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Author: Doha Debates

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Challenge yourself to change the world. Join host Nelufar Hedayat as she tackles the most pressing global problems in a very personal way. Can she live on less than 50 liters of water a day or make it a week without using plastic? From climate change to the gender pay gap, Course Correction dives deep into each topic, as Nelufar hears from local activists and experts, and challenges herself to understand the issues firsthand.

Course Correction is a production of Doha Debates and Qatar Foundation.
7 Episodes
Kicking Our Plastic Habit

Kicking Our Plastic Habit


Is it possible to live without single-use plastics? Host Nelufar Hedayat learns that recycling our forks, bags and coffee cup lids just isn’t enough. She also talks to a Vietnamese activist who's pioneering the zero-waste movement in a country beset with other people’s plastic waste.
“Equal Pay!” was the chant that rang through the 2019 Women’s World Cup. Although women players often bring in more money for their soccer or football federations, they earn a just a fraction of their male counterparts’ salaries. Host Nelufar Hedayat learns that soccer is more than just a game — it’s a battlefield for equality. Read the episode transcript here.
As a girl, Georgie Badiel walked three hours every morning to get clean water for her family in Burkina Faso. Host Nelufar Hedayat talks to Badiel, who today is a fashion model and an activist for clean water access in her home country, about the right to clean water and why it’s a matter of gender equity in sub-Saharan countries. Read the episode transcript here.
Host Nelufar Hedayat’s family fled Afghanistan as refugees 25 years ago, when Nelufar was a young child. Nelufar's mother tells her story for the first time in our first episode of Course Correction. Nelufar also talks with a more recent refugee about what it’s like to seek asylum today, and how we can be more empathetic and supportive of our refugee neighbors. Read the episode transcript here.
Could you live on only 50 liters (13 gallons) of water a day? To better understand the water shortages threatening more and more cities around the world, host Nelufar Hedayat limits herself to 50 liters of water for all her cooking, cleaning, and drinking. She also talks to people in Cape Town, South Africa, about how they averted Day Zero, the day their water supply was going to run dry. Read the episode transcript here.
From living on less than 50 liters of water a day to collecting all the plastic she uses in a week, host Nelufar Hedayat puts herself through the paces to understand the world’s most pressing issues with empathy and deep personal involvement. Course Correction follows Nelufar’s journey each week as she dives deep with the people most affected by humanity’s greatest challenges, from the global water crisis to the gender pay gap to overuse of plastics. Presented by Doha Debates, Course Correction will help you understand the world’s most pressing issues in a completely new way. Season 1 launches January 22.



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Nooredin Goodarzian


Feb 11th


Such a great show! Course Correction is refreshing and clever. It tackles some tough but important issues — in a way that somehow doesn’t leave you feeling helpless. A rare find these days. Can’t wait to hear more!

Feb 5th


Great podcast! In each episode, host Nelufar introduces us to really interesting people and important topics.

Feb 5th

Mohammad J. Parsa

Wish you the bests my friend wanna put your podcasts on my list this week.

Jan 31st

Ken Denz

This is a cool podcast I love it

Jan 29th

Law Figure

I'm so excited about this new podcast.

Jan 24th
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