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Chief Dream Chaser Aimee J. brings to the show people you never knew you needed to meet. Aimee talks to fellow dream chasers who share the story of their chase, the lessons they've learned, and have a good time doing it. Life is too short to live with regrets. You need to make moves, take a chance, and chase your dreams.
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Many dream chasers start with a bang, but they falter in their purpose when obstacles and challenges come. We might let other people derail us, or our own limiting beliefs, or we give up on our dream simply because the going gets tough. If you’ve ever been tempted to quit--to give up on your dream--then you can’t miss today’s show.  Sourena Vasseghi was born with cerebral palsy, and he now faces life with a severe speech impediment and is bound to a wheelchair. He has defied the odds to become ”The writer who cannot write and the speaker who cannot speak.” Sourena is an inspirational and motivational presenter, an award-winning author, and the owner and founder of The Sourena V. Group. Together with his stage partner, Chris Stevenson, Sourena speaks and produces content dealing with motivation, achieving goals, mindset, and working around challenges to reach amazing success.  A mindset to succeed Who gave you your mindset? Sourena quickly attributes his mindset to his parents. When he was growing up, they never acted like cerebral palsy was a big deal, and they refused to let Sourena act like a victim. His parents told him he could have a good life, and they treated him like he was no different than other kids. It was only when he reached the end of high school that he realized that he couldn’t be independent and mobile like other kids going off to college. Because he still had big plans and dreams, he didn’t let that stop him from figuring out how to make his life work. Sourena has never viewed himself as an overcomer because he can’t “overcome” his handicap; he is just a man who has figured out how to deal with his challenges with the right mindset--and that’s the key. TWEET: Dealing with challenges with the right mindset is key. @SourenaV #chasingdreams Motivation and purpose What drives you? Sourena says that experiences are what drives him. He wants to experience everything he can in this life, and he plans not to let his handicap be what drives him. He enlisted the help of Chris, a fitness trainer, to be a translator and speaker when he gives keynote presentations. Chris says that Sourena has “a lockdown mindset,” refusing to let his handicap stop him. Sourena wants to show everyone how to deal with their challenges so they can accomplish anything. A big lesson he teaches people is that your mindset isn’t fixed, but it can change every day as we rewrite our narrative in new directions.  TWEET: Every day, we can rewrite our narrative in new directions. @SourenaV #chasingdreams How we think What controls your thinking? Are your thoughts controlled by logic or emotions? As humans, we are wired for safety. We are wired not to take chances and not to get “eaten” out in the world; we are wired for pure survival. Sourena says that we don’t pay attention to our “emotional diet” like we do our physical diet. We tend to dwell on negative thoughts and fear. When we saturate our minds with bad news, we have to do other things to fortify our emotional diet in positive ways, like taking walks outside, spending time with people we love, and reading books. Chris echoes Sourena’s words by saying that fear comes from the unknown, from something we can’t control, or from the feeling that we aren’t worthy. The key to overcoming fear is to reach out for support. TWEET: Fortify your emotional diet in positive ways. @SourenaV #chasingdreams OUTLINE OF THIS EPISODE: [2:17] Sourena’s mindset [4:32] How Sourena deals with challenges [7:36] Sourena’s college journey to USC [9:51] Sourena’s motivation and purpose [13:16] Common themes that cause people to struggle [19:07] Emotional thinking vs. logical thinking [24:07] The most inspiring thing about Sourena--from Chris [26:15] How Sourena addresses limiting beliefs [33:37] Why Sourena and Chris are happy with their lives today [35:27] Get to know Sourena and Chris better Sourena’s Facebook Sourena’s Twitter Sourena’s Instagram Sourena’s LinkedIn Sourena’s Website - For Sourena's eBook "5 Keys to an Amazing Mindset"  Big Dreams Take Small Sacrifices by Sourena Vasseghi Connect with Chris Stevenson -- Watch The Episode on YouTube TWEETS YOU CAN USE:  There are challenges you’ll never overcome, but you have to develop the right mind to face them each day. @SourenaV #chasingdreams I always love life, and I didn’t want my handicap to dictate my dreams. @SourenaV #chasingdreams Reaching out for support is the biggest key in dealing with fear. @SourenaV #chasingdreams Happiness and optimism are choices you make. @SourenaV #chasingdreams We aren’t wired for success, but we are wired to stay safe. @SourenaV #chasingdreams
Our world has changed a lot in the past few weeks. These changes have been unimaginable, and with those, there is a new emphasis on mental health. If you’re looking for ways to manage and alleviate the anxiety and overwhelm that we all experience, then today’s show is for you. Dr. Kevin Gilliland, Psy. D. is an expert in mental health, depression, and addiction. He’s the author of Struggle Well, Live Well: 60 Ways to Navigate Life’s Good, Bad, and In-Between. After working for more than two decades in healthcare as a clinical psychologist, Kevin became a pioneer of outpatient treatment as the CEO and Executive Director of Innovation 360, a treatment center for alcohol and drug addiction, depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, family therapy, and life development.  What’s going on? How are you handling the stress of living in a pandemic? Stress is hitting many people in their finances and their security, unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. We all have to deal with these unusual circumstances, but it’s significantly worse for those who battle mental health and mood disorders. This trying time is forcing all of us to be mindful in new ways every day. Mental health and wellness are often pushed to the back burner of our lives, but these difficult times are forcing us to prioritize mental health. Kevin explains the proven connection between stress and cardiovascular health, which is another reason to practice stress management techniques.  TWEET: There’s a proven connection between stress and cardiovascular health. @dr_keving #chasingdreams Just breathe Do you practice breathing techniques? Kevin says deep, belly breaths are his #1 recommendation for any dream chaser. Focused breathing elicits the opposite of the “fight or flight” response. It brings a “rest and digest” response, which settles us into a calming mode and redistributes nourishing blood flow throughout the body. Breathing can lower blood pressure to an extent greater than eating right and exercising. Do you need to slow down and calm yourself? Kevin says to try some apps to practice deep breathing--and calm yourself.  TWEET: Focused breathing brings the body a calming “rest and digest” response. @dr_keving #chasingdreams Don’t be plugged in all the time How much time do you spend each day on social media? Watching/listening to the news? There are dangers when we are “plugged in” all the time. Being constantly plugged into social media will lead you to compare yourself to others. Being constantly plugged into the news will cloud your mind with negativity. A little bit of information will decrease anxiety, but too much information will increase anxiety. More is NOT better! Find the sweet spot of getting the right amount of information, but don’t make the mistake of living too much on social media or listening to the news too often. Put boundaries in place, and find ways to manage and evaluate the effects on your mental health.  TWEET: There are dangers when we are “plugged in” all the time. @dr_keving #chasingdreams Guest Recommendation: ONE action for a dream chaser to take--”Practice focused breathing.” OUTLINE OF THIS EPISODE: [2:25] What’s going on right now in our world? [9:18] How we can help others [12:54] Focus on breathing [18:27] How to do belly breathing [24:37] What should we be doing? [27:40] There’s no ONE way [29:28] Dangers of too much information [35:05] The value of reading [36:57] Kevin’s advice about adapting your dream [40:52] Learn to run with it [42:11] Get to know Kevin RESOURCES MENTIONED: Dr. Kevin’s Instagram Dr. Kevin’s Website Dr. Kevin’s Innovation 360 Struggle Well, Live Well: 60 Ways to Navigate Life’s Good, Bad, and In-Between by Kevin Gilliland  How to do belly (diaphragmatic) breathing Basic Belly Breathing Sesame Street: Common and Colbie Caillat - "Belly Breathe" with Elmo Watch the episode on YouTube TWEETS YOU CAN USE: Compare you to you--not to someone else. @dr_keving #chasingdreams Life gets so difficult, and there are times we have to manage it one day at a time. @dr_keving #chasingdreams Focusing on your breath temporarily pauses your overwhelmed brain. @dr_keving #chasingdreams Take care of your equipment---your body and your mind. @dr_keving #chasingdreams Reading will relax your brain in a way that just doesn’t happen when you watch a movie. @dr_keving #chasingdreams
I met today’s guest at a conference in Atlantic City. I quickly found her to be a kindred spirit, as we felt an immediate connection and friendship, despite our different cultural backgrounds. She joins us all the way from her home country of Australia! Samantha Riley left the corporate world and ventured out into the world of business over 25 years ago because she wanted the freedom to spend more time with family to be rewarded for working harder. She has built multiple businesses and grew her first seven-figure business before she was 30 years old. Sam leveraged herself out of her brick and mortar businesses and found herself working less than ten hours each week. Now she has replicated that same system to build her online coaching business, which gives her even more freedom as she’s now location independent. Sam teaches her system to successful entrepreneurs, business owners, and experts, and she helps them develop their thought leadership so they can replace their income, reclaim their time, and lead a more purposeful life.  Taking a big gamble If you landed the safe, stable government job that your family dreamed of for you, would you leave it to jump into the unknown? Many people wouldn’t, but Samantha isn’t like everyone else. Being a ballerina was her childhood passion, consuming her nights and weekends for many years of training. As she reached adulthood, she was told that she’d never make it as a dancer, so she gave in to her passion for teaching and opened a dance studio after her brief two-year stint in the corporate world with a government job. Logic told her to stay in the stable world, but she realized no one around her was happy. She made the decision to take the gamble, leave the corporate stability, and start over, even though she and her husband had two kids and a mortgage at the time. TWEET: Logic told Sam to stay in the stable world, but she realized no one around her was happy. @TheSamRiley #chasingdreams Sam’s advice for others What drives you? For Sam, it was her passion for dancing that dominated her business life for 20 years. A split from her first husband put her through a difficult time, so branched into holding retreats around spirituality and health and wellness. She helped people with job troubles and moved into the coaching world. Sam quickly realized that she loved the business end more than delivering the expertise; it was through networking and administrating that enlightenment came to her. She says that the problem is that most people won’t make life-changing decisions until their back is against the wall, mainly because they haven’t acknowledged what they really want out of life.  TWEET: It was through networking and administrating that enlightenment came to her. @TheSamRiley #chasingdreams Finding fulfillment Why do so many mothers put everyone else first and themselves last? Sam grew up in a household where she saw her mom always put herself last, and she fell into that same pattern with all the aspects of motherhood. As a result, she became resentful, tired, and unfulfilled. She never took time for herself, choosing instead to be the martyr. It took separating from her husband for her to realize that she COULD do things for herself. That big step has made her life very different now than what it once was. Everything she teaches now is based on what people want out of life and how they can make the choices to get them there.  TWEET: Always putting herself last made Sam feel resentful, tired, and unfulfilled. @TheSamRiley #chasingdreams Guest Recommendation: ONE action for a dream chaser to take--”The #1 thing you have to do is to get really clear about what you really want. You can’t create the actions you want to get there until you know what it is that you want.” OUTLINE OF THIS EPISODE: [2:46] Young Sam’s dreams [5:16]  From dancing into the corporate world [7:16] Taking a big gamble [10:58] Wanting more [14:18] The prevalence of coaches today [22:14] Sam’s advice to coaches and clients [26:34] A moment of enlightenment [27:51] Knowing what you want [30:28] Fill your own cup first [33:32] Some brutal honesty about motherhood [38:30] Sam’s non-traditional life today [42:44] Get to know Sam better [47:48] ONE action for a dream chaser RESOURCES MENTIONED: Sam’s Facebook Sam’s Twitter Sam’s Instagram Sam’s LinkedIn  Watch The Episode On YouTube TWEETS YOU CAN USE: Teaching is in my blood, and I just used the vehicle of dance to get there. @TheSamRiley #chasingdreams For us, taking a gamble was more about looking into the future. @TheSamRiley #chasingdreams We have to show up and give to ourselves first before we can show up for others. @TheSamRiley #chasingdreams As humans, we usually don’t make life-changing decisions until we are way, way past unhappy. @TheSamRiley #chasingdreams Social media curates your thoughts, and if you’re not aware of it, it can send you down a dark rabbit hole. @TheSamRiley #chasingdreams
Even though you might not know it, you are a hero, and your life is a hero’s journey. Join us to gain a new perspective on your obstacles, struggles, choices, and victories, and learn why you must embrace the role of a mentor in helping others.  J. Scott MacMillan is an author, filmmaker, and certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming life coach whose work centers around the theory of the Hero’s Journey. Drawing upon the concept’s relatable and inspirational nature, MacMillan has adopted tools to help himself and others over the last 15 years. MacMillan’s coaching business, Hero Life, uses behavioral learning techniques, adult learning theory, and the Hero’s Journey to help people create new patterns and apply critical thinking skills to daily life. Combining his personal life experiences and expertise in psychology, Scott helps people overcome periods of feeling stuck by working through fear and doubt to find their life purpose. His four-step plan is designed to help people reclaim their power, step into their authentic self, and become the hero of their own life.  A full-circle journey Did you know as a young person the path your life would take? Scott says that he had no clue what to do with his life when he was young. After getting a degree in psychology, he pursued a business career but knew he had an uncommon passion to keep learning. Within that passion, he found a knack for helping others get “unstuck” from the ruts in their lives. It took a full-circle journey for him to get where he is today. His theory of life as the Hero’s Journey is a new way to look at life in general, with a new understanding of what someone has experienced in having the courage to move past the fears and move forward.  TWEET: Scott had an uncommon passion to keep learning. @jscottmacmillan #chasingdreams The Hero’s Journey Do you feel like a hero? Scott explains how a hero’s story resonates with all of us. He came up with 12 stages of the hero’s journey, which correspond to the life story of each person. The first four stages involve preparation for the journey, in which you learn to step out of comfort zones, overcome obstacles, and take risks. The next four stages in the journey are those of honing skills and learning. The last four stages are about finding the treasure and conquering the battle, meaning we’ve learned the lessons. The final stage is to tell our stories to help others--all because of what we’ve experienced.  TWEET: The Hero’s Journey involves 12 stages that correspond to the life story of each person. @jscottmacmillan #chasingdreams Limiting beliefs What are your limiting beliefs? We all have limiting beliefs, which are the beliefs we create to protect ourselves, like when we say, “I’m not good enough.” We form these beliefs in childhood, and then we use them as armor that we put up as we go through life. We use these limiting beliefs to sabotage our progress as adults. Remember that every limiting belief is a false belief. Scott’s coaching program uses a simple process of identifying, clearing out, and reversing these limiting beliefs. He uses visualization and meditation to lock in the new belief and rewire your brain for success. TWEET: Limiting beliefs sabotage our progress as adults. @jscottmacmillan #chasingdreams Guest Recommendation: ONE action for a dream chaser to take--”Next time you watch a movie, look for the hero’s journey where they jump into the unknown world. Thinking this way will change the way you watch movies.” OUTLINE OF THIS EPISODE: [1:19] Young Scott’s dreams [4:09] It’s never too late for a hero’s journey [5:39] The Hero’s Journey [14:44] When the hero becomes a mentor [16:47] The danger of limiting beliefs [19:57] The process of helping people [21:25] The perspective of looking back on your journey [25:45] Tips for the journey [30:09] ONE action for a dream chaser [31:09] Get to know Scott better RESOURCES MENTIONED: Scott’s Facebook Scott’s Twitter Scott’s LinkedIn Scott’s  Website BOOK: Be the Hero of Your Life: Ditch the Excuses, Take Your Hero's Journey, and Find Your Life's Purpose by J. Scott MacMillan Watch the Episode on YouTube Find the new podcast, Your Personal Hype Man with Aimee J, at    TWEETS YOU CAN USE: We’ve all had to become a hero to fight through issues in our lives. @jscottmacmillan #chasingdreams Every person’s life is a hero’s journey. @jscottmacmillan #chasingdreams Goal-setting becomes easy when limiting beliefs are out of the way. @jscottmacmillan #chasingdreams Most often, the thing that sabotages us is a limiting belief we formed in childhood. @jscottmacmillan #chasingdreams You can rewire your brain for success. @jscottmacmillan #chasingdreams
If you’re a regular listener, then you know that mental health is a very important topic to me. Mindfulness is something we can all learn to practice to help deal with the stress of life. I saw today’s guest on a TED talk, and I knew I had to bring her to the show. A self-described “brain geek,” Dr. Kristen Race has spent the last 12 years exploring the nexus between mindfulness and neuroscience. She is the author of Mindful Parenting, the founder of Mindful Life, and Head of Mindfulness at Solvasa, a pioneer in integrative beauty. Dr. Race has been featured in The New York Times, NPR, CNN, and many more. She’s taught her mindfulness methods to over 50,000 worldwide leaders, including Sheryl Sandberg and Sara Blakely.  The accidental entrepreneur What did you want to be when you were young? The truth is that most of us end up being something totally different than those original dreams. Young Kristen wanted to be an Olympic gold medalist, and it didn’t matter to her what sport it would be. Later, she wanted to be a teacher, mainly because of some inspiring and impactful teachers she had. Kristen started her career as a teacher before her path took some interesting twists and turns. From teaching, she moved into mindfulness, which was a natural flow for Kristen. She was drawn to struggling students and wanted to develop helpful tools for them, so she got a master’s degree in Educational Psychology, and then went on to obtain a doctorate in Child, Family, and School Psychology with an emphasis in neuroscience. Working as an intern in both a high-risk, high-need school and a wealthy independent school allowed her to see incredible levels of stress and anxiety in students. A personal autoimmune disease crisis led Kristen to try mindfulness tools with students, so she formalized a curriculum and began training teachers and parents before she moved on to the world of corporate training.  TWEET: Most of us end up being something totally different than our original dreams. @DrKristenRace #chasingdreams Why trying--and failing--are good for kids Do you like to fail? None of us enjoy the feeling of failure, but it’s necessary for us to experience growth and learning. When we put too much structure on our kids, we don’t allow them to try new things. Part of learning includes taking risks, failing, and getting back up again. It’s the getting back up again that builds resilience. Kids need to have room to negotiate difficult social situations. We can help kids with the stress response in their brains to stress by teaching them to solve problems, control behaviors, think positively, and engage with others. Kristen explains her PBR method for handling stress triggers.  TWEET: Failure is necessary for us to experience growth and learning. @DrKristenRace #chasingdreams Take care of yourself How well do you take care of yourself? Do you feel the need to respond immediately to every single email? Do you feel pressure on the weekends or on days off to be available for work 24/7? If you can’t pull back and give yourself time away from work, then you are adding unnecessary stress to your life. Some organizations realize this, and they are mandating “no email Saturdays” to guard against stressing out their employees. Employers and employees alike need to step up and make clear the expectations on response times; this will help keep people from being stressed out and burned out in their jobs. You can’t sacrifice yourself for any job. Kristen explains how mismanaged stress will take a heavy toll on your health.  TWEET: You can’t sacrifice yourself for any job. @DrKristenRace #chasingdreams Guest Recommendation: ONE action for a dream chaser to take--”At the end of each day, think of three good things that happened that day. Share them with someone, or at least write them down. Studies show that forming this habit for two weeks will lead to a significant increase in happiness, a decrease in anxiety and depression, better sleep quality, and better work/life balance.” OUTLINE OF THIS EPISODE: [:51] Young Kristen’s dreams and the path to entrepreneurship [11:06] Why all these stressed-out students? [14:11] Why kids need to try new things---and fail [17:24] How we can help turn the tide [24:37] How we respond to create better solutions [28:40] You don’t have to respond immediately to every email [31:00] The benefits of gratitude [35:01] Take care of you [37:27] PBR isn’t a “one and done” practice [42:09] ONE action for a dream chaser [47:12] Get to know Kristen better RESOURCES MENTIONED: Dr. Race’s Website Dr. Race’s Facebook Dr. Race’s Twitter  Dr. Race's Instagram Dr. Race’s LinkedIn  Today’s show sponsor: Your Personal Hype Man Podcast   Watch the Episode on YouTube   TWEETS YOU CAN USE: Kids feel our stress and take it in, but they don’t know how to process it. @DrKristenRace #chasingdreams It became clear to me that the stressed students were products of their stressed-out parents. @DrKristenRace #chasingdreams Students today have very little free time for unstructured play, which is changing the ways their brains develop. @DrKristenRace #chasingdreams
Today’s guest is a friend of the family, and her dad and brother have both been on previous shows. In Women’s History Month, she’s another amazing woman doing amazing things in the world. She’s part of a new generation paving the way for other young women coming along----and she’s doing all this at the tender age of 18.  Aniya Wolfe, striding onto sets as “Wolfe,” began 2020 by launching Ivy Sky Pictures, her second production company that aims to produce films, demonstrations, photoshoots, and music videos that spotlight the souls of artists and companies. At just 18 years of age, Wolfe has identified her love of expressing and inspiring while experiencing a spectrum of emotions at being present in today’s world and channeling it through art.  Finding inspiration Where do you find inspiration? Wolfe was a huge fan of Hannah Montana, wanting her life to be “the best of both worlds.” Her family was supportive of her acting aspirations, so she plunged into her first commercial. What Wolfe discovered was that she was more intrigued by what went on behind the scenes than what happened in front of the camera. Her entire family left their Philadelphia lives behind and moved to California in pursuit of their acting and directing dreams. Wolfe explains how her first community, her family, helped her become rooted and grounded in community--a philosophy that she clings to today.  TWEET: Wolfe’s family helped her become rooted and grounded in community. @directorwolfe #chasingdreams Figuring it out Did you figure out who you were by age 18? Wolfe spent time figuring out who she is as an artist and how to identify as an artist. Her learning came about through trial and error---and a lot of experimentation. Settling on the art form she wants to create, she says that experimentation and nurturing the artist are key components. She calls Ivy Sky Pictures “the next step: in her evolution as an artist.  TWEET: Learning comes through trial and error. And a lot of experimentation! @directorwolfe #chasingdreams Passion and sacrifice How much sacrifice are you willing to make for your passion? In her middle school years, Wolfe knew the direction she wanted to go and felt the passion for pursuing her dreams. She graduated from high school early so she could move up to what she wanted to accomplish in the world. It wasn’t easy. It took sacrifice to succeed in school in the daytime and edit her pet video projects in the evenings. Wolfe never resented the work or the sacrifice, though, because she was living out her passion. She says that women usually find a way to make the dream work, but it’s important to take care of yourself during the work and sacrifice.  TWEET: It’s important to take care of yourself during the work and sacrifice. @directorwolfe #chasingdreams OUTLINE OF THE EPISODE: [1:03] Young Wolfe’s dreams [2:23] Inspired and intrigued by Hannah Montana [4;23] A supportive community [6:28] Wolfe’s production company [7:46] Wolfe’s speaking opportunities [9:46] The new launch of Wolfe’s “2nd baby” [11:38] Wolfe’s favorite role so far [13:45] Hearing voices and seeing signs [17:31] A favorite part of the process [19:29] Finding her tribe [20:45] Starting out part-time [23:06] Women directors who have inspired Wolfe [27:42] What 2020 looks like [30:09] Why Wolfe wants to try virtual reality next [32:30] Get to know Wolfe better RESOURCES MENTIONED: Wolfe's  Twitter Wolfe's Instagram Watch the Episode on YouTube TWEETS YOU CAN USE: A NO gives YES its value.  @directorwolfe #chasingdreams You can pursue your passion on a part-time basis. @directorwolfe #chasingdreams I’m still figuring out who I am as an artist. @directorwolfe #chasingdreams Regardless of our age, our passion and dreams are valid. @directorwolfe #chasingdreams
We’re kicking off March, Women’s History Month, with two amazing women. They followed their passion and created an innovative podcast around the question, “What would you do right now if you had $10,000?” Alison Burns and Lulu Picart host the comedy podcast, 10K Dollar Day, which can be described as imaginary luxury travel comedy. They also coach students of all ages at Find Your Light Coaching. Lulu is an actor, director, writer, singer, and doggy mom. Alison is a comedian, actress, singer, lyricist, choreographer, wife, and mom. She’s an award-winning musical theatre performer and a huge Gordon Ramsey fan.  Not the same old podcast If you started a podcast, what would it be? When Alison and Lulu lived together outside NYC and worked in the theatre industry, they occupied themselves on the long commute by fantasizing about living in the lap of luxury. This pastime became the basis for their podcast that’s crammed full of comedy and improvisation. They research each place they “visit,” picking them independently, never knowing where the other person is “going.” Then they spend the podcast revealing the ways they would spend $10K in one day of imaginary luxury travel. They love finding odd places and dreaming of crazy luxury items that most people could never afford. The podcast also includes discussions of their latest obsessions, along with their giveaway to highlight specific charities. The podcast is creative, positive, imaginative, and is full of fun, laughter, and friendship. Give it a try! TWEET: The 10K Dollar Day Podcast is crammed full of comedy and improvisation. @LuLuPicart @_alisonburns #chasingdreams Pursuing opportunities Many women feel like being a wife and mother is all there is to life, like, who could ever find time to do more? These two girls are careful not to put limits on their dreams, even though they are polar opposites when it comes to manifesting their dreams and visions in putting them “out there.” Most women are afraid that they will be called selfish if they do what makes them happy. Alison and Lulu are both passionate about making sure the opportunities they pursue are things that sustain them.  TWEET: Don’t put limits on your dreams! @LuLuPicart @_alisonburns #chasingdreams Passing it on Are you good at passing on your knowledge and expertise? Alison and Lulu love the coaching opportunities they have with students aged 6-60’s in several Broadway shows and tours. Although some of their students are professional actors pursuing their careers, they work with many young kids and not-so-young adults who are wanting to try new things and learn new skills. Some of their young students are trying new things as they try to find their passion in life. Just getting on a stage in front of an audience helps build confidence that helps open new doors in every area of life.  TWEET: Being in front of an audience helps build confidence and brings new opportunities in life. @LuLuPicart @_alisonburns #chasingdreams OUTLINE OF THIS EPISODE: [1:12] How Alison and Lulu first met [2:33] How the podcast idea was born [11:03] Their obsessions, charities, and desire for fun [14:34] The positive journey that podcast listeners can join [15:47] Other endeavors for Alison and Lulu [18:43] Polar opposites in many ways [21:45] Advice to others who need to redefine themselves [24:57] Deciding what’s next [29:30] The coaching business [34:05] When people doubt themselves [38:28] Get to know Alison and Lulu better RESOURCES MENTIONED: Lulu’s Facebook Lulu’s Twitter Lulu’s Instagram Lulu’s Linkedin Alison’s Facebook Alison’s Twitter Alison’s Instagram 10K Dollar Day Podcast 10K Dollar Day - YouTube Watch This Episode On YouTube TWEETS YOU CAN USE: We want people to leave each episode having fun and laughing. @LuLuPicart @_alisonburns #chasingdreams We wanted to be consistent creators of something together on a regular schedule, like a podcast. @LuLuPicart @_alisonburns #chasingdreams Ultimately, it’s your life. It’s OK to be a little selfish. @LuLuPicart @_alisonburns #chasingdreams
Sometimes a kid can be the best example of a dream chaser. This is certainly true of my guest today. His family epitomizes what it means to chase your dreams, as each one of them works hard to pursue their passions. I think you’ll find today’s interview refreshing and inspiring. Travis Wolfe, Jr. is a 13-year-old actor, hip hop and breakdancer, and host. After booking his very first audition for a 6ABC News promo, Travis knew he was destined to be an actor. Within five years, Travis landed the role of “Dele” in the CBS series Bob Hearts Abishola, and he’s been featured in shows like Grownish, The Neighborhood, and Laff Mob’s Laff Tracks. He also has a recurring role on Season 3 of Raven’s Home as “Lil Lo Lo.” Besides acting and dancing, Travis uses motivational speaking to encourage other young people to follow their dreams and pursue their passions. What it takes to succeed as an actor What do you think it takes to succeed as an actor? It’s not as easy as walking into your first audition and riding the easy train to sudden stardom. Travis says that most people don’t realize what a kid goes through in their journey to become a child actor. Putting a show together takes a lot of preparation and dedication from many people besides just the actors. Travis makes many sacrifices for his acting career, but he says it doesn’t feel like a job since he loves what he does. Besides his acting work on the Warner Brothers set, he has several hours of schoolwork to do every day.  TWEET: Most people don’t realize what a kid goes through in their journey to become a child actor. @traviswolfejr #chasingdreams Learning from each experience Do you think most actors experience overnight success? Travis says that it rarely happens that way in the acting profession. He started off doing small parts in commercials and student films, and this path seems to be a normal rite of passage for most actors. Each role is another level to help you get the feel of what goes into the production process. Many actors have stories like Travis---of working hard to achieve their dreams. An interesting fact about Travis’ dreams is that he’d love to be a stand-up comedian someday.  TWEET: Each role is another level to help you get the feel of what goes into the production process. @traviswolfejr #chasingdreams What Travis enjoys the most about acting What do you think is the best thing about acting? You might think it’s the paycheck, but that’s not what Travis says. What he loves most is the opportunity to interact with other people and form relationships with them. Actors don’t just arrive on the set and act in their scenes. Travis explains that he spends time connecting with other actors to make the relationships seem real. He loves to find friends and mentors in his set family at each project. As far as future writing or directing, Travis follows the advice given to him by Mario Van Peebles, who told him to learn to be his own boss. This means learning to write, direct, and produce so that he can work for himself and have more control over his career.  TWEET: Learn to be your own boss. @traviswolfejr #chasingdreams Guest Recommendation: ONE action for a dream chaser to take--”Keep going. There will always be people who tell you that you can’t do it. Stay faithful, and you’ll get there.” OUTLINE OF THIS EPISODE: [1:44] The role of Travis’ parents in supporting his endeavors [4:43] Cultivating “Dele’s” Nigerian accent [6:32] What it takes to be a child actor [8:55] The evolution of roles [10:25] Is there something else for Travis? [11:59] People who inspire Travis [14:59] The grind never stops [15:58] The best part of acting [17:20] Directing and writing possibilities in the future [17:56] Travis’ sister, a director, and his supportive family [19:22] How Travis’ family keeps him humble [20:37] Moving from one coast to another [22:20] An upcoming surprise [22:39] Travis’ bucket list [25:12] What Travis would do if he couldn’t act [26:58] Bringing his personality into characters [30:25] A downside to Hollywood? [32:05] Get to know Travis better [36:28] ONE action for a dream chaser RESOURCES MENTIONED: Travis’ Facebook Travis’ Twitter  Travis’ Instagram  Travis’ Website   Watch The Episode on YouTube TWEETS YOU CAN USE: There are positives to being an actor, but you have to watch the people you hang around. @traviswolfejr #chasingdreams Acting takes sacrifice, but if you love it, then it doesn’t feel like a job. @traviswolfejr #chasingdreams I’d love to branch out and become a stand-up comedian someday. @traviswolfejr #chasingdreams
As we kick off Black History Month, I couldn’t find a better dream chaser with whom to start than today’s guest. Listen and be inspired by the story of her dream-chase to find passion, purpose, joy, and fulfillment in leaving corporate America behind and leaping into the entrepreneurial life.  Teneshia Warner is the founder and CEO of Egami Group, one of the country’s most successful multicultural marketing and communication firms and creator of The Dream Project. Through The Dream Project, Teneshia has spoken to more than 150,000 dreamers across the nation and brought together nearly 200 leading business moguls and celebrities. Her book, The Big Stretch: 90 Days to Expand Your Dreams, Crush Your Goals, and Create Your Own Success (McGraw-Hill Education, November 22, 2019), is a soul-searching, life-transforming, twelve-week, boot camp that reveals how to get from where you are to where you dream of being---in life and business.  Listening to the signals Do you get internal signals when it’s time to move on to something new? Do you pay attention to them? Teneshia was a computer science major in college, and then she went on to be a project manager at IBM. She was busy climbing the corporate ladder, and her life looked perfect from the outside, but she felt signals telling her that something wasn’t right. She ignored the signals but kept facing each workday with dread, especially every Monday. This went on for years and years until her parents challenged her to DO something about her situation besides complaining about it. At this point, Teneshia became open to other options. She went back to school to pursue her MBA. An assignment there to analyze life decisions turned out to be exactly what she needed to take the next steps and move forward with purpose and passion.  TWEET: Don’t ignore the signals that tell you something isn’t right. @teneshiajwarner #chasingdreams From the inside out What brings you joy? This was the first question Teneshia needed to answer in her transition. Through simple self-awareness, she listed the things that interested her, the skills she possessed, and the things that brought her joy in life. Her list included creativity, entertainment, music, and fashion. Once she had the list, she began researching careers that were tied to her areas of interest. She wanted to transition into the music and entertainment industry, but she had no connection and no way to get her foot in the door. Teneshia decided that volunteering would be her way to learn. The end result of that endeavor is that she went from unpaid intern to general manager of the company in exactly one year. TWEET: Teneshia made a list of what brought her joy and researched careers tied to her interests. @teneshiajwarner #chasingdreams Making the leap How attached are you to your comfort zone? Teneshia knew she needed to leave the comfort of her home and family in Minnesota, so she moved to NYC without knowing anyone there. She downsized to a studio apartment so small that she “could open the front door from the shower.” She gave herself a timeline of one year to “make it,” which kicked her into a new level of urgency. Even though she wasn’t sure how things would happen, she had a plan laid out. Her success is an example of putting in the work. Now she has a new book and a new company to show for it. Egami Group, an award-winning multicultural firm based in NYC, was the result of Teneshia’s staying on the path to passion and purpose. Her book, The Big Stretch, is about getting in touch with your dreams, goals, and success.  TWEET: Teneshia’s book, The Big Stretch, is about getting in touch with your dreams, goals, and success. @teneshiajwarner #chasingdreams Guest Recommendation: ONE action for a dream chaser to take--”Say YES to the stretch. The one universal truth of every dreamer is a calling that tells you there is more.” OUTLINE OF THIS EPISODE: [1:46] Young Teneshia’s dreams [7:18] How Teneshia finally focused on herself [8:31] The signals that something wasn’t right [12:51] Designing a life around earning potential [14:24] Taking the leap in following purpose and passion [18:15] Volunteering to get her foot in the door [24:32] Putting the work ahead of the money [28:06] Making the move to NYC [32:02] Teneshia’s book and new company [38:56] Beyond what Teneshia ever imagined [42:06] Not the destination, but the journey [49:36] Get to know Teneshia better [59:17] ONE action for a dream chaser RESOURCES MENTIONED: Teneshia’s Website   Teneshia’s Facebook Teneshia’s Twitter Teneshia’s Instagram Teneshia’s LinkedIn   Watch The Episode On YouTube The Big Stretch: 90 Days to Expand Your Dreams, Crush Your Goals, and Create Your Own Success by Teneshia Jackson Warner TWEETS YOU CAN USE: You won’t chase a dream within the zip code of your comfort zone. @teneshiajwarner #chasingdreams The future for me was to be a highly-paid, unhappy individual. @teneshiajwarner #chasingdreams I thought the solution to my unhappy job situation was simply to make more money. @teneshiajwarner #chasingdreams I decided to design my life around earning potential. @teneshiajwarner #chasingdreams
I hope your 2020 is off to a great start! This is a great time to talk about tips for the new year regarding a vitally important concept: your mindset. Having a positive mindset and exercising optimistic determination are key elements in chasing your dream. We’re jumping into these topics and more with today’s inspirational guest.  Jacquelynn Peterson is a 20-year corporate veteran who has turned into a joy and purpose advocate. She knows just how exhausting and painful it is to live someone else’s dream and slave away at work that doesn’t excite you while not knowing where your life is really headed. As a child of Vietnamese immigrant parents, getting good grades, going to college, and getting a good job was her prescription for success. With that in mind, Jacquelynn climbed the corporate ladder for 20 years, from entry-level to six-figure positions. Even at the height of her career, she still wasn’t fulfilled or excited about the direction of her life. A miraculous turn occurred when she defied all logic to find clarity on her life vision while at rock bottom. She went from drifting aimlessly through her life and career, incurring $150K+ in debt, and enduring a struggling marriage to achieving financial freedom, a strong marriage, and finding a way to do what she loves. Now she’s helping others find clarity on their life vision so they can start living the life they are meant to live with purpose, joy, and direction.  A focus on mindset What events have happened to focus attention on your mindset? For most people, going through difficult times and personal struggles are the impetus to turn their mindset around. In Jacquelynn’s case, it was an accumulation of personal life experiences that turned her focus inward. She came from a divorced family and was the only girl among six children of her Asian-immigrant father who always worked multiple jobs. As she was left home with her stepmother and brothers, Jacquelynn figured out how life worked and how she could use self-talk to get through rough days. Through TV shows, she observed life and learned how to interact with others. It was this background that spawned her love of human psychology and human behavior. TWEET: You can use self-talk to get through the rough days. #chasingdreams Building positive self-talk How do your thoughts make you feel? Do you ever hear that negative voice telling you that you aren’t good enough and that you’ll never accomplish your dreams? Jacquelynn uses the personal example of launching into a new field in which the “little voice” tells you that your experience is inadequate and that you’ll never succeed. You have to differentiate between facts and your assumptions. Jacquelynn says that if you’re going to make assumptions, then assume things that are positive and will serve you well in positive ways. It takes intentional practice to exercise your mind to gravitate toward positive thoughts about yourself.  TWEET: You have to differentiate between facts and your assumptions. #chasingdreams Defying logic When have you defied human logic in your life? Jacquelynn found herself without a job and in massive debt, but she still didn’t let those factors stop her from moving into her dreams. She kept thinking about what she wanted to do with excitement and enthusiasm, and she knew that these consistent great feelings about her dreams would eventually lead to something wonderful. With meditation and visualization, Jacquelynn focused on clarifying and defining the vision of her dream business. It wasn’t long before magical things fell into her lap and inspired her to take action. TWEET: Focus on clarifying and defining the vision of your dream business. #chasingdreams Guest Recommendation: ONE action for a dream chaser to take--”Take the time to find clarity on your vision and the ideal life for YOU.” OUTLINE OF THIS EPISODE: [:45] Young Jacquelynn’s dreams [2:42] Why Jacquelynn became focused on mindset [6:09] What is self-talk? [7:46] How we fight negative self-talk [13:49] The jump from finance to mindset [18:33] Acting on the revelation [21:16] The key is to just relax [24:16] The power in changing your perspective [27:17] Recommendations to chase your dream [32:06] Use your authentic vision [33:06] Get to know Jacquelynn better [37:32] ONE action for a dream chaser RESOURCES MENTIONED: Jacquelynn's Website Jacquelynn’s Facebook Jacquelynn’s LinkedIn Watch the Episode on YouTube TWEETS YOU CAN USE: Over time and with practice, the negative voice will be drowned out by the positive. #chasingdreams Self-talk goes on all the time, and many people aren’t even aware of it. #chasingdreams I had to figure out how life worked on my own. #chasingdreams
Thank you for kicking off the New Year with us! You know there is nothing closer to my heart than the story of someone not only dreaming big but finding ways to chase those dreams. Such is the story of today’s guest. Join us for more! Marc Megna is co-owner of Anatomy Fitness gym and a top strength and conditioning coach in Miami, helping hundreds of clients--from celebrities and professional athletes to motivated beginners--achieve their fitness goals. Adhering to the “Dream big, never quit” motto that Marc learned from his mother, he put in years of hard work and unrelenting dedication to transform his life. After playing football and earning a degree in sociology at the University of Richmond, Marc was drafted by the New York Jets in 1999. During his seven-year professional football career, he played for the New England Patriots, Cincinnati Bengals, and Montreal Alouettes.  Now an elite trainer and fitness model, Marc has written for such publications as Fitness RX and Dr. Oz. He’s been featured on the cover of Inside Fitness and Muscle & Fitness magazines. You can listen to his motivating Megna Method podcast and visit Sports as a coping mechanism How do you cope with life’s problems? Marc learned early on that sports were his coping mechanism for dealing with a difficult childhood. He was a shy, insecure, fat kid, but sports were a big deal in his family. Since he figured out that athletes gained the respect of others, that’s what Marc aspired to become. Being a top athlete became his mission as a young kid, and he was determined to work harder than anyone else. His perseverance paid off, and he made it to the NFL. Now, with a profession built on sports and fitness, Marc can impact others’ lives with his talents.  TWEET: Being a top athlete became Marc’s mission as a young kid, and his perseverance paid off. @marcmegna #chasingdreams The end of a football career How do you know when it’s time to move on? Even though Marc loved his time in the NFL, it was pretty clear to him that he needed to try something else after a series of injuries. He sustained a severe knee injury and infection that almost cost him his leg, and since his knee was compromised, his body was out of alignment. This led to a serious tear in his back, and he knew his football career was over. Marc learned that a significant time commitment is required in anything in which you wish to succeed, and he knew that football coaching was not the route he wanted to take. His current career as a gym co-owner and fitness coach takes a lot of his time, but he genuinely enjoys the time he spends investing in others.  TWEET: After a series of injuries, Marc knew he needed to try something else, and football coaching was not the route he wanted to take. @marcmegna #chasingdreams Don’t get stuck! How do you “show up”? Marc explains that it’s great to show up every day, but what you do when you’re there is important. Doing the same thing over and over again will not yield a different result. Most people are deathly afraid of getting outside their comfort zone. When what you do each day is a drudgery that you hate, then you’re probably stuck in your comfort zone. Do what it takes to get unstuck! TWEET: Do what it takes to get unstuck! @marcmegna #chasingdreams Guest Recommendation: ONE action for a dream chaser to take--”Decide what’s most important to you and take steps to do what you want to do.” OUTLINE OF THIS EPISODE: [1:16] Young Marc’s dreams [4:22] Finding a coping mechanism [6:14] Holding on to the dream [10:31] Becoming a better person [14:19] From professional athlete to the next step [17:23] A labor of love [18:59] The road to Anatomy Fitness [25:11] Why you have to show up and do the work [26:56] How to tell if you’re stuck in your comfort zone [30:01] Marc’s book [32:36] Why Marc is happy right now [33:31] ONE action for a dream chaser [34:48] Get to know Marc better RESOURCES MENTIONED: Marc on Facebook Mark on Twitter Marc on Instagram Marc’s Website  "Dream Big, Never Quit" by Marc Megna on Amazon Watch the episode on YouTube TWEETS YOU CAN USE: Now, instead of asking how I can be better at something, I ask myself how I can be a better person. @marcmegna #chasingdreams Athletic training helped my insecurity, made me stronger, and increased my confidence. @marcmegna #chasingdreams I started with dreams of being an athlete and an annoyingly obsessive mentality of showing up. @marcmegna #chasingdreams
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! I’m excited about 2020, and I have confidence and good feelings that it will be the Year of Awesome for me---and I hope for you, too! In today’s solo episode by me, I’m sharing Ten Lessons I’ve learned from my past. I hope you’ll listen and take action as we count them down from ten.  10. You can’t do it alone. You need a coach or mentor or someone to help you. I share personal experiences I’ve had with taking online courses, of which some are great, and some, not so much. The ones that include a coaching component are the most helpful. Find someone who will coach and guide you on your journey. TWEET: Find someone to guide you on your journey. #chasingdreams 9. It’s the journey, not the goal. Work toward your dreams, even if you don’t achieve them. The journey to the goal should be joyful and invigorating. Enjoy the journey with all the highs, the lows, and each experience of your adventure. TWEET: Enjoy the journey! #chasingdreams 8. Allow yourself the grace to make mistakes and keep moving. We are our worst critics and worst enemies. We hold ourselves back because we don’t allow our mistakes to happen, and we don’t offer ourselves forgiveness. We feel like we have to punish ourselves for our mistakes. Don’t let your mistake last longer than it needs to. TWEET: Allow yourself the grace to make mistakes. #chasingdreams 7. Find opportunities for yourself along the way. Humble yourself and find the power and value of volunteering or being an intern. Take a chance. You never know what will happen in your story. Don’t stay in the box. Get a shovel and make your own path. Listen to the inspiring story of my podcast producer, Ruth, in Kenya. TWEET: Be humble. #chasingdreams 6. Embrace your fears. This is my new motto for 2020. Fear is what holds most people back from chasing their dreams. What are you afraid of? Make a list. Do your research and figure out how to overcome those fears. If you don’t know how, please message me and let me help. TWEET: Embrace your fears and overcome them.  #chasingdreams 5. Be happy. Life is too short for anything else! You can’t be happy 24/7, but there can be more ups than downs. Spend time with your loved ones. Go on adventures. Do what makes YOU happy, not what makes other people happy. TWEET: Do what makes YOU happy. #chasingdreams 4. What are you waiting for? Don’t follow society’s rules for what everyone else thinks you should do. Don’t let anyone tell you what the deadline is for marriage, having kids, a certain job, or a vacation. Don’t wait! You never know what life will throw at you. TWEET: Don’t wait. #chasingdreams 3. Take care of your mental health. I found myself anxious, stressed, and depressed after a car accident earlier this year. I saw a therapist who helped me talk through what I was feeling and why. It is vitally important to advocate for your mental health. TWEET: Be your own mental health advocate. #chasingdreams 2. Make your own choices. This has been a struggle for me, and it’s a lesson that took a while for me to learn. This is YOUR life, so don’t let other people pressure you to make certain choices. I was 28 years old when I made the first decision for myself about my education and my career. TWEET: This is YOUR life. #chasingdreams 1. Do random acts of kindness. Look for ways to do things that make other people happy without looking for recognition. There is great power in living this way. TWEET: Do random acts of kindness. #chasingdreams 0. My theme for 2020: I am enough. There are things I want to do to improve myself, but I am enough right now.  TWEET: I am enough. #chasingdreams OUTLINE OF THE EPISODE: [2:25] Ten Lessons [4:03] You can’t do it alone [10:07] It’s the journey, not the goal [14:26] Allow your mistakes and keep moving [16:28] Find opportunities along the way [22:15] Embrace your fears [26:08] Be happy [27:40] What are you waiting for? [33:31] Take care of your mental health [38:41] Make your own choices [44:58] Random acts of kindness [48:00] I am enough RESOURCES MENTIONED Aimee J.’s Facebook Aimee J.’s Twitter Aimee J.’s Instagram Aimee J.’s LinkedIn Aimee J.’s Website Watch the episode on YouTube   TWEETS YOU CAN USE: If there is no path for what you want to do, then create the path yourself. #chasingdreams You have to find what fits and works for you. #chasingdreams Don’t focus on the goal so much that you neglect other areas of life. #chasingdreams Life is too short for you to be anything but happy. #chasingdreams
Most people who chase their dreams don’t aspire to build a company. We all know that an endeavor of that magnitude takes a huge commitment of your time and energy. Making a career out of your passion is a rare achievement that few are fortunate enough to do. Today’s guest shares a candid behind-the-scenes look at the challenges and successes in her journey to entrepreneurship.  Lisa Pongrass is the founder and CEO of Canvas & Hyde, a luxury handbag company based in Brooklyn, New York. An acclaimed interior designer and fashion stylist in her Australian homeland, Lisa has over twenty years’ experience that has propelled her to the forefront of fashion and beauty on the international stage. In 2006, Lisa was named one of Harper’s Bazaar’s 100 Best-Dressed Australians, recognized for her classic style, an element that has been the mainstay of her direction and inspiration for Canvas & Hyde. With the rise of digitally trend-driven “it” bags of the moment dominating the fashion world, Lisa sought to create her own line of “anti-it bags” through Canvas & Hyde. With an intrinsic love of design and fashion, she focused on creating a brand that emphasized quality craftsmanship and a minimal urban aesthetic. Although Lisa was at the forefront of the fashion industry in Australia, she immersed herself in a new challenge--an intense education of the intricacies of the manufacturing process. To assure luxurious quality control, Lisa delved into researching and learning the craft of luxury handbag construction for over a year. Determined to source the finest quality and sustainable materials in partnership with environmentally responsible factories, Lisa collaborated with factories in Italy and the US. With her strong vision and meticulous research, Canvas & Hyde was born.  A lifelong love for fashion How many people get to turn their passion into a company and career? For Lisa, her nerdy and obsessive love for fashion was never what she thought her career would involve. After working in interior design for about ten years, she made the shift into the connected field of designing handbags. It was important to her to start her own business and give birth to a meaningful brand, which she calls a “dream come true.” Launching out held a certain degree of uncertainty because there were so many things she didn’t know about the business. Lisa says, “As a solo entrepreneur, I feel like I have one pizza and ten children to feed.”  TWEET: “As a solo entrepreneur, I feel like I have one pizza and ten children to feed.” @canvasandhyde #chasingdreams Handling the rough patches How do you handle life’s rough patches? Lisa says that challenges come up constantly when you run your own business. Being kind to yourself is essential. Lisa rewards herself with a nice hot bath to relax at the end of the day. She realizes that what she’s doing isn’t a matter of life and death, like the challenges many people around the world are facing each day. Another important aspect in handling challenges is not to take yourself too seriously. Lisa likes to take a “big picture” view in being grateful for the opportunities. TWEET: “Being kind to yourself is essential.” @canvasandhyde #chasingdreams Balancing work and life Don’t we hear a lot about “work-life balance”? Is there really such a thing? As a single mom for four years, Lisa found it difficult to juggle the demands of motherhood with building a brand, and she gave up sleep at times to make it work. As an empty-nester now, Lisa finds the balance even more difficult because she’s on her own to create the balance. Sticking to a schedule to eat and sleep well is harder to do. It’s rewarding to achieve each milestone of success, whether a large or small one because you know you’ve done it for yourself. Lisa says that success is the greatest high in the world and is what propels her to get up the next day.  TWEET: “Success is the greatest high in the world.” @canvasandhyde #chasingdreams OUTLINE OF THIS EPISODE: [1:10] Young Lisa and her dreams [3:35] An avenue of uncertainty [6:42] What Lisa would have done differently [8:49] How she knew it was time to hire more people [10:07] What surprised Lisa on her journey [13:40] What networking is all about [14:46] Handling challenges as they come [17:45] Balancing work and life [22:32] Goals vs. journey [25:48] When you’re struggling to pivot [27:33] It’s never too late [30:11] Get to know Lisa better RESOURCES MENTIONED Lisa on Facebook Lisa on Twitter Lisa on Instagram Lisa on LinkedIn Lisa’s Website   TWEETS YOU CAN USE: It surprises me every day how much people want me to succeed. @canvasandhyde #chasingdreams Knowing one’s weakness is a strength. @canvasandhyde #chasingdreams At the time I considered launching my business, I thought, “How difficult can it be?” @canvasandhyde #chasingdreams It’s important to surround yourself with people who are smarter than you. @canvasandhyde #chasingdreams
Some people would let a clinical depression diagnosis stop them in their tracks, but not my guest for today’s show. He battled through the darkness and took steps to get himself in a good place on the path to achieving his dreams. He is now living his best life in CA with an exciting and highly-coveted job at one of America’s most innovative tech companies.  Sebastian Kurian is a Corporate Counsel at Google supporting its Energy and Location Strategy Team. He focuses primarily on energy infrastructure and supply transactions globally, including maintaining Google's 100% renewable energy goal and pursuing its ambitious, new 24/7 carbon-free goal.  At Google, Sebastian has closed renewable energy deals across four continents.  Sebastian also handles data center site selection and other utility infrastructure and supply matters. Before joining Google, Sebastian was a Corporate Counsel at Amazon, where he was the lead global utilities lawyer for Amazon Web Services. During his time at Amazon, he closed or advised on many renewable energy deals. He is also the former Assistant General Counsel of Clark Construction, one of the oldest and largest building and civil construction firms in the United States.  Sebastian began his legal career as a commercial real estate and finance associate at Miles & Stockbridge. A native of Baltimore, MD, Sebastian received his BA from the University of Pennsylvania with honors (2004) and his JD from the University of Maryland with honors (2008).  Why Sebastian pursued a law degree What is the best way to arrive at a career choice? Most people would advise you to focus on your strengths and interests and chose a career that aligns with those. Sebastian knew that the dental and medical fields popular with many young Indian students would not be a good fit for him. In short, he didn’t like math, and he wasn’t very good at it. What he did like, however, was political science and business, so he thought a law degree would be a versatile beginning point that would utilize his strengths. Since he didn’t know any other lawyers in his family or community, he went into the career blindly, not knowing what he was choosing. As a lawyer, Sebastian felt like he was on call 24/7 and never had any time off from the long hours and demanding schedule.  TWEET: “As a lawyer, Sebastian felt like he was on call 24/7.” @skurian8  #chasingdreams Sebastian’s battle with depression If you’ve ever battled depression, then you know there can be a stigma attached; this is especially true for Indians, where a depression diagnosis brings a certain amount of shame and dishonor. Many Indians won’t seek professional help for depression symptoms, precisely for this reason. Sebastian had to build up the courage to see a doctor, accept his diagnosis, and confront his problems. Things had spiraled downward so badly that he had even seriously contemplated suicide to the point of planning out how he would take his life. Sebastian had never dreamed that depression would affect him, but he found himself going through treatment that consisted of therapy and antidepressants. Now, he’s living proof that you can fight through the darkness and come out on the other side to move forward and achieve your wildest dreams. TWEET: “Sebastian had to build up the courage to see a doctor, accept his diagnosis, and confront his problems.” @skurian8  #chasingdreams At a crossroads How many times do random encounters put us in the perfect place we need to be? This happened to Sebastian as he struggled in an unhappy place back in 2012. He was miserable in his job, and his career had gone backward. He was stepping back from a relationship, his job, and life in general. Sebastian says he was extremely close to quitting his job and joining the Air Force, and he had even contemplated moving to Africa. It was a random incident that moved him across the country and landed him his dream job at Google. Guest Recommendation: ONE action for a dream chaser to take: “It’s OK to quit and walk away from something. Sometimes quitting and moving on is the best answer.” OUTLINE OF THIS EPISODE: [2:37] Blazing the trail for Indian lawyers [5:47] Why Sebastian chose a law career at first [9:00] The law profession and its long hours [13:07] The move from East Coast to West Coast [18:44] A diagnosis of depression [25:15] Cultural stigmas of depression [27:00] Feeling supported [29:45] People with happy faces on the outside [30:38] What Sebastian was thinking [36:55] What therapy is like on the front end [43:29] Where Sebastian is headed next [47:10] ONE action for a dream chaser [48:52] Get to know Sebastian better RESOURCES MENTIONED: Sebastian on Instagram Sebastian on Linkedin Sebastian on Rising Stars 2019 Watch the episode on YouTube: TWEETS YOU CAN USE: TWEET: When you have nothing to lose, it’s a lot easier to take a risk. @skurian8  #chasingdreams TWEET: For Indians, a depression diagnosis brings shame and dishonor. @skurian8  #chasingdreams TWEET: I don’t have a Cinderella story about why I went to law school, but for me, it worked out, and I’m happy where I am today. @skurian8  #chasingdreams TWEET: The West Coast life is more laid back and less pretentious than life on the East Coast. @skurian8  #chasingdreams
Many people make the assumption that it’s too late in life to make a change and chase their dreams. Today’s guest will show you why it’s NEVER too late to pivot from one path to find joy and fulfillment on another. Randy Wilburn is an entrepreneur and serial podcaster. He currently helps design professionals become better leaders, better communicators, and better people. Always learning Do you love to learn? This is one of Randy’s most fascinating traits, and it’s a healthy one for anyone to have. He explains that he’s always been wired to search for more information and knowledge. He was raised by his grandparents after his parents divorced. It was Randy’s grandfather who taught him to take in the rich knowledge available in books and to make books his friends. When he moved into his grandfather’s office/library, his bed literally faced a library wall of books that he can still envision today. Randy’s grandfather was a news reporter who instilled in Randy the love of reading and consuming information through newspapers.  TWEET: We’re all works in progress until we die. @randywilburn #chasingdreams Embrace the journey Do you value your journey through life? Randy has a strong mindset about life and gives advice to others who face doubt, failure, and negativity. He says that the second half can be better than the first half. You can preserve your health and wellbeing into your later years, and you don’t have to give in to disappointment and failure. “Your life is a body of work, and as long as you’re still breathing, then your story is still being written.” Randy cites Harlan Sanders, Ray Kroc, and Sam Walton as examples of people in mid-life who achieved success after multiple failures.  TWEET: “Your second half can be better than your first half.” @randywilburn #chasingdreams It’s NOT too late! Have you given up because you think it’s too late to make a change and chase your dream? Randy uses the accounting term “sunk cost” to explain the amount of time you put into a cause., Sometimes you have to make a decision about what’s best for you and realize that it’s OK to pivot. When something you’ve tried isn’t working, you may need to go in a different direction--no matter what your age. It’s difficult to give up something we held dear for a long time because there is something else out there that will be greater.  TWEET: “Many people have been able to course-correct and find their true north in the process of developing into who they really are.” @randywilburn #chasingdreams Guest Recommendation: ONE action for a dream chaser to take—”Wake up and find an hour for yourself every morning. Figure out affirmations that work for you. Be with your thoughts and reset yourself for the new day.”   OUTLINE OF THIS EPISODE: [:25] Get to know Randy [10:45] Why Randy is committed to always learning [14:15] Young Randy’s dreams [18:00] Why Randy wouldn’t change anything in his past [21:03] The importance of the journey [29:20] Don’t chase someone else’s dream [32:26] It’s NOT too late for you [36:45] How reading can help you realize you are not alone [42:50] ONE action for a dream chaser   RESOURCES MENTIONED: Randy on Facebook Randy on Twitter Randy on Instagram Randy’s Website Watch the episode on YouTube at   TWEETS YOU CAN USE: TWEET: The process and the journey are equally as important as the destination. @randywilburn #chasingdreams TWEET: I’ve always searched for the holy grail of information and knowledge. @randywilburn #chasingdreams TWEET: What I’m doing now with podcasting is something I witnessed on a daily basis when my grandfather would interview someone. @randywilburn #chasingdreams TWEET: Most of us are struggling to impress people who don’t even care about us. @randywilburn #chasingdreams
Today’s show is about an unlikely dream and a highly unconventional journey into a man’s world by a strong and creative woman. Her creations spark imagination and motivate children of all ages to turn off the TV, put down the video games, and go outside and play! Barbara Butler is the founder and CEO of Barbara Butler Artist-Builder, Inc. She’s been designing and building extraordinary custom treehouses and play structures for children for over 30 years. Barbara does both residential and commercial work in the US and internationally. Barbara’s mother wanted her to be a lawyer, but she loves working with her hands and learning carpentry skills from her brothers. She moved to San Francisco to pursue her artist’s dreams, and soon landed her first play structure job working in the backyard of Bobby McFerrin (the “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” guy). Creating these magnificent structures became Barbara’s passion, and she still loves her work 30 years later, as she lives her best life as a kid at heart.  Barbara’s background Have you always known what you wanted to do with your life? Barbara thought she would be a lawyer, mostly because her mother always told her she’d make a good one. She majored in political science and liked it well enough, but realized she didn’t want to be a lawyer. Barbara didn’t know what to do with her life, so she decided to pursue her love of writing by obtaining an English degree. It was the work she did with her brothers in the summers, learning bricklaying and remodeling, that made her realize how much she liked working with her hands. Painting was also one of Barbara’s interests, so she moved to San Francisco and worked with a friend doing artistic backyard designs - and the rest is history. TWEET: When working in your “craft,” you have to sculpt it so that part of your payment is your enjoyment in doing it, because you may never make big money at it. @barbarabutler #chasingdreams Pursuing a passion Can you be successful with no formal training? Barbara has proven that you can. She had no business, woodworking, construction, or architecture training, yet she combined these fields into what she does today. She learned by reading books about what she needed to know and turning to other people to help her with problem-solving. She has since become a licensed contractor and has even expanded her work by building a western-style fort for a woman who lives in a castle in France. TWEET: You can be successful at anything you put your mind to, even if you don't have any formal training. @barbarabutler #chasingdreams A woman in a man’s world How does a woman function in a male-dominated industry? It hasn’t been an easy path for Barbara. She’s been underestimated and not taken seriously. She’s had to prove herself over and over, not letting the men’s attitudes get to her. Her philosophy has developed into one of “forgiving everyone ahead of time” when she goes to a new construction site, and it’s served her well. In her local area, she’s reached the point where she is well-known and respected for her work--even in a man’s world.  Guest Recommendation: ONE action for a dream chaser to take: “You have to put in a half-day of marketing for every four days of work. Don’t wait for people to find you, but put yourself out there and make a name for yourself.”   OUTLINE OF THIS EPISODE: [1:57] Barbara’s work over the last 30 years (702 custom structures!) [3:06] Young Barbara and her dreams [6:13] Barbara’s plan in college [9:48] Facing criticism and doubters [11:36]  Being 1000% into her ideas [12:54] Barbara’s “Fire Sale” idea [16:54] Pursuing a passion [18:45] Barbara’s international work [21:04] Unforeseen benefits to following your passion [24:08] Jobs that stand out to Barbara [24:40] A woman in a man’s industry [32:03] Why Barbara’s story resonates so loudly [34:09] What has surprised Barbara about her work [34:42] ONE action for a dream chaser [36:57] Getting to know Barbara better   Resources Mentioned Barbara’s Website Barbara on Facebook Barbara on Twitter Barbara on Instagram See Barbara’s Behind-the-Scenes interview on YouTube Fundathon Donation Page:   TWEETS YOU CAN USE: TWEET: I have strong convictions to believe my own ideas even when other people don’t believe in them. @barbarabutler #chasingdreams TWEET: Playing outside was everything to me as I grew up. @barbarabutler #chasingdreams TWEET: With my structures, I want to recreate the sense of having wild fun outside. @barbarabutler #chasingdreams
Today’s show is about overcoming fear on your way to chasing your dreams. We encounter moments of crossroads in life, where we are faced with decisions that determine our future. My guest had the guts to leave her chosen career behind--all to preserve her mental health. We are raising money for Mental Health America, so see the link below to donate and help us reach our goal! Katherine Knapke, RN, BSN, is the Communications and Operations Manager at the American Negotiation Institute, where she uses her experience as a psychiatric nurse trained in Therapeutic Crisis Intervention (TCI) and a mediator to address the psychological, emotional, and societal concerns that impact women in the workplace. In October, Katherine is launching the American Negotiation Institute’s newest podcast, Ask With Confidence, designed to empower women and help them gain the confidence they need when engaging in difficult conversations. How Katherine arrived at her present work Do you enjoy doing things that scare you? Katherine says she is grateful for the new things she does every day because they scare her. She makes her own schedule and works with many different people as they talk through their shared experiences. When Katherine decided to give this new field a try, she started learning applicable skills and making new connections. Even though she began as an Administrative Assistant, she moved her way up because of her work ethic and sacrifice. TWEET: Take inspiration from others, not imitation. #chasingdreams Considering mental health consequences Do you think about the mental health consequences of the choices you make? Katherine knows that many people sacrifice their mental health to stay in a job they know isn’t right for them. She did the opposite by jumping into something new and untried--all in an effort to salvage her mental health! Katherine knew that she couldn’t continue in the nursing field that was leaving her unsatisfied and unfulfilled. Even though trying something new was a big risk, Katherine knew it was a step she had to take. TWEET: What is the point of having a job and earning money if you’re too stressed about it to enjoy your life? #chasingdreams Cultivating small acts of self-care When was the last time you focused on self-care? Hopefully, it was earlier today! Most people mistakenly think that self-care has to be extreme, like that once-a-year vacation. We need to realize that small things like daily journaling and hobbies are forms of self-care. Cleaning and decluttering your environment can be self-care because you feel better, and your outlook improves. Even the simple act of showering can be a refreshing way to reset your mindset! Katherine explains why we need to learn to carve out small amounts of time that bring us moments of joy every day. TWEET: We have to try and experience new things on the way to chasing our dreams. #chasingdreams Guest Recommendation: ONE action for a dream chaser to take--”Just start, no matter where you are. Make sure you can say no and set boundaries, so people don’t take advantage of you.” OUTLINE OF THIS EPISODE: [2:49] Why mental health should be openly discussed in families [5:30] What young Katherine wanted to do [6:58] Feeling unfulfilled with nursing [8:37] Katherine’s work today [13:30] Trying out new things [15:37] The mental health consequences of choices [18:04] Setting hard limits [19:38] How to identify your limits [21:25] The importance of small acts of self-care [27:50] Taking inspiration from others [31:34] What’s next for Katherine [32:03] ONE action for a dream chaser [32:55] Get to know Katherine better   Resources mentioned: American Negotiation Institute Katherine on Instagram Katherine on LinkedIn Ask With Confidence Podcast Watch the episode on YouTube  Donate to our fundraiser for Mental Health America TWEETS YOU CAN USE: TWEET: Everyone you see at Point Z had to start at Point A. #chasingdreams TWEET: Anytime you learn something new, the first few steps are difficult. #chasingdreams TWEET: Getting help for mental health blazes the trail for generations that follow. #chasingdreams
There may be no one in recent years who has endured more public criticism than today’s guest. He’s taken it in stride to springboard into several career endeavors, maintaining his optimism and happy energy while doing so! After his American Idol audition, William Hung’s rendition of “She Bangs” became famous for all the wrong reasons. Despite the harsh criticism he endured, William persevered, going on to attract a cult following, release three albums, and performing live with Ricky Martin in Las Vegas. A motivational speaker and professional optimist, William is proof that the underdog can succeed when you rise above the haters and choose to be happy. William has appeared on media outlets like FOX, ABC, CNN, and NBC, and in such publications as Rolling Stone magazine, TIME, and USA Today. He’s been a featured guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live! And The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Born in Hong Kong, William now resides in Los Angeles and has written a brand new book, Champion by Choice.  Making choices Have you ever been at a crossroads in life? Most of us have been at the point at which we had to make monumental decisions about the future. For William, his decision was to keep going in pursuing his education or to ride the wave of popularity into an entertainment career. With only one life to live, William knew he wanted to live with no regrets at all. He just wanted people to know the truth about him and his story, so the entertainment career was his choice. He went on to do a movie, TV shows, albums, and a book. Even though his career lasted only a few years, he’s happy with his decision and the path it’s brought him down. TWEET: Live a life of no regrets! @willhungspeaks #chasingdreams Facing criticism No one likes to be criticized or humiliated, and most of us have never endured either to the extent that William has. He says you have to listen to the voices, but you have to decide who to listen to and whose advice and criticism to discard. Constructive criticism can be used to improve yourself, but random hating is what you have to let go. William learned the important skill of reframing criticism in positive ways to help him move forward. TWEET: Decide who to listen to and who to ignore! @willhungspeaks #chasingdreams Lessons from William’s book William’s book focuses on “Three C’s.” The first one is Communication, because everyone loves to be around happy, positive energy. William learned to share his truth in tactful ways as he communicated with others. Another C is Context, which means to look at the big picture and not get bogged down with what’s happening around you right now. The third C is Connection because we all need others to help us. William says that no one can succeed on their own in the long term. Sometimes we tend to hold onto people that we should have let go. William explains how the values and vision we want to create in the world will dictate our dreams.  TWEET: No one can succeed on their own in the long term. @willhungspeaks #chasingdreams Guest Recommendation: ONE action for a dream chaser to take--”Take action today. Make your own luck.”   OUTLINE OF THIS EPISODE: [2:30] Being slapped in the face with criticism [4:20] Why William decided to “go for it” on American Idol [6:00] How he hid his American Idol audition from everyone [8:00] What it was like to “go viral” [8:15] Lessons learned and decisions made [10:30] Living with no regrets [11:40] No doubts [14:10] Resistance from family [16:25] How to face criticism [17:23] Framing criticism with a positive mindset [21:00] Three C’s in William’s book ]24:35] Facing the storm of criticism [26:20] Understanding the context of each relationship [28:41] William’s decision to pursue professional poker and public speaking [31:25] ONE action for a dream chaser   RESOURCES MENTIONED Will’s Website  Will on Facebook Will on Twitter Will on Instagram Will on LinkedIn Watch the episode on YouTube   TWEETS YOU CAN USE: TWEET: You’ll never please 100% of the people. @willhungspeaks #chasingdreams TWEET: Everyone loves happy, positive energy. @willhungspeaks #chasingdreams TWEET: My optimism is a mindset and mentality I learned from my parents. @willhungspeaks #chasingdreams TWEET: Even though my parents wanted to support me, they were still protective of me. @willhungspeaks #chasingdreams
No one else can determine what it takes for YOU to feel content and fulfilled in life. Society tries to put each of us in a mold, prescribing the steps we should take and the path we should follow. Today’s show focuses on why you need to approach your dreams in a way that is best for you, and not based on what anyone else says.  Kacie Main released her debut book in February 2019. It’s titled, I Gave Up Men for Lent: The Story of a Jaded, Hopelessly Romantic, Health-Conscious Party Girl’s Search for Meaning. Born and raised in Florida, Kacie enjoyed a successful career in the corporate world before leaving it all behind to pursue her dreams of becoming a full-time writer. Kacie holds bachelor’s degrees in Psychology and Communications and a master’s degree in Business Administration. Is writing a real job? Do you have a passion that you would love to make a full-time job? Kacie wasn’t aware of her dreams to be a writer, but writing has always been the way she feels most comfortable in communicating feelings. As a child, she didn’t realize writing could be a “real job.” Her childhood dreams ran from wanting to be a doctor to a child psychologist, and then to the world of business. Her business major was a fallback at the advice of Kacie’s father, and communications and public relations were also areas of interest.  TWEET: Getting outside into nature and away from our screens can greatly improve our mental state. @kaciemain_write #chasingdreams Writing as an outlet Have you lost touch with your goals? Kacie came to a point in her life when she had completely lost touch with her goal of becoming a writer, even though she always wanted to write a book someday. During her big, self-reflection, check-in session at Lent, Kacie went through a time of journaling every day because it felt satisfying to get her thoughts on paper. After a couple of weeks, she wondered if this journal could turn into the book she had always wanted to write. Taking one step at a time, and not even thinking forward to the publishing process, Kacie dedicated her weekends to writing and put a singular focus on the writing process. TWEET: Some of us need to realize that we need to jump from the corporate train. @kaciemain_write #chasingdreams Why people stop chasing their dreams Why DO people stop chasing their dreams? Kacie believes it comes down to the pressure we put on ourselves to achieve certain goals and deadlines, and that we plan too far into the future. A big dream is best reached by taking one little step at a time. Kacie says to give yourself space to step away when you need to because that gives you the fresh perspective to press on. One myth we let society tell us is that we have to fit into a certain mold and timeline to be happy. Society’s mold works for some people, but not for everyone. TWEET: I realized how much I’d allowed outside influences to direct my life. @kaciemain_write #chasingdreams Guest Recommendation: ONE action for a dream chaser to take--”Just take the first step. Don’t think too far into the future. Start with step one.”   OUTLINE OF THIS EPISODE: [1:45] Get to know Kacie [6:23] Young Kacie and her dreams [10:37] The disconnect that prompted Kacie’s book [13:14] Living in dissatisfaction and comparison [14:53] Writing as an outlet [17:05] Living in the writing process [18:48] Why people stop chasing their dream [21:36] When you don’t fit into society’s mold [23:36] The book and self-reflection [25:28] Amazing reviews of the book [27:03] Kacie’s jump from the corporate track [28:43] Why most of our fears are just assumptions [30:50] Making the leap and handling the stress [34:58] Ask for help when you need it [36:24] Be mindful of your mental health [41:37] Set a morning routine for a positive mindset [42:33] ONE action for a dream chaser   RESOURCES MENTIONED: Kacie on Facebook Kacie on Twitter Kacie on Instagram Kacie’s website Watch the episode on YouTube  I Gave Up Men for Lent: The Story of a Jaded, Hopelessly Romantic, Health-Conscious Party Girl’s Search for Meaning by Kacie Main Recharge by Heidi Hanna TWEETS YOU CAN USE:  TWEET: There is no real deadline except the ones we accept from society around us. @kaciemain_write #chasingdreams TWEET: I felt disconnected from life, and I didn’t feel excited or inspired about anything---even though I had a great life on paper. @kaciemain_write #chasingdreams TWEET: The title of my book either catches people or turns them away. @kaciemain_write #chasingdreams TWEET: Writing has always been my most comfortable place for communicating my feelings. @kaciemain_write #chasingdreams
Is your work your passion? Sadly, for many people, work is just something they do to earn a paycheck. Today’s show is all about how much more fulfilling your work can be when you commit to being “all in” on chasing your dreams.  Paul Ollinger is a nationally-touring stand-up comedian. After achieving success in the corporate world as one of the first 250 employees of Facebook, Paul finally decided it was time to give in to his true passion---stand-up comedy. Since leaving his job at Facebook, he made the world of stand-up comedy his full-time job and now provides his audiences with a hilarious, but honest, no-nonsense approach to everyday life. Crowds of all ages embrace Paul as a straight shooter who talks about how it is, rather than how we wish it would be. Today, Paul’s comedy career takes him to clubs and corporate events all over North America, where he has opened for top comics and been featured at major comedy clubs and festivals. Paul is also the host of Crazy Money, a podcast in which he interviews entrepreneurs, celebrities, authors, and artists with a humorous perspective on money, wealth, and careers. The show focuses on how we think about and live with money, both as a society and as individuals.  Flip-flopping along Have you ever floundered between careers? Paul flip-flopped between his corporate and comedy careers for about 15 years, simply because he was fearful to launch into comedy as a full-time endeavor. When he first joined Facebook, he left his comedy dreams behind completely, but always felt much tension and conflict in that decision. He says that his creative inner self ate away at him until he knew he had to leave Facebook and do something else. At the time, he was too scared to admit to himself that what he wanted was to focus full-time on comedy. TWEET: What would happen if I gave it my all? @paul_ollinger #chasingdreams Take a big-picture view Is your career what you should be doing? Paul loves his career in comedy today and is glad he dared to leave the corporate world behind, but he admits that some days are just a grind. He explains why it’s important to take a big-picture, high-level view of your career. Some days come when he feels like he isn’t getting the traction he needs in the comedy business, but there are other days when he knows he’s on the right track to accomplish his goals. TWEET: It’s the relationship between what you want and what you have that defines your wealth. @paul_ollinger #chasingdreams Work: much more than a paycheck Is your work just something you do to earn a paycheck? Paul says that work is about so much more than a paycheck! It’s about relationships, camaraderie, and identity. When he didn’t have work in his life, he felt lonely, depressed, and adrift. Work helps you meet new challenges, learn new things, and have a sense of belonging; Paul didn’t realize he was missing out on these things until he went through a time when work wasn’t part of his life. All of these attitudes played into the decision to start his podcast to explore how our relationship with money affects our decision-making and our overall happiness.  TWEET: If you have a Plan B, then you’ll be tempted to use it. @paul_ollinger #chasingdreams Guest Recommendation: ONE action for a dream chaser to take--”Think in decades.” OUTLINE OF THIS EPISODE: [1:22] Getting to know Paul [5:46] An interesting career that began at Facebook [9:15] Why Paul bailed on comedy completely for a while [11:55] Why Paul left Facebook [13:03] How Paul came back to comedy [14:51] Feeling compelled to do comedy [17:37] Taking a high-level view [20:22] Not keeping still [21:59] What work really is [24:55] The most surprising thing Paul has learned [28:43] One thing Paul would like to change [29:58] What’s next for Paul? [32:00] Paul’s most memorable performance [33:30] A lesson for aspiring comedians RESOURCES MENTIONED: Paul on Facebook Paul on Twitter Paul on Instagram Paul on LinkedIn Watch the episode on YouTube TWEETS YOU CAN USE: TWEET: I’ve been flip-flopping my comedy and corporate careers for about 15 years. @paul_ollinger #chasingdreams TWEET: When my wife asked about this new company called Facebook, I told her that someday it would be as big as Myspace. @paul_ollinger #chasingdreams
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