesn't have to be about breaking down something, it can be about building something!"  The two discuss EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing; the work of Francine Shapiro, Ph.D), and somatic experiencing (the healing work of Peter Levine, Ph.D) as examples of how to release the nervous system's automatic response to triggers that resemble old and scary stimuli.  These modalities are just some of many ways we can remember we're safe when it comes to old news no longer serving us.For more information or questions, email Or visit us at, or go to the show (
The Love in the Mirror Podcast Trailer introduces your host, Shannon Bodie and what listeners can expect from future episodes.  Love in the Mirror is for everyone helping others, each other and themselves through their professions, taking care of family, and seeing greater peace and wholeness in their own lives and relationships.  Each episode features tangible tips and strategies and unique perspectives on finding that elusive peace that's already here.  Join Shannon, Certified Health and Wellness Coach, Energy Health Practitioner, Yoga instructor as she interviews trusted friends and colleagues to share what has worked for clients in her 20 year private practice, and to learn from others.  You'll leave feeling heard, inspired, and with greater compassion for where you are!Support the show (
We have a treat in this episode as we chat about body image, peace in trusting our bodies, and gratitude for all our bodies can do! Do you feel at home in your body, or fully appreciate this vessel for all it can do for you?  If you're challenged by this you're certainly not alone in that journey to appreciation. Join me, your Host Shannon Bodie as I learn from our return guest Energy Medicine Practitioner Madison King.   An internationally recognized practitioner, teacher, writer and educator in the field of natural healthcare. Madison has an inherent ability to simply sense, ‘know’ and work with energy and for more than 30 years literally thousands of students, clients (and their pets) have benefited from working with her.Madison brings her wealth of experience as an Eden Energy Medicine (EEM) practitioner to our discussion with compassion, love and trust for anyone that could stand to love and appreciate our bodies more! She shares ideas for muscle testing, loving self talk, self massage, mirror work, and so many more ideas that we can take at our pace for deeper peace no matter where you are in relationship to your body and safety within it. For Group and Individual Coaching with Host Shannon Bodie (Arnett), NBC-HWC, MA, CEHP, RYT-500Director Inner Peace Rising, LLC,In the Pace as You Go "Love in the Mirror" Course, $150 for 8 live or downloaded classes! GO (courses tab) @shannonbodieinnerpeacerisingShannon@innerpeacerising.comFor work and resources with Madison King including FREE instruction on self muscle testing described in the episode go to:, out for her blogs – many with videos embedded. A great (free) resource.  Support the show (
Do you feel like you're not creative? Are you missing getting back into your own vibrant creative spirit or flow?  Have you just felt like you've been on go mode or autopilot lately?Join us for an inspiring conversation around how we can all tap into the creative process toward peace and balance with Screenwriter, Director, People Watcher and Health Coach Amy Mattila (NBC-HWC, B.A.). Amy shares how she creates space for that balance, her joys in people watching and so much more about how the creative process keeps her fueled and away from "just being a passenger in life." There is great permission  around how the process can be fun, not too serious or hard to do, and that creativity can show up in our own special ways that we don't expect.  We don't have to be brilliant painters or screenwriters or novelists for the energy to come forth! Perhaps your creative spark is in the kitchen, in how you take time with your kids, or in how you notice the colors in your neighborhood for even a moment.  The invitation awaits in this episode to reconnect with how energy flows through you and gets your attention with what you want to create!Find sweet tips for getting back to or beginning your own creative process (in addition to the joys of people watching!):-when you're feeling stuck give yourself permission to rest-trust the seasons when you're feeling busy-when you feel blocked; try out an intention or prayer before sleep to set the stage for the next day-allowing, not striving, not forcing so you can restoreIf you fear it's already been done,  or perhaps your work won't be good enough, there's affirmation here about what gets to come through uniquely as YOURS that benefits us all when you trust it to come forth.For Group and Individual Coaching with Host Shannon Bodie (Arnett), NBC-HWC, MA, CEHP, RYT-500Director Inner Peace Rising, LLC,In the Pace as You Go "Love in the Mirror" Course, $150 for 8 live or downloaded classes! GO (courses tab) @shannonbodieinnerpeacerisingShannon@innerpeacerising.comWork with Amy in the Creative Process or your own wellness journey:AMY MATTILAamymattila.comlivewell@amymattila.comYou'll also hear references to great resources in this episode: "Big Magic," by Elizabeth Gilbert"Think Up" Affirmation App for recording affirmations in our own voiceSupport the show (
Welcome!  If you're looking for some acceptance of yourself and whatever this moment presents, this episode is for you! Join host Shannon Bodie in her discussion with  author, mindfulness instructor and Yoga teacher Riitta Rutanen Whaley as they explore *Mindfulness based stress reduction (MBSR) and its applications.  Riitta brings her decades of wisdom, personal healing journey, expertise and compassion to all listeners, no matter what your degree of experience with meditation.  If you are new to mindfulness practice or a seasoned practitioner, you'll hear  nuggets on the helpful attitudes, types of practice, and gentle inquiries to take with you. This conversation is full of perspective to enliven a deeper trust of your process, and open to what's arising in each moment.  You'll also hear a treat from Riitta's book "Pausing Mindfully,"  a source of inspiration to those who aspire to live more in the moment. More about Riitta: She serves as an instructor for MBSR with Duke Integrative Medicine, works with people one-on-one on their mindfulness/yoga journey.  To see her full expertise, find her on LinkedIn: read and support her wonderful poetry: @yogaforlife2008Twitter @yogaforlife2008For Group and Individual Coaching with Host Shannon Bodie (Arnett), NBC-HWC, MA, CEHP, RYT-500Director Inner Peace Rising, LLC,In the Pace as You Go "Love in the Mirror" Course, $150 for 8 live or downloaded classes! GO (courses tab)*For more resources on MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction): Riitta references "Full Catastrophe Living," by Jon Kabat-Zinn, who founded the new standard and evidence based model for MSBR practices.Support the show (
Join this 2nd installment of the "Where you find peace" series!  Shannon interviews Laurie Wondra; Psychic Medium, Energy Healer, Metaphysical and Shamanic Practitioner, Teacher, Author, Motivational Speaker and Corporate Executive Consultant. Laurie is also the host of the Messages from the Universe Podcast. This conversation with Laurie highlights; the ways that contrast and change offer learning lessons for us, tools for trusting our intuition, how to relax with what's coming, the power of saying yes, how we can focus on gratitude in the struggle, and the astrological influences on our generational healing process.  Each of these dives brings so much perspective on facing change with context and self compassion!  Take a listen to upgrade your mood, vibration, and feel the soothing impact of Laurie's wisdom in her sharing with us! Resources from the show:Connect with Laurie Wondra: www.yourlifecore.comGroup and Individual Coaching with Your Host Shannon Bodie (Arnett), NBC-HWC, MA, CEHP, RYT-500Join the Pace as You Go "Love in the Mirror" Course, $150 for 8 live or downloaded classes! GO to: (courses tab)Contact Shannon for 1:1 or Group Coaching or Podcast Interviews: shannon@innerpeacerising.comSupport the show (
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